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were at the correct coach stop - that is the stop for coach 9. We people watched, always entertaining, and then our train came in, but at coach stop 9 there stood coach no.1! Anyway we got on, as we were too old, too hot and weighed down with our luggage to run to find coach 9. We walked through to coach 2, 1 and 2 being first class, only to find the door between coach 2 and 3 was broken and locked shut, so we travelled 1st class all the way to Padua. There we got off, and found our connection to Florence, but this time we found our correct carriage, and seats! I thoroughly enjoyed the journeys, seeing the country, until we were getting near to Florence, when we went through a series of tunnels, which seemed to go on for ever! H does not like tunnels especially unpredictable Italian ones. We alighted at Florence and then had to buy tickets for the local line to Pontaderra the nearest station to Lajatico where our B & B was hopefully located. We found a queue which looked to be half a mile long, probably a slight exaggeration, for the ticket office. There were two windows open for business with 200+ waiting! We asked someone in the queue where they were going and they said Rome when we said where we were going the fellow said you don’t buy you local train tickets here you buy them over there – pointing at a newsagent’s kiosk! No queue here We did this a quickly found our train waiting and about to leave so we hopped on! This was a grave mistake! By now it was approx 2 pm, and although lunch time we weren’t hungry as it was very hot. We sat opposite a dark looking man, who didn’t seem too pleased to see us. He was obviously a Sicilian and even on a bright sunny day we would not have opted to be alone with him – he looked as if he was straight out of the cast of the

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