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No. 1 Year 1 Issue 2012


EDITORIAL Welcome to this inaugural edition of this magazine Bruchím Habaím! Many people live today’s in the middle of apocalyptic panic and religions fundamentalism as additions to every social and politic problems worldwide, regional and local. In this coyunture the Global Service for Peace SHEGGEL was born. During more of three years we’ve generated a social impact characterized by the very nature of the institute and its action into human community, bringing a convincing message of hope of a ideal world of peace based in the interfaith peace. We want to share with you a resume of our thought and activities that always are inspired in the cause of peace and fraternity among religions as a foundation for world peace. We’ve wanted to make that contribution serving to every people of every faiths without losing our fundamental identity as a part of the Jewish People, who has today’s the mission to being light for nations (Isaiah 49,6).

YOMAN SHÉGGEL INAUGURAL EDITION Year 1 No. 1 5773/2012 Yoman Shéggel (Agenda Shéggel) Magazine is an electronic publication and free distribution of property by SHÉGGEL Institute, which seeks through its socializing activities, disseminate its thoughts and promoting a culture of peace worldwide interfaith. SHÉGGEL is an individual and public religious entity that is aligned to the Vision Interfaith Reform Judaism. In pursuit of world peace by giving priority to establishing peace among religions, leads and supports various initiatives in this area, and provides the human community in general various academic and liturgical services.

Shalom! Rabbi RICHARD GAMBOA BEN-ELEAZAR Manhig of Shéggel International Ambassador for Peace NOTE: Manhíg in Hebrew means «Leader», or also «Leader Rabbi».







SHEIRÚT GLOBALI L’SHALOM (Global (Global Service for Peace) Rabbi RICHARD GAMBOA BEN-ELEAZAR Manhíg MAGNOLIA ROJAS CASAS Drafting and Revising Photo Compilation


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‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 2

AN ONE MAN’S ARMY? Sheirút Globali L’Shalom (Global Service for Peace), or SHÉGGEL because its initials in Heberw language, was founded on 10 July, 2009, in Cheon Jeong Gung (The palace of Peace) located in the mountains of Cheongpyeong, Republic of Korea, and statutorily established on November 29 of the same year. One of the ways which we have been heavily criticized it is because of the nature of the Institute as "a religious entity and individual public". This has been very shocking to the leaders of many churches and confessions of faith, given that the nature of their respective beliefs include permanent campaigns to find the accession of new followers. Faithful to our Jewish identity we do not proselytize, do not seek to have people leave their own religious beliefs and to assume the our. And on the contrary, we seek that each who remain acceded to his church, creed or spirituality, at the same time that we teach them to share with all religions without detriment to the own religious identity. Fortunately, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in our case, the National Constitution of Colombia and the Statute of Religious Freedom Act 133 of 1994, declared that any person can practice their religious beliefs "individually or collectively, in private or public way". We’ve chosen to live our Interfaith Vision Reform Jewish identity of individual and public way. The painful experience of the monstrous religious persecution suffered during the 9 years of existence of the now defunct B'nei Tzion (persecution whose side effects we are still suffering), taught us that people are not yet ready and live too fearful as to embrace with heroism faith convictions that do not conform to the doctrines of the religious structures and of certain fundamentalist circles…It is virtually impossible to find Jewish people reformers identify fully with all the values that SHÉGGEL fly and are prepared to assume our convictions with the originality and courage with which we have assumed.

3 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬


But do not live the Interfaith Vision Reform Judaism lonely, on the contrary! Being inserted into a family where we live in everyday life the experience of true love as interreligious marriage and at the same time the principles which he has allowed the Jews survive for millennia as a People, this has given us the inspiration, strength and consistency necessary to present ourselves to the world with the head in the high. This is also one of the reasons why we are rejected and we generate so many disappointments among those who initially we admired: because we aren’t in any disposition to leave the guidelines of our millenary tradition, because we’re very proud of our Jewish identy, we don’t accept assimilation and bitterly resisted any campaign of religious proselytism which watches to us as a military objective. Another of the paradoxes that people see in our work is as we have been able to make so many activities without any kind of own resources, grants or donatives from any person or institution. We have learned to completely dependent on Divine Providence and reckless to undertake initiatives without looking at the budgets that involve… if this is all that we have achieved without having a penny in your pocket, can you imagine everything that we could achieve with resources at our disposal?! This is what we are: a family that gives testimony about the love of the One and Living God who listens to the prayers of all people without distinction of faith, we’re teaching without rest that "no one will be saved by must be enrolled in a religious group in particular, and no one will be condemned for failing to do so" . This also disturbs to religious structures and fundamentalist circles that proclaim themselves "the only true religion, possessing and vehicle exclusive and absolute of the salvation of humanity". God is clear when He says through the mouth of the Prophet: "from east to west My name is great among the nations, and in every place offers to My Name a sacrifice of incense and a pure offering of the sacrifice. Great is My name among the nations, says the Lord of Hosts" (Malachi 1:11). God does not reject any person only because he/she creates or pray differently from those who insist on demanding the conversion to his/her own creed on pain of eternal damnation. We’re teaching to all the people who want to deepen the knowledge of the Torah from the experience that we are living, leading and supporting all peace initiatives, especially those that promote peace between the religions. Ancient rabbinic wisdom teaches on behalf of Hillel: "be disciples of Aharon: love peace, find it, and love all the people" (Pirkei Avot 1:12); Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth taught the following: "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called 'sons of God" (Matthew 5:9) , and The Holy Qur'an says: “So do not weaken and call for peace because you’re those who will win; Allah is with you and will never deprive you of [the reward of] your deeds” (Qur’an Muhammad 47:35). In a necrophiliac society, which are enjoyed in violence and makes apology of it even in the name of God and religion, the work undertaken by a culture of peace from the peace between the religions is urgent priority. We don't have to be a congregation to work in this cause, since no one person or institution has so exclusive and exclusionary the key to peace. On the contrary, it requires the support and the joint work of all of us to make peace a reality, a reality at the scope of all mankind.


‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 4

It was stated by the German theologian Hans Küng, "only be peace in the world if there is peace between religions". The reason why Küng says this is explained by my teacher Reverend Sun Myung Moon ZTz”L: “All religions must understand the exact path to be followed by humanity and immediately cease all the struggles, large and small that are made by own benefit. Nor they must fight to justify its reputation. Religions must gather its wisdom, combine their energies and work diligently to build the ideal world. They must forget the past stained with struggles and hatreds and resolve it peacefully. The religious leaders, whose mission is to lead humanity toward the ideal world, should not be forgotten, even for a moment, that they themselves are the apostles of peace” (Moon, 2009,282-283). We have learned to recognize the act of God, not only in the middle of all the Christian churches and the great religions, but also in the midst of the new traditions of faith, spirituality and ancestral emerging spiritualities (which the System stigmatizes irresponsibly with the disparaging of “sectarian congregations, neo-pagan cults and New Age”); We don’t close the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven to absolutely no one that loves truly to the God of Life and who wants to work together with all the other by the cause of peace, but on the contrary, we serve all faiths, we work together with them and we have relations of fraternity without our essential identity is affected. We cannot as members of the Jewish People stand by idly living on xenophobia and far-reaching the darkness in which the world remains. If in spite of all the persecutions and attempted extermination that we have experienced for millennia, we can still sing like Ofra Haza: «chai, chai, chai; ken, aní od chai!» (alive, alive, alive; yes! I’m still alive!), is because God is saying to us that we have still a fundamental role in the History of Humankind, a task which is still valid: being a light for nations (Isaíah 49:6), and a part of that mission consists in working with the rest of human beings and enourgaing them constantly to establish an ideal world of peace, A world in which future generations will be able to coexist and live together, as says the Psalm 133: “hinéh mah tov umanaím shevet achím gam yachad” (Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!).

5 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬


Cheon Jeong Gung or the Palace of Peace, in the mountains of Cheongpyeong, Korea. Here was the foundation of SHÉGGEL on July 10, 2009. It is well known the apostolate of the Rabbi Richard Gamboa in the middle of the Sephardic Hebrew-Catholics during the first decade of the twenty-first century, apostolate by the that he suffered one of the most ferocious religious persecution has been news in Colombia. Faced with the impossibility to continue this apostolate after 9 years of hard work, Rabbi Gamboa formalized his return to Traditional Judaism in July of 2009 and by aligning in the Interfaith Vision reform Judaism he presented the 10 of this month in the Palace of Peace, Cheongpyeong (Korea), the new ministerial vision that he says himself, it was revealed by God: the Institute SHÉGGEL.

During the celebration banquet at the Palace of peace, by sharing with colleagues leaders of various religions and their teacher, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon (located in the lower left corner of the pic).

One of the most famous pics of Rabbi Gamboa (right corner) presiding together with another faith leaders the Interfaith Prayer for Peace.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 6

Weeks before his trip to Korea, Rabbi Gamboa was awarded with the title of Ambassador for Peace by Universal Peace Federation, a NGO with special consultative status at the United Nations.

During his stay in the Republic of Korea he had a fraternal sharing with Dr. David Yoo, General Secretary of the Peace Cup.

July 2009. President of Universal Peace Federation, Rev. Dr. Chung Hwak Kwak, offering a fraternal greeting to Rabbi Gamboa.

August 2009. Back to Colombia. Sharing with a catholic missionary children’s his experiences lived in Korea, Russia and Cuba.

October 14, 2009. Participation Gamboa-Rojas in the Cosmic True Parent’s Blessing received by 40000 couples of more than 180 countries, and of all religions of the world.

7 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬

September 21, 2009. Moments of his famous speech before the Colombian Parliament in the frame of the International Day of Peace.

October 2009. Participating in a debate about consume of pig in Colombia, in Radio Santa Fe, in Bogotá.

December 2009. Participating in the Interfaith Peace Prayer in the frame of the traditional Colombian feasts of Christmas, organized by the Local Mayoralty of Teusaquillo. Rabbi Gamboa was present as the Manhig de Shéguel and a founder member of the Teusaquillo Territory of Peace Corporation.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 8


One of the challenges bigger that the Institute SHÉGGEL had to face during the year 2010 was to confront to certain religious structures and fundamentalist circles that were concentrated in advancing campaigns of public loss of prestige against the existence and the labor that was developing because of Rabbi Gamboa's apostolate in the past. Nevertheless this did not stop his labor, but on the contrary it strengthened him and allowed to the SHÉGGEL Institute to express before the public opinion his determination and his approach centered on a culture of peace … and of step to gain the support of religious leaders and congregations that saw in the labor of the Institute an important support to this common cause.

Mach 2010. Rabbi Gamboa supporting to a catholic catechists and pastoral leaders kinds and girls during the Children’s Easter Feast.

9 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬

July, 2010. in the frame of the Religious Freedom Seminary organized by Religious, Cult and Conscience Freedom Confederation CONFELIREC (A legal entity that, in agreement with the General Attorney's Office of the Nation it defends the religious freedom in Colombia) , the Transform Colombia Net and the Embassy of Peace in Colombia, Rabbi Gamboa presented a speech about interfaith spirituality.

August 2010. At the 23th. International Bogota Fair of the Book, the Manhig of Shéggel participated as an expositor together with Teusaquillo Territory of Peace Corp. A Jewish Torah, a Christian Bible and a Muslim Qur’an were put in a same table as a sign of brotherhood and peace among Sons and Daughters of Abraham. That sign caused several reactions in the public present in the event.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 10

August, 2010. One of the biggest worries of the Manhig de Shéggel has been strengthening the bows of brotherhood between the Judaism and the Christianity, therefore he gives the course " Jewish Roots of the Church " to diverse communities been interested in the topic. In the photo a class of this course to faithful of a catholic parish to the south of Bogota.

August 2010. Sharing with a subofficer of the Colombian Army, a Hero of the Korean War.

August 2010. With the Boon Bong Wang of Colombia, Rev. Yoo Bong Sang and his wife Ms. Kim Myung Joo.

