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We were dressed and ready for the evening by 5.30, and impatient to get off, but impatience is not a word in the Tuscan vocabulary so we became ‘Tuscan’ and relaxed. A good move as when Pietro appeared at 6.15 he was totally covered in sweat from having set up the tables on the back end of the pool area for a wedding reception this evening. He informed us, we think, that he would shower before taking us into the town. Anyway he disappeared and in our true Tuscan mode that seemed just fine. At about 6.40 ish Pietro appeared, and transported us into Lajatico. The ‘groupies’ didn’t come with us, as they had some friends who had appeared, and were taking them into town later. However we were ‘instructed’ by Dee that they would be coming back with us and we were given their seat numbers so that we could find them after the concert. We found Lajatico was crowded, all tables and chairs in the little Town Square were taken, and we almost despaired of ever finding a table. However we found a very nice couple who turned out to be English! Who made room for us at their table, gave Harvey their chair and moved up the bench so that I could sit down. We had just been to the small shop opposite for some food for the next day and we needed a drink and a sit. So this was good - we bought two large glasses of wine from one of the little cafes but neither of us seemed hungry – very unusual!! We found the English couple, Stephen and Christa, very friendly and entertaining. We swapped e- mail addresses and H started to get their life story as he usually does. This was obviously a second marriage – he was a marketing consultant and she was in ‘magazines’ – H. thank goodness did not pursue this as she was much younger than her husband and who knows what we might have learned!

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