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This, ~the Journey~, the Shadow~ , the Awaken~

how silly the scene of the bad Bob Barker type. snotty putter-ball bullshit rub your face all in it as you smile cliche, or just good ol fashion hillbilly tacky with just that right garnish of ignorance. at best- this be the play ground for a many out there "flock of Sheeples." this Journey~ this path, is always been with me, always been part of we... It is "mine" & it is my Shadow~ it is thine & it is my Ascencion~ thru my journey part that may be mine, becomes for all to Us. for this one, I chose way long ago before I even knew I was me... therefore, I go the journey of the "all" & I live my life of the all experience& reached a destination of unspeakable... named by the Ancients as" the dark night of the soul... " (I need write no more on this for now.) I live the journey, the life, the poetry, of the ALL. & this is no matter the detriment of thy self health, hearth, heart, home nor the possible rewards personal gain soley for the self... the humble. ~Live the life everyday in such a mannor, that even when you may have wronged yourself, or felt as so, made the mistakes that cause those aformentioned "sheeples" to look down a nose at you just in time for a smirk and a turn of the back, live it all as such the way of an ultimate teacher ~the lonely poet, a wounded healer,~ but a gift...truely a gift. It is through your crossings, your encounters, your journey you feel lost uponthat many others may see actually see. that others may learn learn what a school can never teach grow really grow and grow any way they have now seen enlightenment to. Seek, Awaken, be freed from the bonds, inhereintely placed there never understanding why, respecting words as fear, hurt by the dogma laid out as their higher-power. Torn forever within by a word pronounced, god. Awaken, blessed all reading this and those even who are never able to read at all. You dont need to is the point! God is the all, is the purest, perfect, form of Omnipotence Energy. And we, were the chosin physical forms of this. For "him/them" by "him/her/they/them"

~US~ a gift a speck of sand some say amongst this vast Universe of unimaginability a speck of sand... make you feel insignificant & small? Forgotten perhaps? ~Awakin~ realize what "free will" truely encircles throuought time. speck of sand..... ? how bout,......... ~God*Spark~ Friday, March 09, 201203:58:09 PM

~the Journey, the Shadow, the Awaken  

Insight poetry, short story, enlightenment, journey, shadows, awakening.