October 2010. Preaching at the Gentlemen Camp of the Presbyterian Church. Arbeláez, Cundinamarca.

11 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬

September, 2010. The Manhig de Shéggel accompanied to various spiritual leaders to the Interreligious Prayer for Peace convened by the Islamic Cultural Center and raised a canticle Judaic alluding to the peace. This day was marked in a special way by the clamor of the respect for the sacred books with regard to the painful events of that time in the United States, in which a Christian pastor threatened to burn a Koran (threat that met the following year, generating violent protests in the Middle East).

September, 2010. Faithful to the tradition established since 2001, Rabbi Gamboa convened to leaders of the various religions to join in a same prayer for peace in the framework of the Hebrew New Year. This year the meeting place was the Embassy of Peace in Colombia. Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Church, Islam, Buddhism, Unification Church co-officiated the interfaith liturgy, unique by its nature in the world. Also attended the Local Mayor of Teusaquillo Dr. Juan Carlos Almonacid, a delegate from the NGO Am Israel and Ms. Carmen Zambrano of the Collective of Ecumenical Christian Nurses.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 12


On 10 July 2009 the Manhig of Shéggel signed the Declaration of Cheon Jeong Gung (document also signed by more than 200 political and religious leaders) that express, among other issues, the importance of interfaith marriages as a basis for reconciling the religions through the bond of love between the spouses who profess different faiths. One of the foundations that gives the SHÉGGEL Institute its reason for being, is the give a pastoral response forceful and clear to the needs of a growing trend for couples to put aside their religious differences and unite in love, through the sacred bond of marriage. Which is happening especially in Latin America, is the total absence of part of the religious structures of an interfaith pastoral. It is as well as they are denied the sacrament marriage by "disparity of cult" or in the best cases any of the parties is forced to seal this marriage by the rite of his/her partner that includes the acceptance (either verbally or in writing) to embrace the religious beliefs of this couple and/or to have their children educated exclusively in the confession. The second failing consists of the impossibility of the couples of scanty resources or of lower-middle class to a religious blessing of their marriage. It is necessary to have in it counts in addition the great interest of many couples (specially Christian of all the churches and denominations) whose, without being Jewish, want to getting married under the blessing of a rabbi, because they estimate because Biblical reasons, the significance of the rites that compose a Nisuím or Jewish wedding. These three mentioned factors led that SHÉGUEL Institute was assuming his role as religious pioneering entity in receiving to this class of marriages and to offer them the Interfaith Wedding’s Blessing.

13 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬ It is not any wedding interreligious blessing, since the spouses receive a previous formation of Rabbi Gamboa's hands in order that they learn to coexist loving themselves in the middle of their religious diversity, assuming in addition the mission to being a marriage example for other families. Rabbi Gamboa can bless these marriages for several reasons: 1) he possesses the due licenses to do it in his quality of Jewish clergyman, 2) it possesses a special license as the interfaith minister, and 3) it does part of the responsibilities assumed with the signature of Cheon Jeong Gung's Declaration. The Manhig of Shéggel blesses in a free way to the interfaith marriages of scanty resources and he offers the wedding blessing for chuppah (it is to say, according to the Jewish custom) to non-Jewish couples who want to marry under this rite.

October 2010. Interfaith Wedding of Marcelo Olicky (israeli jew) and Nancy Vergara (colombian catholic).

November 2010. Interfaith Wedding of Mark Newman (US Jew) e Ingrid Hartman (colombian-american catholic).


‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 14

During the year 2011 SHÉGGEL Institute worked in increasing its position in the academic and Human Rights defense camps, with emphasis in defending religious freedoms. Programs of awarding were created to recognizing in public the work of personalities and entities who work for peace among religions, always having present the global vision of a ideal world of peace, working for that cause from the local sector.

February 2011. The Manhig of Shéggel presented to international community the Religious and Spiritual Rights of Men and Women’s Declaration, text which details all rights derivate from religious, conscience and cult freedoms. The document was published in Internet in English and Spanish languages, shared with several NGO’s of Human Rights defense, and almost it was sent to UPF General Secretary with the hope of that the future UN Interfaith Council receives it as a main document of religious freedoms defense across the world.

15 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬

February 2011. Answering top the call of Teusaquillo Territory of Peace Corp., Rabbi Gamboa did participate in an ecumenical worship presided by Community of Hope Presbyterian Church.

April 2011. The Manhig of Shéggel presented to the academic community of the National University of Colombia his more polemic and controversial conference titled «Closeness to Religious Conflict in Colombia», in that he did explosive declarations and strong denounces of religious persecution, explaining with the help of Religious Psychology, Sociology and History Sciences, the dynamic of religious discrimination laying today’s in the country. This speech was published in a scientific article in the Magazine of Human Rights Nova et Vetera of the Public Management High College ESAP.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 16

May 2011. At the Manhig of Sheggel’s House was organized an international meeting of missiologyts and missionaries called «G-3 Summit» because the representatives of this ecumenical meeting: GamboaRojas Family (Colombia), Father Moon Jung Kim (Korea) who is friend of Rabbi Gamboa and classmate of him at the University, and Souza Family (Portugal).

June, 2011. Closing Ceremony of the Diplomat of Cultural Management for Peace directed by Teusaquillo Territory of Peace in covenant with the National University of Colombia. Rabbi Gamboa served as an academic coordinator of the Diplomat offered to social and civil leaders of the Colombian capital.

17 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬

June, 2011. The Manhig of Shéggel got the title of Doctor of Theology (Th.D.), awarded by the Hebraic Theological Seminary in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, after having supported his thesis “Worshiping to Lord with Dance” and “Giving Life to Dry Bones: A Vision of the B’nei Anusím in Latin America”.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 18 July 2011. SHÉGGEL did serve as a bridge among World Peace Women Federation - Chapter Colombia and the “Father, Master and Friend Foundation, to sending several boxes with humanitarian help for tents of families who live in situation of extreme poverty in a locality outside Bogotá D.C. In the pic to the left teacher Magnolia Rojas, Manhig of Sheggel’s Wife, and to the right the teacher Daniel Malaver, director of the mentioned foundation.

