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Inside - waiting for darkness

On the way to the Hotel H stopped at the restaurant and asked the young tenor Maitre'd if he knew the duet from Bizet’s Pearl fishers – he knew of it of course but had never sung it – so it was H promised to send the backtracks and music to him (orchestra + baritone only for practice!!) and to return next year to sing the Duet in the restaurant. We shook hands on this promise and pledge! We had made a new friend. Always good to make a friend of a restaurant owner!! Then home to bed via a glass of local wine in the hotel foyer bar, with the music ringing in our ears. Thursday 4th. July - Travelling to Tuscany. We awoke to the sun getting through the cracks in the curtains, and while Harvey showered, I packed. We had our usual good breakfast, and then made our way with the help of a taxi to the station. I had understood from the travel agent that we had to exchange our travel vouchers for "tickets" at the station and to do this we should be early. We were, only to find after queuing for a while that they didn’t need exchanging, they were the tickets. We found our platform and watched a train come in, the one before ours, and noted we

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