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A Poem for You! Written By Ms. Rabbitt

The year has come to an end I can’t believe it’s here So I thought I’d write a poem And try not to shed a tear! Each one of you was wonderful, Each one of you was great, Each one of you taught me something, And that I can’t debate. So here it is, a big long poem So that you all can see How fabulous my year has been And how much school means to me 

Sydney’s a future teacher, That I can’t deny It’s hard to think of class without her But I guess I’ll have to try

Isabella has a brain That I often like to probe And I know that someday I’ll see her writing in The Globe!

Victor is an artist, But he also is a drummer. Without him in my class next year, It will kind of a bummer!

Jie Sen is a math whiz, Who also speaks Chinese! He’s always so polite, With a “thank you” and a “please”.

Christine could run the class Without me even there. And I love the look she’s sporting, With her new short trendy hair.

Have you ever seen Jose Out on the soccer field? His footwork is amazing. His skills are just unreal.

Katherine is a brilliant writer I just love to read her work. I often can’t say no to her With those freckles and that smirk.

Brianna’s mind intrigues me I always tell her so She calculates her math answers In a way I do not know!

Alexis is a future actress. I have no doubts it’s true. Her animated self, Brings so much color to our room.

Owen is a friend to all. Always does the right thing, too. His 5th grade teacher is so lucky, I have to say it’s true.

Anna’s artwork is amazing, It always makes my day. I’m sure she’ll be the next Van Gogh, Picasso or Monet.

Elza’s a great listener, And a wonderful worker, too. I can always count on her To do what she’s supposed to do.

I won’t forget Wenston’s monster, Because his name was Bacon! Wenston’s writing makes me laugh, And I am not mistaken!

I won’t forget Emari On our Senator Day. He looked just like Obama In each and every way!

Meagan might like Harry Potter More than anything in life! I’ll miss her smiley face, Because she’s oh-so-nice.

Renee’s another math whiz, Oh, what a smarty pants. And I am so impressed With her simple machines dance!

Hailey makes new friends So quickly and with ease She is so very sweet She’ll never bully and never tease

Kaitlin is called Giggles By Mr. Marcotte in class She just can’t control her laughter But she’ll still be sure to pass!

Danny is a science brain. Not a fact he doesn’t know. Rocks and minerals, sound and light And how simple machines go.

Daniel is a super speller Can’t stump him in Word Study He’s also a great friend Who wants to be your buddy

Jillian has such character Which I often see in writing Her smile is so fun and warm Her laughter is inviting

Akram’s worldly knowledge Impresses me indeed He speaks so many languages Arabic, French, any one you’ll ever need!

Beth is a reading fiend It’s great to read her letters They are so eloquently written I don’t think I could do it better!

Well that wraps up my class poem I guess I’m finished here It’s really hard to say good bye! But I hope you had an awesome year!

I’ll miss you!!! Love, Ms. Rabbitt

Good Bye, 4th Grade!  

This is an end of the year poem for my class.

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