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Photo : El Pacha Entertainment Fashion designer : A’S de la Perfection R Model : Stefdekarda

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Team Angelique Marguerite Berthe Diène aka Blacky Gyan Senegal - Canada Besides her training in business management and business administration, Angelica also has an innate passion for fashion and design. As a little girl, she painted bird feathers to make pendants. Later, she began creating accessories with everything she could put her hands on (cloth, shells, beads ...). She also specializes in customized clothing and manufactures decorative objects. Creator of this magazine, Angelica, who is no longer a little girl but has not reached the thirties yet, has many strings to her bow: Editor for Volup°2, Management Consultant, Co-founder of A’s de la Perfection, Professor of Senegalese languages (Wolof and Serer) and French, Advisor in business Management, writer for le Courrier des enfants (a Montreal organism), Intern for international solidarity in Nicaragua...


Laura Bonnieu France - Canada Laura is from Montpellier in the south of France and lives in Montreal, Canada since 2013. Eager for travel, discovery and experience, she is driven by her dreams and her permanent challenges. After her studies in communication, she developed her personal art website in order to share her best picks in that area. Having developed a passion for writing for ten years, she naturally joined the magazine’s editorial team for the release of the second issue. Passionate by numerical and graphical communication, she participates in R Magazine’s web promotion by animating people on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Having more than one string to her bow, she also participates in the layout of the magazine in collaboration with other graphic designers.

Myriam Annick Tchameni Cameroon - Canada Born in Cameroun, Myriam moved to Canada six years ago with her family. She spends her time between her communication studies and her interest in art and fashion.

Karima Kebabi aka Karima Ka France - Canada From Angers, Karima has lived and worked in a dozen of cities before settling permanently in Montreal in 2014. After studying in model making, this fashion keen now finds herself in assistantship against her will. In order to give a sense to her career, she voluntarily writes articles for R Magazine to satisfy her curiosity for art.

Maëva Cruchet France - Canada This 25-year-old French woman has been working for three years in the field of communication and project management in Paris before moving in Montreal. She likes changes and fights daily against monotony. This journey passionate enjoys encounters and discoveries. Full of energy and ideas, she expresses her passion through drawing and writing. As an art animator, she regularly visits museums and exhibitions in order to satisfy her curiosity.

Alanie Genest aka Améthyste Canada She is a 28 years old women, Aquarius, besides engaged to guide human being in the path of light during this end of the world. She has always had, Iike everyone, a great need to know herself, and I didn’t know what was going to happen to her higher self, if there was one. And so, after making thousand of errors, the first one believing she could live with no effort, without a true word, the truth got to her and she had to start, in 2012, a 6 months therapy to reformulate what was life meaning to her. She then studied in hairdressing and found a job as a weekly columnist. The harmonious string of events of her existential field was however to become perfected in her affiliated vocation to writing: music. 10 imperfect songs but philosophically very extensive, recorded under the name Améthyste, made her believe she could still write for visual, and therfore, it’s in this marvellous artistic exutory which is R-Magazine that she chose to make work her pen.

Ivan AlejandroVelasco Mexico - Canada Ivan Alejandro Velasco-Davalos is a Mexican PhD candidate in energy science at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS). Specialized in the use of semiconductor ceramics for memory devices and solar cells, he was recently awarded a Étudiants-chercheurs étoiles prize by the Quebec government. Outside of school, his interests include the promotion of gender equality, the rights of First Nation communities, as well as science education for the youth. In addition, Ivan Alejandro loves doing photography.

Marie Édouard Diouf Senegal - Canada With politic science studies and a keen interest for international relationship and cooperation , this girl is also passionate of fashion, art and culture “I am a girl of all trades “, this is how this young Senegalese who established in 2008 in Canada describes herself. Between modeling, her professional life, sport and her leisure, Marie Edouard takes the time to devote to her favorite activity: making of cosmetics hence her dream to create her own brand of natural cosmetics. She will talk to you in R magazine of beauty, health and welfare, topics which are of big interest for her.

Julieta Rosibel Nicaragua - Canada Born in Nicaragua and having grown up in Montreal, Julietta is certified accountant by profession. It is following her university studies in business administration that she devotes more time to her great passion, fashion. When she was a little girl, she browsed magazines specialized in fashion and arts that her mother borrowed at the library of the district. That’s how she developed her curiosity for the history of fashion, garment manufacturing and design. By the years, fashion as well as culture became for her a way to express a personality. Today, as writer, Julietta involves regularly in the field of arts and culture but equally as model and designer since many years.

Candy Hoffmann France - Canada Candy is a little bit the acid drop of literature: she will make you cobblestones for delicious sweets “ (Anais Caura , motion designer France ) Keen of literature and of the transmission of this same passion, Candy Hoffman has recently obtained her PHD in literature at Montreal University and Paris IV Sorbonne. Like an Amazon, she is straddling between teaching (she has been several time in charge of courses at Montreal university) and journalism (drafting of literary column and animation of radio programs. Then, pen in hand, muses in head, looking for exact words to express thousand ideas and feelings, she will do her utmost to open you to fabulous and fascinating literary and artistic worlds, to make you travel in time and space, to make you touch by finger a gap of reality and fictional surely boundary-breaking.

Barbara Wilbert France - Germany Mummy of two children, she is 28 years old and she lives in Bavaria with her husband, she has a fairly catastrophic career path .She just does a redeployment, after months of thinking. She indeed goes for phyto-aromatherapy and will be officially advisor in one year .Since many years she used essential oils in her daily life just as well for health as for beauty and welfare. She has banished since months household and beauty products… sold in supermarkets and prefer rather prepare them herself at home. Keen of writing and TV series, she is bitchy, kind and strong minded and claims her vegetarian, ecologist and feminist aspect but with her own definition for the two latter. Between walking, music, reading, drawing, cooking and photography, she sets time aside to take care of her tykes.

Linda Chaabna France - Canada Pop culture’s fairies have passed by Linda’s cradle one autumn evening in the 80s. Being creative and curious, cinema, series, music and fashion have rocked her daily since then. It is then naturally that she studied in audiovisual and worked for several years in TV production in Paris. Attracted by Montreal’s creative energy, she decided last year to move in that city where she works in the music industry during the day, and volunteers as an R magazine’s editor during the night. Everything interests her: the latest trends, news, movies playing, cooking and even knitting! Her slogan: creativity.


