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The flight was uneventful and quick – after an hour and ten minutes we were landing at Gatwick having consumed a reasonable snack of pastries and coffee. We then hit a snag – we went to get our bus to the car park only to be told that we were at Gatwick South! And the buses did not go to the car park at Gatwick North. An airport policewoman told us that she was forever having tell people because EasyJet don’t tell passengers about this anomaly. So tired as we were and after three quarters of an hour of wandering up and down levels we found the shuttle train to Gatwick North and our bus to the car park. J had taken the precaution of writing down the position of our car so we were soon off and up the M23 homeward bound. The road were quite good so we decided to stop off at Penny’s to see our grandchildren. After a flying visit we were home at last by 8.30 pm – tired but very very happy people. We had just experienced the adventure to remember for ever. Finally, dear patient Journalies, to explain why you are receiving a book’’ instead of a Journale…… Both of us felt that this experience merited the full story – so there it is… you will have to blame two of our dearest friends who became early Journale junkies and keep requesting these mind boggling boring accounts of our travels. (Our ‘Trip to Tescos next??) This whole Tuscan adventure was conceived as a celebration of our 50 years of married life. We can certainly say that it exceeded all our expectations. We are so thankful that we had the health and strength to take it on and grateful to all those in Italy and the UK who helped to make it all possible and so memorable.