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Minutes from June 11th, 2013 Education Committee Meeting Called to order: 8:30am Present: Gary Baxley, Karen Baxley, Linda Cridland, Melonie Haag, Scott Stevens, Philip Tanzer and Dawn Theroux Absent (excused): Diana Perez Guest: Terry Blanco Budget update: 100 Passports sold. Income: $3,904.13 Expense: $2,228.13 Balance $1,676 plus budget May Minutes were approved Committee has decided to hold off on scheduling Patricia Sherman Linda Cridland would like to be considered to become certified as a trainer for Form Simplicity. Melonie will get with them. Committee recommends asking Doris Rodriquez to do the class on PA/LLC for Realtors. If she is unable to we will check into the Boards Accountants and Price and Co. Committee does not want to pay for the class. We will put the A-Z of a Real Estate Transaction Class on hold until after summer. The Sept. Ask the Experts class will be the Property Appraisers website, Melonie to confirm with Geoff Greene. The BOD approved purchasing a video camera; it will not come out of the Education Budget Committee decided to pass on bringing in Bill True for a free Tech Instructor; we would to utilize local people if possible Melonie will survey the members regarding the AHWD class. $40/member, $60/Non Member $25/Passport. Committee would like the BOD to consider the following members for the Florida Realtors Education Award: John Holloway, Karen Baxley, Linda Cridland, Dennis Pilon and Jackie Davis Melonie will check with John Holloway about teaching a FR/BAR Contract class open for all members The Technology portion was removed from Orientation and that time was added to the MLS portion. Karen Baxley will not be able to make it to convention due to family issues. Linda Cridland will be there so she can attend. Adjourned 9:10am

Respectfully Submitted Melonie Haag


June Education minutes