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Time Capsule

This image is a combination of three different images. The bottom is a self-portrait I took with my film camera in the flowers in my grandparents back yard. There is a sense of movement to the image, because I had set the timer on my film camera and I had ten seconds to lay down in the flowers the way I wanted. The picture was taken right as I had laid down, so my left leg is still slightly up and my body looks like it is relaxing into the ground. My mouth is open as if I am exhaling, so I decided to add in a picture from Iceland of a geothermal steam vent. I liked the effect of the small tourists and cars in contrast with my body. Either they are tiny people or I am a giant, so it adds an air of etherealness to the composite. The third photo I added was of some pink clouds, because I wanted to continue the trail of steam into the sky and have it transform into clouds. I think that the movement there is in the image, my body that looks like it is caught in motion and the steam coming out of my mouth that goes into the sky, captures time. My goal was to collect pictures that I have taken from different moments in time and seamlessly combine them into a single image. I wanted all the images to be interacting with one another. I combined these photos from the past to create a moment that never existed.

Visual Narrative and Soundscape

For this project I created a soundscape that reminded me of home. I used all of the sounds that I would hear when outside in the summer or when I was sitting on my deck in the morning drinking coffee. Because I often feel homesick, I wanted to capture my home in a dreamscape. The video I created to go along with the soundscape shows a girl waking up to her bedroom transformed into a forest and she immediately sets out exploring. The landscape shifts and changes just as it would in a dream. At the end the video shows the transition into a second dream as images of the girl in the car flash on the screen. The video did not turn out exactly as I wanted it to because I did not have a model and had to use myself in it. I ended up using a lot of videos from my Iceland trip that I never got to use.

Sequential Recut

For my sequential recut I want to recompose the history of marijuana. There is a stigma that surrounds weed that does not surround alcohol or tobacco, even though it is scientifically proven that marijuana is better for you and less addictive. Through my video I want to show a world where weed is even more normal and accepted as tobacco and alcohol. I could possibly do this through advertisements or commercials. I could take advertisements that would normally be tobacco or alcohol advertisements and change it to marijuana instead.


For my installation I was inspired by other artists to bring a baby pool into my room, fill it up with water bucket by bucket, make it black, and line the edges with flowers. I thought it would be interesting to bring water into a room, because it’s so impractical and displaced. I wanted to make it look like a pond was inside. These are some of my inspirations: Lissy Elle laricchia took these photos of flowers inside a room and I thought it made the most magical scene. I wish to recreate it someday, but I really don’t know where she got all of those flowers. And then Miwa Yanagi took this very dark but beautiful and mysterious scene of a girl floating in the middle of a pool of water surrounded by long grasses like she were in a pond outside, but it is actually in a room.