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42 unusual journeys R. Crusoe & Son

Agra, India. 1884.

Each day 500 people and 100 horses gather near Lijiang, China, for the mother of all culture shows. It must be experienced in person.

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.” —Lewis Carroll

“Cogito, ergo sum.” (I think, therefore I am.) —René Descartes

“I’m not funny. What I am is brave.” —Lucille Ball

“At home I am a nice guy: but I don’t want the world to know. Humble people, I’ve found, don’t get very far.” —Muhammed Ali

“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” —Mother Teresa

“Yet today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth.” —Lou Gehrig

“Who am I?”

W ho among us hasn’t asked that question? Here at R. Crusoe & Son, we know with certainty who we are: experts at creating unusual journeys just for you. Unusual in what way? Our journeys are customized tours that R. Crusoe tour consultants design according to your wishes, your wants, your dreams, your realities. By following our travelers’ desires and leading with our expertise and experience, R. Crusoe has established itself as America’s premier international customized tour company. What’s the goal of your trip—learning about history, or focusing on the here-andnow? Or is it both? Are you passionate about art and architecture, or is archaeology your thing? Is what you see as important as what you consume (fabulous


food, exceptional wine, local delicacies)? Can you only travel during a certain season? Be away from home a limited number of days? Travel on dates that allow you to use your frequent flyer miles? Do you prefer to stay in five-star-plus hotels? Or do you wish to lessen the impact on your wallet by staying at less posh, five-star, or maybe even four-star, hotels? R. Crusoe & Son offers options, not dictates. Blessed flexibility. You’ll find us a breath of fresh air. Our staff goes out in the world to see what’s new, what’s old, what’s irresistible. Why? So we can create unusual travel that reaches behind the scenes and way past the pre-packaged, predictable tourist stuff. Let’s duck into a private palace in Beijing’s Forbidden City. Join a sommelier for tastings at a top vineyard in Burgundy.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” —Albert Einstein

“2-4-6-0-1!” —Jean Valjean

“Vulgarity... I’m in the game to fight it.” —Coco Chanel

“I shall be an autocrat, that’s my trade; and the good Lord will forgive me, that’s his.” —Catherine the Great

“I am a poor man and of little worth, who is laboring in that art that God has given me in order to extend my life as long as possible.” —Michelangelo

“What I am, I am by myself. There are and will be a thousand princes; there is only one Beethoven.” —Ludwig van Beethoven

The possibilities are endless, but we know your free time isn’t. So we maximize it. And smooth the rough edges as we plan a luxurious customized journey. Crusoe introduces you to the greatest guides, puts you up in hotels that fit your needs, and takes you to marvelous restaurants. We whisk you off to interesting sites, to meet intriguing characters, to break out of the ho-hum, ordinary, everyday. No sense wasting precious time with potluck guides, mediocre hotels, and sub-par restaurants. Why visit the uninspiring, when what’s most compelling is just around the corner? We have suggestions galore to stoke your imagination. Meander through the pages of this travel journal, visit, or give us a call. Use the itineraries you see as starting points. Or bring your own ideas, and we’ll offer our thoughts and a game plan. Every rule has its exceptions. Although our focus is customized tours, R. Crusoe does offer a handful of uniquely crafted

group tours to keep things interesting: Hosted Journeys. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to accompany David Weber, R. Crusoe’s managing director, and his wife, Patty, or another featured host we’ve handselected to enhance a particular journey. These tours are generally one-time-only and chock full of special opportunities. Private Jet Journeys. Innovative expeditions (many circumnavigating the globe) that minimize the friction of traveling from one remarkable and remote place to the next. Hassle-free flights and immigration. A return to the Golden Age of Travel. Special Interest Groups. Orchestra and museum patrons have us take them on group tours sans the group tour feel. We’ve sent foodies and wine lovers to our favorite spots in Europe and beyond. Executives say thank you to their MVPs with Crusoe journeys. If you have a favorite group that wants to travel especially well, let us know.


R. Crusoe & Son’s 42 unusual journeys Introduction.

......................................................2 Into Egypt & Jordan. Meet the Shermans. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Special interest group travel. Meet the patrons of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Custom Journeys. 1. China. The Sleeping Giant is Wide Awake. 12 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 2. China: Mini-Journeys You Can Mix & Match. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 3. Exuberant India. Treasure Trove of Color, Majesty, & Soul. 15 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . 14 4. India: Mini-Journeys You Can Mix & Match. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 5. A Dream of Indochine: Vietnam & Cambodia. 18 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 6. Indochine: Mini-Journeys You Can Mix & Match. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 7. Golden Thailand. Crossroads of Southeast Asia. 13 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 8. Burma & The Road to Mandalay. 8 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 9. Old Burma. And the River of Lost Footsteps. 10 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 10. Turkey: Europe & Asia All at Once. 11 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 11. Investigating Italy. 11 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 12. Winding Through the Best of Burgundy. 8 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 13. The Ageless Inspiration of Normandy. 8 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 14. Gently Barging Through France. 8 Days. . . . . . . . . . 30 15. Moorish-to-Modern Spain. 14 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 16. Fact & Fancy. Ireland Done Right. 11 Days. . . . . . . . 34 17.The Royal Scotsman. Travel the Way It Used to Be. 8 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . 36 18. Imperial Cities of Eastern Europe: Prague, Vienna, & Budapest. 11 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 19. Doing the Danube Aboard River Cloud II. 9 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 20. Cruising the Nile in Luxury. Cairo Too. 12 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 21. Cairo, Giza, & the Nile. Luxe at a Leisurely Pace. 14 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 22. Jordan. Kingdom in the Heart of the Desert. 10 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 23. The Great African Flying Safari: Inside Kenya & Tanzania. 16 Days. . . . . . . . . . 46 24. Where the Buffalo (Elephant, Zebra, Hippo, Hyena, & Lion) Roam. South Africa & Botswana. 10 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 25. Antarctica. Earth From the Bottom Up. 14 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 26. New Zealand: A South Pacific Switzerland? 11 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 27. Captain Cook’s Rediscovered Australia: From Sydney to Rain Forest to Reef. 13 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 28. Perusing Peru. Sunset & Sunrise Over Machu Picchu Included. 9 Days. . . . . 56 29. The Peruvian Amazon. Up Close & Personal. 7 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 30. Galápagos. 11 Days of Tropical Phenomona. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 31. Argentina & Brazil. Soul of South America. 12 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 32. Chile: South America’s Spine. 15 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 33. A Fresh Look at Alaska’s Glacier Country. 8 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 34. The Under-Our-Nose, Somewhat Surprising Great Lakes. 8 Days. . . . . . . . . . 66


Boy’s best friend. Mongolia, a stop on two of our Private Jet Journeys.

