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Education Committee Meeting th

February 12 , 2013 Present: Gary Baxley, Karen Baxley, Linda Cridland, Melonie Haag, Dennis Pilon, Diana Perez Phillip Tanzer and Dawn Theroux Called to order 8:30am Budget Update: (I) $2,180.87 (E) $829.50 Balance $1,351.37 96 Passports Sold (93 for $35 and 3 for $40) Committee reviewed the 2013 calendar. Committee voted on the Tech Toolbox class from Craig Grant Committee voted on Open House/Vacant House class from Andrew Wooten Committee decided to table the June FIT Topic until March Committee passed on the Metro Crime Prevention class Linda Cridland will be one of the instructors for the MLS Procedures class on rentals. Melonie will check with Robin Hite, Dawn Regan and Debe Johns about participating too. Committee will set date at March meeting Education Gift Cards are ready to be emailed to Business Partners. Melonie will add #, Name, Class, date, Price on back of card and will keep a list on her computer Committee decided to wait a month or so to pick a topic for the Sept. ATE class. We will not hold a Dec. ATE class Sean Stephens will teach his USDA class first week in April, Melonie will check if it includes CE. Sean͛s video marketing class will go to Tech Comm. nd

Tami Mayer will be asked to do a class on Staging Homes for Sale on May 2 . Melonie to confirm if Tami is accredited. Members have requested the following classes, committee would like to offer: Commercial Loans: Jack Reynolds (Brannen), Vince Christian (Reg.), Paul Mellini (Nature Coast) May 28 Form Simplicity: Melonie will get with Greg Advanced Innovia: Melonie will get with Greg It was requested to bring R. Gress back, committee decided to table until March meeting Committee decided to pass on the new WTTP classes being offered President Cheryl has requested we contact ServPro to see what other CE Classes they offer, Melonie will do Committee would like a weekly email blast sent out regarding education classes



The next meeting will be March 12 at 8:30am. Meeting adjourned at 9:22am. Respectfully Submitted, Melonie Haag

Feb 2013