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IGCSE Gr.9 ART: Graphic design unit reflection Bobby Y-H Overall the most significant improvement that I have made over the course of this unit is my writing skills. I have learned how to write better design briefs and more effective reflections of the development process. Compared to the start of this unit I believe that I have a better understanding of what a design brief is. Another significant improvement is my Photoshop skills. Between now and the start of the unit I have learn to use a range of cool and useful skills. For example my business card design is very simple, however in my pc game cover design I used many techniques, such as the blood texture. From observing my design there are also points of improvements that could be made. One thing that I noticed in all of my designs is how flat they are. In fact I can see most depth in my first design then my latest. I believe that over the course of this unit I have lost the sense of Depth, foreground, mid-ground and background. I think this is due to the fact that I am becoming more familiar with all the tool and FX. Because of this I use those tool on small details and forget to see the big picture. Now that I am aware of my mistakes I hope to incorporate my knowledge to create a better design. I am looking forward to my food packaging design.

Graphic Design Refilection  

A reflection of this unit so far