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Art Studio Piece #2 Streams of Seasons

Process: - Idea:

Since my first piece was a painting I wanted to work with a different media so I decided to use make a graphic design. I used Illustrator so create a pattern, which incorporates symbols of Japanese seasons. This idea came about from the road painted in the first piece, which represents a timeline. Seasons play an important role in the Japanese culture and in this piece my aim was to use traditional Japanese colors that represent each season.

Piece #1

1. My first step was to decided which symbols best represent each season. This was one of the challenges I faced because while some seasons have very obvious symbols other have more then one. 2. For spring (the starting season in Japanese culture) I choose Sakura flowers because it is the most significant symbol of spring, which every Japanese would know. Another reason is because when I stared this piece Sakura flowers were in full bloom. I went around my neighbor, where there are many Sakura trees and took various photos, which I could possibly use for this piece.

Some of the Photos I took

3. I used illustrator to trace the Sakura flower. Then I used a gradient fill to color the flower. In order to make a pattern I used the grid to measure out the distance between each flower. Once I was done with one row I used the scale tool to create the next row. For each new row I scale them down by 10% and decreased the opacity by 10% so it created the metamorphosis.

4.The next season was summer. For this season I decided to make a pattern out of fireworks because it was the first image that came into my mind when I pictured Japanese summer. Fireworks are very common sights in Japan during the summer and in many places they have annual firework competitions, which was also common in the Edo period. Unfortunately I could not take any pictures so I decided to make my own firework from scratch. I based my firework off a Japanese artist called Kiyoshi Yamashita. (one of his firework piece on the right)

5.My first attempt in making the fireworks was by using the ellipse tool and putting dashed lines through the strokes. However this did not turn out the way I wanted so I used a different method for the second attempt.

6. For my second attempt I used the rotate tool and copied each rotation so that it created a circular firework shape. Then I used the same scaling method as the Sakura flowers to create the pattern.

7. For Autumn I decided to make a pattern out of Momiji (maple) leaves. Though it is not Autumn yet there are Momiji leaves that stay red all around, which I found in the ICJC garden. Then I traced the picture the same way I did with the Sakura flower. I used a orange to yellow gradation to fill the leave. I used these colors because they best represent the season for me.

8.The final season is winter. This was the most challenging season because there are not many good motifs, which could be made into a pattern. I decided to stay simple ad use snow as my motif however I did not want to keep it boring so unlike the other patterns I made this more abstract. 9.I first started of by making my own scatter brush, which was rather easy. I used the ellipse tool and created snow flakes using the dashes then I selected them and created a new scatter brush. Then using the brush I scattered the snow and created a gradation of snow. This was inspired by a Japanese artist called Matazo Kayama, who designed the 1990 BMW art car. (car below)

Final Piece:

Art Studio #2  

Second studio piece this year.(gr.10)

Art Studio #2  

Second studio piece this year.(gr.10)