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Describing the features plus facilities that fascinate visitors to three UK destinations Folkestone, Kent

The Lake District, Cumbria

Dunfermline, Scotland

CONTENTS • Introduction • Coastal resort • Countryside • Historical City

Introduction In this e-book I will identify three UK destinations that interest visitors, I will also describe all features and facilities the attractions have. • •

I will choose one Coastal Resort, one Countryside area, lastly one Historical City to explain my findings and evaluate my work. In this piece of work, I will briefly underline the location and accessibility of the chosen area. More to this, I will add the natural features, built attractions near the area. Nevertheless, I will include facilities such as the sport and leisure facilities along with the range of accommodation each zone offers, transport options as well as other features.

Folkestone, Kent The location and accessibility: • • •

Folkestone is a seaport town situated on the English Channel that is located in Kent. The town is set at a valley between two cliffs, where the cliff encounters the sea. Two of the cliffs consist of the West and East Cliff which is by the further cross of the sea.

Natural features: •

The Kent area includes an outstanding natural beauty within the town. The Brock hill Country Park is situated in the state. Visitors can access the park easily as there are footpaths around both at the lake as well as a valley that links through the Military Canal in Hythe.

Built attractions: • The Coastal attraction located in Kent, is The Lower Leas Coastal Park, which is

in a park that is split into three extensive entertaining zones. The first zone, which is called the formal zone embraces pine avenues as well as flower gardens, planted for all-year-round. In addition, the fun zone encompasses the enormous adventure play area which is free. The closing area which is called ‘wild zone’ partakes in creating an assorted nature habitat, by vigilant management. Folkestone is nearby two important Battle of Britain landmarks which are the Battle Museum of Kent as it is the oldest British Battle Museum in England. Also the Memorial for this Museum.

Facilities: • • • • • •

Range of accommodation include various hotels such as: Holiday Inn Express, The Portland Hotel and View Hotel Folkestone. Among 10 other hotels in Folkestone, the hotels listed are rated the highest. A variety of restaurants are situated nearby the hotels. The town is situated on the end of the North Downs, with sights of the nearby scenery including the shore of France (39 km). Folkestone partakes in a Hockey, as they have a Club grounded at their Sports Park, they also have cricket and netball clubs alongside. Folkestone also has a rugby club as well as a football team Folkestone F.C. A Bowls Club as well as a Running Club based in the town.

There are many ways to keep yourself entertained in Folkestone. Types of Attractions include: • • •

28 Sights & Landmarks 10 Nature Parks 11 Fun Parks

• • • •

46 Night Clubs 8 Museums Outdoor Activities Concerts & Shows

Bouverie Place Shopping Centre is a highly satisfying shopping centre in Folkestone, which customers are extremely pleased about.

Folkestone developed since its accessible transportation links. By France noticeable diagonal to the Dover, the town became a significant transfer point for those who travel from England to the Calais, France.

Folkestone introduced the railway option in 1843 and a brief station was constructed. The trip time to London via the high-speed train option has been condensed to under an hour. Some trains from the West take even less as 52 minutes completing the journey with high speed train.

For car transport to Calais, the Eurotunnel Shuttle terminal is used by a train through the Channel Tunnel, which is in Folkestone, the area of Cheriton.

Folkestone partakes unparalleled scenery and virtuous transport links. The town is trying to improve into making it a worthwhile visit to all tourist travellers. The town is bringing greater prosperity, as they’re generating new employment opportunities as this will make Folkestone a better place to work, visit, and most importantly- live.

The Lake District, Cumbria The location and accessibility: •

Acknowledged by way of the Lakes/Lakeland, the Lake District remains a high region in Northern West of England. It is a widespread destination because of its numerous lakes, famous forests and mountains. The destination is entirely located within the region of Cumbria. Never to mention, it also contains the deepest and extended bodies of water in England. The Lake District is famous for the natural beauty unruffled landscapes, captivating mountains and attractive lakes it has. The Lake District holds an extensive variety of outdoor activities on offer.

Natural features: The Lake District National Park is England's major site, and has: • 10 highest mountains • 16 largest lakes • England's lengthiest lake Windermere, which is 10.5 miles long • 55,690 sites of scientific interest • 23 areas that cover historic towns and villages

Built attractions: • •

The Lake District has many regions that partake in attractions. Windermere is a region that takes nature and wildlife as the South Lakes Safari Zoo is located there. Another one is Ambleside which involves many historic sites such as the Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Museum.