Hosted Journeys. 35. Passage Through Persia. Discovering Iran. 15 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 36. Morocco. As Time Went By. 11 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 37. Bhutan. Inside the Hidden Himalayan Kingdom. 7 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72

Private Jet Journeys. Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 38. Private Jet: Around the World. 22 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 39. Private Jet: World Highlights. 14 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 40. Private Jet: Hidden Corners Around the World. 14-45 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 41. Private Jet: Around Africa. 23 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 42. Private Jet: Legendary Cultures. 22 Days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 More R. Crusoe & Son unusual journeys. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92 Our travelers would like a word. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94 The Selkirk Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95


Into Egypt & Jordan.


xcellent. Remarkable. Wonderful. interesting with Dr. [W. Raymond] One of the best trips that we’ve had.” Johnson. We wish we had more time These are the reviews from the there,” says Karin. Sherman family and their friends, all of From Luxor, the group cruised on to whom went to Egypt for a wedding. see the sights in Edfu, Kom Ombo, When Karin and Jeff Sherman’s son, Aswan, Agilika Island. They finished up in Brett, decided to get married in Egypt, Abu Simbel before heading back to Cairo. Karin worked with R. Crusoe & Son’s Then a foray into Jordan. Nina Choi to offer a “We loved all of more extensive trip the accommodations to Egypt and Jordan and absolutely after the festivities. treasured our guide, Some tour the Egyptologist,” logistics had to be says Karin. “We adjusted to fit the wanted to take her Shermans’ wedding home with us. She schedule. “Nina did provided us with a an excellent job in greater understanding Sherman family and friends. Edfu. designing our Egypt of the culture, tour with such care and history, and knowledge of consideration,” says Karin. Egypt. We learned so The morning after the much. big event, the group of 13 “In addition, we really flew to Luxor and the appreciated the calls that adventure began aboard your local partners made the Sonesta St. George, in touching base with us. one of the Nile cruisers We thought it was a really we adore. nice personal touch.” Luxor beguiled the R. Crusoe & Son Sherman group as it does offers all of our travelers most everyone who visits. to Egypt their own John and Nancy Emens. Giza. There were Karnak and Egyptologist and Luxor temples, the Valley (depending on the time of of the Kings, Tut’s tomb, the Mortuary year), a visit to the Chicago House. And Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and the our tour consultants work to create Colossi of Memnon. journeys that fit our travelers’ needs, R. Crusoe also planned a private visit whatever they may be. at the University of Chicago Oriental “We all felt that we returned with Institute’s Chicago House in Luxor. more than just pictures of adventure, but Founded soon after the discovery of King also with the knowledge and appreciation Tut’s tomb, Chicago House is home to the of the most incredible ancient civilization, world’s leading experts on Luxor Temple. Egypt!” says Karin. “The Chicago House visit was very


Inside Luxor Temple with R. Crusoe & Son’s favorite experts. The bad news: Even when you look at Egypt’s treasures with eyes wide open, you’re missing something. Time, wind, and rain have washed away the color and left naked and worn the carefully wrought carvings. The good news: There are some very talented Americans who— for more than 100 years— have been working to document, preserve, and translate Egypt’s historic treasures. As the Shermans and their friends discovered firsthand, scholars at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute helped bring details of Luxor Temple to life. R. Crusoe is delighted to bring our travelers to meet these accomplished experts, highlighting their important work.

The Epigraphic Survey, Reliefs and inscriptions at Luxor Temple II, detail of Khonsu (the moon god) from upper register scenes in the Colonnade Hall. Courtesy of the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, 1998.


Special interest group travel: Japan & China with patrons of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


ome in the know say the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is the world’s best. Who are we to argue? So when the CSO traveled to Asia, R. Crusoe was delighted to create a tour for the orchestra patrons. “We at the CSO love working with the team at R. Crusoe,” explains CSO Association President Deborah Rutter. “They have consistently provided our patrons with extraordinary travel experiences, with the perfect blend of group travel and interaction with our musicians. The relationships that have developed between our patrons and musicians are special—and something that wouldn’t have happened without these shared travel experiences.” CSO Governing Members Joe and Judy Konen with CSO Vice President for Development Peggy Titterington. Kamakura, Japan.

CSO musicians and patrons enjoyed traditional food at Tokyo’s Gonpachi.

CSO patrons are sophisticated travelers. They love classical music, but their interests are myriad. The Asia journey would need to be more than simple concert-hopping. They wanted to get inside Japan and China and maximize the time between performances. Here at R. Crusoe, we understood completely. Which is why we immediately lined up our favorite Asia culture expert, Alex Kerr, to accompany the patrons. Throughout the tour, he presented discussions on pertinent topics and answered the questions that followed. Asia today is a kaleidoscopic mix of ancient and modern. Our tour focus was Asia’s development, our lens the architecture of yesterday and today. In Tokyo, a new generation of architects has risen to the fore. Among them is Kengo Kuma, designer of the Suntory Museum. Mr. Kuma gave us

In Beijing’s “Silver Egg,” CSO Maestro Bernard Haitink returned to the stage for five ovations. The orchestra has found a city full of new fans.

a private tour of the museum itself. Azby Brown, author and professor of architecture in Kanazawa, kept the discussion going with a visit through intriguing Tokyo neighborhoods and a private home. There was a specially arranged visit to a significant Shinto shrine. Local delicacies to taste. And a party with the musicians. On to China. In Hong Kong, the patrons partied with the musicians in view of the city’s grand harbor. The next day, as the CSO tuned up, the patrons had lunch at the China Club. Between the Hong Kong concert and the next CSO performance (in Shanghai), R. Crusoe planned a wonderful foray for the patrons into Yunnan province, China’s most culturally diverse region. In lovely, 800-year-old Lijiang, Alex showed us one of the largest collections of traditional Chinese architecture still standing. “The highlight for me was Lijiang,” says CSO patron Celine Bendy. “Staying at the Banyan Tree Hotel under a full moon, soaking in the Jacuzzi in my villa, visiting the Old Town, seeing the Naxi master’s calligraphy demonstration...” Fellow patron Shelley Ochab agrees: “When we arrived in the beautiful city of Lijiang, we understood at once why it was not to be missed.” Before leaving town, we heard a brief concert of authentic music from the Song Dynasty. And we attended a phenomenal culture show, “Impressions Lijiang” (see a photo on the inside front cover).