Anne Solange Diène Senegal - Canada Very experienced ... with strong writing skills ... elegant ... guilty of being concerned about using the right words ... this is the perfect translator for anyone who wants to solve word puzzles in the language of Shakespeare!


Marie Agathe Ndiaye Senegal Passionate about travel and charity, she is very imaginative with a curious mind and she pays attention to details. Her careers is diametrically opposed to that, but she perfectly knows how to mix numbers and letters. She brings in her translations a hint of England where she has lived for several years.

Jérémie Vasseur France - Germany Jérémie is 28 years old, married and father of two kids. It’s a quiet and calm person. During elementary school he discovered volcanoes of which he fell in love. Logically he ended up studying Earth sciences and specialized in Geophysics. In September 2015 he obtained his Doctor’s degree after 4 years of PhD thesis at the experimental volcanology group of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. His job is a passion: lab experiments, field trips, conferences, publications, etc. he can’t stop. He always finds, however, some time to take his family to the mountains or to bike. At home he is the pastry and pancakes specialist. He likes to cook too, especially pumpkins, which he appreciates roasted. He is also passionated about history and geography (and trust us, he knows his geography!). He is a scientist who doesn’t escape the rule: he kinda lives in another world and, as for many men, can’t do two things at once (which has the knack of getting on his wife’s nerves). He currently spends quiet days with his family, still in Bavaria.

Lanciné Kouyaté France - Canada Arrived in Montreal with a working holiday program, he completely took advantage of this experience to discover Canada. Graduated with a master’s degree in finance and management, he is also attracted by the world of the press, literature and fashion. R magazine allows him to live this passion and to continue to exercise his English.

Jayne Mandat Haïti/Canada Born in Montreal in a Haitian family, Jayne is a creative soul who is passionate about writing, music and art. Her life’s purpose is to travel, discover new cultures and realize her passions.

Narcisse Soulsinger Nguyen Vietnam/Canada Narcisse Soulsinger a young and talented singer of international show-business and emerging multidisciplinary artist-producer and songwriter. Nicknamed the Celestial Prince, Narcissé is a mixed Canadian-Vietnamese singer with universal talent but also a designer . He also created the Tidal Male fragrance and the collection Angeli Seraphim . The young man in his twenties sings and composes several musical genres such as RnB , Soul, Dancehall , Reggae, Hip Hop, ballad , Latin, ... which merge harmoniously.


Axelle Port-Lis Guadeloupe - Canada Axelle is from Guadeloupe. She has lived 6 years in different cities in France for her studies, starting from the bottom each time. She describes herself as adventurous and recently moved to Montreal in search of new adventures, hoping to gain professional experience in graphic design which is a profession she is passionate about.

Jonas Simberg Brazil - Canada Graphic designer by formation, he wears several caps: illustrations, animations, graphic design, and design. Music, cinema, image and creative design has always passionate him.

Estelle Simon Martinique Since her earliest childhood, she wanted to become comics author, but she start graphic studies. When she gratuated in 2014, she goes on a training course to MontrÊal. After a metting with a R-magazine’s member, Estelle decide to join the team like graphist. Passionate by the writer and art in general, she is specialist in the short story and poetry. The video games and the music are too in her interest center.

Laura Bonnieu France - Canada


Ray Senpai Indonesia - France Ray is an Indonesian-born photographer based in Paris. Self-taught, his works essentially focus on photographs taken during trips mainly made in Asia and Europe. He actually works on a project featuring different portraits of people met in the 4 corners of the world and their perception of life.

Bernie Diène Senegal - France Parisian in her thirties and working with numbers, Bernie has a great passion for photography which she does in her spare time under the nickname “The glob’girl.” Photography is in fact a way for her to express the artistic streak that has always been in her since childhood, a period during which she loved to draw. Besides, it often happens that she takes back her pencil to jot down ideas for future photo shoots. Her current inspirations valorize femininity, when she does not try to deliver messages about love and racial harmony. However, one of her next challenges will be to work with male models.

Stefdekarda Sénégal Photograph and graphic designer for famous artists of Senegalese scene, Africa correspondent of a French American magazine, or also production manager of TV show with success on two famous Senegalese television channels, he recently participated to a reality show with key element being for the winner a recognition towards Africa as designer among others.


Abdoulaye Coulibaly - Ivory Coast/Canada Anaïs Michella Yameogo - Burkina Faso/England Andrea Deloche - France Andrew Kennedy - Canada Briana Farrell - Canada Carène Samuel - Haiti-Syria/Canada Fadji Vovor - Togo/Canada Gabrielle Ovinet - France/Canada Germaine Deilhes Ndour - Senegal/France Jean Vigo - France José Vidal - Espagne Joseph Barrera- Mexico/Canada Liliana Lemus - Colombia/Canada Lucie Barrol - France Lành Nguyễn - Vietnam Madjiguène Diop - Senegal Marcel Lamarre - Canada Marie Clémence Modoux - France/Canada Marie Diamilatou Diagne - Senegal Mouhamed Dieng - Senegal Ndeye Fatou Kane - Senegal/France Olivier Badin - Canada Patrick Coakley - Irland Sacha Hemel - Ivory Coast Samantha Graham - Canada Tomas Larivière - Canada Victoire Ndong - Senegal/United States Xippil Xole Studio - Senegal Yolande Hyjazi - Senegal/France Yankhoba Kouyaté - Senegal

Fashion accessories and jewellery hand crocheted


ARCHITECTURE The nursery of the Giraffe, a nursery not like the others CINEMA Humane Hollywood Association : Protecting animal actors! DECO Animalove

OBJECT Créations Mabrisa PHOTOGRAPHY Lennette Newell : The Animal Series Sherfy : Horse Di Liu and excessiveness

GRAPHIC ARTS Maxim Shkret’s 3D animals

R MODEL Stefdekarda


SCULPTURE Démes Oiseaux

LIFESTYLE When Youtube is at the service of the animals

Vladimir Davydov, the man who gives life to animals onto the wood

LITERATURE The Elegance of the Hedgehog FASHION Seal for sale Interview: Nicole V. Camphaug

Blank William’s new order SHOPPING Bon tit’os : Meeting with Mathilde Cormier



The nursery of the Giraffe, a nursery not like the others

The Giraffe I am pleased to introduce you to a children’s daycare with unusual architecture. The nursery of the giraffe was delivered in early 2012, in Boulogne Billancourt (Ile-de-France in France) by the architects Raphaëlle Hondelatte and Mathieu Laporte, winners of SAEM Val de Seine furnishings 2009. It aims originality melted in an ecological environment.

