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Global Music Mayday youthmagazine – February 2008 - edition 2 The Music Mayday Foundation, P.O. Box 266, 1000 AG Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Glazed a young point of view on Aids-related issues HIV/ Aids. With all the attention about this widely spread disease, it is hard to believe there are people not having the right knowledge about this. Xpress Your Future, organized by the Dutch Youth Council and Plan NL, is an initiative in which young Dutch people join to create performances. They aim to spread awareness about HIV/Aids related issues. Glazed is such a performing group joining the project. I wanted to know more about their drive with their music for Xpress Your Future and went to see them in their hometown Utrecht. On the melodies of ‘Hit the road Jack’, the chicks Rosa, Anna, Nine, Ferra and Emma, introduce themselves. It has only been a couple of months since they’re playing together. But from the demo they let me hear on their cell phone, I definitely would not be able to say so. I guess we’re talking with true talents here! It is just the fact that their band is in beginning stage, that they decided to join Xpress Your Future. Participating in this project pushes them to develop their own music, lyrics and style. The song they have specially created for the project is dedicated to a fictive girl from a rich country; Miss Wednesday. Although this Miss Wednesday owns everything she could have ever wished for, she doesn’t care, doesn’t even have a notion of the poor side of the world. The girls of Glazed see the stereotype they’re sketching here and the great gap between two totally opposite worlds as a major problem in the problematics related to the inequality in the world. It is this inequality that makes the problem of HIV/Aids in developing countries even worse. With their music, Glazed hopes to open eyes of people and to create awareness about poverty and all the socio-economic inequality in the world. Difficult mission, as when one listens to their music, eyes certainly get glazed…

Glazed - a young point of view on Aids-related issues