Then to Shanghai, whose modern architecture has set new standards. One example? The Shanghai World Financial Center, among the tallest buildings on Earth, and designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox. Over lunch, we met with Paul Katz, a KPF principal, to hear the inside story on the building’s evolution. At lunch in the hip neighborhood of Xintiandi, Pierre Cohade, president of Goodyear Tire in Asia, gave us the inside scoop on doing business in China. In Beijing, the CSO performed in the “Silver Egg.” (Remember it from the Olympics?) The concert was sensational. We entered a closed-to-the-public

Clark Pellett and CSO Trustee Robert Kohl inside a private home of Alex’s friend. Kamakura, Japan.

prince’s residence in the Forbidden City. Finally, to Xian for a very up-close look at the terracotta army. The patrons (like all R. Crusoe visitors to this archaeological site) are allowed to enter the excavation pits—closed to the general public—to see the warriors face to face. “Everything along the way was starstudded,” patron Jan Jentes said, “but best of all was the walk among the terracotta warriors. Wow!” “No one does a better trip,” Jan’s husband, Bill, added. Patron Phyllis Bleck concurred. “A trip of a lifetime. A spectacular tour.” Honestly, we thought so, too. TODD ROSENBERG PHOTOGRAPHY


"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood…” —Daniel Burnham, 1910

Old and new: Qin’s terracotta warriors, the Great Wall, the “Bird’s Nest,” Shanghai’s Pudong.


his is a philosophy the Chinese have been taking seriously for about 5,000 years. There simply isn’t another journey to China that offers anything close to the important details R. Crusoe includes. Begin in Shanghai with a soft landing at one of the city’s best hotels. Here in town, George Bernard Shaw had two lunches in a single day. Mary Pickford bought shoes. Nöel Coward played piano. The city’s highly charged atmosphere in the 1920s and 1930s was only a warm-up for today’s action. Opt for time with an expert on

Shanghai’s economics to get at the very essence of this city. To Pudong for lunch at the Park Hyatt, where the architecture and the city views bowl us over. Walk the Bund, Shanghai’s Wall Street during the original boom. And stroll Yu Garden while hearing the story of its interesting genesis. Then a day of blessed freedom: a car, driver, and guide at your beck and call to take you in and around and beyond town. See an acrobatics show. Head for the world’s greatest collection of ancient Chinese art at the Shanghai Museum.

Tang tomb murals, circa A.D. 618. Crusoe takes you behind the scenes for a private look.


Then a short flight to Xian, once Asia’s China. The Sleeping Giant is answer to Rome and Constantinople. Wide Awake. 12 Days. We’re here to meet its mammoth Shanghai  Xian  Beijing underground army, built two millennia Departures: Private journey ago by Emperor Qin Shihuang. through the year. Something you’ll Prices: Per person sharing never forget: A Beijing room from $6,890 Air travel private meeting and Internal air per person tour with the (estimate) $520 archaeologist Meals: 10 breakfasts, Xian overseeing the 6 lunches, 1 dinner. excavation. As a More? Consider adding Crusoe traveler, you Shanghai to this tour one—or several get up close and (or all)—of the minipersonal, staring right journeys: HONG KONG; THE into the eyes of YANGTSE RIVER; YUNNAN Call 1-888-49 the larger-thanPROVINCE & SHANGRI-LA; and Detailed itiner0-ar8046 to book. ie s av ai at la LHASA, THE YARLUNG VALLEY, & ble life warriors. . DUNHUANG. For more information How much do on them, simply turn the page. you know about the Silk Road? Take a tutorial at the Shaanxi Provincial Museum, where a curator gives us a rare peek at Tang tomb frescoes normally beyond the public’s reach. Consider a visit with Chinese university students for a lively discussion. At the Han Museum, don’t blush when we view the lesser-known Han Dynasty naked warriors. In 141 B.C., the emperor left behind earthenware figurines dressed in silk. The clothing didn’t survive, but the troops are exquisite au naturel. Beijing, at last. The Great Wall is a must. We pick the perfect spot, Mu Tian Yu—the best views, the smallest crowd. Later, the Beijing Opera. Giant pandas that rule the city zoo. The Summer Palace. A drive-by view of the Olympics venues. By trishaw, tour the Hutong district, old Beijing as it toys with extinction. Spend time with a local family in their home. Tiananmen Square leads us to the Forbidden City for a private, insider tour of a prince’s living quarters and study. Then back home, or—if you crave more of China—simply turn the page.

Get deep inside the Forbidden City. Beijing.

WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL • Private archaeologist tour of Xian’s terracotta warriors. • Private tour of prince’s quarters in the Forbidden City. • Free day in or beyond Shanghai with a private car, driver, and guide. • Opt for time with a Shanghai economics expert. • Curator visit to Tang Dynasty murals and often-missed Han Museum in Xian. • Discussion with university students. • Visit the Great Wall at its best location. • Visit a family in Beijing’s Hutong.


China Mix & Match. Mini-journeys that can be added to our main China journey or combined to create your very own custom sojourn.

Lijiang’s Old Town. Outstanding. You might wonder what took you so long to get here.


ach of the following mini-journeys is available through the year as an extension to our main China tour, as a stand-alone journey, or in combination with the other China extensions shown here. YUNNAN PROVINCE & SHANGRI-LA. REACHING FOR HIDDEN CHINA. 11 DAYS. Not all of China is chromeand-glass new. And the enlightened want to keep it that way in Yunnan’s hamlets. From Kunming, we head out to the Stone Forest and its bizarre karst formations. Jinshan offers up the World Dinosaur Museum. Then Dali and beautifully preserved Weishan, rare glimpses of ancient China. Lijiang and Yuhu and Baisha open up


the world of the Naxi people to us. Hear a Naxi concert of Song Dynasty tunes. “Impressions: Lijiang” is a cultural feast for the eyes and ears. Lijiang has glorious centuries-old architecture and one of China’s most gorgeous hotels. Next, Shangri-La, so christened by order of the Chinese government. Never mind that “Shangri-La” is pure fiction. (We suggest you re-read James Hilton’s Lost Horizon before you set off.) In fact, the town is Gyalthang, home of Ganden Sumsanling Monastery and the Temple of Five Wisdom Buddhas. Taste hot pot, learn about Nishi pottery, join the dancing in the streets. Rejoice. You’ve found paradise. Price: Per person sharing room from $5,980 Meals: 10 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 1 dinner.

YANGTSE RIVER & THE THREE GORGES. Call 1-888-490 046 to book. NOW OR NEVER. 4 DAYS. Detailed itinera-8rie s available at . The 3,900-mile river is the real source of China’s cultural wealth. Here Kublai Khan led his navy to victory Dunhuang Beijing over the Song Dynasty. From the Yangtse, 19th-century Xian clippers sailed toward London Lhasa, Shanghai Chengdu laden with tea and mischief. Tibet Shangri-La Chonqing Yarlung Valley Aboard one of the best boats Dali & Lijiang on the Yangtse, cruise downstream on Weishan Kunming this storied river, and inspect the Three Gorges themselves as well as the goliath Hong Kong dam project, which is changing everything. Note: This cruise is also available as a HONG KONG. 3 DAYS. five-day sailing. Explore this former über-colony as it Price: Per person sharing cabin from $1,430 finds its way in the 21st century. Scale Meals: 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners. Victoria Peak. Poke around Central. Study the architecture. Step inside an old walled HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, FEET ON THE village, home to the Hakka people two SILK ROAD. LHASA, THE YARLUNG centuries ago. ManMo Temple intrigues... VALLEY, & DUNHUANG. 9 DAYS. Price: Per person sharing room from $1,590 Get close to giant pandas in Chengdu, our Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches. starting point and home to the Panda See the Yangtse’s Three Gorges and the new Breeding Center. See surprising bronze dam, an astonishing feat of engineering. masks at Sanxingdui. (They’re from the 11th or 12th century B.C. Yes, B.C.) For dinner, tuck into traditional Sichuan fare at our favorite restaurant in town. Here, chef Yu Bo, who Gourmet magazine praises as “the enfant terrible of Sichuan cuisine,” performs magic with simple, local ingredients. Then Lhasa, Tibet, perched on one of the world’s highest plateaus. Immerse yourself in Potala Palace, among Asia’s most astounding buildings. More in Lhasa, and then to the Yarlung Valley, cradle of Tibetan civilization. Step inside the first temple built in Tibet. End in Dunhuang, China, a Silk Road trading post. Camel trek. Enter Mogao Caves, an important repository of Buddhist art. Find humility at the feet of a nine-story Buddha. Price: Per person sharing room from $3,890 Meals: 8 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners.

