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BURNER Hi from all of the burner team! if your looking for some dope styles, throwups and illustrations with no fuss, we have got it all for you in this issue. Jam packed with imagae and no non sense text heres the place for you. In this issue we have got some of the most classic graff artists combined with some new school artists and undiscovered talent as we open the lense into the graffiti world.

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BATES Bates is considered by many to be one of the best graffiti artist today. The combination of superior character style and innovative color theme makes a good recipe for perfection. You can find Bates pieces all around the world. Bates has been painting graffiti since 1984.He has traveled around the world and has done artwork in: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Ireland, England, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, New Zealand, Malaysia, Usa, Mexico, Africa, Japan, France, Austria and more. known for style and class Bates is and has been sponsored by paint companies such as: Montana, Molotow and Mtn. Bates has been featured in books on graffiti such as: Graffiti Art, Graffiti World, Graffiti Denmark, and On The Run vol. 2 which was solely based on the entire history of Bates. Bates has done design work for clothing companies such as: Tribal Gear, Third Rail, Dickies, Redrum, Osiris, Alis, Aerosoul, Montana and Bates’ current projects include: Magic Moments Magazine, Write and Unite dvd, and running the website:


What’s your given name? I’m not gonna tell ya. How old are you? Old enough. Where did you grow up and where do you live now? In Copenhagen, Denmark. When did you first get in contact with graffiti art? In 1984 through the Hip Hop culture...i started to dance Electric Boogie and my eyes catches the graffiti art in the background. I was in my local youth club.

sometimes we went to the Thomas P. Hejle club were the unity of Hip Hop was born. Here you could meet writers, bboys djs and listen to Hip Hop music and share it with people from all parts of Copenhagen. Standing on the staircase watching writers brag, flipping black book pages and back pieces rocked with Posca markers. Try read danish wildstyle graffiti book from 1985!

As you started out with Graffiti art, tell us about the scene back then, what was it like? I took the name BATES back in 1986 and worked up the name, massive amount of hard work! The graffiti scene back then were awesome! So much energy, good styles and flavours. Sometimes I miss the good old days, everything was so raw and pure.... i remember the good times at Ryparken, Svanemoellen, Noerrport writers bench where I sometimes meet cousing Joze, Great, Side, Apache, Scan, Fuse, Sketch, Shame, Rezen, Jab. Skipping school, doing insides at Klampenborg all the way to Hellerup! Making homemade markers, cutting your first fatcap and discover the soft cap for outlines! What other artists inspire you? I like Ralph Bakshi, The Pitt comic books, flyer designs.. Comic book artists, designers, amazing artwork, colours.. Any final words? Peace and respect, Bates.


By Ryan Hogan

By Ryan Hogan


BURNER What are the influences behind your illustrations and art work? Ryan Hogan Well, the main influences behind my work are the different ways the same thing can be seen, the things that always interest me is finding depth behind shallow objects and bringing forth the hidden qualities that lie within. Character can be created from the most inanimate of objects and once identified I create a juxtaposition for the subject bringing life and qualities that cant be seen on the surface, I find that this always makes an interesting piece. BURNER What artists give you inspiration for your ideas? Ryan Hogan I think that the artist that I draw most my inspiration from is a graffiti artist from Barcelona, Aryz, his work is obscure and morbid in ways, however I think that the detail and skill that he has really shows through in his work. The skill level that he has is evident but the thought and mind behind his pieces are so different and unique he firmly stands on his own platform as one of the best spray artists in the world and has gain his recognition through being different and that’s what I truly admire. BURNER When did you begin to focus on your illustrative skills and start to refine them into your own style? Ryan Hogan Since I was very young I have been practicing my graffiti and learning how to paint with a can but I found as I got older that my lettering and word play was reaching a good level and my own style was shining through. As I practiced more I began to experiment with imagery, however I found that I struggled to understand how to use pictures in my pieces, so I focused much of my time into distinguishing my own unique il-

lustrative style that I could infuse in my passion for graffiti art and I continue to refine my style, becoming more and more stylized and personal. BURNER What got you interested in the graffiti scene? Ryan Hogan Ive always been into hip hop since a young age I picked up graffiti as being bored as a kid jotting on notepads in math class mixed with my love for hip hop culture and the carefree, wild and untamed lifestyle that was so commonly associated with it. I was fascinated by feeling free and expressing myself and being seen as apart of something and accepted for doing it. As I practiced more I loved the feeling of recognition and being told I was good at something by other people who I saw as good artists also, graffiti has influenced my life and who I am as a person defiantly making an impact on my character but above all it’s the release and escape that everyone in life needs, I guess graffiti gives me the rush that pen pushers get from getting a gold star for a clean and tidy work desk in the office. BURNER Haha, well thanks a lot for the interview ryan, any final words for the interview Ryan Hogan Yeah, PC all day 07! And peace!.




