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Mission of We believe Christ’s love must be expressed in action to people in need. ARM is a hands on ministry, responding to people through Christian love with an emphasis in housing repair and children’s ministry. Alabama Rural Ministry coordinates home repair efforts and children’s day camps in rural parts of Alabama. We are interdenominational, but are connected to the United Methodist Church. All denominations are welcome to come and serve!

123 Street St. Auburn, AL 36849

Mailing Label P.O. Box 2890 Auburn, Al. 36831

“For the service that you give is not only supplying the needs of everyone but is an expression of many thanks to God.” 2 Corinthians 9:11-12

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ARM wants to provide you with a mission experience that allows your team to develop personal relationships, challenges and builds upon their relationship with Christ, and meets physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

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In Deuteronomy, God said, “There should be no poor in the land.” In Acts we read where the early church formed such a bond that “there was no poverty among them.” It is God’s desire that everyone has their needs supplied, and it is up to us, the body of Christ, to see that through.

ARM looks for church youth groups, college groups, adults, intergenerational groups and local volunteers. ARM hopes that your team will not only experience the joys of helping a family with repairs or teaching children Bible stories, but that your team will gain an understanding of Christ’s call to serve. Your group will enjoy an experience that allows you to engage the community and gives you a dose of southern and Christian hospitality.

Alabama Rural Ministry focuses on sharing the gospel through home repair and children’s ministry mainly in Sumter and Macon County. Potential team projects: • Leading summer day camps for area underprivileged kids • Roofing • Constructing wheelchair ramps • Dry wall repair • Minor plumbing • General repairs for rooms



• If you send in your registration before December 1 the fee is $25, before February 1 it is $50 and after February 1, it is $75. • A week long trip from Sunday to Saturday costs $280. • An extended weekend from Wednesday to Sunday costs $220. • These fees cover room, meals, construction materials and an ARM t-shirt.


Home Located at the western end of the Black Belt region of Alabama, Sumter County is where ARM started. Due to lack of industry in this area, this county is one of the 100 poorest counties in the United States. Macon County is home to historical Tuskegee University, The George Washington Carver Museum and Tuskegee Airmen. This county is one of the poorest in Alabama. With 33% of the population below poverty, and ARM serves Macon County through home repair ministry.

ARM Team Interest Brochure  
ARM Team Interest Brochure  

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