Taj Mahal. This iconic study of symmetry in glistening white marble and inlaid gems absolutely does live up to its billing. Agra.


S o much of our appreciation for life’s

afternoon, we’re off to see New Delhi (India Gate, the National Museum, experiences is about frame of reference. Humayun’s Tomb). After hearing endlessly about this movie Next morning, don’t be tardy for our or that restaurant or whatever, are our visit to an expectations ever elementary school to met? examine India’s firstIndia is one place class education in which what you system. anticipate will likely Spend the be exceeded. afternoon in Old Crusoe builds an Delhi. Take a itinerary for you, trishaw ride along detail by detail, that Chandni Chowk. shows off the Udaivilas. Just one of many fabulous hotels Fly to Varanasi, delightful variety of on R. Crusoe’s India journey. Udaipur. where faithful India, and we’ve Hindus immerse themselves in the holy done it from the hotels up. (Whatever water of the Ganges. We get our bearings your notion of accommodations in India, on a trishaw ride through the city’s old forget it. These are some of the most streets. luxurious hotels in the world.) Then view Hindu rituals on two boat Begin in Delhi. Take a morning to rides: one in the evening, one in the decompress after your flight. In the


morning. Witness the Offering of the Lamps ceremony. Buddha stopped in nearby Sarnath, Delhi historic epicenter of Buddhism, for a hot Jaipur & Amber Agra shower and to preach the way to nirvana. Jodhpur Monuments immortalize his teachings. Varanasi Khajuraho, next. This place could Udaipur Khajuraho make even Bob Guccioni blush. Its & Eklingji Kanha National Park amazing temples show mortals, warriors, Ellora gods, and musicians in explicitly erotic & Ajanta Air travel Land travel poses. Mumbai Why? It’s anyone’s guess. On to Agra and the Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan’s love letter to his wife. You can Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. lable study it from the balcony of your room at Detailed itineraries avai .rcru www at the Amarvilas. Visit a Harijan (Untouchables) village, and poke around mysterious Fatehpur Sikri, now a ghost town. Settle into magical Jaipur, the Pink Exuberant India. Treasure Trove of City. Jantar Mantar was Maharaja Jai Color, Majesty, & Soul. 15 Days. Singh II’s royal observatory. He loved all Delhi  Varanasi  Sarnath things astronomical. (Talk about starKhajuraho  Agra  Fatehpur Sikri struck.) Jaipur  Amber  Udaipur Just outside of town, in ancient Amber, Eklingji  Nagda discover a mishmash of Mughal and Departures: Private journey through the year. Rajput styles, which makes sense once you Prices: Per person sharing room from $8,990. know that Emperor Akbar created a royal Internal air per person (estimate) $1,590 alliance by marrying a Rajput princess. Want to shop? A guide and driver await (as they do in Udaipur). Mount up for an elephant safari to Dera Amer, a swath of wilderness in the Aravali foothills. The city of Udaipur wears its palaces and temples like so many sparkling tiaras. A city blitz shows it all off. Explore ancient temples at Eklingji and Nagda, then head home. Or...

More? Vast and diverse India has much more to offer. We have excellent extensions you’ll want to know about: KANHA NATIONAL PARK SAFARI; MUMBAI, OLD & NEW; TREASURES OF JODHPUR; and CAVES OF ELLORA & AJANTA. For more information, please turn the page.

Meals: 12 breakfasts, 1 dinner.

WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL • India’s best hotels and resorts, hands down. • Private school visit for a firsthand look at Indian education. • Witness the ancient Aarti ceremony. • Trishaw ride in Old Delhi’s bustling marketplace. • Sunset at the Taj Mahal. • Harijan (Untouchable) village visit. • Elephant safari in Dera Amer. • Guide and driver at your disposal for shopping in Jaipur and Udaipur. • Easy-to-add extensions to other destinations in India (and beyond). • Add a golf game in Delhi, Agra, or Jaipur, if you’d like.


India Mix & Match. Mini-journeys that can be added to our main India journey or combined to create your very own custom sojourn.


ach of the following mini-journeys is available throughout the year as an extension to our main India tour, as a standalone journey, or in combination with the other India extensions shown here. TREASURES OF JODHPUR. 4 DAYS. Our journey begins as we penetrate the hills of Rajasthan, making our way to the temple complex of Ranakpur, one of the most important of all Jain shrines in India. The main temple was finished in 1439.

Then onto the blue city of Jodhpur, at the edge of the Great Thar Desert. Home is a palace (literally), a portion of which still houses a maharaja. Take time at Meherangarh, the most magnificent of all Rajastan’s forts. Wander a maze of courtyards and palaces. Peruse the fort’s Sheesh Mahal (the Hall of Mirrors) and the marketplace with a looming clock tower. Price: Per person sharing room from $2,450 Meals: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch.

Jodhpur. Could this be where the cubists got their ideas?

CAVES OF ELLORA & AJANTA. 3 DAYS. Fly into Aurangabad, our base for exploring two outstanding UNESCO World Heritage sites, Ellora and Ajanta. In Ellora, 34 Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist caves have been carved into volcanic lava. Two thousand years old, the cave art illustrates ancient India’s longstanding religious tolerance. In the early 19th century, a corps of British officers rediscovered the Ajanta caves. The oldest dates from the second century B.C., and it, like those that followed, brims with Buddhist art. The caves were created as a secluded retreat for monks. On to a traditional weaving center to see pure Mughal design come to fruition in shawls, saris, and textiles. Price: Per person sharing room from $1,840 Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches.

On safari, be on the lookout for the rare Royal Bengal tiger. Kanha National Park.

