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The Perfect Mixologist is an event that creates a personal relationship with bartenders, mixologist, and bloggers in a social learning environment while promoting your product within one of the most influential communities in the spirits business. The Perfect Mixologist is here to provide educational seminars on your spirit and professional workshops on adding personality on presenting your brand giving you the opportunity to connect with professionals who promote products that they know and can relate to and understand how to present it. Our demonstrations are focused on helping bartenders develop quick recipes to promote sales while still bringing out the essence of your spirit or product. Social Expos will create the perfect opportunity for you to personally showoff your mixology on your spirits or products. Our guests will be able to see and experience your product by receiving:

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Professional Flair Lessons Product Tasting Notes Product Mixology Molecular Mixology Presentation and Garnish

Benefits      

Build a personal relationship with bartenders Promote Product Mixology Develop Brand Loyalty Create a dialogue with influential bloggers Educate bartenders on your taste notes and mixology Increased Social Media exposure  Feedback on product, mixology and bottle design

Ron Terry

Perfect Mixologist 1 Sheet  

Overview of the perfect mixologist event for mixology and bartenders and brands,

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