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August 2013

Volume X Issue 8

The Realtors® Association of Citrus County, Inc exists to inform, educate and uphold the high standards set forth in the REALTOR® Code of Ethics enhancing our members professionalism and image while fostering cooperation among our members and serving our communities. We provide education and leading-edge technology to better safeguard private property rights and promote equal housing opportunity.

Times are changing«.. What an exciting time we are in. I do not know about you, but boy am I busy with Real Estate. Our membership continues to grow every month, with new members participating in the Orientation and then taking their oath at the membership meetings. I and all of our membership should continue to support our only Real Estate School and Business Partner that Citrus County has, as Dennis Pilon continues to do a wonderful job educating and preparing these future agents and members. Speaking about our membership meetings, they seem to be increasing as well with member participation. The YPN Group is getting off the ground, and we are gaining momentum with eager members who want to participate. I look forward to the growth of this group and all the wonderful education sessions and projects they will be rolling out and working on over the next year. A Huge thank you to all the committees, who continue to support and also encourage our members to join a committee and the personal reward they can gain by participating. Best of all, the July Family picnic is being stated to be the best one yet. Another great job to that committee for thinking out of the box, bringing back the water slide and adding in the rock climbing wall, and yes, Linda Cridland tried her best to get a dunking booth that she wanted me to sit in, but (thankfully) was unable to reserve one. Maybe next year«Good Luck Greg. Only joking and all in fun. The Habitat committee is off and running and have set high goals for the golf tournament in fund raising. I encourage you to come out and play a round of Golf, or just volunteer to help out. Based on what I am seeing, this committee is going to blow away the goal. Great Job team. RPAC final fundraiser for the year is off and running as well. For those who may not know there is a raffle contest to win an IPAD, Laptop with accessories, and Camera. If all the raffle tickets are purchased, we will be over 200% of RPAC Goal again this year. Another BIG THANK YOU to all. July 29, 2013, marked the 100 Anniversary of the Realtors CODE of ETHICS. Not sure if you had the time to read a great article that NAR put out, but it went through the history of the Code of Ethics, it was a fun read. If you missed the article here is the link: article.cfm?id=294593 The moral to all of this are the ³times are changing´, and with that come ups and downs. For now I can only hope they will be all ups as we have had plenty of downs over the past few years in this market.


Okay, now for the business side of the newsletter, the month of July has been a very busy month with all kinds of meetings. So we will start with the regular monthly planning and development roundtable update. During our regular monthly meeting there was a guest speaker that came in to discuss the Water Conservation and the issues that Citrus County is facing. How they are continuing to do studies of different subdivisions and the water usage and what their goal is for the future of Citrus County. They discussed reclaimed water to be added within certain subdivisions, ordinances to be put in place about watering in general, where to plant plants and bushes, types of grass and so on. I thought that we as an association should be aware of what the County is trying to do, so we have asked Debbie to come to our membership meeting to present the same presentation to you, our members, so that you all can ask your questions directly. Vince will also (as a regular) be at the meeting for the updates on the Corridor of 491, updates on who is coming into the county on the commercial side, and so on. I look forward to seeing everyone there for this breakfast meeting. On to the biggest issues, which we as a county faced over the past week, was in regards to the increase of the Fire Tax and Millage Rate. That by now you all know the results. What I would like to share with you is what happened a week prior to those two public hearings were held. We as the Association were asked to do a call to action to the members to stand untied against the tax increases by other associations and business leaders within the county. I called for a executive session of our Board of Directors, in turn to discussed this matter in full; what our position was to be and if we should actually do a call to action to the membership. Our collective decision was to seek the advice of our Vice President of Public Policy, John Sebree, and what our actions should be as an association, as this truly was a no win situation. A complete catch 22, as we were already going into this with a 3-2 vote in the 11th hour. As a result it was recommended that no call to action was to be done, too little time to properly campaign; however, have a presence at the hearings. As a result of JohnÂśs recommendation, we were at the hearings, and I will state, that the hearing on the fire tax had to be moved to the auditorium, due to so many folks who attended and wanted to be heard. The final result, as I am sure you all know that it was voted in, along with the Millage rate increase. The purpose of this portion of the newsletter, is to let you all know that we as the Board of Directors, are heavily involved and always keep the best interest of this membership in the forefront, meaning; what is best for all of you the members. Most importantly, share with you all the discussions, and reason the decisions that are made. I hope that you will find this information helpful and transparent. In closing, the nomination committee has met, and a slate of recommended officers and directors will be released within the next week. I am very excited about the amount of interested parties that applied to be part of the Board of Directors, and can only say TIMES ARE CHANGINGÂŤ.. Keep an eye out for a major announcement to come out around August 9th. You all will love it! Make sure you RSVP for the next membership breakfast meeting August 8th, 2013. See you then!! Respectfully, Cheryl