KANHA NATIONAL PARK SAFARI. 6 DAYS. MUMBAI, OLD & NEW. 2 DAYS. This city on seven islands has been Begin by snooping around the city of inhabited since the Stone Age, so it’s no Mumbai (formerly Bombay). Learn about wonder the depth of her riches. After the Dhobi ghats and the world-renowned settling into your hotel (we recommend dabbawallahs, who take lunch very the Four Seasons or the Taj Mahal seriously. A day of sightseeing options Palace), there are further enlighten us decisions to be made. about this remarkable What would you like old city. to do? It’s your Then penetrate choice. the jungle in Kanha The Elephanta National Park, tucked Caves, a UNESCO into India’s Central World Heritage site, Highlands. We go in are filled with reliefs search of the Royal of Hindu deities that Bengal tiger and Taj Mahal Palace. Mumbai. date from the ninth other wild creatures— century. See the Dhobi ghats in full leopards, hyenas, sambas, sloth bears, swing, and watch as dabbawallahs make jackals... Kanha is also a breeding ground their daily rounds. Step inside Mahatma for the barasingha, an antlered deer high on Gandhi’s home. To sacred Banganga or a the endangered species list. Victorian neighborhood left over Take game drives in private 4x4 from the Raj. vehicles, from which excellent views Enlightenment awaits, if you are guaranteed. choose, at ISKCON, the Home base? One of International Society for two lovely lodges— Krishna Consciousness. Singinawa Kanha or Banjaar Tola, Dive into the retail both lovely jungle resorts. frenzy of Bhuleshwar’s buzzing bazaars. Between game drives, lounge around See artifacts and miniature paintings on the pool, gather for sundowners, curl up display at the Prince of Wales Museum. with a good book. Price: Per person sharing room from $3,240 Price: Per person sharing room from $990 Meals: 1 breakfast. Meals: 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners.


Leave it to a woman.

O r two.

To Ho Chi Minh’s old haunts. The Museum of Ethnology, where we meet up Round about A.D. 40, the pesky with an expat expert for a private tour of Chinese were trying to Sinicize the Vietnamese. The Chinese executed a feudal Vietnam minority peoples. Hoan Kiem Lake on foot. See the Hanoi Hilton, lord whose widow simply wouldn’t stand where downed American pilots spent more for it. The widow and her sister raised a ruckus time than they would have liked. Then a day of and scared the Chinese options: cruise governor away. The Halong Bay (a Trung sisters UNESCO World proclaimed themselves Heritage site), dig queens, but it was not into the ancient local to last. China counterdynastic culture, or attacked, and a few indulge in some years later defeated glorious free time. Vietnam. Emperor Gia It wasn’t the last Serenity mid-journey. Nam Hai, Vietnam. Long founded Hue as time the Vietnamese his dynasty’s first capital, with its own would have trouble with visitors. Forbidden City. Have lunch in a lovely Join us for a look at the sweep of home in which the princess of Emperor Indochina—Vietnam and Cambodia with Dong Khanh once lived. The historian who options into Laos, Thailand, and Burma. now owns the house tells us the stories. Begin in Hanoi, which blasts any old To Da Nang via the scenic Hai Van associations of the Vietnam War. The 21stPass. Dig into the Cham Museum with an century city is a rich stew of influences— expert to get a handle on this local culture. Asian and French colonial, brand-new and Da Nang hugs the coast of the South Old Quarter. Our investigation goes forward as it should, by the leisurely pace of a cyclo. China Sea. Unwind at the beaches where


A Dream of Indochine: Vietnam & Cambodia. 18 Days. Hanoi  Hue  Da Nang & China Beach Hoi An  My Son Ho Chi Minh City  Phnom Penh Siem Reap  Angkor Departures: Private journey through the year. Prices: Per person sharing room from $6,990 Internal air (estimate) per person $420 Meals: 15 breakfasts, 2 lunches.

Chiang Rai

Sapa Luang Prabang

Hanoi Gulf of Tongking

Chiang Mai


Hue Da Nang Hoi An & My Son Siem Reap & Angkor


uth China Sea

American GIs once came for R&R. Take in nearby Hoi An and its ethnic scene from the seat of a cyclo. Be sure to take notes during a private cooking lesson at a fine restaurant (the chef promises to share her family recipes). Excavations at My Son round out our understanding of the Cham people. Once called Saigon, today’s Ho Chi Minh City sizzles. Burrow underground into the Cu Chi Tunnels, the very ones that helped change Southeast Asia for good. At the War Remnants Museum, get an eyeopening version of the “American War” from our former enemy’s perspective. There’s more to do before we set off for Cambodia. Somerset Maugham arrived in 1930 on a languid journey. Jackie O dropped by, too. Like them, we witness the country’s light and dark sides. In Phnom Penh, the Royal Palace and its Silver Pagoda (featured in Architectural Digest) positively gleam. Treasures from across Cambodia await in the National Museum. Consider modern Cambodia over lunch with a journalist at the legendary Foreign Correspondents’ Club. Those who want a deeper understanding of the unspeakable horror of the Khmer Rouge can opt to visit the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Prison. Siem Reap is next, gateway to Angkor, a Hindu temple complex that’s now a destination for Buddhist pilgrims. It’s the largest religious monument ever constructed, but don’t let that draw your attention away from its astounding artistry. This is a case where more is more. See Angkor at both sunset and sunrise. Finally, options include a cruise on Tonle Sap, Southeast Asia’s largest lake, a helicopter ride over Angkor, or a visit to Banteay Srei. Head back home, or continue on with R. Crusoe’s extensions in Indochina. Want more information? Turn the page.

Tonle Sap Lake

Air travel Land travel Gulf of Thailand

Phnom Penh

Mekong River

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. lable Detailed itineraries avai at

WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL • Spend more time in Vietnam and Cambodia than on competitors’ tours. • Private tour of Ethnology Museum. • Lunch in a private home in Hue. • Private cooking class in Hoi An. • Lunch at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Phnom Penh. • Plenty of options along the way: helicopter to Halong Bay; cruise Tonle Sap Lake by private launch; visit the Killing Fields. • Easy-to-add extensions in Indochina.


Indochine Mix & Match. Mini-journeys that can be added to our main Indochine journey or combined to create your very own custom sojourn.

E ach of the following mini-journeys is available through the year as an extension to our main Indochine tour, as a standalone journey, or in combination with the other Indochine extensions shown here. BANGKOK, THAILAND. 3 DAYS. Land at the legendary Oriental Hotel. Examine the old klongs (canals), ancient palaces and temples, Jim Thompson’s exceptional home. Taste Thailand at one of our all-time favorite restaurants. Price: Per person sharing room from $990 Meals: 2 breakfasts. Bangkok. Sizzling, but also sacred.

Mahouts show off their skill. Watch carefully, then it’s your turn. Thailand.