August 2011. At the Manhig of Shéggel’s House, the members of the Rojas-Casas Family and neighbors were called for a Jew-Catholic prayer for peace and for Colombian-Korean brotherhood. After this prayer, father Moon Jung Kim celebrated a, Eucharist for catholic assistants and shared his testimony and experience as a Korean missionary in Colombian lands.

19 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬

September, 2011. In the frame of the celebration of the Jewish New Year, the Manhig of Shéggel did reunite to leaders of 18 religions and spiritualities to pray together for peace. It’s actually the biggest interfaith liturgy celebrated in all Latin America. A message of peace sent by Uruguay Sikh Community was read. With surprise, religious leaders signed a declaration protesting against all way of religious discrimination and they supported in public the work of Rabbi Gamboa for peace among religions, and they expressed their wish to work together for peace of Colombia and the world. The Rosh HaShanah 5772’s Declaration was sent to several offices of the Colombian Government and international organizations. As result of that interfaith declaration was the approval of the Colombian Parliament of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1482 of 2011 in November of this year, law which punishes all kind of discrimination including religious discrimination and Anti-Semitism.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 20

October 2011. Preaching about the role of man inspired in the experience of Nehemiah, offered to the pastors and bishops participants of the National Gentlemen Camp organized by Community of Hope Presbyterian Church in the village of Arbeláez, Cundinamarca.

November 2011. Rabbi Gamboa was invited by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal to adding a teaching in the frame of the First Artistic Pastoral Congress «AvivArte».

21 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬


«Second Opinion» is the section of the magazine Yoman Shéggel reserved to columnists invited to sharing their testimonies, viewpoints or analysis about the work of the Manhig of Shéggel and the today´s events in Colombia and the world from an ecumenical or interfaith focus, without thereby columnists aside their own particularities of faith and their religious languages.

A MORAL AND SPIRITUAL VISION By Dr. MOISÉS MONTENEGRO, Executive Director of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace – Chapter Colombia. Email:

The inability to solve human problems is closely related central human will and determination to change and transform our world. To promote change requires a vision rooted in a universal moral and spiritual values that inspire the service, activism is not simply focused on a particular religion, nation, race or ethnicity, but is addressed to all the human family. Most human beings affirms the existence of a higher power, a divine order, or a benevolent and personal God who cares about human beings and creates the foundation of their global visions. For this reason, the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace – Chapter Colombia, recognizes the Shéggel Institute and its founder, Rabbi Richard Gamboa, as an "Ambassador of Peace" who advocates that all religious traditions old and new together and with their various currents and denominations are good and worthy of respect, and for that reason the charisma of his work is framed in a humanistic, interfaith, global and inclusive vision. Dialogue and cooperation among religions are essential to peace. Religions are the sources of the deepest values and most noble ideals. They transform the individual, enhance and motivate you to take a path to God and the absolute good. The conflict and the struggle between religions arise when individuals cling to ritual concepts or closed. Forgetting of love, understanding, forgiveness and good example to help and serve others, a heart full of "True Love". The Shéggel Institute promotes the interfaith Blessing of Marriage and this proves to be of great help in strengthening the religious life of each person. As important religious ceremonies of other manifestations of faith, which allows people to rise higher and higher into the realm of heavenly fortune, participation in this Blessing helps overcome barriers that interfere with efforts to reach as cherished spiritual and religious ideals. Moreover, the Blessing helps strengthen the ability of believers to relate to friends of other religions. "Blessed are You, O Lord, King of the universe, who created joy and happiness, the bride and groom, happiness, joy, dancing and pleasure, love and brotherhood, peace and fellowship.“ (Talmud, Ketubot 8a).

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 22


REASONS OF PEACE By Pastor EDGAR TRIANA, Director of ZOE Community. Email:

I initially use these lines to express my gratitude and praise to the God of life, who by His infinite love allows us to serve despite being unprofitable servants, as Jesus himself expressed in the Gospel of Luke. Also I want to express my gratitude and respect to Rabbi Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar, whom I have known for several years, and who I could find support in the various pastoral and educational activities of the Community ZOE, which I direct. I can say that his theological knowledge, how to live the gospel and his Rabbinical ministry which he leads with passion, so that has lead us to deepen the cultural experience of the Chosen People, and savoring the anointing of the Creator. Paul wrote to the Roman Christians: Since God has already made righteous by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ (Rom 5: 1). As a Christian-Catholic pastor, I can say that peace begins when I allow Jesus Christ through love and understanding, justify and get in peace with the Creator God, who in his infinite mercy allows us to achieve this peace by faith. When we have peace with God, we enter into a real intimate relationship with Him, who will give us the peace that only God can give, a peace that surpasses all understanding (Phil 4, 7). Have peace with God the Creator is to have peace with creation, with my neighbor and myself. This peace is inclusive, not exclusive, where I respect and love all that God loves, that is all, because God loves everyone and everything, not excluding faiths, races, cultures and colors. Achieving find inner peace with the creator God will be interdenominational and intercultural dialogue, which will be no differences between us, and where the ordinary is what unites us and strengthen us. Specifically, this proposal is the evangelist and missionary of Jesus. An inclusive proposal, a proposal for the same, which invites me to love my neighbor as myself, where the poor, the powerless, the oppressed, the charge has nothing infinite value, and not from a viewpoint welfare, but from the look inclusive of perfect love of the Creator. This look inclusive is the same that Creator God planted in the heart of Rabbi Richard, who with a humble heart has heard the voice of the Creator, and has undertaken an endless race, that of bringing the Good News of salvation, without falling in dogmatism of the dominational exclusion. Instead, heading his flags and theological beliefs beyond good and evil, at the cost of persecution, criticism and the same exclusion, in order to achieve the dream of Jesus Christ himself: to be one Church. May the peace of the God of life fill us with his infinite love, and allow us to one day reach the stature of the perfect man. Blessings readers!

