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By Raana Eskandari London metropolitan university





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About the Author Raana Eskandari My fascination with the arts began at an early age, inspired by my elder sister who included me in her projects and who had a great passion for the world of art. I subsequently chose to study Art and Design, which I enjoyed so much that after two years I had decided that this was my chosen subject.

safe and calm, where I had power, a voice and rights. To me Art is an imaginary world that can take you away far from your problems.

As Creative activities have always drawn my attention, it became my other language, my other world, in which I was capable of having my freedom and where I could feel


I am especially interested in the aspects of colour and texture, sculpture, 3d design and photography. Usually use myself as reference of my work. Also I like diversity and I do not have any particular style.

About the module Creative Industry Practice The aim of this module is to make

Firstly, make branding that suits

future designers understand

the ethos of our group

working in creative industries.

Second, Make outstanding Logo

We have been asked to develop

Third, Make product that would

a proposal for a product to sell

sell to our client

to prospective students on our

As a team we came up with few

course. The other aim of this

different names for branding and

task is to develop our social

logos. I researched some graphic

engagement with clients and

design companies such as

build confidence so that we

campaign, the design trust.

can develop our skills and work

I also googled some graphic

professionally. Also, learn and

designers logo base in London

experience how to work in a team

at “to the point� and focused on

and think what is best for clients.

their type faces. Shape,colour and

The most difficult part of this


project was that most of ideas have been creted already by other designers so our group would have to be inventive.



Logo Design

With my idea I went around to few art and craft shops such as cass, paperchase and rayman to check for my competitors and the prices with the quality of products I found few products similar to my idea.





Product deconstruction


Plans and Costing


Selling costs


Stall Display


poster outcomes

These are my individual poster for Market Ready Project


Microsoft Surface

These was a exiting brief set by Microsoft to create a short film Moving Image or Filmmaking Animation ,Something beautiful and inspirational in its own right, that our audience will want to see and to share. A film that bring a message of infinite creative possibility to life. Our main focus is our audience. Consider our intention for them,to grab their attention and try to engage them instantly with the narrative. This brief is all about “people and what they can make possible� with engagement of technology and Microsoft and Microsoft Surface are all about. We have to include the Microsoft logo


Project Proposal Ida Iga Hannah Raana Vivienne

becomes chaos- chalk/paint bombs (alike to holi festival of colours) are thrown at the subject. Mood goes from dull to uplifting and music kicks in. Subject goes from straight faced to full of positive emotion.

Our plan is to make sure that the narrative point gets across clearly. The meaning needs to be understood and relevant. The target audience is anyone and everyone that wants to use Microsoft Surfacegiving people the chance to express their creativity. We don’t want it to be too obvious using the Microsoft brand and colours, but we want there to be a train of thought relating to the brand throughout the whole thing. We are going for a simple and minimalistic style, that creates an effective and uplifting atmosphere to entertain and grab the attention of the viewer.

Filming- we want to play with tempo (maybe slow-mo/ stop motion) to capture the emotion and engage with the audience. The final scene will be an ending of all the colours merging together with the slogan ‘We Believe In What People Make Possible’ We expect this advert to last for 1 minute to 1 minute and 10 seconds.

The scene will start off with four different scenarios with a person in a still, plain area (all white- white clothing background etc) with a dull/bored atmosphere/ expression. We want the people in each scene to differ from one another- e.g gender/age/ race Initial background noise will be the faint ticking of a clock- maybe footsteps. - out of nowhere, the quiet scene




Massimo Vignelli “You can say, “I love you,” in Helvetica. And you can say it with Helvetica Extra Light if you want to be really fancy. Or you can say it with the Extra Bold if it’s really intensive and passionate, you know, and it might work.”

massimo vignelli He has an eloquent way of explaining design in a larger context. I like Massimo’s angle on the word modern. He was a no nonsense designer. I like his idea about typography and use of three type font. Also I agree with him on that typography is not expressive. His belief in the use of light or bold helvetica to make fancy or extra bold to show intensive and passionate in typography is the way I learnt and understood typography.

I am always inspired with patterns especially the pattern of Persian Art and the colours used. These pattern are on old buildings on the rugs and carpet. So I really wanted to use it and in some kind make it modernizes. So what I did was take a picture of my rug then lay out and blended my on portrait I cut out some features of the artist and placed it on my face.



(@katemoross) I call her miss bright colours a weird artist. I like the weirdness about her but I am not sure if what she does is the kind of style I would follow. however there are some work of her which are photographed combined with illustration which are fascinating to look at and be inspired. When we meet her at our university her character was so humble and exciting and inspiring about work and industry in graphic design field. She said she doesn’t have any inspiration however I personally can see a little bit of Matisse in her works.

As I mentioned on the previous page I used the picture of my rug to create a blend of my portrait and the artists portrait and then changed the work to the colour that is more visible in their work.



(Quote by Francis Picabia. Lettering by alan Fletcher Black Sun Plc 1992)

Alan Fletcher When I see or hear his name Fletcher all it comes to my head is typography of logo for victoria and Albert V&A . The sense of play to his work. . I like his book “Art Looking Sideways “Inspirational, rather than instructional the way book is designed. Every page has interesting element to it. This book is not about reading but also experiencing the way book is designed. And make me wonder why he has to blank pages in book with tiny image or type which I

really like as it makes you to ask why? The way he design he make you to be involve as a audience, for example in his book there are some tiny font which is not easy to read with eye and I you need to use magnify lens to read.



