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These where the drawings from the second week (A&B) This week, though we stayed on markers, we started exploring and experimenting the usage of charcoal and pastel. The three photo始s below are drawings that I had forgotten to label, so unfortunately we do not know which classes they are from. The drawing on the left is a continuous line exercise we did. This took about ten minutes. We also did the same exercise a week before, however this time the proportions look more accurate. The two drawing on the bottom both took about five minutes. For the drawing on the right it would of been nice if I had added a bit of context, which would of made a better composition.

These are drawings from class #six 9 first class of week two.) From a quick look at all three drawing I can immediately see that they all could use a little context to richen the piece. The major problems I faced during this class was keeping on time. Since I had practiced a lot of 5 minutes drawings i had forgotten the feel of a longer drawing. I half to become flexible and watch out of not being lazy when the time is longer. Other then this the drawing look fine to me except #3 was out of proportion.

Class #7 In this class our main focus was to make gestural style drawing. We started of with a 5 minutes drawing and then to a 10 followed by a 15 minutes one. As you can see on the left, the lines on this drawing are very lose and sketchy. The one point I needed to be careful was the Proportion. The legs seem to high up the body. Both drawing two and three have way better proportions. The last drawing was the most challenging one for me. This is because the model was sitting on a chair facing directly at me. So in order to make it look as if see was sitting I drew the seat, however it was very hard to see it from my view.

I think these two drawing were the best one from class #8. They look proportionally correct and the was some context to show the position of the figure, in this case sitting.

These are drawings also from class# 8. For figure 3 we were not allowed to use underlining colors so this was a challenge for me. We were given five minutes so a lot of the measure had to be winged. It turned out fairly proportional, however the legs look crocked and in general very flat. Again context would of help very much. Figure #4 was even more of a challenge since we were only given 3 minutes. though the piece looks very rough and rushed, proportion wise it looks accurate. For this I did not have time for drawing the context, but if I did I would of added some.



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In this class (#10) we used charcoal for the first time. At the start we tried a style, which was to use the side of the charcoal instead of drawing with lines. Due to the new approach it looks very different from the marker drawings. The second drawing turn out very well, I think. It has some tone and context. The other three were like the marker drawing because we used lines. The hardest thing about using charcoal was that unlike marker we had to use a different method for measuring. I used dots for the limbs and heads.

Class #11 In this class we tried using pastels. This was more similar to the marker method because we got to use to colors, one light and the other dark. After looking back at this class i truly needed to pay attention to the proportion and time.

Class #12 In this class we focused on tone more then using contour lines. In the first drawing (right) I forgot about measuring and tried to use as much tones as possible to visualize the figure. In the second drawing I should of made the figure more darker in general so that I could create a greater contrast between the light and dark. Since the drawing was light it is hard to tell where the arms and legs and everything are.

Gr. 10 IGCSE Figure Drawing, Week 2 Drawing (A&B)  
Gr. 10 IGCSE Figure Drawing, Week 2 Drawing (A&B)  

Gr. 10 IGCSE Figure Drawing, Week 2 Drawing (A&B)