Sophie the Giraffe has a new friend! Between the Keystone neighborhood and the Old Bridge, you can see a huge yellow giraffe out of the roof. Such a spine, it passes through the building on three levels. The architects explain: «The giraffe announces the talks about childhood and nature.» The idea was to imagine a building that hosts the public space by the imagination of the child. The building has been very well received by local residents and quickly became an emblem. It lies at the intersection between public housing facilities in the 70s and the Jean Nouvel Tower.

If the giraffe is the most impressive because of its size and color, other animals have inspired this architecture. A bear cub trying to

Web site : www.hondelatte-laporte.com/

climb to the top floor while ladybugs crawl through the walls of the garden. A real Noah’s Ark! The nursery covers 1400 m2 and can accommodate up to sixty beds and twenty extra sleepers during daytime. Concerned about the future of our planet, the architects designed the nursery according to the principle of sustainable development. Indeed, they have opted for energy solutions tending to almost zero energy consumption.

Redaction & Layout: Laura Bonnieu Translation: Narcisse Nguyen



AmericAn HumAne AssociAtion : « Protecting animal actors! » The stars are not the only one who are being AHA attend the filming (the fields of action taken care of on film sets, animals also have their of the association is the entire United States territory) and in case of non compliance with its association that ensures their well-being. strict specifications, certification is denied and The American Humane Association (AHA) prosecutions can even be taken for mistreatment ensures that animals, whatever their species, are of animals. Each year, more than 100 000 treated well on movie, TV shows or commercials animals are monitored, on a total of about 1,000 sets. productions. Having a permanent access to water, not providing Founded in 1877 and based in Washington DC, physical exercise for too long without resting, or the field of action of the AHA is not limited ensuring that nothing will threaten the health or to film. Initially, the association was created life of the animal, these are all criteria to be met to protect farm animals during their transport when working with our furry or feathered friends. through the United States. The key is to obtain the famous certification ‘No animals were harmed’ that production will then It also works in child protection and assistance to animals that were injured during natural disasters include in its end credits. (for instance during hurricane Katrina or the To be more specific, representatives of the

budgets and time allocated to the work of animals to ensure that their safety and well-being are not With the growth of the Hollywood industry threatened by poor management. and the increasing use of animals on sets, it was normal that the AHA also turned to cinema and The AHA annually rewards best animal actors protected our friends on camera. It was in 1939 with a Pawscar! This very serious award, the that really began its ‘films’ activity. At that time, equivalent of the Oscar, goes to the best animal movies were using a huge amount of horses for performances of the year. In 2015, cats having Westerns, among others. But unfortunately, played Buttercup in The Hunger Games, or the horses of the Hateful Eight, to name a few, have many of them died in accidents. won the prize! Today, the American Humane Association is the only one to work for the defense of animals What about France? during filming on American territory. They also give the Palme Dog! The Cannes film AHA insists on the fact that protecting animals festival also rewards the best canine performance, also means protecting the humans who will whether the animal is real or animated. The most interact with these animals on set. Over the years, famous of them? Uggie, the dog from The Artist it even acquired the right to oversee upstream (2011). earthquake in Haiti).

Redaction & Translation: Linda Chaabna Layout: Axelle Port-lis



Can you tell us about the concept behind 50% of the population has a pet at home «Animalove»?

(dog or cat)! In addition, the availability of visually interesting products is very

Animalove, it really is the junction low, and most of what the market is made between the desire to create beautiful comes from China. Quebec people are things that are as practical in our daily very sensitive (at least increasingly) to lives and immeasurable love for animals! buying locally, and so there was room in The environment in which we live every the market for new products of Quebec. day is important and in line with our well- I would also say that the status of animals being. And this should be applicable when and awareness against the good treatment you have pets at home too! Animalove of them makes the most attentive people. therefore offers a range of pet products Animals become a bit like children in a that are also decorative for the home, to family, and that encourages sustainable decorate home without restriction!

procurement and thoughtful.

Saying «Animalove» is the crossroads of What are the must-have in « Animalove « the harmony of the decor of a home and for our beloved feline and canine ? the comfort of our faithful companions with four legs ... what do you think?

As for our canine friends, this is the toy “Tug”’ cotton jersey that is scalable and

We can say that, but I would add prac- therefore provides no shock to the jaw and tical and utilitarian. But it is also quality then the pedestal bowls medium format! time with our pet, to play and to enjoy This is mainly for medium dogs. For our the beautiful company. It is important to favorite felines undoubtedly the fishing move our cat, for example, at least two rod toy (the favorite product of all!), besessions of 10 minutes a day to make him cause it is rechargeable! Then the jumbos spend his energy and keep active!

felted balls in hand, who feel the sheep and make them crazy cats.

Why is it receptive and demanding market? Some think that cats and dogs, for example, In province of Quebec, approximately have a spiritual role. What is your opinion?

I believe that animals have a different flect it in what we do. role in the lives of everyone. They soothe, reassure, and protect, love, help and more. What do you think of your competitors? They definitely have a positive effect on humans, like their therapeutic effects and In Quebec, there are no similar products constant support.

that could be my direct competition. By cons, if you move away to the United

What was your first creation?

States and United Kingdom, there are beautiful things that are sure! Prices re-

It’s been a long time that I create! But main very high and therefore inaccessible. Animalove, the first design I made was to support bowls, but not at all like that! A An anecdote, a good or a bad story to tell us? chance! Haha. I think the funniest part of my job is to What are your influences?

hear the stories of animals (especially cats) of all customers! People really want

The design of the North-East of Europe is to share slices of life! We will always be a my main visual inspiration. The Scandina- fan of our furry friends. vian style joined me much at the minimalism and color. In terms of ideology, the Bauhaus school fascinated me with their speech on the color of objects in relation to their usefulness. For you, the most important aspect in creating is?

