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“People do business with people they know”

The Rustenburg Association of Business 2011/12

Office Mobile: 079 498 7090 Email to Fax: 086 519 0521

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RUSTENBURG ASSOCIATION OF BUSINESS Introduction The Rustenburg Association of Business (RAB) is a leading business organisation promoting, developing and expanding business and commerce in the Rustenburg region. Membership of RAB allows business men and women, and organisations both SME’s and corporate entities - to raise their profiles. It provides PR, marketing and networking opportunities, and ensures that your organisation is represented on critical business issues through the collective lobbying voice of RAB. Background RAB was formed in 2000, when the leaders of the Afrikaans, English and Setswana chambers responded to the need to establish a multiracial, multicultural business chamber that would have one voice for business. The current leadership of RAB remains true to the founding spirit and brings together business men and women of all races, from all levels and sectors of business. From micro-entrepreneurs to corporate industries - RAB is home to all. Vision One business voice Mission The Rustenburg Association of Business is committed to the wellbeing of its members and the business environment of the City of Rustenburg through: 

Promoting local economic development and local procurement;

Promoting activities that ensure sustainability;

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Ensuring valid representation of business to local, and provincial bodies;

Providing access to information required by the business community; and

Encouraging the growth of SMMEs and BEE.

Aims and objectives 

To promote economic and enterprise development in the area;

To provide economic and growth opportunities to its members;

To improve its members’ skills through training and distribution of information;

To act as mouth piece for businesses in the area;

To promote and ensure quality of products and services

To promote fundamental rights and safety standards in the work place;

To promote sound relationships between members;

To promote joint problem solving in respect of economic matters;

To facilitate the exchange of ideas and innovations;

To engage in consultation and negotiations with local, provincial organs of state;

To advance any further aims and objects agreed upon at a general meeting of members.

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Benefits of Membership

Reasons to join the Rustenburg Association of Business today: 1. Marketing & Promoting Your Business -

RAB has formed a partnership with XtownX Rustenburg / to develop a local economic development, business focused mobile portal for the region. As a member, your company or organization will be listed for free on the mobile portal. You can look up members by name or category. Your company name, address, telephone, fax, email, and website link will be listed. RAB actively encourages members to do business with other members first and XtownX Rustenburg allows access to local businesses with mobile technology, without the need for a laptop.


Upload your company profile onto RAB Linked-In group in order to promote and market your business to RAB members and a broader audience, as well as generate leads and sales opportunities


Sponsorship opportunities, including events, Association reports and publications

2. Public-Private-Partnerships The Sakekamer and Luka Business Forum are affiliated to RAB and, as organised business have a working relationship with the Rustenburg Local Municipality. As organised business, RAB is partnering the Rustenburg Local Municipality in the roll out of the Executive Mayor’s 100 day programme to reach service delivery targets set out in this initiative.

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Targeted events focused on the needs of your business


Opportunity to network with prospects, clients and business leaders


Generate sales leads and business contacts


High calibre speakers regularly address RAB events


Opportunity to sponsor events during the year, promoting your brand


RAB as an umbrella body is committed to engaging with other business chamber organisations on a local level in order to promote business and local economic development in the region.

4. Lobbying and Advocacy -

Members and affiliates with common interests and goals are afforded an opportunity to discuss and debate challenges, current trends, legislation and other industry related issues and views. These platforms are created with the objective of providing the members with an opportunity to highlight what issues should be tackled.


Lobbying on key Business Issues for Rustenburg’s strategic development, including invitations to stakeholder engagement workshops with local government and other strategic role players.

5. Member to member business With rising business costs in mind, RAB is introducing to our members Members-to-Members Offers. This programme encourages preferential rates to do business with fellow members. Member-to-Member Offers provide

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RUSTENBURG ASSOCIATION OF BUSINESS members with a way to market their business to the large corporate audience of RAB members very effectively, and we encourage members to do business with RAB members. All businesses that are interested in this programme should contact the office for more information. 6. Business focused events, with speakers from leading businesses 7. Co-host events with RAB to get maximum exposure to RAB members and potential new members -

Dinokeng Scenario Workshops


Truth about Trust in Business Workshops


Entrepreneurial workshops and games


BEE, BB-BEE, Enterprise Development, Corporate governance and compliance workshops


Cansa: Cansa Cuppa, with patron Mmemogolo Semane Molotlegi of the Royal Bafokeng Nation 12 September 2011


Movember Campaign: Campaign promoting cancer prevention for men

8. Task teams and forums -

Affiliated to the North West Business Forum - The NWBF is a confederation of businesses and organisations in the North West Province. The NWBF represents, protects and promotes business interests in socio - economic development and also other areas as agreed upon by the members.

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“A re Ageng” Social Dialogue Forum - A re Ageng forum is a Social Dialogue structure, initiated by the North West provincial government whose mandate is to create a platform for government and its partners to debate issues of socio –economic importance with a view of influencing policy formulation and implementation in the province.


CSI & Government Forum – This forum, hosted by the Provincial Department of Labour, is a platform where CSI stakeholders from both the private and government sectors meet quarterly. Projects registered in this forum are recorded in the Project Register in the Premier’s office and form part of the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy.


Local & District Government Stakeholder Engagement - Invitations to a variety of local (Rustenburg Local Municipality) and district (Bojanala Platinum District Municipality) government workshops, events, and meetings, to provide stakeholder input to strategic plans such as Local Economic Development (LED) Plan, Integrated Development Plan (IDP), Rustenburg Rapid Transport design and the like.

9. North West Business Free annual copy of the North West Business – guide to trade and investment in the North West Province

NB: Your fee for RAB membership is regarded as a business expense and is therefore fully tax deductible.

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Contact us:

Rustenburg Association of Business

Chairman: Mr Johannes Mokotedi Email: Mobile: 079 677 4000 Vice Chairman: Mr Charles Bolton Mobile: 082 443 9820 Email: Secretariat: Mrs. Anne Trusler Mobile: 082 452 2123 Email:

RAB Administration: RAB Mobile: 079 498 7090 Fax: 086 519 0521 Email:

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