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RN Resume Top Information to Include on a RN Resume Healthcare recruiters are very careful in accepting and reviewing thousands of nursing or RN resumes. They make sure that they screen the nurses appropriately to ensure patients excellent care and service. Unfortunately, a lot of the nursing resumes they are receiving miss details that are highly important to the supervisors and managers who make decisions in hiring nurses. There are a lot of ways and formats a nurse can use when writing a RN resume for a position in the particular career field. There are usual formats being used in writing a resume for a Registered Nurse position – chronological, functional and combination or targeted – depending on what you want to focus into. There are a lot of things to consider when writing a RN resume. Here is the list of the details that should be included in your RN resume:  Specific details about your experience Include specific details about specific day-to-day duties you have performed for every job experience you have. Also include details to the equipment you have experience with.  Unit type Do not go with a unit type that only some practitioners recognize. As an alternative, include the type of unit if it is MS, ICU, ER etc. Additionally, include your caseload, patient ratio in your unit and how much support was there.  Facility type Indicating the facility type you have worked directly tells the employer about the experience you have with nursing care. You should know the precise description of all the facilities you worked with.  Computer experience With the great influence the Internet has, it also has influenced the healthcare industry as it is going electronic. Including a computer experience will make your resume be of value to your employer.  Availability Nursing is a profession that is conducted round-the-clock, thus it is best to include the shifts you have worked and you are willing to work on. Indicate that you are willing to make shifts if possible.  License and Certification details It is highly suggested that you include your license type, licensing state or body, license expiration date and license number. Also include the certification name, certifying body, expiration date or the date acquired if it has no expiration date.  Specific education details You must include the degree you have accomplished, as well as provide other information like name of school, completion date, beginning date, city and state.  Professional affiliations Include the affiliation name, date of admission, offices held, brief description of your role or the cause why you joined the group. To check for more RN resume and help, visit

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Healthcare recruiters are very careful in accepting and reviewing thousands of nursing or RN resumes. They make sure that they screen the nu...