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Marketing Approach Rabia Realty strives towards a commitment of professionalism and customer service that serves as the driving force behind our marketing approach. Our sales approach coupled with our exclusive marketing approach is what sets us apart from other agents. Our advertising and social media campaigns are designed to create a strategic real estate marketing plan for home buyers and sellers alike, rather than the simple traditional techniques used by the majority of real estate professionals. In the next few pages, we will walk you through the traditional real estate marketing techniques, which are a critical aspect to promoting your property. We will also go through our online marketing plan and the Rabia Realty difference. In today’s market, traditional marketing methods are not enough. Just as with other industries, the internet is the core of the real estate market, specifically in the Silicon Valley, which is why online marketing, social media, and customized marketing collateral are a necessity to generate qualified buyers for your home. Our Main Objectives: To attract the highest number of qualified buyers into your home Market your home to generate highest possible offer Educate and guide you through the selling process

Our Complete Marketing Approach Traditional Marketing Promote Property Open Houses Broker Tours Internal Promotion Networking Staging Assistance Photography

Online Marketing Website Exposure Email Campaign Social Media Blogging Internet Coverage

Rabia Realty Difference


Value Add

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Traditional Marketing For years, traditional marketing was the only method available for real estate agents to market and sell your home. Though times have changed, technology has evolved and marketing strategies have taking many turns, the core principles of marketing a home remain relevant. Below are the core principles that we will leverage to market your home. These key elements are essential to the success of our Online Marketing approach and are the building blocks of what sets Rabia Realty apart from the rest. At Rabia Realty, we understand that these core principles are the foundation of our overall marketing approach. Promote Property - List Property on Multiple Listing Service, provide attractive Intero yard sign, flyer/postcards to promote property, and local advertising. Open Houses - We will hold your house open regularly to generate qualified buyers. Broker Tours - As members of the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors, we are able to have your property placed onto the broker tour schedule. Broker Network - With our wide network of real estate agents, we will be able to spread the word about your home instantly to thousands of agents who may have qualified buyers Networking - We are members of several groups and affiliations, which allows us to “touch� business owners, investors, community leaders, and more qualified buyers. Staging Assistance - If need be, we can provide assistance in staging your home to prepare it for the market. Photography - Professional pictures will be taken of your staged home to create an appealing flyer to promote your home. Traditional Marketing Promote Property Open Houses Broker Tours Internal Promotion Networking Staging Assistance Photography

rabiarealty your real estate specialists

Online Marketing Website Exposure Email Campaign Social Media Blogging Internet Coverage

Rabia Realty Difference


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Online Marketing Coupled with our traditional marketing strategy, we emphasize the importance of Internet coverage, online advertising and social media. In today’s market, 92% of real estate transactions start on the Internet. This means that buyers will decide to either view your home or skip over your home by what they see, hear or watch on the Internet. At Rabia Realty, your home will be a part of our Online Marketing campaign, which is described below. We leverage technology and data to stay on top of the latest market news and listings to ensure that we are marketing your home to touch the highest number of buyers. Website Exposure - Our website provides an intuitive way for local and national buyers and investors globally to view and find details about the homes that we’re marketing and listing. Email Campaign - Our wide network of Intero agents, agents from other brokers, previous clients, potential buyers, overseas investors and overall network will receive email marketing collateral about your home on a weekly basis. Social Media - Just as with any other industry, the social media hype has taken over the real estate world. With our wide network on Zillow, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Pintrest and LinkedIn, we have the ability to “touch” many potential buyers with the click of a button. Blogging - With a wide network of individuals who follow our blog site, we have the ability to market your home in an indirect manner. Internet Coverage - With all the demand to have an Internet presence in today’s highly connected Silicon Valley, we make it a point at Rabia Realty that your home is exposed to the many real estate websites that buyers leverage to search for their future homes. With access to over 30 websites, our Internet coverage ensures that your home is marketed to all potential buyers.

Traditional Marketing Promote Property Open Houses Broker Tours Internal Promotion Networking Staging Assistance Photography

rabiarealty your real estate specialists

Online Marketing Website Exposure Email Campaign Social Media Blogging Internet Coverage

Rabia Realty Difference


Value Add

Facebook Ads Recently, we’ve added Facebook Ads to our marketing plan and have seen huge success in regards to interest and anticipation!

