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We settled back, and we talked as best we could to our new friend, who had been to York. Eventually we reached Pontaderra and said our farewells. and thanks. On arriving outside Pontaderra station, we discovered the only way to our B and B was by taxi, and 3 taxi drivers were waiting there. We took a taxi, and were driven through some wonderful country to La Mandriola where we were staying for the next 4 nights. It was beautiful, but so hard to make anyone understand we had arrived as there seemed to be no one there.. Finally the taxi driver made contact with a lady whose name we learned was Daniella, and who was so charming, helpful and friendly, despite having very little English!! She took us up to our room, which turned out to be an apartment, with a large kitchen, bedroom, and well appointed bathroom. Not quite what we had expected from Web-site description. When Daniella turned on our empty fridge it dawned very quickly that we were self-catering four miles from any stores or village and no transport. Who cares we thought this is Italy! Something will turn up “sometime - “probably” - “no problem” - “wait a second” - “of course” – “prego” – “yes” – all of which in rural Italy we quickly learned to understand mean “nothing will happen”!!!!!! Well here we were in self catering ‘heaven’ – but no food!! The weather was hot and sunny the views indescribably beautiful, only the house martins breaking the silence and pure peace. Giancarlo, our host at La Mandriola, arrived later and we got together and introduced ourselves. Giancarlo spoke no English so the discussions were quite lengthy with neither of us any the wiser about anything! But he was a really lovely man and repeated “nessun problema”

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