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Shape & Tone Now that winter is here and Christmas around the corner, many people are thinking of losing some weight and getting into shape in time for the festive season. If you are unsure where to go, then Shape & Tone in Los Alcazares has something to offer everyone. The center is run by Paul & Charlotte who have been trained and certified by Shapemaster, they make you feel at ease immediately, and the whole atmosphere is one of fun and ease. The toning tables are the most popular part of the centre with the PowerPlates, or Wobbler as the clients have renamed them, a close second. For those of you who are not familiar with this innovative technology, the range consists of 6 indi-

vidually designed machines which, combined, give a total body workout.

A new way to exercise! Unlike conventional fitness equipment, the toning tables do not rely exclusively on muscle power. Instead, with a motor and gearbox the machines work the muscles, rather than you working the machine. With smooth gentle movements that motorized performance brings to exercise, users can exercise confidently without risk of overstressing any joints or muscles. These toning tables will help you lose inches in all the right places. For your free trial offer call 661002648. Special winter packages available.

also available at shape & tone are a range of hand made natural castile soaps and tea tree products,.. Castile soap or Jabon de Castilla originated in the kingdom of Castilla, a part of the country that we know today as Spain. The name Castilla (or Castile) means land or region of castles, in reference to the castles built in the area to consolidate the Christian re-conquest from the moors. Contrary to the methods of soap production in northern countries where animal fats were used as the main ingredient, Castilla had an abundance of locally grown and pressed olive oil and it was soon discovered that this main ingredient produced a far superior soap. Castile soap today has the same basic ingredients. A true Castile soap still contains 100% olive oil, however, olive oil used alone is not to everybody's taste. This is because it is low lathering with a slimy feel, Coconut oil is added to rectify this. The first Castile soaps were made without colour or fragrance, mankind has developed methods of extracting and distilling essential oils from plants and fruit. These

can be added to naturally fragrance the soap and also provide further valuable, therapeutic qualities that are beneficial to the skin. Castile soap is a skin regenerator and a natural humectant, drawing moisture from the air, keeping the skin soft and supple. Olive oil soap has the ability to help skin retain moisture while nourishing and providing protection for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive. It is non-greasy and does not clog the pores. It has been proven to accelerate the healing process which is thought to be due to the vitamin E content. Shape & Tone would like to wish all its clients past, present and future a very merry Christmas and happy & healthy 2009.

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