Another Successful Family Picnic

Out of the 121 attendees at this yearÂśs Family Picnic, 43 were childrenÂŤand they all had a blast! After President Cheryl Lambert called the meeting to order, Felicia Cridland, granddaughter of Linda and Mickey Cridland, delivered the Invocation and Pledge. Next up was the recognition of Officers, Directors and Business Partners. A special thank you goes out to our Business Partners of the month, Brenda Buta of A-1 Title and Gwen Martone of Regions Bank. These ladies provided the centerpieces, door prizes and goody bags and made this a great event and a night to remember. President Elect Greg Younger inducted 5 new members: Jack Keyes JoAnn Lilly Tyler Vaughn LaWanda Watt Tony Yajian Welcome to RACC!!

Century 21, JW Morton Craven Realty EXIT Realty Leaders Century 21, JW Morton Sherri C Parker & Assoc.

Those in attendance dined on Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Mac n Cheese, Green Beans, Chips, popcorn and drinks before finishing off the night with make your own Ice Cream Sundaes! Tomika Spires Hanssen made the delicious mac n cheese & green beans, Great job Tomika! We would like to thank our chefs on the grill: Rob Tessmer Jr, Richie DeVita and Fred Clark. The kids had a blast playing on the HUGE inflatable water slide, trying to reach the top of the Rock Climbing Wall and having their faces painted. At the end of the night each child received a goody bag containing a Frisbee, bubbles, tattoos, pencils, airplane, Squishy Ball, a safety light and balloons. Aubrey Holloway, daughter of John Holloway Jr, and Kaley Kjos, daughter of Tracy Kjos were the lucky winners of the door prizes. Gwen Martone was the highest bidder for the huge bucket of kids toys. The money raised will go to the Family Resource Center, Thanks Gwen! President Cheryl ended the night with the Queen of Hearts drawing worth $140, Congrats Marvia Korol!!


New REALTORS速 LaWanda Watts, JoAnn Lilly, Tyler Vaughn, Tony Yajian and Jack Keyes

The lucky winners of the door prizes

As always, the water slide was a HUGE hit with the kids!

Everyone enjoyed the rock climbing wall.

Lots of yummy food for everyone to enjoy. The kids loved having their faces painted.


My Unmapped Listings Module Available in MLS

There is a new module now available to add to your home page in InnoVia, the My Unmapped Listings module.

This will give you a quick link to any listings in your inventory that were not properly placed on the map when entered to the MLS.

From the listings, you can then click the MAP link to manually geocode your listing to the correct spot on the map.

It is imperative that your listings are accurately geocoded to take full advantage of InnoVia`s mapping tools, and to make sure your listing is able to be found by others using tools such as the Map Based Search.

For more info please visit the Board News Section of MLS

Broker of the Year Linda Cridland


Where Do Your NAR Membership Dues Dollars Go? Ever wonder where your NAR dues go and just what exactly they get you? The answer is a lot. As an NAR member, you receive incredible business benefits, as well as the support and guidance of more than one million other real estate professionals and world-class staff, all focused on helping you succeed.