Website : www.animalove.ca Facebook : www.facebook.com/animalovecie Twitter : www.twitter.com/animalovecie Instagram : www.instagram.com/animalove.ca Pinterest : www.pinterest.com/Animalovecie

Being inspired and inspiring! Reinvent, and truly create with all that we are; our values, our tastes, our follies! We each have a unique potential, and we must re-

Interview: Blacky Gyan Translation: Narcisse Soulsinger Layout: Jonas Simberg

Graphic Arts


Maxim L e s animaux Shkret’s en 3D de 3D Maxim Animals Shkret Maxim Shkret is a talented Russian designer. He works Maxim Shkret est russe in advertising, brainstorming et designer de talent. Il original packaging ideas for travaille dans la publicité, different companies. There cherchant des idées de is little doubt that this artist packagings originaux pour plays with perspective and les entreprises. Dès lors, volume perfectly. on se doute que cet artiste manie perspective et volume If you’re interested in his à la perfection. personal projects, you can note that animals are Quand on s’intéresse à presumably one of his ses projets personnels, on sources of inspiration. You’ll remarque que les animaux find many faunistic, yet sont vraisemblablement somewhat special portraits. l’une de ses sources d’inspirations. Nous He first portrayed a lion, a retrouvons de nombreux bear, an owl, and a fox for his portraits faunesques “Predators” series. Later on, cependant un peu spéciaux… he pictured a wolf, a horse, a ram, and a deer for his “Wolf D’abord un lion, un ours, & Hoof” series. un hibou et un renard pour sa série « Predators ». Plus tard, un loup, un cheval, un bélier, un cerf pour « Wolf & Hoof ».



It may be hard to believe, but his work is digital. By combining different graphic design software, he manages to create the illusion of 3D animals on paper. The depth and the colours are worked, creating texture and giving us the longing to touch them. Maxim Shkret knew how to maintain the creatures’ dynamic with their expressive and vivid eyes. These portraits speak to his audience through both the noblesse of the animals and the artist’s digital process.


Behance : www.behance.net/maxlogin

& Hoof Redaction & Layout: Laura Bonnieu Translation: Jayne Mandat

Wolf & Hoof



Gerald King

Gerald King is a Commercial/Graphic Artist from Chicago, Illinois but now resides in Battle Creek, Michigan.

INK Jungle gallery Medium- Ink, Chopstick, water



L’As Vegane Parao

When Youtube is at the service of the animals


Recently the French news was marked by shocking videos shot by members of the L214 association, unveiling the violence experienced by livestock in farms and slaughterhouses. If you have been sensitive to them and would like to turn to veganism, or already are, you should know that Youtube contains some gold nuggets that treat the subject very well: L’AsVéganeParano, JihemDoe and GurrenVegan. Summary of my chats with these future superstars. L’AsVéganeParano wants to demystify all the paranoias about veganism, and he does it well. Deficiencies, poor general health, lifestyle completely shifted, food restriction, he covers all topics with humour and lightness and does not hesitate to remind vegans to be understanding toward those who are not yet: “It is not their fault. Getting upset at them is like hurting them and at the same time hurting yourself too. They have their reasons, and we can’t blame them.” Jean-Mi, true-false star of the show does not quite agree: “People’s denial offends me.” But the key words of his videos remain Respect and Understanding. At the beginning of our interview, he explains that him and Jean-Mi are friends since childhood. Both with a baccalaureate in economic and social sciences in the pocket, L’AsVegane went through 3 years of music school (he plays guitar, bass mostly, a bit of piano and drums, and sings a little bit) and Jean-Mi 3 years in an audio-visual school. “He immediately said yes when I told him about my video project. In terms of material, I did with what I had. We shot the first 4 videos with a Canon 650D but the lens was a 18-135 zoom, not very suitable for interior

use… and I used my guitar pickup (which is static) while for voice one rather needs a dynamic. So really helter-skelter. Then I bought a Canon Legria Mini, which is a camera that YouTube launched for youtubers, available with integrated microphone, 200 quid. I will probably invest in a lapel microphone and some light.” Then we talk about veganism: “No one’s never asked me to be vegan, and I’ve never thought about it, I was doing what was “normal”, what I was taught. Then I started to have access to information (through the speech of Gary Yourofksy and the film Earthlings). I decided to be vegan and it did not take me 15 years of thinking, it just seemed logical to me. It is immoral to harm an animal, full stop.” L’AsVeganeParano, as JihemDoe says, has managed to create a bridge between vegans and carnists, something that is sorely lacking in France. As for the two questions every fan are asking themselves: is Jean-Mi really called Jean-Mi and is he vegan or not… I have the unhealthy pleasure to tell you that I will keep this information to myself. Hashtag badgirl, hashtag Iamactuallynotallowedtosayit, we should not demystify everything ;) 48 hours after my Messenger chat with L’AVP, I spend almost 3 captivating hours video conferencing with JihemDoe, who recently did a little buzz with Véganement#1. The short format (40 seconds on average) of the “Hi, I’m Vegan” videos is effective: a myth about veganism proposed by Omni, a straight, polite and firm answer from Vegan, thank you, see you soon, the end. No argumentation, and he focuses on the essential. Then he launched “Véganement” where he addresses the media,


major broadcasters of errors at best, lies at worst, about veganism. How did this happen? “One day I heard about veganism, activism. It seemed obvious to me that I would end up vegetarian. A friend posted on Facebook Gary’s speech. I watched it while eating a ham and butter or a ham and cheese sandwich, I can’t remember, but this is the last time in my life I ate meat. No transition, I became vegan to the second. That was 5 years ago on September 9, 2011.” And why Youtube? “I immediately wanted to do like Gary, give lectures (he studied communication!) but it was a purge in terms of organization and very pricey. It grieved me because I really wanted to be an activist. regarding Youtube videos, it’s simple: a camera, an editing program, a microphone. No more excuses. In France, veganism lags behind, we have a kind of sluggish veganism, I wanted to put my stone in the building and move it all.” When he speaks, JihemDoes looks like the people he admires: Martin Luther King, Bakunin, Gandhi, Bob Marley, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X. People with strongly held ideas, and committed activists who fought for their ideals, sometimes at the cost of their lives (Jihem, come down that tree, it is not serious!). Without blaming, hurting or accusing he confronts us with our contradictions, forcing us to think by ourselves. Hats off. And then there is GurrenVegan. An unusual and quirky character in the most positive possible sense of the word! He runs on bananas and the fact that he sometimes eats up to 15 of them per day is perhaps no coincidence. He also chose Youtube to communicate and express himself. Unless this is a choice that was imposed by the star of his videos: his flask. He films with his GoPro and talks

