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By around 5pm we were near the window and by 5.30 we were on our way back to La Mandriola with Pietro who had patiently waited for us, with the rehearsal tickets and to our relief the concert tickets as well. We asked Pietro to stop at a florist on the roadside where I had ordered, with Giancarlo’s assistance, a rose buttonhole to be made up to present to Andrea that evening. I also bought a beautiful orchid for Daniella as she was so good to us. At this point, Journalies, I should explain why I was running around trying to get wi-fi to read my emails. Unbeknown to Jane when we knew we were going to go on this adventure I had had the idea that crown our Golden Wedding we would try to go to mass on the Sunday in Andrea Bocelli’s church and ask the priest if we could have our marriage ‘blessed’ in the presence of the man himself. This was Plan A. I wrote to Andrea Bocelli’s agent explaining why we were going at this special time and asking if he would be there. The agent who I learned later was now his wife wrote back a charming letter saying that he was busy on the Sunday with the family and would not be there but she sent sincere congratulations to us and hoped we would enjoy the concert. Plan B was now to try and meet with Andrea Bocelli and shake his hand and to tell him how much we admired not only his singing and his philosophy of life but also the work his Foundation was doing for the less fortunate people all around the world. I approached our dear friend Mike Dixon who had directed Maestro Bocelli at the Diana Concert at Wembley in 2007. Mike said he would have a go at something for us especially as this was a special time for us. He tried all avenues right up to the time we were leaving for Italy but nothing could be worked out. His last email to me was simply “It’s not over

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