Sample Posts and overall success:

Coming Soon post (9,200 reaches, 830 engages, 460 views, 370 clicks):

rabiarealty your real estate specialists

Rabia Realty Difference Why choose Rabia Realty? At Rabia Realty, we take the extra step with every aspect of our business and service to you. We believe in providing the utmost quality in marketing and selling your home. Our #1 goal is to get your home sold fast, and at the best price. We take pride in our workmanship. In today’s market, more than ever, who you work with matters. Let us show you how we go above and beyond: Stage / Methodology

Standard Approach

Rabia Realty Difference



+ Preview comparables + Provide pictures/videos

Market to buyers

MLS & open house

+ Online marketing + Buyer network + Intero network + Virtual tours/videos

Open houses

Standard flyer & hours

+ MEGA open house at listing kick off + Weekly open houses, as needed + Weekday open houses, as needed + Customized flyer


One time staging

+ Weekly visual inspections

Qualifying buyers

Ask for preapproval

+ Determine financial strength + Gage buying appetite

Selling process

Minimal guidance

+ Guidance through selling process + Updates at each milestone

Escrow / Closing

Leverage title company

+ Provide you with the closing process and what to expect + Arrange meeting with our closing experts Traditional Marketing Promote Property Open Houses Broker Tours Internal Promotion Networking Staging Assistance Photography

rabiarealty your real estate specialists

Online Marketing Website Exposure Email Campaign Social Media Blogging Internet Coverage

Rabia Realty Difference


Value Add

International Reach

rabiarealty your real estate specialists

Selling Process Phase 1

Phase 3

Initial Consultation

Initial Escrow Period

- Establish time frames - Agency services - Market conditions - Determine market price - Agency relationship

Phase 2 Marketing - Enter on MLS - Schedule “mega open house� - Put property on broker tour - Order virtual tour/property flyer - Initiate Internet marketing plan - Send out office email notice

Open Escrow - Coordinate open of escrow with title agent - Order preliminary Title Report

Report/Disclosure Review

Home Reports/Inspections - Natural Hazard Disclosure - EnviroCheck - CTD - Applicable Inspections (home/ pest/pool/etc.)

- Read and review all reports and disclosures to prepare for review with client - Review reports and disclosures with clients

Review Offers - Review offers with seller - Prepare counter offers - Verify contingency periods - Verify loan rates with vendors

Disclosures - TDS - Supplemental Seller Checklist - Earthquake Hazard Report - Insurance Disclosure - Statewide Advisory

- Submit contract to Escrow officer - Report pending sale to MLS - Confirm buyer has disclosures - Sale pending sign on property - Record contingency dates - Coordinate buyer inspections

Transaction Review - Ensure all disclosure documents are signed properly - Ensure buyer has received all pertinent documents/reports - Confirm loan approval conditions and document delivery deadlines

Contingency Removal - Review repair requests - Negotiate/confirm repairs - Remove contingences - Confirm move in date with buyer - Schedule final walk through - Change MLS status to DNS

Record/Transfer Title & Close Escrow - Review documents with seller - Confirm sign off date - Final walkthrough - Key exchange & sign off - Escrow closed

rabiarealty your real estate specialists

Preparing your Home to Sell Follow these guidelines to maximize the sales price of your home. Exterior Trim all trees and shrubs that block the view of the house. Remove any dead plants, flowers, and shrubs. Keep walkways, paths, sidewalks, and gutters free of weeds and debris. Mow the lawn weekly. Plant flowers and shrubs that add color and brighten your lawn and landscaping. Use redwood compost, decorative bark, etc. as dressing around the base of plants. Keep tools, garbage cans, toys, and other items stored neatly in the garage or shed. Repair any cracks/corrosion present in gutters and touch up with matching paint. Check for broken or cracked shingles or roofing tiles. Check for worn, corroded, or rusted flashing around vents and chimneys. Clear patios and decks of barbecues, charcoal, utensils, etc. Check for rotted boards and posts in decking and fencing. Use outdoor stain, sealants, and protectants to brighten up bleached decking and fence. Add low voltage outdoor lighting in the front and backyard to enhance landscaping. Interior Increase the wattage of bulbs in light fixtures to the maximum that is safe. Keep entryway flooring spotless and have a mat outside for wiping feet. Check tack stripping in corners of carpeted rooms for gaps. Vacuum often. Dirty carpets wear out faster and unevenly. Keep all windows and sills clean. Use razor blades to remove paint, decals, etc. Keep all woodwork spotless. Dust regularly and watch for cobwebs in corners and on light fixtures. Paint any room that needs more than a little touch up. Preferable colors of interior paint are: antique white, bone, frost. Furnishings Replace worn or dated furniture and keep traffic areas clear. Keep bookshelves neat and organized. Visit model homes, designer showcases, and furniture showrooms for more ideas. Upgrade old or worn curtains with new ones Mini-blinds and vertical blinds are preferable. Display fresh flowers from the garden, florist, or supermarket in several rooms.