CHIANG MAI. 4 DAYS. Home is a Four Seasons resort. At an elephant camp, mahouts teach us, then it’s our turn with the pachyderms. Follow up with shrines, gallery outings, and more. Price: Per person sharing room from $1,490 Meals: 3 breakfasts. CHIANG RAI. 4 DAYS. Get comfortable in a luxurious Four Seasons tented camp, have dinner in an elephant camp, cruise the Mekong river, take a photo trek, or learn a local craft. Price: Per person sharing room from $3,890 Meals: 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners. LAOS. 4 DAYS. From Luang Prabang’s holiest shrines to a Baci ceremony. Explore crafts villages, meet monks, see ancient, sacred riverside caves. Kuang Si Waterfall, a bustling Hmong market, and Phousi Hill at sunset, too. Price: Per person sharing room from $1,890 Meals: 3 breakfasts. VIETNAM HIGHLANDS. 7 DAYS. First Hanoi, then train up to the hills. See historic Sapa, an old French outpost, and local markets. Meet hill tribespeople in ethnic villages before returning to Hanoi. Price: Per person sharing room from $1,990 Meals: 5 breakfasts, 1 lunch.

“Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you...”

D oes all the reading you’ve done


gentle giants. Warning: Saddle sores ahead. Cruise the Mekong River, stopping by about Thailand so far get you feeling a villages and temples as we go. little envious of Anna in The King and I? Then Chiang Mai, where Small wonder. another Four Seasons If Thailand is on your Air travel resort welcomes you. So do radar, we agree—it’s high Land travel Chiang myriad options. Poke time you get over Rai around the 13th-century city there. Meko Chiang Mai via trishaw. Visit the holiest R. Crusoe has shrine in Thailand. In a local taken three of the village, learn the art of mini-journeys you just papermaking. read about, added one Bangkok & Thonburi Finally, time for a more terrific tropical island: Koh experience, and created Gulf of Thailand Samui. Swim in a private a wonderful journey to bay. Explore reefs and rain Thailand. It gives a Koh Samui forests. sampling of her many Back to Bangkok, then home, faces. The capital city, Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. raries available Thailand still fresh in mind. Bangkok; her verdant Detailed itine at jungles; and one of her tropical islands. You even come face to, er, Golden Thailand. Crossroads of trunk with Thailand’s elephants, a vital Southeast Asia. 13 Days. part of the local labor force (and brilliant Bangkok  Chiang Rai beasts, as you’ll see firsthand). Chiang Mai  Koh Samui Begin in Bangkok. Next, fly to Chiang Departures: Private journey through the year. Rai. Elephant time. Settle into the posh Four Seasons Tented Camp, and we’re off. Prices: Per person sharing room from $7,450 Internal air per person (estimate) $490 Meet mahouts who train elephants. Have Meals: 11 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners. a lesson, then try your hand riding these River


Burma calling.


yanmar (formerly, Burma) has been lounge, a fitness area, and a beauty spa. This journey begins in Yangon. Look hard at work recovering from the cyclone familiar? Standard issue British colonial at of May 2008. In fact, R. Crusoe’s Burmese friends are every turn. Stay at the extraordinary now asking us to bring Americans back to Governor’s Residence hotel. Beeline to Sule Pagoda, see the their fascinating country. Chaukhtatgyi Yes, Burma has its Reclining Buddha, troubles. But we and then Shwedagon believe it’s best to see Pagoda, filled with situations like this saffron-clad monks for oneself, firsthand. and incalculable We make it a priority treasures. to visit with local Find peace in a people whenever and quiet monastery. wherever possible. In 2010, we offer Familiar comfort awaits in your cabin aboard Stroll bustling Scott Market before we fly two wonderful The Road To Mandalay. to absurdly journeys into Burma: picturesque Inle Lake. our eight-day Road to Mandalay; and our Stilt-legged homes stand like storks in 10-day Old Burma. The former includes the lake. The local Inthas farm floating time on The Road To Mandalay, a gardens, sowing rice and vegetables in a gorgeous Irrawaddy River cruiser that’s stew of soil and hyacinth roots that been renovated to be more exquisite than combine to create one very fertile “field.” ever. Her five cabin categories—each and Intha kids learn to swim before they can every one an exterior stateroom—are walk. Literally. appointed with everything the savvy Ride a private longtail boat for a close traveler needs. look at a life you’ve never known. Peruse a Also on board: a pool, two bars, a

Bagan’s plain of pagodas. Positively breathtaking. Myanmar.


weekly market. Visit gold-encrusted Burma & The Road To Mandalay. pagodas. Ride hand-hewn dugouts to meet 8 Days. canoe makers, silk weavers, and cheroot Yangon  Inle Lake  Mandalay rollers in nearby villages. In the private Irrawaddy River  Sagaing  Bagan home of a local family, see life happen. Departures: Private journey through the year. Fly to Mandalay. The country’s last capital before British rule, it’s Burma’s nod Prices: Per person sharing room from $4,290 Internal air per person (estimate) $420 to the Raj. Here we board our river Meals: 7 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners. cruiser, The Road To Mandalay. Then ply the waters of Burma’s backbone, the Old Burma. Sacred Shrines, mighty Irrawaddy. Rudyard Kipling called Villagers &Artisans. And the it the River of Lost Footsteps. River of Lost Footsteps. 10 Days. Our next port of call? Sagaing, Yangon  Inle Lake  Mandalay Buddhism Central. Then to the Bagan Sagaing  Amarapura  Bagan plain to see the sun rise and set over 2,507 pagodas built between A.D. 1044 and 1287. Departures: Private journey through the year. Prices: Per person sharing room from $3,890 Our 10-day land-based journey takes in Internal air per person (estimate) $490 many of the same sites, with the addition Meals: 9 breakfasts. of Amarapura, from whence sprang Mandalay. In 1857, King Mindon Min, a pious fellow who listened closely to M YA N M A R Buddha, dismantled the ancient city of (BURMA) Amarapura, packed it stone by stone onto Mandalay Sagaing the backs of elephants, and had his subjects & Amarapura Bagan create the new holy city of Mandalay— Inle Heho Lake just where Buddha said it would be. A (strong) suggestion for either journey: Opt for a hot-air balloon ride Yangon over Bagan’s plain of pagodas. THAILAND Call 1-888-490-8046 From Bangkok, head home, to bo ok . Detailed itineraries Bangkok ailable eyes (and mind) open. Or opt to at ww w.rcrusoe.comav . continue exploring Indochine with the extensions listed on page 20. River

Whirling dervishes. There’s time to ask your questions. Cappadocia.

“To repose on voluptuous ottomans, to indulge in the luxuries of a bath [with] half a dozen attendants, is far more sensible than all the bustle of clubs... and boring saloons.” —Benjamin Disraeli on Constantinople, 1830

D israeli nailed it. Even today, Turkish sensibility is the stuff of literature, with a backdrop of colorful history, astounding architecture, and a full cast of characters. Come see for yourself on a wonderful sweep through the country. To Istanbul. Romans laid out the street plan, Byzantines built the churches and castles, Ottomans the palaces and mosques. The remnants of empires are yours to see, touch, explore: mosques, palaces, harems, museums. Not to mention the shops (4,000 in the Grand Bazaar alone). Hippodrome Square. The Blue Mosque. Topkapi. The names alone quicken the pulse. Justinian the Great was not known for thinking small. Step inside his sixthcentury Yerebatan Saray, a behemoth Byzantine cistern with ancient columns he filched from around town. Istanbul.