about his daily life, especially about the veganism-running duo. “I simply want to share what I know with those who are interested, and I don’t really care if sometimes my humour falls flat, I assume! Many people wonder how one can combine veganism and sport, veganism and family life, I try to answer them.” And he does it very well in the miniseries “A Vegan week”, 7 videos of a dozen of minutes in which he shows us his daily life without cheating and with good humour. The videos are funny and light, full of simple and essential tips. Gurren practices biking, squashing, hiking, and running. He recently ran the Paris Marathon for the L214 association “I could not refuse to help them” and now prepares the 86-km Gulf Raid for Sea Shepherd. “I was being challenged, but not at level yet, I hesitated. After several days of deep thinking, I eventually accepted.” I ask Gurren who are the people who inspires him daily. The answer is as humble as the character: “We talk a lot about Paul Watson, we all hear about “L214”, but the guys who impress me are the ones in the shadows, like the the SeaShepherd crew which puts their lives in danger or militants who entered slaughterhouses pretending to be temporary workers and filmed everything. They have as much merit as the headlining.” GurrenVegan is a simple guy who content himself with the essential and it’s like a breath of fresh air to watch him.

The lightness of l’AsVeganeParano the engagement of JihemDoe, the tips of Gurren, they’re all worth their weight in gold. Do not take my word for it, check out by yourself! You can find them here: L’AsVeganeParano : Facebook : L’As Végane Parano Youtube : L’As Végane Parano Tipee : L’As Végane Parano

JihemDoe : Facebook : Jihem Doe Youtube : Jihem Doe Tipee : Jihem Doe GurrenVegan : Facebook : Gurren Vegan Youtube : Gurren Vegan

Redaction: Barbara Vasseur Translation: Jérémie Vasseur Layout: Axelle Port-lis


Real gold nuggets sprinkled throughout the novel, a refocusing on the basics at the turn of the inessential, the heart of our deepest aspirations as mortal beings: the «outbreak of pure beauty in the heart of passions fleeting, «» contemplation of eternity in the very movement of life «, to use the expressions of the text. The Elegance of the Hedgehog, the cult of wabi, Japanese word meaning “erased form of the beautiful,” “masked refined rusticity quality”; it is the privileged place of Renee, Paloma, Kakuro, of all who are inspired by the greatness of little things every day, ordinary, by the firm conviction that “it is as it should be,” that “it is good this way’; it is the ability to capture those precious occasions where everything is harmony and enjoyment with the intensity required. It is precisely because we are promised to die that we must not forget that we are alive today need to savour every moment as a gift and give the maximum of ourselves:

Gallimard, 2006 (The Prix des libraires in 2007) «The essential is invisible to the eye,» said the fox to the Little Prince ... From the outside, Renee, the heroine of the novel by Muriel Barbery, is small, ugly, repulsive, and plump; from inside, it contains a rare and unsuspected beauty. Between appearances, the image projected, and the being, the deep intimacy, there may be a gap that is surprising. The Elegance of the Hedgehog, it is the discovery of tenderness once past the peaks of self-defence ... it is the delicacy of a world that is gradually discovered, that of Renee, a 54 years old cultured and self-educated concierge of 7th Grenelle, that of Paloma, 12years old, living with her family in the same 7th Grenelle road, and Kakuro Ozu, who moves into the building.

“It is important not to forget that, enacts Paloma, whose awareness is not without surprise. We must not forget the elderly with old rotten body, the elderly close to a death that young people do not want to think about (...) the non-existent joy all day, which should be thoroughly enjoy and that undergoes in trouble, bitterness and brooding. We must not forget that the body wastes away, the friends die, you forget all that, the end is solitude. Do not forget that the old were young, that time of life is ridiculous, and that is twenty one and eighty tomorrow. (...) I have understood early on that life, that passes in no time, watching the adults around me, so eager, so stressed by the deadline, so eager now to not think of tomorrow ... But if you dread the next day, it is because we do not know how to build the present and when we do not know that, we tell about what we can do tomorrow and it’s damn because tomorrow always ends up becoming today, you know? So it is important not to forget about it. We must live with this certainty that we will grow old and that it will not be good, not good, not gay. And say that it is now important: build now, anything, at any price, with all his strength. Always have a retirement home head to surpass every day, mak-

ing it everlasting. Climbing Everest stepping its self and do it so that each step is a little eternity. The future, is: to build the present with real live projects. Carpe diem, said Ronsard to the beloved woman, seize the day, enjoy the moment as it is now, because tomorrow comes too quickly, tomorrow you will be old and faded, like the rose; echo, a few centuries later, Renee says, “what is beautiful, is what you grab while it happens. This is the ephemeral configuration of things when we see at the same time their beauty and death. Aie, aie, aie, I thought, would that mean that this is how we should live his life? Always in balance between beauty and death, movement and disappearance? That may be what being alive is about: hunt down dying moments. “. Art allows precisely to give form to emotions and realize the beauty of the ephemeral, captured like a butterfly wings resplendent in part, escaping the deadly process. That’s what counts, “the fullness of a moment

Muriel Barbery Photo: Lefigaro.fr

Redaction: Candy Hoffman Translation: Marie Agathe Ndiaye Layout: Blacky Gyan



Interview: Nicole V. Camphaug

The market of the fur is gaining ground. The Interview: Nicole V. Camphaug coat’s hoods are adorned with coyote, the collars of rabbit and the angora earmuffs abound in Montreal’s streets. This renewal still remains very fragile since mentalities

How did the idea of having a collection sealskin shoes emerged?

