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The readers who are still awake will notice that all fish is served on white plates whilst all other dishes are served on these highly decorative unique platters.

Wednesday 3rd. July – A day in Verona and the Opera We didn't hurry to get up, but we were down to breakfast in good time! We had our usual one, cereal, fruit, and brioche, washed down with hot coffee. We decided to go and get the tickets for the opera, Il Trovatore, which we knew should be at the ticket office. We wandered round, it is very near the hotel, past all the shops with half price sales!! We encountered a clerk, and asked for the tickets, showing her the paper from the travel agent!! Calamity struck, they denied all knowledge, and said we must go to Gate 16 at 5.30. So rather disheartened, we made our way to one of the trattorias for a coffee. Certain our tickets would be there, we decided to have a ride on one of the buses which are hop on, hop off, and are fairly frequent! We walked to the bus stop, sat on a seat, and watched the world go by! Since we were last here, the buses are less frequent, whether because there are now 2 routes, or lack of custom we don't know. Finally we got on the bus, but couldn't go upstairs as it was full, so sat downstairs, getting hotter and hotter! We recog-

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