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Newsletter Rabat 2013 N째1

May 2013

Mr Fathallah OUALALOU

Mayor of Rabat

Message from the President

Dear Friends, On behalf of the city of Rabat, the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco and United Cities and Local Governments, it is a great honor and pleasure for me to send you this first edition of the Rabat 2013 periodical newsletter that, along with our website (, will accompany you up to the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, to be held from the 1st to the 4th October 2013 in Rabat. Unanimously elected at the last World Congress in Mexico City in 2010, to host the UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments) 4th Congress and marking the first time this event will be held on the African continent, the city of Rabat awaits you to join in this great moment. This occasion will be an opportunity to exchange and share ideas on essential issues for our fellow citizens, such as fostering well-being, managing diversity, solidarity between territories and shaping the urban future. I look forward to welcoming you to Rabat, world capital of local collectivities and authorities for the duration of this Congress. I also invite you to explore our website where you can already register for the Summit and book your accommodation. You can also keep up-to-date with this event through this regular newsletter that will serve as an important communication channel leading up to our meeting next October. I hope you will enjoy this newsletter and look forward to meeting you personally in Rabat. 1


Focus: Launch of registrations on the website of Rabat 2013 is a web platform intended to present the event in all its aspects, to facilitate the preparation of your stay, as well as to provide you with information on Morocco and its capital Rabat, in their multiple dimensions. This website aims at creating




stimulating internet

interaction users,





interactive tools. The website consists of six main sections: 

“The summit”: General information related to UCLG, the Summit and the organizational structure of the project

“Preparing your stay”: A range of practical and valuable information that will enable you

to smoothly prepare for your visit to Rabat, easily register for the Summit and book your accomodation. “Moving Morocco”: Presentation of modern Morocco, its socio-economic and democratic progress through major reforms, particularly regarding local governance. “Rabat welcomes you”: Discover and explore Rabat and its economic, cultural, tourist, and environmental opportunities. “Rabat expo”: Information on the “Rabat expo” Fair, an exhibition and international business space that will soon have its own website. “Documentation”: Several documents and data-sharing files to download in order to strenghten understanding of the themes of the Summit, these are adressed from a Moroccan perspective.

2 complements the website created by UCLG and dedicated to the scientific












Newsflash:  Following the last general assembly of the Rabat 2013 Association, an executive committee was appointed. It consists of the following members:  Mr HASSAN AMRANI, The Wali of the Rabat-SaléZemmour-Zaër Region, Honorary President of Rabat 2013 Association; 

Mr FATHALLAH OUALALOU, The Mayor of the City of Rabat, President of Rabat 2013 Association;

Mr ABDELOUAHAD OURZIK, Governor, Director of legal affairs, studies, documentation and cooperation, General Directorate for Local Collectivities, Ministry of the Interior, Vice-President of Rabat 2013 Association, in charge of the Finance & Communication Committee;

Mr ABDELKBIR BERKIA, President of the Regional Council of the Rabat-SaléZemmour-Zaër Region, Vice-President of Rabat 2013 Association, in charge of The Science & Politics Committee;

Mr ABDELHAQ MANTRACH, Councellor at the urban municipality of Rabat, President of the Budget Committee, Vice-President of Rabat 2013 Association, in charge of The Artistic & Cultural Activities Committee;

Mr ABDELALI BENNADIR, Head of the Social and Economic Division of the Wilaya of Rabat, Vice-President Rabat 2013 Association, in charge of The Welcoming- Accommodation-Transportation-Security Committee;

Mr SAID GUESSOUS, Department head of logistics, Stocks and Archives of the Wilaya Rabat, Vice-President of Rabat 2013 Association, in charge of The Rabat Expo Committee;

Mr MOHAMMED LKHAL, Head of the Local Finance Division of the Wilaya Rabat, Treasurer of Rabat 2013 Association;

Mrs LOUBNA ANDI, Local Finance Division of the Wilaya of Rabat, Assistant Treasurer of Rabat 2013 Association;

Mr LEMGHARI ESSAKL, Director of the Bouregreg Valley Development Agency, Councellor at Rabat 2013 Association;

Mr ABDESLEM AHIZOUNE, General Director of ITTISALAT ALMAGHRIB, Councellor at Rabat 2013 Association;



Mr KHALID OUAYA, Director of the Urban Agency of Rabat-Salé, President of the Association of Architects of the Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaër Region, Councellor at Rabat 2013 Association;

Mr M’HAMMED GRINE, Director of Deposit and Management Fund Foundation, Councellor at Rabat 2013 Association;

Mrs ROUQIA DAOUDI, Assistant to the President of the urban municipality of Rabat, in charge of International Cooperation, Councellor at Rabat 2013 Association.

 Attendance of a delegation from the city of Rabat and the Rabat 2013

Association, in Marseille during the 3rd Forum of Local and Regional Authorities of the Mediterranean: Mr Berkia, President of the Regional Council of Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaër and Vice-President of Rabat 2013 Association, led the Moroccan delegation that attended the forum, along with nearly 400 elected officials and technicians from 24 countries of the Mediterranean Basin. The various exchanges on political, economic and social challenges have made it possible to make a helpful contribution to the prospects for peace and development in the Mediterranean, which resulted in a political declaration










 Organization of a seminar on exchange and capitalization regarding the joint FrancoMoroccan decentralised cooperation support fund, by the Moroccan Ministry of Interior and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Ouarzazate. Many local elected representatives from the Kingdom of Morocco and France attended the seminar. The meeting was an opportunity to present the latest news on cooperation involving the local authorities of both countries and to deepen the prospects for decentralized cooperation, in the context of the new changes resulting from the advanced regionalization in Morocco. This event was also an opportunity to reflect on past experiences of French local authorities in order to contribute to the development process of inter-communality initiated in Morocco.

 Election of Mr Mohamed Boudra, President of the Regional Council of Taza-Al

Hoceima Taounate, at the Presidency of the Political Council of the Mediterranean Committee of UCLG.


 Launch of the Moroccan Strategy on Modernization of the Administration, intended to establish the foundations of an effective, open and transparent administration, by the Moroccan Ministry of Public Service and the Administration Modernization

 The official launch by the new EU ambassador to Morocco, Rupert Joy, of 18 partnership projects with civil society funded by the EU, and a new program of capacity building for civil society organizations in Morocco.

 The signing of a memorandum of friendship and cooperation in Barcelona, between Rabat and Barcelona aimed at promoting institutional development, modernizing the administration of public services and inducing technological development in order to ensure better delivery of services and foster the well-being of residents of both countries  Morocco presented its new strategy for urban policy and sustainable urban development, at

the 24th Session of the Governing Council of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, which was held in Nairobi. This new policy’s goal is to promote cities that are environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive, economically productive and resilient, through the adoption of a proactive, multistakeholder and participatory public policy aimed at improving the quality of life of disadvantaged urban areas experiencing a shortage of equipment and a low rate of access to urban services, revitalizing urban centers which lack competitiveness and reinforcing the role of cities as centers for the creation of wealth and jobs.


Agenda From 31 May to 2 Jun Bonn

Resilient Cities, 4th Global Forum on urban resilience and adaptation

From 5 to 7 Jun Lyon

UCLG Executive Bureau

From 13 to 14 Jun Bilbao From 1 to 2 Jul Paris

The World Cities Summit Mayors Forums 4th Forum of international action of local authorities / General assembly of CUF.

Association Rabat 2013

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Newsletter n°1 anglais (mai 2013)  
Newsletter n°1 anglais (mai 2013)