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Never mind, despite our hearts and bodies now feeling a little heavy, we waited with all the others, smiling and trying to keep our spirits up and chatting to various divergent groups from English and American families and others – some with their grandparents and grandchildren. Some who had obviously done this before and were drinking wine and nibbles whilst on the march! Very, very slowly, and I mean slowly, the queue began to move, it took us over an hour and a quarter to reach the gates, - we gather they didn’t let anyone in until after 9 o’clock. How you get 10.000 people into a hole in the ground quickly obviously is a problem. But as Italians do not have ‘problems’ there was no solution! Bushes, trees and other ‘landmarks’ were proving to be very popular! We reached our seats around 9.15. Yesterday we had sat within the first 10 rows for the rehearsal - tonight the seats were much further back but near the middle and instead of looking up at the stage we had a different perspective and were looking down. We sank into these quite comfortable chairs with relief and great anticipation. The oldies had made it again, and unscathed!!