Upon first entering Aya Sofya, another of his megaprojects, he declared, “Solomon, I have outdone you!” Two points for the home team. Drop by the often-overlooked private Sadberk Hanim Museum, then cruise the Bosphorus on a private vessel. Follow your nose to the Spice Bazaar, and stock up on cinnamon, peach-pit powder, rabbit fat. Fly to Izmir to be wowed by Pergamum. There’s the pre-Dewey Decimal System library, a theater, the Temple of Trajan. Visit the Asclepion, yesterday’s pre-H.M.O. medical center. Next, to Ephesus, among the bestpreserved classical cities on the Mediterranean. Greek colonists settled here a millennium before Christ. When the Romans took over, Ephesus was the boomtown of Asia Minor.


Examine artifacts at the Black Sea Air travel Ephesus Museum and then Land travel Istanbul at the ancient site. The Ankara Agzikarahan Virgin Mary and St. John T U R K E Y & Tuz Golu Pergamum were here. See proof set in Izmir Cappadocia stone. At the Temple of Diana, one of Seven Wonders Ephesus Perge & of the Ancient World, Aspendos imaginations stir. Antalya an Sea Take in a carpet-weaving Call 1-888-490 046 demonstration before we fly to to book. Detailed itinera-8rie s av at ww w. ailable Ankara, Turkey’s capital, to hit the heart of the Hittite Empire. See stunning views from Ankara Castle, and get the facts at the Turkey: Europe & Asia All Anatolian Civilization Museum. at Once. 11 Days. Odd Cappadocia looks like a hybrid Istanbul  Izmir  Pergamum between Earth and the moon. The region Selcuk  Ephesus  Ankara has survived volcanic ash, eroding winds, Agzikarahan  Cappadocia and pounding rains. Departures: Private journey through the year. Stop at Agzikarahan Caravanserai, a fortified inn for caravans that once pounded Prices: Per person sharing room from $5,990 Internal air per person (estimate) $690 the old trade routes. Explore a Hittite Meals: 8 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 1 dinner. shrine. Wander through Kaymakli, a fascinating underground town, still intact. Spend a fascinating evening with whirling dervishes, who spin themselves into trances, arms embracing the sky. After they’re finished, we ask them what all that twirling is about. Then back to Istanbul and home. If you’ve not had your fill of Turkey, read on... ge

More? Continue on with our four-day ANATOLIAN TURKEY extension. Antalya is Turkey’s HQ on the sea. Poke around the Roman town of Perge, once home to a school of brilliant sculptors. Nearby Aspendos dates from the Hittites, although the ruins are all Roman. Kaleici, the old section of town, shows off its Ottoman and Roman remains. Take a lesson in Anatolian archaeology. Taste doner kebap. Get blissfully lost in the winding streets. To Istanbul, then home, momentarily speechless and forever changed.

Confusing? No worries—a carpet expert explains it all.

WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL • Private cruise on the Bosphorus. • Sadberk Hanim private Ottoman collection in Istanbul. • Meet with a carpet expert. • Enter a subterranean town in Cappadocia. • Speak to a whirling dervish. • Caravanserai visit. • Easy-to-add extension to Anatolian Turkey. • A tour escort stays with travelers throughout the journey.


Italy. The perfect spot to let life pass you by.


ow many other countries have raised café culture to an art form? Italy, land of great coffee, bread, and cold cuts. And all this in a place with an already embarrassing amount of spectacular art… and architecture… and history… and scenery… and wine… and more food. Crusoe has come up with a wise approach to Italy. We offer a three-part journey: take the main portion (Venice, Florence, Siena, Rome); add a leg beforehand in the lakes district (Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Verona, Venice); extend your trip at the end (Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, Capri); or go whole hog, and do all three. Configure the journey to your exact tastes and time constraints. Allow Crusoe to tailor the itinerary just for you: More sightseeing, less free time? Or the reverse? Skip to the front of the lines at museums like the Uffizi? Visit our favorite Tuscan winery? You tell us. On the main tour, arrive in Venice, Old Lady of the Lagoon. Byron swam in the Grand Canal (we don’t recommend this). Instead, explore canals painted by Canaletto, cross bridges, get wonderfully lost, sip a cappuccino. See Piazza San Marco and its exquisite church. Hear the mingled orchestras of

Sublime Florence. You understand right away why Lucy Honeychurch demanded “a room with a view.”


Much of Italy’s nightlife takes place in wonderful squares.

Florian’s and Quadri’s, just as Henry James did. Tour the Doges’ Palace. Opt for a visit to the lagoon islands by private launch: Murano, known for its glass; tiny Torcello and its sizable church; and colorful Burano, whose signature lace we love. Next, travel by first-class rail to Florence. Immerse yourself in the true epicenter of the Renaissance. An excellent guide takes you on a walking tour of the Galleria dell’Accademia. (In addition to “David,” Michelangelo’s “Four Prisoners,” and a “Pietà” are here.) If you like, pay a visit to a private farm in Modena, where balsamic vinegar has been made for four generations. Off to Tuscany’s grape arbors and olive groves. In Siena, take a special tour to learn about the Palio, the town’s murderous horse race. Stop at a wine estate for a private tour and tasting. Finally, Rome. Divide your time between the imperial remains and Vatican City. (Impossible to choose one.) And we haven’t even had time to talk about the Italian Lakes or Amalfi Coast. Que será será.


Lake Como

Lake Maggiore

Departures: Private tour through the year. Meals: All breakfasts.


Milan Verona

Florence Modena Ty r r



Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. Detailed itineraries available at






Land travel Land travel


Naples Pompeii Positano lfi C Capri

MAIN TOUR: Investigating Italy. 11 Days.




Venice  Modena  Florence Siena  Rome Price: Per person sharing room from $8,380

WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL • Doges’ Palace first tour of the day. • Optional private boat to Venice’s lagoon islands. • No-wait entry into Florence’s Galleria dell’Academia and the Uffizi. • Private contrade visit in Siena. • Private wine estate visit in Chianti. • Reserved entry into the Vatican museums.

PRE TOUR: Ravishing Italian Lakes. 6 Days. Milan  Cernobbio  Tremezzo Bellagio  Stresa  Verona  Venice Price: Per person sharing room from $4,980

POST TOUR: Romantic Amalfi Coast. 4 Days. Pompeii  Positano  Amalfi Ravello  Capri  Naples Price: Per person sharing room from $3,980


In 1957, Beat writers Allen Ginsburg, William Burroughs, and Gregory Corso set off on a magnificent journey by way of Paris. On forays into Normandy and Burgundy, we suggest you do the same.

T he city proved to be fertile ground for these writers. Paris, of course, is the perfect place to start any exploration of France. Which is why we begin both our Normandy and our Burgundy journeys right here in the City of Light. We urge you to spend a few days in Paris before setting off. And bring your notebook. You never know what creative juices might start flowing in your head.