NAR makes sure that your membership dollars work for you in many ways, particularly in the following key areas: Advocating for issues that matter to REALTORS® Economic and market research Helping REALTORS® understand their industry and improve their business Helping the public understand the value of working with a REALTOR® Supporting REALTORS at the state and local level

Not one penny of members' dues goes to the leadership and governance of NAR. All dues go to advocacy and programs, products and services.

Breakdown of how your membership dues and assessments are used $35

Public Advocacy Campaign (2,000 homeownership)







New REALTOR® Party Advancement Initiative (targeted state and local real estate and homeownership advocacy)


Government Aīairs, Political Affairs, Economics & Research, Regulatory Aīairs, RPAC, Public Aīairs




All Marke


Century the

Ini Realtors Property ResourceΠ, HouseLogic, Real Estate Today Radio, new real rest






Total 2013 dues and assessments

Breakdown of how non-dues revenue is used $45

Gross non-dues


Cost of producing revenue


Net income from non-dues revenue

-15 0






Associa Total paid by members for leadership and governance

Note: $45 is a per-member representation of non-dues revenue.




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Legal FAQ's License Law Q: I work as an agent for Brokerage A. I want to take on a second job as an administrative assistant for a broker at Brokerage B. Is that OK? A: This is a situation that requires extremely detailed consideration, especially with regard to the actions you¶ll be performing at Brokerage B, the restrictions in your independent contractor agreement (ICA) with Broker A and the sizable probability of misconception and confusion by members of the public in their view of your authority and position in these different roles. For this reason, we don¶t recommend such employment relationships with different real estate companies, even though it¶s technically possible (although extremely difficult to perform, in a practical sense) to envision a scenario that would not violate Florida law. Technically speaking, if you¶re not practicing any real estate activity at Brokerage B, there¶s nothing prohibiting this type of arrangement in your ICA or office policy with Brokerage A. If you¶re able to create a clear understanding with members of the public as to what unique capacities you¶re engaged in with regarding each employer, you would not be in violation of Florida law for this activity. Q: Do referral fees have to flow through a brokerage company, or can they be paid directly to an associate? A: Referral fees should flow through the brokerage company to the associate, in accordance with Section 475.42(1)(d),Florida Statutes. Although FREC says that an associate may be paid directly at closing if a broker instructs the closing agent (in a specific writing) to authorize direct payment, FREC has not expanded this to include other situations. Q: May I share a referral fee with someone who doesn¶t hold a real estate license? A: Section 475.25(1)(h), Florida Statutes, prohibits a Florida licensee from paying a fee or compensating someone who doesn¶t hold a real estate license in Florida or another state. However, there¶s a very limited finder¶s fee exception in Section 475.011(13), Florida Statutes, that permits a property management firm or the landlord personally to pay up to $50 per transaction to an apartment tenant who refers another tenant to live in the same complex. Q: I became licensed as a sales associate by the DBPR just over a year ago. One of my older colleagues at the office says that makes me eligible to get licensed as a broker. Is this true?


