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We had a ground floor room which well air-conditioned and went to bed early as we were to be up, car parked and in the airport by 5.45!! Tuesday 2nd July – Off to Verona Next morning we awoke to the alarm, and were ready to drop off the car in the car park by 5.15am. We were booked in, and through security by 5.40 no problems at all and we were even congratulated by security over the way we had packed our medicines and toiletries which are inspected quite intensely. My tube of Voltarol gel was removed and tested in some weird machine but soon returned to me and we went to the lounge to await our flight. We had the first of our two breakfasts there! In the lounge there was a free breakfast buffet laid out with everything from cooked eggs to tropical fruits and lovely warm brioches and breads with real ground coffee. Brioches and coffee for me with some bran flakes. Cereal and fruit for J. The peace of this sound proofed lounge was a little disturbed by a pregnant woman trying to look after four children from 6 to bottle fed with a husband who walked in and out of the lounge with his mobile glued to his ear and did not once talk to his wife or the children. The 6 year old girl went to the buffet about six or seven times returning each time with something different in each hand which eventually ended up on the floor with one bite out of it. A fascinating scenario at 6 in the morning! The flight was uneventful, leaving at ?? and taking only 80 minutes flying time. even though a bit cattle class we enjoyed our second breakfast of cake and coffee. We took a taxi from the airport and we were in Verona and in the hotel by 11.40 - not bad for oldie unseasoned travellers!

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