have changed a lot. I recuperated some low-grade sealskins that I Fur isn’t synonymous of luxury any more, found very pretty. They were full of spots but it is becoming democratized and invites ittoo thin to make hats or mitts. I don’t generself in every home. However, the awareness of the animal well-being and the search for ally keep skins as a decoration and I wanted to an ethical product have become important use those skins. I had a new pair of boots that criterias for the consumers. Europe authorizes by bit fur farms for certain species but has definitively closed its

I did not wear, which were perfect for an experiment. I liked the look and I decided to try making some stilettos with it, and it turned

doors to sealskin. Definitively? Not com- out being amazing. pletely because the first nations can still enjoy hunting and fishing rights, exploit Is sealskin easy to work with? How do you those resources on their territory and even process the skin? export it. Those rights still allow the valuation of the When I purchase the skin, it is already comsealskin: bras, breeches, stilettos…the big mercially tanned and therefore, pliable and North communities, Rannva Simonsen and easy to work with. There is lots of room to Nicole Camphaug in the lead, have many stretch and form the skin around the shoes. I ideas to make of this noble material original works. A craft market which could turn don’t process the skins myself but rather purout to be the best ambassador of the Inuits chase them like that. Although, if I do need to traditons. Nicole Camphaug works her shoes piece by

stretch or manipulate it, I do have a concoction for such adjustments.

piece and upon request. Thanks to her gla-

morous heels, the creator changes our vision Do you use other types of animal skin? by reinventing the fashion of the big North. She accepted to answer a few questions.

I don’t use yet any other animal skins. Now

that you’ve asked the question thought, I am ture? What are your projects to develop the thinking in the future of using fox fur. In fact, market? maybe for my next pair of boots. The future is so uncertain. There are endless Where do you get the raw material?

possibilities but reality is something else. I would love to own and operate my own shoe

I get my raw material from a friend of mine manufacturing company. It would be great in Labrador who sells wonderful quality harp producing all Canadian made shoes. Canadian sealskins. They are beautiful.

production is so important. That is why I love doing those shoes back home, in Iqaluit, in

Iqaluit is a small town located in the Nuna- Nunavut. A project for developing the marvut. How do you manage the supply on a dai- ket ... Oh God, I still don’t know how I could ly basis? And for a last minute order?

answer that question.

I try to simply make what I can, when I can, Europe has closed its market to sealskin deespecially since I have a full-time job. I do the rived products except for native and Inuit “orders” when I am able. I do try to provide to communities. Is there a label to guarantee those who actively promote sealskin, whether the origin of the products? it be to an awards show, a public event promoting our sealing culture, people who are A label to guarantee the origin of seal prodon the public stage, and of course, my dear ucts ... I don’t have one for my own stuff yet. friends who “need” something special for a There must be one for artisans, one that indispecial occasion.

cates where are the skins are harvested, etc.

Last minute orders? I look at the timeframe and what I am realistically capable of doing in Who are your main clients? those times. I don’t like producing pieces on a rush or compromises on quality.

My main clients are Canadians who appreciate art and culture. Many are Inuit from all

The industry has been extremely affected by circumpolar regions but also people of Newanti-fur campaigns. How do you see the fu- foundland and Labrador.

Inuit people use sealskin since generations. Where can we buy your products? Do you atWas it natural for you to use this material?

tend any trade shows?

If it is natural to use sealskin being Inuk? Of The products are sold by social media, craft course. I really love sealskin, Im always trying fairs and trade shows. It all depends on what to come up with a way to exploit it. I like the I can produce. I privately sell them and don’t idea of shoes, booties, sandals or stilettos be- distribute to any stores, although there are cause it allows one to wear sealskin anytime of the year, for any event. Fur has been for a long time associated with luxury. Brands such as “Canada Goose” and “Rudsak” helped to democratized it for younger generations. Do you benefit from

a couple of small shops in iqaluit I may work

with. But we’ll have to see what can I manage. I prefer to vet all requests via our ENB Artisan Facebook page but there are other ways too. Twitter - @ncamphaug; InstagramENB_ARTISAN, and of course via email – Ncamphaug@live.ca

this more urban look? I haven’t yet benefited from this urban “trend”. Perhaps if I was in big business I would but since I’m a small one, I still do one shoe at a time, I don’t notice it.

Sources VAN DUSEN. John “Nicole Camphaug takes sealskin footwear to new heights”, CBC News, July 2015

You are a small company. Do you have a part- [http://www.cbc.ca] nership with other creators? MCCUE. Duncan “Sexy en phoque”, Ici RaI don’t have one currently but I do speak a dio Canada, March 2016 lot with Rannva Simonsen of Rannva De- [http://ici.radio-canada.ca ] signs in doing a private party together. She is so incredibly helpful and wonderful, and MARCEAU. Marilyn “Embargo européen sur of course, talented.

le phoque : le canada fera appel”, Ici Radio

Canada, Novembre 2013 [http://ici.radio-canada.ca ] GRENIERICI. Philippe. “La chine, dernier espoir pour l’industrie canadienne des produits du phoque? ”, Ici Radio Canada, Novembre 2015 [http://ici.radio-canada.ca ] DEVLIN MARIER. Rita, “La fourrure reprend du poil de la bête, La Presse Canadienne”, February 2013 [http://www.lapresse.ca] ABNETT.Kat. “Inside the growing global fur industry, Business Of Fashion”, June 2015 [http://www.businessoffashion.com]

Interview: Karima Kebabi Translation: Alanie Genest Layout: Jonas Simberg



Security blanket, ...


Tell us a little bit more about you.

him and sticks to it. Regarding my creations, I look over the fact that the object is not dangerI don’t want to be too much opened about ev- ous, has zero risk of injuries and that it is pleaserything on me, so I just want to share that my ant to the touch. passion for sewing, especially clothes, was there by the time of my adolescence. And then, once Is there any particular bond between my niece Isabelle obtained her diploma in Mon- those animals and you? tréal as a designer, her world touring began, has she had the chance to design quite big clothing Yes, of course! Since his father’s death, my facompanies. Eventually, she came back in the Is- ther has taken charge of his farm at only 11. At lands and began to sell her personal creations. It that time, there was of everything in the farm, was naturally that emerged the idea of manu- from the baby chickens, to the ewes, the pigs, facturing our own creations. the cows, the turkeys, the ponies, until the workhorse, not to mention the family’s garden. Having grown in the campaign and so close to the nature, animals filled my happy youthful How did you have the idea to sell plush days, my culture and my life.