23 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬



In times like ours, where people are looking for their inner peace and with this universal peace, where the question of peace asserts the concern of governments, religious communities, NGOs and even financial and economic sectors, where, perhaps us, more than ever, people eager to find ways to provide spiritual peace from inside to outside life more peaceful and prosperous, dialogues were not enough, as time and again we have seen little or no fruitful dialogue ending with false hopes and reality of wear, the large investment and few results.

However, the experience that led to the search for peace in Bogotá and particularly in the area of Teusaquillo, has been for me one of the biggest and best experiences; rethink human rights from the crucible of a religious dialogue breaking down barriers and war feelings, stronghold of a story that fought for their gods and against God, forgetting the main postulate of the experience of faith of any religion: a saber:love and inter-cultural approach and inter-confessional that fueled our spirit and allowed us to discover and learn how valuable that is in the spirituality of those who do not know, make Teusaquillo Territory of Peace, an opportunity to re-state our faith and our vision of the other, that in the sight of God is the same myself. A culture of peace, an example for the whole world, has been opened with this beautiful experience, if I may so call it, experience of faith, we have gone to this interconfesionality and a spirituality of friendship where each religious overtones could open up a space and give a hug honest friendship and fraternity, it is worth noting the great effort of all those who have raised this initiative to be replicated anywhere in the country. Similarly, today in particular, and taking advantage of the launch of this magazine I want to highlight the important work of Rabbi Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar, who is my personal friend since our academic times where we looked at the young Rabbi sharing his religious experience with another clerics, youth students and base groups, teaching Hebrew language and Jewish Culture, while respecting, as his experience grew, each concept of faith making this an example of God's universal love. Is the Manhig of Shéggel the person who has supported the extension of the Kingdom while engrossed in other shades of faith sometimes irreconcilable to the world and history, why should be noted that today not only opening but his drive and tenacity order to stay in place despite the apparent rift that would have been reached by the religious circles less open to change. Thus the interconfesionality has led us to friendship, mutual support, sharing religious spaces, worship and academics in the context of respect for difference and great love which we must profess as a children of God. Experiences like that of Rabbi Richard, like Teusaquillo Territory of Peace and with it the work of its initiators, need to be known to all those who want to reach the path of peace building bridges of brotherhood and unity among all human beings. A big and fraternal hug for our brother Rabbi Richard, encouraging him to continue his work, to help others in their growth and especially to fulfill the great ministry that God has placed in him.


‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 24

A CANDLE IN THE IDDLE OF THE STORM By Reverend LUIS FERNANDO SANMIGUEL, Chairman of Teusaquillo Territory of Peace Corporation. Email:

We live in a globalizated world, open to all cultures and where persons recognize needed each other, a world which claims for the end of every wars and asks for a jealous respect to Human Rights. Moreover this also is a world where has been present the religious fundamentalism and the desperation of politic, economic, social and religious expired structures that work for making eternal their obscurantist and imperialist models of power over Humankind. This is the world where a Colombia kicked with centuries of conflict, walks with a torch in its hands with hope of a better future. Teusaquillo Territory of Peace Corporation, being conscient of that reality, has gambled for promotion of a local, national and world peace culture, giving an example of interfaith and inter-cultural peace example which has generated in this years a social impact recognized by the most important churches, faith confessions, social sectors and politic institutions. We have to standing out with a special thanksgiving the work that Rabbi Richard Gamboa, whom is a founder-member and today’s Executive Secretary of our Corporation, has developed serving with a big generosity to every Christian churches, religions, ancestral and rising spiritualities, giving up to having an own congregation as is common among every religious leaders. We’ve lived with the Manhig of Shéggel a significant and historical moments that concern to the promotion of the interfaith cooperation; his work articulated with Teusaquillo Territory of Peace Corporation, has allowed that Colombian and Latin American society have a different vision of the ideal being of religions: not fight each other but responsible each other, not competitors among them and on the contrary, cooperators each other; not risen in imaginative “holy wars”, and instead of that , better common promoters of peace. Rabbi Richard has given to our entity a special impulse and incentive of hope of an interfaith peace, and among religions and society in general. But also we’ve been a witnesses of the systematic religious persecution which the Manhig of Shéggel has suffered by decades, inclusive since his childhood and scholar environment because the simple fact of do not adjust his own spiritual convictions to the strong doctrines of the religious structures; this event has dropped him to public stigmatization, to an unjust suffering of poverty, inclusive, this situation has put his life in a serious danger. Anyone in his place had given up… but not him. Nothing has could turning off this candle in the middle of the storm, a candle which against wind and tide has worked without pause for a world where religions live together and in peace, and once together they work for world peace. Teusaquillo Territory of Peace Corporation is proud of the work that this Ambassador for Peace has developed in his 12 years of Rabbinate, because with his work also our entity is exalted, since the achievements of Rabbi Richard Gamboa are our achievements too! Congratulations for the launching of the magazine Yoman Shéggel and we encourage him to carry on working for establishing a Colombia Territory of Peace and a World Territory of Peace.

25 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬


In the year 2012 the Shéggel Institute empathized its activities in the inclusion of the ancestral and rising spiritualities in the interfaith cooperation, accentuating the role that religions play in the promotion and careful and preservation of Environment and natural resources, thus defunding a true universal peace culture.

January 2012. The Manhig of Shéggel was invited to the program “The Room” of San Pablo Radio, directed by the journalist and writer Edver Delgado, to sharing his experience with the Spanish-Speaker radio audience.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 26

February 2012. In the frame of the World Interfaith Harmony Week decreted by UN General Assembly, Rabbi Gamboa was present in an interfaith breakfast at the Embassy of Peace, sponsored by the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace – Chapter Colombia Also he was invited to an interfaith panel organized by the Santa María School, to the north of Bogotá. In this event cents of students could see how does exist among religions common elements and the wish to work fraternally for a world of peace.