A: No. While that would have been true in 2007, the law was changed in 2008. Section 475.17(2)(b)1, Florida Statutes, now provides that to become licensed as a broker, a person must have held an active real estate sales associate¶s license for at least 24 months during the preceding five years. Q: I waited until the last minute to do the required post licensure education. Unfortunately, I failed to complete it prior to the expiration date. My license is now null and void. Is it possible to obtain an extension of time? A: Perhaps. The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) may allow an additional six-month period to complete the post licensure education if you were unable, due to "individual physical hardship," to complete the course within the required time. Individual physical hardship is defined as a case where the licensee cannot, by reason of a physical disability, attend the place where the classes are conducted. FREC requires the extension request to be in writing and supported by statements of doctors and other persons having knowledge of the facts. Q: I am going to be managing a large apartment complex. Do I need a community association manager (CAM) license? A: No. A CAM license is not required for the management of apartment buildings, commercial properties or single-family dwellings. Q: I¶m a sales associate, and a seller wants me to list her property. We¶ve decided to enter into a 12-month listing agreement, with a provision that it will renew automatically for an additional six months if the seller doesn¶t cancel it in writing. May the listing agreement renew automatically? A: No. Section 475.25(1)(r), Florida Statutes, provides that it¶s a violation of real estate licensing law if a real estate licensee ³has failed in any written listing agreement to include a definite expiration date, description of the property, price and terms, fee or commission, and a proper signature of the principal(s); and has failed to give the principal(s) a legible, signed, true and correct copy of the listing agreement within 24 hours of obtaining the written listing agreement. The written listing agreement shall contain no provision requiring the person signing the listing to notify the broker of the intention to cancel the listing after such definite expiration date.´ Q: I am a recently married sales associate. I¶ve decided to legally change my name to my married name. Am I required to change my name on my sales associate license? A: Yes. Rule 61J2-9.007, Florida Administrative Code, provides that when there¶s been a legal name change, the licensee shall file a request for the real estate license to be reissued in the new name. For a new license to be reissued, a copy of the legal document that legally changed the name (marriage license in this case) must be included in this request. Q: I¶m a sales associate and want to set up a company using my team name so that my broker can pay my commissions to this separate company. May I do this?


A: No. Pursuant to Section 475.161, Florida Statutes, a sales associate or broker associate must use his or her legal name as it appears on his or her real estate license when incorporating as a limited liability company (LLC), professional corporation (PA) or professional limited liability company (PLLC). Q: I¶m a broker, and I employ an unlicensed assistant. Is it possible for unlicensed assistants to have their own MLS ID? A: Maybe. It depends on the rules of your regional MLS. You¶ll need to contact your regional MLS to determine if it allows unlicensed assistants to have their own MLS ID. Q: May a sales associate be paid directly for conducting a broker price opinion? A: No. Section 475.42(1)(d), Florida Statutes, does not allow sales associates to collect any money in connection with a real estate brokerage transaction, whether as commission or other payment, except in the name of their employer²the broker. BPOs fall within the definition of real estate brokerage activity² ³appraising´ property²as per Section 475.01, Florida Statutes. Q: I am a real estate broker and an appraiser. I just entered a plea of nolo contendere to DUI (a misdemeanor). Is there a duty to report this misdemeanor to the Florida Real Estate Commission or the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board? A: Yes. As of Oct. 1, 2009, Section 455.227(1)(t), Florida Statutes, requires you to report this misdemeanor to the FREC and the FREAB within 30 days after the plea or after being found guilty. Prior to Oct. 1, 2009, real estate licensees and appraisers had a duty to report only felonies to the FREC and the FREAB. Q: I¶m a sales associate and I want to open a real estate corporation. May I be an officer or director of this real estate corporation? A: A sales associate may be a shareholder of a real estate corporation; however, he or she may not be an officer or director of that corporation as per Chapter 61J2-5.016, Florida Administrative Code. Furthermore, the corporation must have a qualifying broker registered with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The qualifying broker of the corporation must be an officer or director of the real estate corporation. Q: The Florida Real Estate Commission disciplined me several years ago. Is there a way to expunge my record? A: It depends. Although Florida law does not refer to the process as expungement, Section 455.2255(1), Florida Statutes, states, in part, that a ³licensee may petition the department to review a disciplinary incident to determine whether the specific violation meets the standard of a minor violation as set forth in Section 455.225(3). Q: I¶m a real estate licensee with a listing. I¶ve been contacted by a sales associate who has a buyer interested in making an offer on my seller¶s property. However, I¶ve discovered that this


sales associate¶s license is inactive, and that this person is not currently working for a broker. May I still pay the cooperating agent a commission? A: No. Section 475.25(1)(h), Florida Statutes, provides that a real estate licensee may not share commission with a person not properly licensed as a broker, broker-associate or sales associate. Further, since the cooperating agent¶s license is inactive, he or she is in violation of Section 475.42(1)(a), Florida Statutes, which is a felony of the third degree. If the agent¶s license is inactive, the agent may not receive compensation.