I wasn’t inspired by a lot of the plush animals on the market, due to its big lack of originality. There was a lot more space for creativity. Creating my own plush animals following my imagination was the only chance I had to be able to stand out in a child’s world, say, a world out of it...While myself having some fun, I think it’s a wonderful hobby.

Is it just a pastime? A pastime, yes. But also a retirement project. Because retirement does not mean doing nothing, but most of all accomplish what we did not have time to achieve or to finally execute what we have always dreamed of without it being an actual job. You know?

What does call your attention on those objects? For a child, a plush animal is pretty much similar as a smooth friend, it’s an emotional reference sort of. As much as when he lies down or wakes up, the child has his plush animal very close to

What inspires you as an artist? You’re asking about my inspiration? When you grow up in a peaceful campaign environment, in boat, fishermen and lobster’s cages sets, between the immensity of the sea and the large whipped by all winds horizons, in a down-toearth environment, surrounded by a very large family who talks rubbish, tell themselves their life and happy fables, we can never completely forget about the marvel of our childhood.The exciting, fast-paced city’s life always brings me back to the Islands, where my childhood ran, with the very appreciated surrounding of my

of all adults yet still flow in the tenderness of cats. Many animals gives a glance of happiness to those who look over them. Without of much knowing the fact of why it’s like that or how can it be possible, we sometimes say that animals, such as ewes, horses, dogs and cats can be calming and inspiring to us, once in a while can change positively our feeling of boredom, and this is where emerges the term “ZOOTHERAPY”. Psychologists, veterinarians and therapists of any grade acknowledge it and makes it something as being irrevocable for a long time now .

parents who loved me very much.

Nobody should be surprised, therefore that plush animals has become so common, so popular, so looked upon, so inspiring …

What should I tell you above that? When you find yourself in the Islands, a buoy, a fisherman’s net, a shell, some sheep’s wool, even a bird can possibly inspire us! If, therefore, in top of everything else, one remembers that all of Island’s families had care if not of one, of several Facebook : www.facebook.com/LesCreationscats scattered in the farm or in the house. This Mabrisa animal has become the symbol of the affection I have for the countryside, my first creation’s model, even the source of my inspiration. Cats are animals that everyone can appreciate. Having made the experiment, the more we get to know this animal, the more it is we take conscience of how extensively important a ball of affection he is. They become attached to their master or mistresses. Our feet they touch, on our knees they rise or on the ground they roll, demanding for a caress. A part of their little needs very basic, they only claim for an unique thing: may they be protected by us. In other words saying, they want us to like their presence! All around the planet, every child experiences a total affection for cats. They are especially cheerful animals, soft, clean, silky, plus the children love them and … “COLLOUS”. When we think about it, it’s true, all the children and most

Interview: Blacky Gyan Translation: Alanie Genest Layout: Estelle Simon


Lennette Newell

The Animal Series


Lennette Newell was born in a California ranch in the 1960’s. Her father was a veterinarian and passed down his love for animals to his daughter. She loves nature so much that her dream is to wake up one morning as a jaguar or a zebra.

Today, the Californian is a successful commercial photographer. Repeatedly awarded for her advertising campaigns and her original packaging, she is internationally renowned. At the same instance, she doesn’t neglect her love for wildlife and takes time to celebrate the beauty of the animal kingdom in her personal projects. She does so particularly in her “Anti-Human” series and in her “Stripes in nature”, where humans and animals coexist.

In her photographs, the animal is at the forefront, while the human is secondary. The human must look like the animal; integrate himself and hope for a furtive dialogue, exchange, or an acceptation. The man must mirror the animal to seduce him, which is fascinating. By reversing the Man-Animal rapport, Newell ensures the preservation of wildlife and the protection of natural habitats. The animal must live with the human and inversely, to take care of each other.

For this purpose, Lennette thought of the art of body painting. Human bodies are therefore painted, from head to toe, in colours and shapes resembling the skin, fur or scales of animals. The photographer then captures harmonious moments where the two beings are both equal.

Her portraits are surprisingly aesthetic and sensual. The relationship between man and nature has never been so perfect.

Website: www.lennettenewell.com Facebook: Lennette Newell Photography

Redaction & layout: Laura Bonnieu Translation: Jayne Mandat




a French photographer, has approached the horses, and more specifically, during servicing. She was going to a horse show and that is how the interest came to her: «I was impressed on how beautiful the competition horses could be: shiny hair, often wearing mane, sometimes decorated headpiece harness ... And all this for a passage that lasts just a few minutes. I told myself it would be interesting to look into the complexity of preparation before a show…” Thus it is how she passed from the side of the scenes to inside the stables, where one can pampers these animals.

The day of the competition, the horse is prepared in several steps: to start, we have to count twenty minute treatments (brushing, cleaning, styling, etc.), then about fifteen minutes that allow it to stretch. An hour before the passage, it is saddled and led to the rest area in order to warm it up. After the last race, the horse goes back to his box; but again, we take care of him, tendon protection to the legs, grease clogs, brushing again ... These horses are docile and used to be groomed; the operations are performed easily.

Here are some pictures illustrating these steps. This report is thus more focused on human/ animal relationship. The black and white accentuates the hidden to the viewer, as if it was a buried memory. But this choice also allows greater priority to these subjects: hair, water, iron, etc., the pure lines of clichés and contact between two beings.

Redaction & photos: Sherfy Translation: Narcisse Nguyen Layout: Laura Bonnieu


Di Liu

and excessiveness

A rabbit taller than the building in which you live? A panda who crushed your neighbors’ house? All of that is possible in the «Animal Regulation Series» by Di Liu. Indeed, this Chinese artist explores conflicting relationships between men and nature through a series of photographic experiments. In his photomontages, he stages animals with exaggerated size in the middle of the city, and this excessiveness causes the destruction of the urban landscape.