CIP Task Book Binding

In this unique workshop will learn the basics of bookbinding and how it can be done simply. We prepared the covers and sections and sewed the book together. In the second half of the workshop we learnt about different method such as Wire Binding/ Spiral Binding and Japanese Binding. By first measuring the sheets and then tearing the individual paper to make up the pages of your book, then fold and group paper. After we cut and prepare the pages draw a line from top to the bottom of the page then mark a 5mm in from the spine. Then, mark a dot 10mm from the top and one 10mm from the bottom, there is where will be stitched. Then work on assembling the

cover. For cover place the bound folios on a piece of stiff card cut the card out and then cut a duplicate Place the chosen fabric and mark out so that there is a border, then cut the material and glue the Cover Board and spine in place.




For this project we had to design an abstract book base on London architecture and exploration, observation. We had to pick a descriptive aspect of London and deliver it via a series of personal abstract interpretations which use visual communication methodologies




We been given seven themes which are the rules of the brief • Museums and Galleries • People and Cultures • Automobiles in motion • Sounds of the streets • Cafes and smells • Nature within the Day • Lights at Night which I put three of them in this book.

The first thing I have done for this project was visiting Chinatown. I observed the area by looking at map and then walked through the roads and was inspired with them writing and lighting. Also the use of colours such as red and orange is very visible. As it was in autumn I decide to use same colour orange red yellow



As I usually use myself as reference of my work I searched if there is any artist that I can relate my work with. I found the fabulous Ana Mendieta. She is performance artist she is most known for her work Earth Body no doubt it is a great piece but my favorite work of hers is the portrait with facial hair. This work has so much to tell so many massages about women rights along with the use of nude body

and red colour or even use of animal blood or other organic material such as feather. Rocks, flowers and fire which I really like to use in my work at some point. Her friend about Rape Scene said


“At that time, you aren’t worried about someone making a pass at you and rubbing your leg — you’re worried about your life, as


a female. You know who the predators are, and it’s not because they want sex, it’s because they hate women.”







We had to focus in particular meaning with the use of element. My idea was all about the depth of the themes. using cotton thread for making lines as element with photography for method. I tried to show the feel of frustration of newly immigrated person to london not as a tourist yet as a worker or refuge. They usually can not adapt themself to new culture and Isolating by trapping themself at home Therefore I called this work ISOLATION






I presented sound of street with cotton thread crossing my head, closed eyes and earphones to show that people walking around london hearing lots of loud voice such as ciern, airplane and cars. Which I presented with cotton thread. My Idea was to say NO to listing to loud music with earphones as so many people getting hit by cars.



ARTEFACT 3018 This project was all about science fiction and making history for an artefact. To be represented in 3018. So I choose the gold chariot from Oxus Treasure. Then I made a new story about another asteroid collision wiping the earth. My story is about a scientist named Faith who tries to make life going on after this asteroid collision. So she enject the blood of the horse which she was riding to get away from zombies (affected people of different disease after darkness on Earth) So she does get life going on and now in 3018 people have her legend and she is their gods. In antiquity, texts refer to “the mysteries of Faith”, there are few story, as “the mysteries of the Persians.” But there is great dispute about whether there is really any link with Persia, and its origins are quite obscure.















Type In this project we use the schedule from http://www.36daysoftype. com/​which we had to complete no less than one glyph each day,A-Z and 0-9. We had to visualising our 3018 future world (project Artefact 3018) via 36 typographic graphic illustrations. I use photography and digital tools to fully engage in this sequential activity. Then I create some 3D miniature figures for some of the letters. I used plastin and nail to do it so the explanation of the thinking behind my typeface was the origin of my artefact which was from persia. When I researched Persian Empire and handwriting I found out about a writing call “Old Persian Cuneiform” Which their individual look like nails.


Word Logograms


Š 1998-2018 Simon Ager


these are some development and expriment with type glyph. what I did it was I wrapped some paper and tried to shape it as an A then I sat it on fier.





Critical & Contextual studies Case Study I met Neil Bright in library and asked him about the Bermondsey and its people and he kindly answer my questions;

for ambulance. Joe had medal for his bravery and later was offered a job on another borough with 365 pounds a year but he put it down and said ‘I was born in Bermondsey and lived in Bermondsey and will die here.’”1 Neil has had mentioned other names like Albert Henley and George Loveland both mayors of Bermondsey.

“I am not originally from Bermondsey, I have met and married a girl twenty years ago in Bermondsey. I love Bermondsey and Southwark, I worked in borough for many years and I saw with my own eye when the old warehouses were redeveloped. obviously it is very much changed it was not very expensive when I moved here. Most of my stories are about WW2 when Bermondsey and Rotherhithe as well as other parts of borough were badly damaged by German bombs. The worth ones where seventh of september 1940 when the hall of surrey docks basicly were destroyed, 1.5 million tons of wood had gone in smoked, it Just burned. On 8 September Joe Blake the liaison officer to Bermondsey Civil Defense Service was restless but when he heard that a fireman was wounded somewhere on docks and he drove on either side of road found six wounded fierman and call




London Mithraeum

I visited Mithraeum and it was a fasinating dark underground cave like museum.because of the dark lighting of the room, I find that it creates a very mysterious mood and mystical atmosp here. The environment of the exhibition makes me feel like I have travelled back in to an acient world. The Mithras museum were not practiced until the 1st century AD. The architecture of a temple of Mithras is very defined. during the visit of temple they played a sound and lightining which was very effective.






What was fascinating when we meet two of amazing people from Mother Design was the way they talked us through their experience from university to graduation then being here in London working at Mother Design. They talked about how and what brands, and agencies, are capable of.


@ motherdesign





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