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Friday 5th. July – Tuscany – The Rehearsal Day It was a very hot night, but we had been loaned a large fan, and so we both slept well, and woke refreshed. H was sure we would be bitten by mosquitoes, but were pleasantly surprised to find we had not been bitten at all, and as we kept the windows shut it would have been difficult for them to get at us! We had been told breakfast would be served between the hours of 8 to 10.30, and so we made our way downstairs to the large dining room at 9. We were chatting to each other, when we heard a voice saying “Good Morning, you must be English too”!! We went to the table at which sat a very tall lady, beautifully made up, and looking very polished. It turned out she and her friend Margaret, came here every year to the Bocelli concert, and we soon discovered they were both secretly in love with Andrea Bocelli!! We soon realized that they were what the next generation would call “groupies”!! Margaret, Dee’s friend, apparently was still asleep, but Dee did impart snippets of information, and so we learnt a little