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CLEAN EATING: A Healthy life style BY AMEE007 · MARCH 10, 2018

Nowadays everyone is health conscious. They want to be healthy and stay fit. But because of tons of busyness, it’s not possible to go gym or exercise every day. For keeping themselves fit people often use their favorite weapon “Diet”. Yes, an easy and simple way to be healthy. People usually choose their diet plan as they need but it can’t be followed for a long time. That’s why a food habit now becoming more popular as it can follow in any situation, any condition. And that is clean eating.

Clean eating It’s a healthy food habit. In diet, you can’t have fat and extra protein. But you can add them and have as much u want in clean eating. It’s a perfect mixer of vitamins, mineral, healthy fat that gives you a good sense of execution, power, and health. Here I’m giving you a short brief about clean eating. Clean eating: Clean eating is more of a lifestyle than a diet. Clean eating gives you a good health, mind and also helps you in weight loss. Clean eating means eating natural, unprocessed food. Keeping the food in its own formate as much as possible. Less process, fewer spices, rich in vitamins is the main aim of clean eating.

The advantage of clean eating: In this busy world, clean eating is an easy way to keep yourself fit and healthy. It brings lots of good things for us. 

In clean eating, you will feel energetic by eating simple food. The three important component protein, whole grain and healthy fat they support each other to reserve your energy a full day long It slowly releases the toxic from body .this thing helps to have a good sleep. A glass of low-fat milk or handful almonds provide protein and melatonin to smooth your sleep. The clean food will help your brain function and keep you focused. In clean eating, there is less processed and spicy food. it also has forbidden junk food. This reduces the risk of many diseases such as –high blood pressure, blood sugar, Heart disease, and many more. Omega 3 fatty acid, antioxidant, vitamins, and minerals which help to have you a shiny hair and glowing skin. Clean eating helps both physical and mental health. Its natural dieting system enriches with lots of vitamins that save you from depression and ward off moodiness.

How to eat clean: probably everyone knows about clean eating. But some don’t know when to start it or how to eat clean. Well, whatever you are sweet 16 or confidence 30 anyone can start it when want. But there are some rules in eat clean which u should know 1. Eat 5-6 times a day: With three major meals add two small snacks meal. Eating on this way help you to stay away from over-eating. Enrich with fresh fruits, lots of vegetables, a healthy fat that’s will keep you energetic all day long and help in weight loss. 2. Drink at least 2-3 liters water: Water is the most important things for our body. It has a large impact on both our body and mind. So you should add 2-3 liter in your food chart. you should add more green tea, clean water to the list and avoid soda and fruit juice(include high sugar, calories, fat). 3. Avoid processed and refined food: processed food contains a high level of sugar, salt, fat and less fiber and whole grain which is not right for health. candy, cookies, chips, frozen dinners, canned soups, flavored nuts are some processed food which we eat often. 4. Have healthy fat: yes you can add fat too in your chart but that should be healthy. Add plain yogurt(not fruit flavored), milk, cheese, cottage cheese, unsweetened soya milk, almond milk. This is a good source of healthy fat. 5. A good portion of protein: You are on the diet it doesn’t mean you have to eat vegetable only. No, you can have meat too. Chicken, turkey, duck offers you protein, iron, vitamin b12. Fish and seafood contain healthy omega 3. Egg added extra protein to your chart. nuts, seeds, beans are some plant-based protein. 6. More seasonal and local food: Local and seasonal food are cheaper and easy to find. They are full of vitamin too. Seasonal food is free or less in toxic so your body will be free from carbon. 7. Eat well-balanced meal: when you making your food chart make sure it has a good combination of protein, carbs, fat, fiber which are essential for body function. You should mix this with every meal whether it’s a snack or dinner.

Food chart for clean eating: Here I’m giving you a food chart about clean eating food items. There is lots of variety so you can choose your favorite one easily Fruit


-Apple -Avacado -Orange

Protein and healthy fat chicken/turkey/duck -eggs

Dairy and whole grain

-Milk -Cheese


-Carrot -Broccoli




-Dried foods



-Unsweetened soya milk



-Almond oil

-cottage cheese





-unrefined sunflower oil

-unsweetened coconut milk



-sweet potato

-brown rice


-peanut butter


-red rice






Any kind of fresh food.



-whole wheat couscous


-oats(plain )

You can also add seasonal food.

And many more



A chart plan to follow: Don’t get confused with this long list.. here is a chart to follow regular base..y0u can remake it with your favorite food (must be unprocessed, natural, and green one. Breakfast(264 calories): healthy whole grain or whole wheat, oats, egg(in any form), banana or anyone fruit, plain yogurt.Milk A.m snacks (70 calories): Dry fruits, Almond, peanuts or any kind of nuts. Lunch (325 calories): A bowl of salad, Chicken(meat of your choice) with Mushroom, whole wheat pizza, Roasted veggies(add whatever veggies you have).add cheese to your food, P.m snacks(82 calories): healthy no bake cookies, any kind of fruits. Dinner(462 calories): All your favorite veggies mix them with your favorite nuts and cheese, barley, Tuna or any seafood, a bowl of fruits salad.Must have a glass of milk before sleep. The best thing about clean eating is it’s not a diet, so there is no calories restriction and you don’t have to deprive yourself of things you low. In this style, you can have pizza, burger, BBQ, Butter.Every change you make to eat clean is a positive change and gradually you will become used to clean lifestyle. And your body will be healthy and you will feel awesome.

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CLEAN EATING: A Healthy life style  

Nowadays everyone is health conscious. They want to be healthy and stay fit. But because of tons of busyness, it’s not possible to go gym or...

CLEAN EATING: A Healthy life style  

Nowadays everyone is health conscious. They want to be healthy and stay fit. But because of tons of busyness, it’s not possible to go gym or...