27 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬

March 2012. Rabbi Gamboa was invited by the musician Héctor Buitrago (member of the famous rock band “Aterciopelados”) to accompany to several Native American and environment defense groups to a Muhysca ancestral ceremony of purification of the water, in the Lagoon of the Guacheneque Fell, birthplace of the Bogota River, to 13123 feet of height over the sea level. There Rabbi Gamboa recited a Kaddish in reparation for the damage caused by the human hand against Nature. On March 22, in the frame of the World Water Day and the «Sing to the Water» International Feast, the Manhig of Shéggel presided a short interfaith liturgy along with religious leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, Guadalupan catholic Church, Presbyterian Church, Zen Buddhism, Islam, Brahma Kumaris Association and angelologyst Alixon Medina. To the ceremony also was present the Minister of the Environment Dr. Frank Pearl in representation of the Colombian Government.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 28

April 2012. In the frame of the traditional religious commemorations of the Catholic Holy Week in Colombia, the Manhig of Shéggel was invited to the Marian Broadcasting Station to an interview about the Jewish roots of the Catholic Easter.

May 2012. Angelologyst Luz Alixon Medina invited to Rabbi Gamboa to adding a special blessing for the Center Shamballa Refuge of Life and Healing. To this ceremony attended several celebrities like musician Héctor Buitrago and collectives of the rising spiritualities.

29 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬

May 2012. Faithful to his mission to bring the blessing of God on behalf of every person and faith congregation without distinction of any denomination or confession, Manhig of Shéggel presided the vow renewal ceremony and consecration perpetual ministry of Pastor Edgar Triana, director of the ZOECatholic Christian Community. All the servants of the congregation wanted to take advantage of the presence of Rabbi Richard to ask him to pray in a special way for them and imparted his blessing.

June 2012. Teusaquillo Territory of Peace Corporation invited to Rabbi Gamboa to participate as an observer at the General Assembly of the Colombian Ecumenical Network, event celebrated at the Pastoral Room of the Cathedral of St. Paul of the Episcopal Church in Colombia – Anglican Communion.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 30

June 2012. Rabbi Gamboa launched his new e-book titled «Under Angels Wings: A New Vision of Angelology», in which he shares his research about angels and their personal experience with these spiritual beings. It is the first time that Rabbi Gamboa reveals to the world the testimony of connection to the spirit world, so struck by the fact that a Jewish rabbi had the same mystical experience that hundreds of people confident of angels. Launching of the e-book was celebrated in the frame of an interfaith ceremony of Kabalat Shabbath (Welcoming of the Jewish Saturday) in Shamballa Refuge of Life and Healing and were presents the musician Héctor Buitrago, Rev. Luis Fernando Sanmiguel president of Teusaquillo Territory of Peace Corporation, a delegation of Ahlul Bayit Colombia Islamic Cultural House, journalist and writer Edver Delgado and relatives of the Manhig of Shéggel. At the end of the event every religious and spiritual leader raised a short prayer and gave his blessing to the attendees.

31 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬

August 2012. The Manhig of Shéggel always has professed in public his careful and thanksgiving feelings for Unification Church, and the members of this religious congregation also express a special careful to Rabbi Gamboa because having met in person to their founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and because having been his student during his high studies in Korea. Therefore Rabbi Gamboa answered with merriness and speedily the invitation of the Youth Group of the church in Bogota lead by Ms. Sung Hwa Cañas, to sharing the foundations of the Judaism, the MotherReligion of every Abrahamic faiths. Rabbi Gamboa answered with special kindness to the questions of the boys and girls, he shared his anecdotes about his stay in Korea and beside Reverend Moon, and also he taught to them a traditional Israeli dance.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 32

August 23, 2012. The Manhig de Shéguel called, as every years, to more than 15 leaders of several Christian churches, religions and spiritualities, to celebrate at the American School of Bogota the Great Interfaith Service for Peace and Freedom, in the frame of the World Day of Fight Against Slavery decreed by the UN General Assembly. The interfaith liturgy was enlivened by sacred songs and dances from Brahma Kumaris Association, Colombia Vrinda Mission, Nuh Jay Collective (whom presented a traditional Apache dance in that several religious leaders also danced), Colombia Tenrikyo Church and a meditation melody played by the musician Héctor Buitrago. The Prayer for the Peace of Colombia was presided by Congressman Efraín Torres Monsalvo in representation of the Colombian Government.

33 - ‫יומן שג"ל‬

August 2012. Rabbi Gamboa was invited by the TV program «The Sofa» of Capital Chanel, to participate together a bishop of the Anglican Church in a debate about the reality of the LGBTI Community and the position of religions about.

August 2012. The Manhig of Shéggel did meet with Neptaly Rivera, continental coordinator of Peace Global Festival Foundation; they exchange experiences, ideas and projects in relation with the promotion of a culture of peace. The Colombian-Bolivian meeting emphasized the thought that no person or institution has an absolute key to peace, and that this dream requires work world of nations, religions, ethnic groups and all societies to achieve identified that ideal.

August 2012. Rabbi Gamboa was invited by the Free University of Bogota to adding a conference to students, about ethical budgets in the Middle East.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 34

September 2012. The Manhig of Shéguel visited with his wife the National Headquarters of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, with the objective of paying respects to his teacher, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who passed away on Sept. 3 to the age of 92 years old. Rabbi Gamboa presented a roses bouquet as a offering.

September 2012. Rabbi Gamboa was invited by the American School of Bogota to sharing with the students some rabbinical thoughts about peace. This meeting was celebrated in the frame of the Peace International Day decreed by the UN General Assembly.

35 ‫יומן שג"ל‬

September 2012. Once finished the Yom Kippur Fast, the Manhig of Shéggel visited the Al-Reza Mosque to congratulate to Shia Muslims with occasion of the Imam Reza’s Feast. Right pic: Rabbi Gamboa greeting to a delegate of the Iranian Embassy in Colombia.

September 2012. During the Solemnity of the Saints Archangels, Rabbi Gamboa added a lesson of angelic spirituality to members of a group lead by angelologyst Dolly Toscano. Almost the Manhig of Shéggel shared a Hebrew dance lead by the studious of spiritual Ms. María Céspedes.