Di Liu took his inspiration from suburban Beijing to recreate a familiar but strange world in which he broke a simple common sense rule regarding animals’ size. For this chaos, he highlights the fine line between nature and society, between the material and the intellectual, and between obedience and violation of the laws of nature. He wanted to make his audience react and reflect? The goal is achieved.

Redaction: Maëva Cruchet Translation: Myriam Annick Layout: Laura Bonnieu

R Model




Deme Assane is a Senegalese plastic artist who started his career early. After several years of training at the School of Fine Arts in Senegal and with great masters, he has devoted a passion for recycling. Today, he presents some of his works:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DemeOiseaux

Redaction & Layout: Blacky Gyan Translattion: Narcisse Nguyen


Vladimir Davydov,

the man who gives life to animals onto the wood

His life

His motivation

Vladimir Davydov was born in 1980 in Kyrgyzstan, small Republic in Central Asia. He completed his studies and obtained a diploma in engineering of the Kirghiz University in 2003. 2008 was a watershed year because he left his country to emigrate in Canada. His life started all over again. By leaving Central Asia, Vladimir had for deep resolution to find a job which would really please him. Thus it is in 2009 when, accidentally, he finds a creative activity in a domain which was totally unknown for him until this day, the wood carving. From this moment, Vladimir falls in love with this form of art and he quickly realizes that he cannot live anymore without creating. At present, he works on a line of luxury items for art galleries, take part with diverse artistic events and symposia, carries out special orders and gives some wood carving training. He questions him on the interaction between the man and the nature, two entities living in the same universe and possessing both different and sometimes antagonistic functions: “The nature - the unchanging language - is represented by the flora, the fauna and the environment, generally. It follows it cycle by survival instinct. The human being - the evolutionary language - is guided by the instinct of survival but is also confronted with his own evolution as much in the point of economic and social view as spiritual. He has to learn to compromise with his environment. It is thanks of these two languages, the crude oil and the esthetics, the material and the color that I wish to confront the existence towards a collection of the truths.”

Vladimir finds it in his quest of balance between the humanity and his environment. His art aims to be organic, wild and raw. An art of confrontation … An art of evolution … A humanitarian art in constant oscillation enters human and natural. Her artistic approach As a sculptor, it lives in the fact of making feel to people that they are holders of a power of change. Reflect about the life and the nature in all that it offers us of beautiful. His sculptures They are always unique rooms, made completely for the hand with gouges and knives with wood and on a wood of lime tree, mainly. However, he has other materials of preference as cedar wood, white bread and Canadian walnut and uses only the dry wood; where from the stability of the sculpture which does not crack in time. He adopted a traditional finish with gums - lacquers and dyes and painted with acrylic paints. Sculptures are protected, afterward, with three layers of varnish; thus this process protects its rooms against UV radiation, the humidity and the dust and does not ask for particular maintenance. His thought to machines Can machines replace him? Often, he changes his drawing by sculpturing, adds or removes certain details. He works with the shape of the

wooden board a lot. He integrates knots and bark into his rooms (parts, plays). He uses several tricks which give depth to its sculptures. And finally, every sculpture is a particle of its soul which carries love of its heart. Thus not, he is sure that machines nowadays cannot replace him. His advice “ To the young people who would like to launch into the same way as me, let’s go! It is difficult but very interesting. Listen to your heart and do not listen to people who tell you that it is impossible. If you like something, it is always possible. But it is necessary to be patient and never to rest on our laurels. “

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/vladimirdavydovsculpteur1 Website : http://davydovart.com/

Redaction & Layout: Blacky Gyan Translation: Lsnciné Kouyaté

[ART] [Animal]Sculpture Graphisme

Blank William’s new order

Blank William’s

new order Web site - blankwilliam.com

Projects « The new order » - blankwilliam.com/the-new-order-black - blankwilliam.com/the-new-order

Redaction: Maëva Cruchet Translation: Myriam Annick Layout : Laura Bonnieu

To combine the animal order with the cinematographic world of Star Wars? The New York designer

Blank William proves

that this is possible with his «The new order» project, a series of amazing sculptures declined in black and white. These sculptures represent the helmets of the Galactic Empire soldiers in the form of three massive animals: elephant, hippopotamus and rhinoceros. With animals and metal, and glossy or matt finish materials, genres are disturbingly mixed. Those who are fans of trilogies (and the others!) Will be amazed.



Bon en Tit’Os Meeting with Mathilde Cormier

Mathilde worked, a few years ago, for a shop of foods and accessories for animals; it marks the birth of its passion and of the idea of a shop which wouldn’t open, at that time, because she didn’t feel capable. It is only after a big accident where she went out extremely fortunate to be alive and without handicap and which led her to be in convalescence and during several months, the young woman questioned and decided, thus, Quality food, without gluten (for most part), to realize her dream. Business plan, training to toys, necklaces, leashes, pharmaceutical prod- launch her company. That’s it, she gambles! ucts but also food and accessories for the rodents and the birds. I can tell you, it is the para- This project is more than the realization of a dise for our dear friends. However, the young dream, when she thinks about it, because, today, woman does not end there. Indeed, she also of- Mathilde, proved to herself that she is capable fers advice on the nutrition and on certain be- of surpassing herself. Furthermore, her launch allowed her to see her entourage who come to havior. support her. Her family, friends and knowledge To answer at the question why she chose the were actually on this line of business to help her name Bon en Tit’ Os, she laughs and says: “ I sat and encourage her “ It was really a full of love with my father, once, and we played to imagin- day “, she says. ing silly names for the shop when he said “ it is good tit’ bone “. And it is quite simply that we She does not plan to open others “Bon en Tit’ kept this name for those who understand this Os” shops but reserves us a surprise during the next year. wordplay. “ Mathilde is a young 24-year-old entrepreneur. Dynamics, she is not capable to stay put; this is why, she is always looking for new challenges. Her great passion for animals and for all which could relate to it led her to create, two months ago, “Bon en Tit’ Os”, who is, today, a district store specialized in the nutrition and pets accessories.

But why a shop to sale foods and accessories for To follow … dogs and cats?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bonentitos Website : www.bonentitos.com/

Redaction & Layout: Blacky Gyan Translation: Lanciné Kouyaté

A’S de la Perfection