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No amount of Camo can cover up the lines there are two avid hunters aging one day at a time Even though one is thirty and one is thirty five, the Bowtech boys "Refuse To Follow" or leave anything alive. So their draw back is strong and their aim is high, when the brown is down we all let out a sigh. while you're busy working they’re climbing trees, age doesn't matter it's turkey season JEEZ!!! So whether rain or shine it really doesn't matter, Join us for a kickass party bring your bows & let's gather. Lot's of food, drinks maybe even a fire, just remember it's a Bowtech party so camo is the only attire

Who: Ryan & Leon What: Bowtech Birthday Party When: May 14th @ 5pm Where: Leons house 6054 E. Almy Rd Vestaburg, MI 48891 RSVP: Doris : 989-560-1873 Kelli: 989-560-2192 Rose: 989-560-3418

Bring a chair if ya got one, your own beer if you want some, and your bow (if it’s a bowtech) ;o)

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BowTech Party  

Ryan and Leons Birthday Party