October 2012. The Manhig of Shéggel was present together with Teusaquillo Territory of Peace Corp. In an urgent meeting with leaders of all churches, faiths and spiritualities, to establish the bases of a joint interfaith statement in the frame of the Process of Peace started in that date among Colombian Government and guerrilla. From left to right.: Rabbi Gamboa, Senator Gloria Inés Ramírez, the Local Mayor of Teusaquillo Dr. Iván Fresneda and Dr. Juventino Martínez from Al-Reza Mosque.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 36

October 2012. Rabbi Gamboa was invited by Community of Hope Presbyterian Church to adding a teaching about men and women’s spirituality, during the Gentlemen Camp celebrated in the village of Moniquirá, Boyacá.

October 2012. The Manhig of Shéggel was invited by Community of Faith Presbyterian Church to adding the Sunday’s Worship Service preaching.

37 ‫יומן שג"ל‬

November 2012. The program «The Room» of San Pablo Radio invite again to Manhig of Shéggel to sharing his experiences and news related with his interfaith activities.

November 2012. Rabbi Gamboa traveled to the village of Puerto Asís, Putumayo, in the Colombian Amazonas Jungle, to officiate the wedding of David Erazo and Paola Andrea Sánchez, who were married by chuppah, ie, as the tradition of the Jewish people.

November 2012. The Manhig of Shéggel was invited by the students of Theology of the Pontifical Xaverian University to adding a lesson with the theme «Visions About God in Judaism».

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 38

PROMOTERS OF ABRAHAMIC PEACE The program “Promoter of Abrahamic Peace” was founded by the Manhig of Shéggel to recognize and to exalt the work of congregations and religious leaders of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, whom work for peace among the Children of Abraham. This program is a response of peace to the increasing spread of conflicts arising between the Abrahamic religions, which represent 60% of world population; Besides honoring religious institutions and their representatives, is a voice of encouragement to Jews, Christians and Muslims, to overcome all conflicts that exist between them and to work together for a culture of peace. The title of “Promoter of Abrahamic Peace” is awarded in public ceremony of mention. Here are the personalities and religious entities that received between 2011 and 2012 this award:

Left: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - Chapter Colombia. Receives the appointment in representation of the congregation its National President, Mr. Alejandro Fayad. Right: Reverend LUIS SANMIGUEL, President of Territory of Peace Corporation.

FERNANDO Teusaquillo

39 ‫יומן שג"ל‬

The Great Rabbi of Colombia Alfredo Goldschmidt.

The Catholic priest and academic Campo Elías Robayo.

The Ahlul Bayit Colombia Islamic Cultural House. A delegation of the community receives the appointment.

Left: The Honorable Central Presbytery of Bogota. Reverend Dayro Aranzález receives the appointment in representation of the Church. Right: Sheikh Mohammad Mohseni, from Al-Reza Mosque.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 40


The program “Osei Shalom” (Peacemakers) was founded by the Manhig of Shéggel to recognize and exalt the work of the laical and secular celebrities and public persons who have become known for their inputs to building a peaceful society. This program seeks to remember that no person or institution can proclaim "sole and absolute holder of the key to peace", but it is necessary that all sectors of society to work together to establish a culture of peace. No one can do without: the political, the public forces, the education sector, NGOs defending human rights, religious organizations, artists, economic and industrial sector, the media, the youth, the ethnic groups, women leaders and environmentalists ... all without exception we are obliged to work in a climate of mutual cooperation for the peaceful, ideal world. Honorific Mention «Osei Shalom» is awarded in public ceremony. The following personalities recently received this award:

41 ‫יומן שג"ל‬

Up: The musician Héctor Buitrago, a member of the famous rock band "Aterciopelados' and international coordinator of the Festival" Sing to the Water”. Right: B.A. Boris Rocha, teacher of Elementary Education attached to the Capital District of Bogotá, who works for the vindication of the dignity of children in southern of the Colombian capital.

Congressman Efrain Torres Monsalvo, House Representative for Bogota, who has fought against corruption and promoted rapprochement between religion and society.


The Manhig of Shéggel solemnly gives the traditional Priestly Blessing (Birkat Cohamín) to all people, communities and institutions that request, regardless of religion, nationality or race. Delivered special honorable mention giving proof of receiving this blessing, in which implores God to grant the wishes of those who receive the blessing.

43 ‫יומן שג"ל‬


«Shortwave» is the section of the magazine Yomán Shéggel reserved to its readers across the world so that they send their messages and greetings. If you want to post a message or greeting, send it to with your pic and we will publish it in our next issue.

Greetings to all people of good will who seek unity in love, understanding and tolerance in times as unlucky as we live, but we remain hopeful that if we remain in Unity, will achieve the common goal: the good of mankind. Rubén Campbell. Detroit, Michigan (USA)

"Greetings to the friends of the Shéggel Institute, who have always been in favor of building bridges of understanding between the different ways of feeling and understanding God! Tayeb Morad. Bogotá D.C., Colombia.

A big hello to the magazine Yoman Shéggel from Mato Grosso do Norte, Brazil, wishing every success from Dos Santos Idarraga family.

Matthew 5,9: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God“. Working for peace or serve their cause has not always brought healthy outcomes for those who have. It happens in the majority of cases, otherwise. So not much to expect, except the satisfaction of the consistency and the gratitude of a few to add to our efforts. Always suspect who interfere in these matters, it has clearly chosen a side: the light, the good. Working for peace is to be immersed in a war, regardless of their specific connotation (spiritual, military, ideological, political, or sometimes all of them simultaneously). On several occasions the Word of God calls the first warriors of Israel "Yahweh's mighty men." We have forgotten a little courage, leaving for heroes of cinema. So I hope that this magazine will be an opportunity for courage, at least through the word, and to humbly proclaim our lineage of "Sons of God" before the world. . Roger Reyes. Editorial Coordinator of Nova et Vetera Human Rights magazine, from School of Public Administration. Bogotá D.C., Colombia.

I wish to express my greetings on behalf of God to thousands of people throughout the world who are experiencing moments of pain and let you know the love of God through this message, never forget that God loves them infinitely and are working to spread love and peace through humanitarian mission of international peace. God bless you!

