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The airport was a mess – people everywhere rushing about – tourists not Italians, they don’t do rush! In the confusion a nice you man opened up a check in and pointed us to it – no queue! On this flight which was an EasyJet flight we did NOT try to take our small suitcases into the cabin as we had done on the outward journey with B.A. There was no problem checking in and once again we passed through security with flying colours! And so we proceeded to where the flight would load. We found a place near the barrier designated for ‘oldies’ so we ensconced ourselves to wait like Tuscan natives – patiently. Well from then on for the next hour almost we were treated to a Ryan Air flight loading at the barrier. We witnessed screaming women waving arms and shouting abuse the Ryan Air staff – their bag measuring device you must understand, dear weary Journalies, is smaller than every other airline so many of the passenger for this flight to Morocco had bags that were either too heavy or too big. The chaos escalated with one man hurling himself to the ground (acting?) and police being called – small tussles and the odd blow – one woman we saw had two children with her and simply emptied her case and threw clothing into the waste bins in an attempt to get past the barrier. She failed. This shouting, anger and mayhem lasted almost an hour and a few feet from where we were sitting – the hour passed like lightening for us.!! Then it was our turn to load on the plane – our nice young man who had checked us in arrived – pushed away the Ryan Air bag measurers and simple looked at our boarding passes and waved us though. Our plane loaded in 10 minutes! What we had witnessed was in fact very sad and we vowed then and there NEVER EVER to fly with Ryan Air.

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