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nised the area, and so we got off after a while, and walked to a Tratorria where we had eaten before. This was a good decision, the food and wine is inexpensive, and good, and the service excellent! Harvey had large scampi about 6” long in a light batter with linguini and J had a real traditional Mozzerella and Tomato salad with incredible fresh local Italian vegetables and herbs washed down with a 2009 Soave from the region. Having sated our appetites, we made our way back to our hotel for a siesta. After a good rest in the cool we wandered round some back streets we remembered arriving at an open street market we had been to on one of our visits previously the temperature was now about 35 degrees. We bought hats to shelter from the sun Jane a very fetching paper hat see picture) useful too for emergencies! H’s was a more traditional panama. We stopped for a little refreshment – coffees this time!! Then we set off to arrive promptly at 5.30 at the Arena at Gate 16 to collect our tickets as instructed. Again, we were faced with blank faces, and we became more and more alarmed! A very nice Italian lady at Ticket booth took pity on us, and she spoke more English than most, and spent a long time trying to help us. However to no avail, and eventually she sent us back to the ticket office saying this often happened and that she was sure our tickets would be there as they have been in the past. So with renewed optimism mixed with some niggling worries that perhaps we should have rung the travel agents earlier in the day when they would have been open we reurned to the official Box Office.. Of course it was Sod's law that we encountered the same clerk we had originally seen. After much conversation, getting hotter and hotter, we gave up and managed to buy