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Both worlds can fit within me, but in this world I cannot fit I am the essence, I have no place, but into existence I cannot fit

All that was, is and will be, all embodied in me, Do not ask! Follow me. In explanations I cannot fit.

The Universe is my verse; my instance is your life. Know me by these signs; know that in signs I cannot fit.

Through guess and doubt no truth was found He who knows the truth knows that in guess I cannot fit.

Look deeper into my form and try to understand the meaning Being the body and the soul, in soul with body I cannot fit.

I am the pearl, hidden in shell. I am the bridge that leads to heaven and hell. With such a wealth, in markets of this world I cannot fit.

I am the secret treasure of all treasures, I am the evidence of all worlds, I am the source of precious, in the depths of sea I cannot fit.

Although I am great, but I am Adam, I am a human, I am the creation of the universe, but in creation I cannot fit.

The soul and the world, all is me! I am all times and all ages. But is it not strange to anyone that in them I cannot fit?

I am the sky, I am all planets, and the angel of revelation Hide your tongue, for in your tongue I cannot fit.

I am a particle of all things, I am the sun, and I am the six sides of your land.

Look at me with clarity, because in clarity I cannot fit.

I am at once the essence and the character, I am the sugar with the rose, I am decision and excuse, in silent mouth I cannot fit.

I am the burning tree; I am the rock that climbed the heavens. Admire the flames of my fire, in these flames I cannot fit.

I am the sweet dream, the moon and the sun. The breath, the soul, I give. But even in the soul and breath I cannot fit.

I am the string and I am the bow, I am the young and I am the old, I am the power and eternal wealth, but in the ages I cannot fit.

Although today I am Nasimi, a Hashemite and a Quareish I am less than my fame is, but in my fame I cannot fit.

Nasimi "Both worlds can fit within me..."  
Nasimi "Both worlds can fit within me..."  

Imadaddin Nasimi is considered one of the greatest Turkic mystical poets of the late 14th and early 15th centuries and one of the most promi...