Have you heard about our new YPN (Young Professional Network) Chapter? Do you think it might be something you are interested in? Take some time to watch the latest YPN Webinar, How YPN Can Rock Your World! Webinar: CLICK HERE (hold control and click in link). To join visit the Florida Realtors YPN webpage, under the µEmpower¶ category, click on the µJoin Florida YPN¶ link. This link will redirect you to a form to complete with your contact information. Once the form is completed, the information will be sent directly to your YPN district contact who will contact you via phone and/or email with details on YPN in your district and local board. To access the Florida Realtors YPN webpage: CLICK HERE (hold control and click in link). The 2013 Florida Realtors Annual Convention will be packed with YPN activities, and we¶d love for you to join in the fun! As mentioned in the webinar, Thursday, August 15th is designated as a YPN convention tshirt day in which all YPNers have been asked to wear their custom t-shirt. T-shirts are free, however, please send your size request by July 25th to .









For more than a century, federal antitrust laws have existed as a way to promote competition and prevent monopolies in business. Because real estate brokers and salespeople frequently cooperate with one another in the sale of properties, they have numerous opportunities to engage in conduct that might be construed as violations of antitrust laws. Do you know the ins and outs of antitrust? Test your knowledge by taking this short quiz: 1 Two competitors in my market asked me to cooperate with them in setting a ³standard´ commission for the area. I refused, but subsequently started charging the same rate that my competitors suggested. Because I didn¶t overtly agree to participate in price fixing, I am not part of a conspiracy. True or False? 2 Even though my salespeople are independent contractors, I may establish the commission rate for my company and require salespeople to charge that rate. True or False? 3 Brokers who agree not to cooperate with another company, such as by not showing that company¶s listings, do not violate antitrust laws if they enter into that agreement because they consider the company¶s aggressive ³high-tech´ marketing techniques to be unethical. True or False? 4 The best way to persuade sellers that they should enter into an exclusive-right-to-sell agreement with you is to tell them that MLS members have an ³informal understanding´ to show buyers exclusive-right-to-sell listings first. True or False? 5 My company benefits from MLS participation, but we don¶t want to pay a cooperative commission split to real estate companies that offer only nominal compensation on their listings, which we think they include simply so that their listings are shown on and other public real estate Web sites. But if we decide to offer them the same amount of compensation that they offer us, we¶ll be breaking the law.


True or False? 6 Antitrust price-fixing rules do not allow a real estate company to engage in a public advertising campaign that highlights the commission rate it charges to consumers. True or False? 7 Classified and display advertising rates in a local newspaper have increased substantially, which hurts all the real estate companies in town. Yet, no company is willing to stop advertising for fear of losing clients and customers to their competitors who continue to advertise at the high rates. To pressure the newspaper to reduce rates, which would benefit the companies and consumers, the real estate companies may agree that they will stop advertising unless and until the paper complies. True or False? 8 If one of my salespeople participates in a price-fixing discussion, my company can be held liable²even if I have no personal knowledge of the salesperson¶s conduct. True or False? How did you do? Antitrust answers 1. True. But your actions are extremely risky. An offer to conspire on uniform competitive practices, followed by conduct consistent with the acceptance of that offer, is sufficient to violate antitrust laws and can be sufficient evidence to persuade a judge or jury that you participated in the conspiracy, even if you did not. Since you didn¶t agree to the conspiracy you are, technically, not a part of it. But since your actions are consistent with the agreement, a judge or jury still may conclude that you are a party to the agreement. The best way to avoid participation in an illegal conspiracy is to openly reject and repudiate any offer to conspire and to be sure that your subsequent conduct does not reflect participation. 2. True. A broker may require salespeople working as independent contractors to abide by the company¶s commission rate without violating any antitrust laws. An illegal price-fixing agreement must be among different ³economic actors,´ that is, parties who have their own economic interests and are not associated with the same company. 3. False. It doesn¶t matter why competitors agree to engage in a ³group boycott´ of a particular company, it¶s an illegal boycott nevertheless. Competitors may choose to not cooperate with another company that they consider to be unethical²or for any reason whatsoever (but subject to their fiduciary and fairness duties to clients and customers)²as long as they do so acting on their own, unilaterally. If they choose to not cooperate with another company in agreement with other firms, they violate the antitrust laws.


