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Group 5 - Ethan Par, Carlo De Leon, Junoh Kim, James Cuartero

The Pork Barrel Scam

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PDAF or pork barrels are funds the government gives to develop projects in the country. The scandal involving the funds claims that the ones who were trusted with the money misused it.The brains behind this scandal is said to be Janet Lim Napoles. People state that many fake projects were funded using the PDAF and that her companies implemented them but she actually used the money for herself. Sources say that 10 billion has been taken over the past ten years. However, it was not only Mrs. Napoles involved. Others accused of misusing their funds include Bong Revilla, Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. and Gregorio Honasan.

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Society Our society has been affected by the pork barrel scam, the leaders and government officials that were supposedly just and elected to their own positions pocketed money from the deposits that were supposed to be used to improve our society, improve the environment of the Philippines, as well as to help the helpless with their problems. The people elected government officials who, some, turned out to be very mischievous in their own way. The people somewhat lost faith in the government and is losing trust in it due to their corruption. Culture Our culture has been affected by this because, well for one we could have used the money from pork barrel scam to enhanced our culture by spreading it. Furthermore since filipino government officials, who were supposedly suppose to help the people, were involved in this scam then it brings down the Filipino name and culture with it seeing that they misused their power and trust of the people of the Philippines. Politics Our politics was effected in, first, some government officials can't be trusted due to the pork barrel giving a mist of suspicion about the government, if they are can be really trusted. The government was also affected because aside from them losing faith and trust among the people, they might also be losing trust within the government. Our government represents the Filipino people, our heritage, and our choices as a nation so with this embarrassing moment , being the pork barrel, they brought down the Filipino name down with them as a whole because they represent our nation and they should have acted better than they did. It affected the Philippines as a whole with this event effecting our political standards by a huge amount. Economy Our economy was effected because, well the money in the pork barrel, being 10 billion pesos, was in this scandal and planned by Janet Lim Napoles that was supposed to be used to raise and help the Filipino welfare, structures, and etc.... and that money was taxes from the people so this event really made the economy of the Philippines go down. Our economy was greatly affected because just imagine 10 billion being wasted instead of using it for a greater cause to help the needy and to improve the Philippines.

Ethan Par 9E-21 Individual Component The Philippines is a country that once had the potential to be a world leader. Rich in natural resources and full of hardworking, hospitable people this nation truly had great promise. However, due to poor management and corrupt leaders, the country has turned into a place that is, in the words of Claire Danes, "ghastly, weird, smelled of cockroaches with rats all over�.

Once such example of failed control is when several government officials misused the funds given to them by spending it on things for themselves and not the projects they were supposed to be used for.This disgusting action of greed and corruption is just the sort of behavior that ruined the once beautiful Philippines. One must learn to look for the silver lining, however, as with this scandal exposed, the PDAF(Priority Development Assistance Fund) or "pork barrels" may be abolished. With all the money the government might save by not allotting funds for these developments, the Philippines may finally have a chance to better the education system which could prevent this nation from being run by greedy little monsters.

If the education were to improve, people and even students like myself could be made aware of what the government is doing and could keep a sort of check and balance relationship to ensure that the government isn't doing anything illegal or unfair. Also, the people, who are now better informed, could make wiser decisions on who to vote for instead of the person who simply tries to buy them.

Another advantage of having a better education system is that Filipinos will finally be aware of the environmental crisis that is going on. The once beautiful scenery of the Philippines is now ruined by trash and litter which is caused by the fact that most people don't really understand what's happening to the environment around us.

Junoh Kim 9E-13 Individual Component The Philippines this year have faced many severe problems. Such as scandals, typhoons and etc. In order for the Philippines to be rebuilt and recovered from these problems, the citizens and the government should cooperate together as one country. As a government, they are supposed to lead the citizens with different campaigns and in order for them to be great leaders, they have to be great role models. First, we need the government to be less corrupt. In order for the Philippines to get rid of corruption, they have to make rules that would make them directly step down after few warnings. Example, when a politician does an act of corruption, they would be forced to step down. The government should also make different campaigns that would lead the country to success. Example, during the IMF crisis, the whole world was affected badly. Well, Korea was one of those countries. In order for Korea to recover from it, the government collected donations and gold from the citizens and used them wisely. As citizens we are supposed follow the rules of the government and speak out. We have to speak out loud so that the government would be warned and would also be informed by us, citizens. One good way of speaking out could be rallies. Yes, rallies could be violent but through this, the government could be warned by its people and therefore make some adjustments.

Just because us, students are young doesn't mean we are useless and and we are definitely able to help the nation and the government to be rebuilt. A students, we have our own tasks. Our task is stay focused on our studies since we are the future of the nation. By that way, we are already building a better future.

Carlo De Leon 9E 6 Individual Component For me, I believe that we should further reflect on our choices, because if we, all the Filipinos further reflected on our choices then we might just have avoided this incident from happening, wasting 10 billion instead of using the funds to support the Filipino Nation. For the Filipino people, we must take seriously our choices among whom to elect as our government officials and leaders of our nation because they are the people whom represent us around the globe, their actions are like ours already so we should always take the elections and other events like this seriously and think what is best for our nation. We must try to see through the cheap tricks that government officials do to please your standards for they own greedy intentions. We must report or not do what they ask of us if we know their intentions are only for their own. For the government, we must gain back the trust of the people and reputation of the Philippine government by maybe reforming the government, maybe by like replacing or investigating government officials who might be abusing their power, or those who are corrupt. We could also make the government make a schedule already for our resources left from the pork barrel scam so we are arranged and we can check if anything is missing since we have a list. As a student, I believe what I and everyone like me can do is just to at least raise awareness about the pork barrel scam to people around us and keeping posted about this event. We could also research ways to avoid events like these for the future. One way would be studying hard because school promotes good values that we should use in the future like caring for our environment. By studying seriously and trying our best to grasp the lesson, we can learn a lot for use in the future so we can become better leaders and learn from the mistakes of our current leaders and not make the similar mistake they did when they were our leaders.

James Cuartero 9E-5 Individual Component We can all be a part to rebuild our nation. All of us can make a difference on the nation. We can all do things to help stop the problems of nation. Each of us has the power to make a stand and do something. Everyone needs to start to speak up or else the nation will get worse and worse the situation will worsen until it will get out of hand and the officials will get more corrupt. The change can start from you.

Like during the rally about the pork barrel the people were not afraid to speak up about the pork barrel. They were all showing their thoughts. Like they say actions speak louder than words. All of the people are able to make stand. We need to speak up so a change can happen. Nothing will happen if we dont speak up. Everyone has their own opinion one opinion can change the view of people.

The government can also help make a change on the nation. They can have the most influence on the change of a nation. They can start by stop being corrupt. Instead of using the "extra money" of the government for their own personal use or using it to bribe other people they can use those funds for better causes that can make the situation of Philippines get a lot better.They can use the money to make things like job fairs or openings to help the unemployed citizens get a job to help make the economy rise. They can use this money to launch programs for the better welfare of the people and help them live better lives. They can also use the funds to sponsor students that cant study because of financial problems or just generally help people that just are unable to study to help the future of the Philippines.

I will try to do my best also to help the nation even though i am just a student i can also make a difference by like studying hard because we the generation now is the future of the country. We are the next people who will inherit stuff so we need to do our best for our country!

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Work by Ethan Par, Junoh Kim, Carlo De Leon, and James Cuartero

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