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IGCSE Gr.9 Art Unit 2: Graphic Design-Project 4:PC Game Cover Bobby Yoshinami-Hitachi 9M Design Brief: Design a game cover for the new play station 3 that was released in 2006. We would like you to make a cover for a game under the name of “FIST.” This game is a first person style survival game, which includes shoot and a relevant amount of violence. This game is based of revolutions that are currently occurring in the world and how it might turn out if these expand. This is the short story that will have to put into the design as well. This short story gives an overview of the situation. Story: -“It all started in 2011. People all over the Middle East started to refuse, rebel, rise and revolt. Student from across the globe organized demonstrations and soon the world joint to overthrow the authorities, unit everything became corrupt. People grew desperate to survive; they needed to fight to live. You need to fight to live! Can you make it through?” The target customers are mainly adolescent kids between age 16 and above. Although this game can be for all gender, we are aiming mainly for boys. Data’s show that many other first person shooting games such “Counter Strike” are bought by children of this age group. In order to achieve the design should be noticeable from far and recognizable. Too achieve this we expect you to use a range of colors.

Ideas: I got the idea of making a “revolution� type game from watching the news (Egypt, Libya etc). A lot of my ideas came from surfing the Internet. I found a useful website; This website has a gallery that any one can view. It includes logo designs, game designs and many more. Although I had a lot of ideas it took me time to decide on my final design. So I did a lot of trial and error. Process: -This was my first idea. I was imaging a fist cracking a mirror and I was going to add a reflection of a persons face on the cracked mirror, however it became too complex. I had to use the Selection tool to erase the little details, which became time consuming. From the fist I made a number of different colored layers and I over lapped it to create a graffiti like effect. My aim was to achieve a street style look. This is because the type of audience that I am directing to often likes this style.

-This is the 2nd test. I had to try a lot of different fists to see how it would look, however it was hard to find good images because when you do the advanced search on Google a lot of the good images are copy righted so that was hard. -Final design process: GUN-For my final design I had a circle of guns. I made it look poppy by converting the image as a smart object, and then I selected the mid-tone of the image by selecting color rage. After the image was selected I made a new fill layer then choose my colors.

FIST- To make the fist I used “layer style” You can get to this by double clicking on the your layer. Then click on “contour” then just change the setting to your desire. BLOOD- I learned how to make my blood effect from this website: http://www.photoshop-drago /Dripping_Blood_Text.htm I applied the same techniques for my font and statue of liberty. For this project I struggled to find good pictures. This process of finding pictures consumed a lot of my time. However I enjoyed experimenting with the new skills such as making the bullet hole. This is the website that I used: ullet-holes/

Final design:

IGCSE Gr.9 Art-PC game  

3rd graphic design project this unit:PC-game cover