4. False. Stating that MLS members have an ³informal understanding´ about properties with exclusive-right-to-sell agreements could be understood by the seller to mean that there is an informal agreement²which would be an illegal conspiracy. An ³informal understanding´ is just as illegal as a written agreement that all parties sign. Participants in an antitrust conspiracy almost never put their agreement in writing, but that merely makes the existence of the agreement, and the parties to it, a bit harder to prove. It is an unlawful agreement nevertheless. 5. False. A company may offer any other company any commission split it chooses, as long as it determines to do so on its own and advises the other company privately and so on its own and advises the other company privately and in advance, such as by sending a letter to that company. A commission split that differs from what is offered in the MLS to all companies generally may be referred to as a ³punitive split.´ However, as long as these commission splits are determined and offered unilaterally and not in agreement with other firms, antitrust laws do not prohibit them. This is true even if a number of companies decide to offer a certain company the same split that it offers to them, with the result that they all offer the same split to that company. As long as each company can demonstrate that it determined to offer a different split unilaterally and without discussion or agreement with other firms, it is not illegal under the antitrust laws. 6. False. The prohibition on price fixing forbids agreements among competitors on prices, such as real estate listing commission rates, including commission splits. The law does not preclude a competitor who establishes its commission rate unilaterally and without agreement with other companies from advertising that commission rate. The law also allows that competitor to engage in competitive advertising, in which the company explicitly compares its stated commission rate to the rates publicly promoted or advertised by other firms, provided that the advertising was truthful and not misleading. In fact, the policy underlying antitrust laws²promotion of vigorous and healthy competition²would tend to favor and encourage such comparative advertising since it helps consumers easily compare and contrast prices offered by various companies. 7. False. This is a classic example of a group boycott²an agreement among competitors to not do business with a particular third party. This group boycott has the anticompetitive effect of eliminating the opportunity for companies to try to attract clients and customers by advertising in the newspaper. The very fact that no company is willing to stop advertising unless all others agree to do so illustrates this anticompetitive effect. The firms are unwilling to lose the ³competitive advantage´ of advertising unless others agree to do the same. The fact that the agreement may have some beneficial effects for consumers²even if true²will not save this agreement from being unlawful.

8. True. Just as ignorance of the law is no excuse, brokers¶ ignorance of their salespeople¶s conduct is no defense to an antitrust charge. A brokerage company will be held liable for the conduct of its salespeople whether or not the principal broker was personally aware of their conduct. To safeguard against antitrust violations, brokerages should adopt a written antitrust compliance program, distribute it to every employee and independent contractor, and review it with everyone twice a year.






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MLS Tidbit Status G = Temp. off Market Temporary off market has been added to My Inventory and Firm Inventory on the home page. You will see a G next to the P in both sections.









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ner Was: in W ¶s th n o M Last None

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Our condolences and deepest sympathy are extended to REALTOR® Gary Platfoot on the loss of his mother, Charlene, REALTOR® Tammy Munday on the loss of her sister, Patty Cartwright and to Mary Petrucci, MLS Coordinator on the loss of her father, Carmen DeFebo.


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June and July Residential and Vacant Land MLS Stats These statistics were taken from the MLS on June 30 , 2013 RESIDENTIAL

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