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Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller -Engineer, inventor, architect and philosopher R. Buckminster Fuller authored numerous popular books, held dozens of patents, and had a profound impact on subsequent generations of design. He is best known for his 1949 invention of the geodesic dome, which uses interconnecting triangular frames to form a lightweight but sturdy dome which needs no internal support.

Described as futuristic in appearance even today, the geodesic dome provides maximum interior space with minimal use of land, raw materials, and construction labor, and is far more efficient than ordinary brickand-mortar, wood-and-nail homebuilding.

Norman Foster Richard AND Buckminster Fuller -After Team 4 went their separate ways, Foster and Wendy Cheesman founded Foster Associates, which later became Foster and Partners in 1967.

They collaborated on several projects that became catalysts in the development of an environmentally sensitive approach to design – including the Samuel Beckett Theatre project.

Norman Foster and Buckminster Fuller Š Ken Kirkwood

A long period of collaboration with American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller began in 1968 and continued until Fuller's death in 1983.

Norman Foster rebuilds Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion car

home work 03  

home work 03

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