nce upon a time there was a large panda frog named Marmaduke, he was a bright and clever creature and had infinite potential in the world of street pencil sharpening, However the one thing holding Marmaduke down was his lack of hair on his left calf, to combat his downfall he compensates for his use of fei yung pow cloud crafting skill learned by many years of smoking pixie fart particles diluted in the seas of origin, and left to marinate in the ripe airs of the near by island of ink men. The blue rubber tree once spoke fiercely to the captain of cheese in ways no eraser had done before, correct he stood in his valiant battle for he rights to free his trapt brother from the deep furnace of love. A twisted tale then unfolded upon the gruesome, yet innocent potato root, as he struggled through the harsh times of life in a pencil case. Box of ill omen and loose threads shroud the infertile lands of eternal beauty deceiving the eye to believe the truth is complete, but imperfections are shown as a destructive splinter in through the lens of reflective nobility. Through-out the age of glue many species have developed o adapt to the cold frost of many frozen hearts, as the pain uncontrollably spills from the wounds left by romantic devastation. Rose petals fall delicately under large amounts of heavy eating and the whale flys majestically after paint consumption but the koala remains humble in average success gliding through life with superior elegance to any bird, a shallow whisper separates the distance to any amount of improbability when saturated in impeccable believe and faith. The wing is but a shell of flight life is the ingredient in which truly makes it magical, no man has wings but even koalas can fly through life. From a tortured snail shell animates the tree of life in coloured shadows, fluorescent stripes lick leaves of broken button holes and door stoppers, no amount of debate could defuse the tension between the candy and the wrapper therefore break the ice by chilling the flame before opening your yellow bag.



OUNGSTERS have pulled together to transform an intimidating city underpass into a new street art project. Around 20 young people, aged between nine and 16, from Welland, Parnwell and Dogsthorpe areas of Peterborough volunteered two days of their summer holiday to brighten up the 20-metre underpass between Eye Road near the Welland Medical Practice and Saltersgate in Parnwell. The youngsters helped to prime the dull concrete walls on Tuesday before returning on Wednesday to spray-paint their designs. They were guided by city-based street artists Stuart Payn and Alex Airey, from the Blok Collective, who were on hand to inspire the volunteers over the two days. Graffiti-proof varnish has been brushed across the artwork to protect and preserve it for at least a year. Stuart Mathers, youth worker for Peterborough City Council’s eight to 19 service, said he saw the makeover of the underpass as a way young people could contribute to their community in a fun way.

He said: “This can be something that young people can smile at. It helps them add to the community and gain skills, while the community gets a bright piece of art to cheer people up. “It leaves people feeling a bit more positive about walking through the underpass.” The underpass near Bluebell Park in Paston is the next in line to receive a make-over with more locations being eyed for the future. The project is being run by the council’s youth service and The Inspirations Studio, based at the former Old Still pub in Westgate Arcade and received funding totalling £1,600 from the East, Dogsthorpe and Park Neighbourhood Committee and the Government’s extended schools grant programme.


ARYZ From the active and interesting street art scene of Barcelone we’d like to introduce Aryz. Really skilled graffiti artist, he works with spray paint and paint rollers for his huge works with stunning colors. Aryz graffiti is innovative, fresh ,unique and clearly immensely visually brilliant. Aryz uses a mixture of fine art illustration with incredible detail that separates him from the rest of the graffiti artists on the scene, gaining him his name and recognition in the graffiti world as a very skilled artist. Aryz work can be found all over the world and his canvases range from studio work right out onto large skyscrapers and massive industrial buildings.

NIGHT VISION WITH CGI Aranging to meet a well known graffiti artsit is hard enough, let alone being allowed spend a night to take pictures of them in action. Luckily i was granted the oppertunity and i couldnt refuse. I spent a night with the writer CGI PEST and was given permission to take photographs of him at work, on the agreement that no pictures revealing his identity or face would be shown. To find him and arange such a meeting was by far the hardest part but through connections and links i managed to speak to him through a few people and gain his trust allowing me to explaining that there would be an article about him in burner graffiti magazine and he was happy enough after that to proceed with the night. CGI is known all over the east midlands for his wildstyle, old school mash up pieces and unique hypbrid flow. Watching him paint was enough to show his reputation wasnt just talk, the control that kid has with a can and effortless flow from stroke to stroke could show anyone that hes done this before. After being aquaquainted with CGI he took no time messing around and asked if we could head off and get going now, so i got in the front seat and we proceeded to head out into the night. He told me that we were going to a local airbase and went on to explain how he likes to go there to throw up some practice pieces and work on some new things. The airbase had been dis used for quite some times and its location is well out of the way from any town or village, making it a sweet spot for writers who fancy a long time stay with no hassle to work on bare brick walls. As we arrived he went to the boot of his car and grabbed his ruck sack and asked me to carry two sports bags full of his paint.








