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Project: 2 Hour Visual Design Consultation for the Master Bedroom project of Alyson Weissman

Windows and sliding door: To keep the design cohesive, I recommend the same style coverings for the windows and door. All of my clients that have opted for the Hunter Douglas Luminette’s have loved them; however, they are expensive. Vertical Blinds are a nice option as well. It really depends on your budget. You should have no problem locating a dealer in your area. My advice is to have your windows and door professionally measured. I always do this for my clients and myself. French doors would not need coverings and would be a wonderful option! You can create balance by hanging art or a mirror the same height as the window on the opposite side of the wall, along with art over the bed. There is a link in the body of the email to help give a visual. Another option to create symmetry on your headboard wall is to hang window panels on each side of your bed to conceal the off-center window, again please see the link in the body of the email. You can center art in the void over your bed. Again, you should opt for the same style panels for all windows and the door to keep the design cohesive. This would be nice with the French Doors option as you would not need any covering for the doors.

Art: I have been extremely happy with Horchow’s art for my clients and my home. John Richard’s art in particular, it is lovely and a good price point. Selecting art will depend on which window covering method you choose. fromDrawer=true

Lighting: I chose a few options for you. Some of my clients wish to remove the shades for a less formal look, depending if that is an option for that particular piece.

Either of these lamps will coordinate well with your circular mirror.

Rug: Rugs can really tie your space together – colors of your accent pieces, bedding, window coverings, etc. Products=Area_Rugs&FORM=Gallery&coll=ck32&style=MAY02&color=VAPOR&Cat=ar

Depending if there is enough space, a bench would be a nice addition at the foot of your bed. Again, depending on your color scheme, you can customize the bench fabrics. Bench:

It has been a pleasure working with you and your bedroom design! Please measure your space and verify the correct sizes and lighting wattage that best suits your space. If you have any questions regarding the products, please let me know.

Best wishes, Brenda

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