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Minutes from January 9th, 2013 Tech Committee Meeting

Called to order: 1:00pm Present: Gitta Barth, Donnie Bass, Melonie Haag and Greg Younger Absent: Mike Barth, Kim DeVane, Cheryl Lambert and Tom McMurray Late: Gary Altman No longer on committee: Maria Chiappy and Mary Conant Dec. Minutes were approved Committee Rules: We cannot sign contracts, 3 unexcused absences removes you from committee $1800.00 budget, we have not spent any money yet. The cost to add a page to the website is $150.00 Website: We do not have any new web ads Committee would like to add a page to the website for Issuu, Greg will take to BOD Change navigation bar on website to say Comm. Pgrms. And then add Publications Issuu page will hold, Publications/Recent Updates, Governance, Newsletters, and Committee Minutes. Melonie will test to see if you can print a copy from bookshelf. The newsletter Link on the left will be changed to Video Training. The committee would like to use this site so we can go paperless, we will put agendas and Class handouts on their, members can print them from there. Committee would like to offer links in the newsletter to our BP͛s in their ads for a cost of $5 each, We can also create coupons for BP͛s that they can put in the newsletter at regular price plus $5 for us to create. Greg will take to BOD Ideas for Tech Talk Classes: Adobe PDF,, Homepath, esign, Windows 8, Basic Comp. class, how to scan, formssimplicity Ideas for Tech Time articles: Facebook ads, Fomssimplicity, how to reduce the size of a scan Big Data: Gitta reported that it can be done. We need to know if Rapattoni has areas to put language, hobbies, skills, etc. Gitta will get with Cheryl to work on this.

Trade Show: Gary will head up this item. He will work on getting 40 ÍžtechyÍ&#x; vendors to participate at the event in Nov. 2013 Brainstorming: What do you want this committee to be? We should share something at every meeting~ A video We need to drive members to become more tech savvy Ask members to submit questions to the tech comm, they will answer them or review a product and reply back One meeting should be made public, in the big education room, members can attend to see the meeting then ask questions The committee could make a 5 minute video each month to be added to the video training page of the website Donnie will find 10 or so videos that we can put on the site. We will then let the members know they are there; committee will monitor the activity and see if it is something we should continue Committee would like Melonie to use the small pink laptop at all meetings to take minutes in an attempt to help go paperless Next meeting will be Feb. 13th 2013 at 1:00pm Adjourned at 2:40pm

January 9th 2013