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Popular Music in American History MRS. JACKSON 1 ST H O U R ABIGAIL LEWIS SEPTEMBER 13, 2012

Native American Traditions  Types of Songs According to Purpose  The songs of purpose can demonstrate important roles that these songs play in Native American culture and you can learn a lot about each culture just by their music. You can also determine a culture by what musical style they have.  The Native American culture had many song for many occasions such as success for hunting and war, for healing, for plants, and for work, songs for support, and even songs for “Game of chance”.

Agricultural song and Healing song  The two very important and main songs in songs

according to purpose is Agricultural song, and Healing song 

“Pigeon's Dream Song” was a very important healing song in Indian culture. Louis Pigeon a tribe member in an Algonquian tribe said that the song came to him in a dream by two birds. The song is usually sang by the medicine man or “shaman” in direction to the sick. “The Butterfly Dance” is an Agricultural song. It is sang to help the life cycle of their main food source, corn. They call it the Butterfly Dance because it represents life giving force, and fertility. As well as transformation.

Indian Music and Acculturation  The Trail of Tears  Took place in the time of 1802-1842  When the Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Seminole tribes were forced to move out of their land into “Indian Territory” they referred to their journey as The trail of tears.  The western portion of the Indian territory held a lot of Indians from the Northern and Central plans.

The Mariachi  Mariachi- “Instrumental

ensemble used to accompany either dancing or singing.”  Intruments 

Trumpets, Guitar, violins, Vihuela, guitarron, and sometimes a harp.

The Corrido  The Corrido is like a Mexican Folk Band, or story.  Its tells actual story's about people and different events.  It originated in Mexico during the 19th century  The bands would play on street corners, and markets  One famous Corrido is “El Corrido de Kiansis”  One of the MOST famous Corridos is “El Corrido de Gregorio Cortéz”

The Frence Influences in Louisiana  The French Opera was established during the 18th

century when French people moved into Louisiana  The “Acadians” (Nova Scotia) moved over to Louisiana towards the end of the 18th century  The Acadians were excluded form New Orleans and forced to settle along the banks Of the Mississippi river.  The bank was now know as “Acadian coast” and all the people were called “Cajuns”

Cajun Music  Cajun Music- “A regional folk music of Louisiana    

that began to be recorded in the 1920s” Mostly consists of the accordion This music is for dancing Famous musician- Michael Doucet Famous tune- “Le two-step a midland” -Zydeco frottoir: A metal washboard-like instrument.

Scandinavian Influences  In 1802 Scandinavian immigrants started to settle

into Wisconsin. Many of the immigrants consisted of The Germans, The Danes, the Finns, the Poles, the Czechs, and the Swedes.  The regional music was for dancing. 

Instruments- Fiddle, accordion, guitar, piano, and banjo.

 The Polka (quick duple meter), the waltz, and the

schottische were the most popular dances among Scandinavian Americans today.

Reference Page  Google images  Accordions  Mariachi  Cajun Polka  Trail of tears  Corrido  Zydeco

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