This product’s quality compared to similar, competitive alternatives is: The ultimate fast painting experience! Montana Black Spray Paints bring perfect control and handling to artists, in a variety of vibrant colors that dry immediately for rapid application, reapplication, and overlapping with other colors. Montana Black assures high coverage with no dripping and low noise. Every powerful, matte finish color comes in a 400 ml (14 oz), high-pressure can, and 14 of the colors are available in a 600 ml (20 oz) “Extended” can for longer painting sessions. The highly pigmented paint can be applied to any surface — for best results, shake well before using. Its non-scented aerosol formula conforms to the highest quality, health, and environmental standards. When I hear the clink of metal to metal while working, I usually drop what I’m doing and make haste to the Montana Gold display rack located near the front of the store. If the metal to metal noise I heard was indeed made by a customer, hovering over the Montana Gold spray paint display, my face lights up and I immediately ask the same question every time “Whatchya doin with that?!” Some customers are students preparing for a project deadline and they commence to tell me all about their grand schemes and ideas (which I love). Some are home room mom’s getting geared up for a massive 3rd grader’s art auction. And some customers get nervous and pause a little too long before spitting out some watered down reason for their reason of choice in spray paint. Some of these customers are newbies in the land of art and look at me wide eyed and desperate for a solution to their woes and ask “Will this work on plastic?” “Yes! Yes it will!” I reply with great pride and excitement. “..and metal!” Then I go on to explain that I have painted my entire van with Montana Gold and it has not only stuck tried and true to the sides of my car for over a year now, it has also withheld the pressures of snow, rain, wind, Atlanta pollution and beating sunshine. Montana Gold just rocks. I’ve use Montana Gold in set design to get mass ideas & patterns out quick and efficiently with minimum mess. I’ve used it on postcards, cardboard scrap art, a skateboard, and even a welding helmet!

“The best in its cateagory ”

CRY Well if it’s photorealistic talent you wanting, you can’t do much better than Cry. She has been in the graffiti game for over 20 years and has mastered the spray can with devastating effect, producing amazing realistic artwork for a variety of projects for clients such as Converse and private commissions. As well as staying true to her roots by traveling up & down the country to paint for pleasure, Cry runs workshops for youth clubs & community groups, works commercially providing murals for various companies & produces canvases & illustrations for commissions as well as regularly showing her work in public exhibitions.



BURNER: When did you start being a graffiti writer? Astro: I started getting into graffiti a little more than 10 years ago. BURNER: What got you into writing graffiti? Astro: I always liked drawing and sketching since a was a little kid and in the Northern suburbs of Paris where I grew up, Graffiti was all over the place. Some of my friends were already into tagging and one night I went with them and that’s where I started my first tags. BURNER: What/who directly influences your style and flow? Astro: Certainly my best friend Esty for the writers and Alfons Mucha for his art etc. BURNER: What crews have you written with and write with at present? Astro: My crews are ODV, SPC, DKA and Cabron Crew.

BURNER: What writers are doing it for you at the moment? Astro: The whole GBAK crew from New Zealand, VANS from Australia, GARY from England, DOES from Brazil BURNER: Trackside, panels, bombing or a chill wall? Astro: Now I prefer the chill wall but of course I tag now and then! BURNER: Any major projects in the pipeline? Astro: I prepare my exhibition in the beginning of 2012 and I will travel to paint on an international base. BURNER: What is the best piece of advice you have been given along your journey? Astro: Certainly my friend DESI who always taught me in doing pieces properly. BURNER: What is the best piece of advice you can give to up and coming writers, still trying to find their feet and direction? Astro: My advise is to paint for passion and to practice a lot‌.If you paint a lot you will certainly evolve in your proper style! ( Give the paint, and the paint gives you back) I would like to thank all members of my crew (ODV), my friends, my girlfriend, my sista Loca and all the peeps who appreciate my work and you Nexus!!!!!


t’s all about fine letters and monsters for Astro - graffiti artists, graphic designer, illustrator and character designer. Having started graffiti back in 1994, he has developed a highly distinctive style, painting and exhibiting he’s wonderful monsters and characters across the world. Also producing illustrations and graphics for a wide selection of clients in publishing, TV and fashion.

SOULFUL Soulful Creative is a collective of super talented contemporary artists, designers, illustrators and art directors from the graffiti & street art scene. They create, visually engaging brand experiences that bring brands to life. Passionate about what they do, they have some of the UK’s best underground artists amongst us and lot more within their creative network, so their work is always evolving. Every project they work on, they assemble the best creative team that will deliver the freshest, most imaginative and dopest results!

CREATIVE they’ve been doing this for over 15 years, specialising in creating authentic, original and inspiring live art, events, installations, graffiti art, character design, illustration, design and murals. Their art work has been useat and featured in many different forms and uses as all artists have their own unique style and specialization, ranging from high end advertisment, television channel idents and branding.

LOCH NESS Loch Ness’s inspiration comes from comic art and graffiti as well as music, especially from the 60’s and the psychedelic era. His work has been described as Quirky, Unique, Fresh, Funky, Psychedelic, Strange and Dark. Enjoy the Illustrations and the Island of Monsterville. This unique style has already seen his work being recognised by BBC, Red Bull and Smart Car & Computer Arts magazine to name a few.



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