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Design Studio 1

Spring 2011

Design Studio 3

Spring 20112



Le Corbusier Sculpture For my sophmore year studio, I created a sculpture from Le Corbusier’s painting and a structured grid. I took elements from the painting and the grid, and reinterpreted them into a two dimension drawing. From the drawing, I extruded three dimensional forms to shape the sculpture.

The Einstein House The intent of this project was to design a house for Albert Einstein. The design of the house was to reflect what made Einstein famous, and how to reflect that into the design of the house. All design aspects reflected Albert Einstein, theory of reletivity, Big Bang Theory and his personal taste and home life.

Whole Foods Analysis For my Junior year studio, I created a big box analysis mapping of the grocery store Whole Foods. Studying a suburban whole foods in Ann Arbor Michigan and analysing and mapping out the store. Then we took a trip to Chicago Illinois to study the big box culture of Whole Foods in an urban environment.





Long-term relationships are nurtured through education and shared organizational values not through buying and selling.




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Modular Connections The intent of this project was to design a multipurpose building in downtown Detroit. Combining the big box analysis project with the idea of bringing people back to Detroit. Bottom floors combining big box stores consisting of Whole foods and Sears. The middle floors with apartments to bring people back downtown and the top levels have leaseable office space.

The site of the design is located on the remnents of the original woodward plan of Detroit, designed by Augustus Woodward. Detroit was shifting its attention from the river to the roads. Woodward proposed a system of modular hexagonal street blocks, that can be added onto with the Grand Circus at its center, . Creating the main “spokes” of Woodward’s plan.

The Design focuses on that of modularity, uniform blocks being build on top of each other always with the idea of growth. Rising up from the ground the design emulates Woodward’s plan of modularity and further growth. Staying with the plan of Woodward’s design, there is a central courtyard with modular blocks around it forming an oasis from urban life. The form is dictated by axis lines of prominent roads and shaped liked a wedge like Woodward designed the city blocks. Raising the building on one side and lowering the other reflects Woodward’s theory that “we hope for better days , it will rise again from the ashes” raising the building signifies the raising from the ashes, it also creates desired views uninhabited by the taller building to the south of it and provides sunlight into the courtyard and apartments.

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BGSU Undergraduate Portfolio  

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