Congratulations Rabbi Richard Gamboa BenEleazar to the new interreligious Internet magazine Yoman Shéggel! May this new magazine be a forum for interreligious exchange and multiply seeds for the peace which we need so urgently. With respect, Anneliese Weber. Hannover, Germany.

Agustín Medina. Santiago, Chile.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 44


I congratulate my friend Richard for this initiative, and to work for peace in his home country and in others. I sincerely believe in the human being created in the image and likeness of God, and being a little lower than the gods. Because of this, we can promote peace in a troubled world, overcoming selfishness and enhancing altruism, solidarity with everyone, not just the love of neighbor that should be a natural thing, but to love the stranger, the stranger as Hillel HaZaquén said: "what you do not want for yourself, don't do it to others. “That is the greatest principle to promote peace, but not peace and quiet, not the peace of the dead, but the shalom prophetic social harmony based on justice, the fair distribution of wealth in the world, fighting material and spiritual poverty, fighting human slavery as in China, where human slavery makes rich governments. Let peace with Nature, because we are part of it. Rabbi Michael García. Mexican Reconstructionist Community.

Not enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it and work for it. There is no true peace but comes with fairness, truth, justice, and solidarity. Peace begins in oneself, we build every day. No single way, peace is the way for a world without violence, without indifference, couple that everyone on this planet live in balance and continue vibrating at PEACE. Blessings! Marta de Ranieri, Ambassadress for Peace. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hi all, we invite you to follow the news of the Yoman Shéggel magazine, cause you find a very good content articles. A pleasant greeting and a good Hanukkah! Eduardo Oviedo. Puebla, Mexico.

We are in a new era of freedom and responsibility. As you launch this magazine may it be able to champion this message to all persons no matter creed, color, nationality, culture, religion or sexual affiliation. I wish you all the best in your endevours as you pursue interfaith work through this Magazine ministry. I'm in Tanzania and I am honored to join you brothers and sisters in Colombia for this wonderful occasion. Asante sana! (Thank you very much!!) Kefa Mkombola. Dodoma, Tanzania.

What joy that God will continue putting tools to advance your important work, we know that this magazine will be a blessing and unity among the various children of the Father Creator, and a way to get the message where he guided our steps such forces and may not lead us. We encourage you, that you are reading, to receive blessings and share with those who need them, so many continue on this path of unity, peace and love for which we were created. Green Charisma Music Ministry - Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Bogotá D.C., Colombia

45 ‫יומן שג"ל‬ KNOW THE CURRICULUM OF THE MANHIG OF SHÉGGEL ACADEMIC STUDIES B.A. of Religious Studies. University of La Salle, Bogota. Specialist of Missiology. University of St. Alphonsus, Bogotá. High studies of Interreligious Cooperation and International Leadership, coursed in the Republic of Korea. Doctor of Theology (Th.D.). Hebraic Theological Seminary, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Diplomat in Peace Cultural Management. National University of Colombia, Bogotá. Seminary of Religious Freedom. CONFELIREC – Red Transforma Colombia, Bogotá. Seminary of Ecumenical Education and Communication. CEPALC – University of St. Thomas of Aquino, Bogotá. Seminary of Ethnical and Racial Education. National Education Ministry, Bogotá. Semichah (Rabbinical Ordination) conferred by the Rabbinical Council of the Interfaith Theological Seminary. Gainesville, Florida (USA). PROFESSIONAL TRAJECTORY Titular Professor Titular of Theology. Presbyterian School of Bible and Theology. Bogota. Titular Professor of Old Testament and History of Israel. Theological Lutheran School, Bogota. Titular Professor of Biblical Hebrew. America Autonomic Christian Corp., Bogota. Auxiliary and Temporal Professor of Humanities. The Great Colombia University, Bogota. Titular Professor of Theology. University of St. Alphonsus, Bogota. Titular professor of Institutional Doctrine and Religious Culture. University of La Salle, Bogota. Conferencist regularly invited by the university community Bogota to impart different theological lectures, humanities, philosophy and sociology. Writer. Author of «Under Angels Wings: A New Vision of Angelology», «Hebrew Roots of the Catholic Church», «From Macroecumenism to Interreligious Cooperation», «Unplugging From Matrix» and tens of essays and articles published in Internet.

AWARDS AND OTHER DISTINCTIONS RECEIVED Named «International Ambassador for Peace» by the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace. May 2009. Medal to Lasallist Professional, awarded by the University of La Salle. April 2006. Congratulations Letter because Distinguished Services, sent by the General Director General of the National Police of Colombia. July 1998. Honorific mention because Distinguished Services, awarded by the Parish Tae-Kwon-Do School of La Salle. November 1997. Badge of Honor because Apostolic Spirit, awarded by the La Salle Parish School. November 1997.

‫ יומן שג"ל‬- 46

‫זיכרון לנשמה‬ IN MEMORY OF In this section, the Shéggel Institute pays tribute to the persons who have gone to the Spiritual World, and who during their life among us, they blessed to us with their friendship, careful and loyal support. We ask to Heavenly Father that may their souls are linked to the Eternal Life and may they receive all the awards reserved for them because their faith and their charity works.

November 2010. MANUEL JOSÉ (Ioséf Ben-Moshé) ROJAS RIVAS, father of teacher Magnolia (Asenet BatImanuel) Rojas and father-in-law of Rabbi Gamboa.

September 2012. Reverend SUN MUYNG MOON. Founder of Universal Peace Federation. He was teacher of the Manhig of Shéggel.

March 2006. Father JOSÉ LUIS HERNÁEZ. Priest of the Diocese of Facatativá and Founder of the Charismatic Catholic Christian Communities in Spirit. He was a fierce defender of the work of Rabbi Richard Gamboa and he invited to him to preach several times to their communities.

September 2011. Father JAIRO NICOLÁS DÍAZ. Priest of the Archdiocese of Bogota. He loyally supported to the Manhig of Shéggel since his rabbinical ordination in February 2001.

January 2008. JAROSLAV VLASAK. Hassídí Umot HaOlam (Righteous Among the Nations). While serving in the German Army during World War II, he risked his life to save hundreds of Jews. He supported to Rabbi Gamboa in his apostolates.

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