Facilities: •

• • •

Accommodation such as hotels are in every region of The Lake District. There are several hotels to choose from, whether it’s the 4-star Daffodil Hotel, Ambleside, or the Windermere Manor Hotel with complimentary service and free Wi-Fi. Restaurants are suitably located in the hotel or nearby. There are also cosy holiday cottages available. There are sport and leisure activities to do whilst in Cumbria. Which are: Cycling and Mountain biking, Sailing and Water sports, Guided Tours and Day Trips. The Theatre & Arts Centre is set in the seaside city on the frontier of the Lake District. There is a theatre, bar and café that visitors can access. As another entertainment option, the Castle gate House Gallery that is set on the edge of the Lake District. The gallery specialises in both nationally and internationally notorious artists. Shopping centres are situated in Penrith.

Local transport options include:

• • • •

Trains: West Coast line leads to the east of Lake District, connecting Penrith, Oxenholme and Carlisle with London and Glasgow. The train runs straight from Manchester to Windermere. Local train routes are also available. Buses: Towns are linked by a bus service. Other: Minibus tour offers by companies which give you the chance to sit back and watch the scenery. Inbound visitors can use airport services as they can book a flight to Manchester because the airport is around 80 miles to the destination. There is also train services from the airport to Windermere.

Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling The Lake District invites families over during the summer time to present their traditional sport wrestling, which is carried over from the Vikings. In summer there are tournaments across the National Park. Traditional costumes are worn by the wrestlers such as embroidered trunks with a white vest. The game is played by the way in which wrestlers take grip and clench another with the use of their chin on the rival’s shoulder. The loser is the one who touches the ground first with any part of his body, apart from the sole of his feet. apart from the sole of his feet. The tournament is overall arbitrated by the top of three falls. This tradition which is a source of entertainment, attracts domestic visitors mostly because they are aware of traditions. Traditions prevent families and groups to not feel uninterested whilst on their trip to the National Park. During summer time, wrestling captivates visitors of the Lake District and makes it worthwhile a visit. Inbound visitors can also feel motivated by this tradition because they may not know about traditions and might be experiencing it for the first time which makes them excited and eager to participate in.

Dunfermline, Scotland The location and accessibility: •

Dunfermline is a town and previous royal town, in Fife, Scotland. It is known to be a huge state in the west of Fife. Being the capital city of Scotland once, it is a prodigious place to travel to if you have high interest in history.

The neighbourhood is highly accessible to its visitors both inbound and domestic. Tourists can access a range of stimulating and unforgettable outdoor experiences besides adventures across the finest countryside of Scotland.

Activities are brought to tourists that include everything from accommodation and transport to live entertainment and meals depending on the visitors chosen necessities.

Natural features: • •

Dunfermline is surrounded by coastal and farmland areas as well as woodland areas which help the wildlife survive. There are fifteen Sites of Special Scientific Interest situated, as well as one Country Park and three Historic Gardens and Landscapes.

Built attractions: • Dunfermline gives the opportunity to rewind back in time into St Margaret’s

Cave, The Royal Palace and Abbot House. It allows to see the story of Andrew Carnegie as he was born in Dunfermline, as well as visiting the Carnegie Birthplace Museum.

Facilities: •

• • • • •

Whether you are visiting for pleasure or business, Dunfermline always give a warm welcome wherever you stay. Dunfermline, Fife has a terrific selection of hotels whether it being luxury resorts, small businesses and budget options. There is a variety of accommodation such as: guest houses, camping and caravans, countryside cottages, town centre residences and even hostels. Dunfermline holds a virtuous variety of accommodation besides places to eat and drink. Horse-riding is an option, as you can uncover Dunfermline’s natural Kingdom and ride along the beautiful coastline. Dunfermline Palace & Abbey is situated in the region and was constructed by King David I of Scotland, and can be visited as an attraction. Kingsgate Shopping Centre, Dunfermline offers the extreme retail names in Fife and Scotland. Town hill Country Park is positioned one and a half miles from the town centre of Dunfermline and is a common place for hikers. There are many facilities at the


park including: water skiing at the Scottish Water Ski centre, changing facilities and football pitches. Nearby are 401 local bus services from Dunfermline, besides 2 express coach services from Dunfermline, also a Rosyth Rail Station is located nearby.

The Abbey Church of Dunfermline is situated in Dunfermline. Dunfermline Abbey is a worshipping community which follows a traditional pattern as they put take word God to centre of attention. Through July and August mornings, services hold place along with Coffee and Tea servings. The Abbey attract both domestic and inbound of visitors, as they have an extensive choice of groups active within the churchgoers. Young individuals are dealt with through the Creche, Sunday School, Junior Choir, Youth Group. In addition, a Men’s Leisure Club is available besides a Ladies Forum which both take part within the Church Halls more than once a month then partake in the choir of 30 members. Overall, the state attracts both inbound and domestic tourists because there are a broad range of activities to partake in. Domestic tourists will love the fact that they get to experience many things in their own city with just a couple hours away. So, they will want to re-visit, feeling satisfied. Inbound visitors will also want to re-visit because the accommodation is easy to handle with just one flight they can experience an unforgettable break.

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