rabiarealty your real estate specialists

Preparing your Home to Sell Kitchen Professionally clean all appliances, counters, back splashes, cabinets, and floors. Replace broken, worn or outdated knobs and hinges on cabinets. Make sure all cabinets close properly and all drawers operate smoothly. Replace or reface if practical: stove tops, ovens, fan hoods, and other appliances. Keep counters clean and clear. Consider upgrading linoleum to new parquet, random plank, Pergo, etc. Bathrooms Always keep counters clear. Put away bath toys, shampoo bottles, etc. Strip out and replace old grouting and caulking at the slightest hint of discoloration. Make sure faucets don’t leak and replace any fixtures that have lost their finish. Keep bathrooms spotless and smelling slightly of cleaning products. Consider replacing tiling around tubs and showers if the colors are dated. Bedrooms Keep curtains open to let in more light (unless they face a busy street, freeway, etc.) Keep extra furniture to a minimum. Limit pictures, paintings, photographs, and wall hangings to a minimum. Fill the closets with toys, clothes, and anything else that might be left out. Garage Keep as many items as possible neatly stored in rafters, cabinets, or boxes. Try to make the garage - 1, 2, or 3 car - appear to accommodate that many vehicles. Remove unwanted or seldom used items often through garage sales and donations. Miscellaneous Keep fireplaces clean. Replace old gates and screens that are worn or unattractive. Make sure window screens and vent screens are in good repair. Make sure doorknobs aren’t loose and all doors latch properly. Replace yellowed, worn, cracked, broken, or missing faceplates for switches and outlets. Patch and paint settlement cracks on a regular basis. Don’t use the front yard, side yard, or backyard to store cars, boats, or other large items. Have pets out of the way as much as possible. Try to keep the property as hypoallergenic as possible.

rabiarealty your real estate specialists

1077 Konstanz Terrace - Pending in Aug. 2013 Pending For $830,000+ 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 1,615 Sq Ft *Represented Seller

20488 Stevens Creek Blvd #1102 - Sold in July 2013 Sold For $732,800 in 10 days 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1,177 Sq Ft *Represented Seller

557 Molucca Terrace - Sold in June 2013 Sold For $830,000 in 6 days 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 1,554 Sq Ft *Represented Seller

218 Peppermint Tree Terrace - Sold in June 2013 Sold For $805,000 in 9 days 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 1,577 Sq Ft *Represented Seller

251 Fringe Tree Terrace - Listed in May 2013 Sold For $820,000 in 5 days 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 1,783 Sq Ft *Represented Seller

4223 Voltaire Avenue - Sold in May 2013 Sold For $755,000

3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 1,601 Sq Ft *Represented Buyer

1152 Kassel Terrace - Listed in May 2013 Sold For $820,000 in 11 days 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 1,579 Sq Ft *Represented Seller

522 Porpoise Bay Terrace - Listed in Apr. 2013

Sold For $775,000 in 9 days 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 2,156 Sq Ft *Represented Seller

For Additional Sales Please Visit:

rabiarealty your real estate specialists

References Please take a few minutes to contact two or more of the references I have listed below. I can fill lots of pages with great information about me, my team, and why I am so different from other real estate agents. I find it is best if you hear some of this from my client and professional references. I invite you to please call or email some of the people on this list.

Recent Client References: Michael Harris 650.704.7560 Representing Seller Richard & Cherie Nolasco 408.489.0013 & 408.489.7267 & Representing Seller & Buyer Elvis Lim & Jennifer Sy 408.368.5450 & Representing Seller & Buyer Terry Chiu & Ann Wu 404.933.9403 & 510.676.0741 & Representing Seller

Professional References: Gino Blefari, President and CEO Intero Real Estate Services 408.342.3007 Jess Wible, VP and Branch Manager Intero Real Estate Services 408.342.3110

rabiarealty your real estate specialists

Marketing Plan to Sell Your Home