Raw material for the world’s best reds. Ever think of the Eiffel Tower as inspiration for fashion design? Paris, 1955.

WINDING THROUGH THE BEST OF BURGUNDY. 8 DAYS. Burgundy is a patchwork of tiny vineyards that give the wine its world-famous nuances. From Paris, drive to Auxerre to see the old town. Taste Chablis (lucky you). Home is elegant Hôtel le Cep in Beaune, the heart of Burgundy. It’s a city we absolutely adore. Have a tasting in Vougeot before we head for Dijon. Delight in this town’s charm on a walking tour. We especially love the medieval Duke’s Palace. Then walk (and taste your way along) the Route des Grands Crus, birthplace of the world’s finest reds. GevreyChambertin, Morey-St.-Denis, VosneRomanée... After a bit more of Beaune, we alight in Pommard for tastes of excellent white: Mersault, Puligny-Montrachet... After Cluny’s historic abbey, Beaujolais has our attention. We devote a day to the 10 Beaujolais Crus villages for sips and some serious poking around. Wind up in Lyon, where food is king. There’s also Notre Dame de Fourvière Cathedral, fine museums, antiques, perhaps a glass of wine...

Winding Through the Best of Burgundy. 8 Days. Paris  Auxerre  Beaune  Dijon Route des Grand Crus Côte-de-Beaune  Cluny Beaujolais Cru Villages  Lyon Departures: Private tour through the year. Prices: Per person sharing room from $6,990 TGV train per person (estimate) $140 Meals: 6 breakfasts.

World’s first graphic novella? The Bayeux Tapestry illustrates a bit of important local history.

THE AGELESS INSPIRATION OF of a trying time. The American Cemetery, NORMANDY. 8 DAYS. where 9,386 of our boys rest for eternity. Put simply, we love Normandy (and we The Bayeux Tapestry tells the story of still wonder why William the William’s conquest in 1066. Conqueror left for The Caen Memorial, Calvados, Honfleur & Deauville Rouen England in the Deauville, Honfleur, Giverny D-Day Beaches Caen first place). Rouen. En route back to & Bayeux Paris Auxerre Medieval Mont St. Michel Paris, see Richard the NORMANDY Calvados Dijon monasteries. Lionheart’s prison, BURGUNDY A distinctly Beaune Monet’s Giverny, and van F R A N C E BEAUJOLAIS craggy coastline. Gogh’s final resting place. Cluny Lyon Verdant pastures. Voilà. You’ve begun Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. Imposing cathedrals. to know France. Detailed itineraries available And quite colorful at . The Ageless ancient history that Inspiration of includes the likes of Normandy. 8 Days. indefatigable Norsemen, Paris  Caen  D-Day Beaches Queen Mathilde, Joan of Arc, and others. Bayeux  Mont St. Michel There’s more. We think you’ll find the Calvados  Deauville  Honfleur cuisine as outstanding as we do. This is the Rouen  Giverny land of the three Cs: Calvados, cider, and Departures: Private tour through the year. Camembert. Price: Per person sharing room from $6,870 Is anything else essential? Meals: 6 breakfasts. Yes—impossibly rich, fragrant butter from contented cows. Fluffy omelets in Mont. St. Michel, andouillet sausage from Vire, duck from Rouen, mussels from Isigny and oysters from Courseulles, lobster and cockles and sole. Oh my. From Paris, drive to Normandy, with delectable stops en route. Then divide your time as you choose. Eccentric Mont St. Michel. The D-Day Beaches and the D-Day Overlord Route, both so evocative

Mont St. Michel.


France’s canals are shallow. Our barging journey is not.


rom the sun deck of an elegant barge and crew. Fresh-cut flowers, well-stocked on the backwaters of France, get inside shy libraries (and liquor cabinets), sun decks, hamlets and otherwise hidden lives. Head bikes for all, perhaps a grand piano, even a for rural reaches and humble hamlets far swimming pool on two of our boats. from the madding crowds. Awaken each day in your wellUnabashed luxury awaits aboard a appointed room (with private bath, of perfectly outfitted course). Drink in the barge that takes you morning air, then along France’s most your morning gorgeous waterways. coffee. Loll on a Leave it to deck chair beneath R. Crusoe to charter an umbrella. a barge for you. Your Slowly, the fellow bargers—and morning unfolds. the boat itself—are Some of you decide yours alone for a that you like the One of our favorite barges, the Fleur de Lys. glorious week. scenery here, and The barge is a floating inn that sleeps you step ashore for a morning walk along four, six, eight, or 12 (depending on the an ancient towpath. Others want to bike boat). It caters just to you and your family ride to a sleepy village nearby. Poke or your pals or your beloved first cousins. around local abbey ruins. Curl up with The finest fruits, vegetables, wines, your favorite book of poetry—or your cheeses. The most buttery croissants. All favorite poet. courtesy of your excellent on-board chef The only rushing you should do is to



make your reservation. Some barges book Gently Barging Through France. a year in advance. 8 Days. There are so many choices, so many Departures: Apr through Oct. canals, so many sweet boats, we’re Prices: From $25,000 for a charter forced (grudgingly) to cite only a barge that sleeps four; from few examples. Paris $34,400 for a charter The Fleur de that sleeps six; from Lys (six $39,200 for a charter that passengers) and sleeps eight; from $66,000 the Hirondelle Dijon for a charter that sleeps 12 (eight) wind through FRANCE Per person reservations Burgundy, Franche-Comté, Lyon on barges from $4,900 and along the Saône and TGV train per person Loire rivers. The Amaryllis (estimate) $300 Arles (eight) highlights Carcassone Burgundy. The Alouette Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. (four) traces the Canal du Detailed itineraries available at Midi. Finally, the Napoleon (12) travels the Rhône and Saône and Provence. Your journey usually begins in Paris. We whisk you to the TGV train and drive you to your barge. Don’t need a whole barge to yourselves? Never mind; you may cruise on some of these barges without having to charter. Is there a destination you care to barge to that we haven’t mentioned? Do tell. We have other boats available. If only home had this much to recommend it.


“Barcelona. This is where it all began... where I understood how far I could reach.” —Pablo Picasso

T he artist once claimed he learned everything he needed to know as a young man in Barcelona and Catalonia. We understand completely. That’s why on our journey, we save Barcelona, a favorite European city of ours, for last. Begin in Madrid. See the old town and do it as the locals do—with tapas and wine along the way. Palacio Real brims with treasures. See the recently renovated Prado, sporting a $62 million facelift. Study Picasso’s “Guernica” at the Reina Sofia Museum. Picasso’s “The Matador.” 1970.

A day in Don Quixote’s La Mancha brings us to Toledo. Fall in love with it just as the Visigoths did in A.D. 500 and as El Greco did a thousand years later. Centuries ago, Toledo welcomed Jews, Romans, Christians, and Muslims, who came for refuge and knowledge and left behind a stew of cathedrals, churches, synagogues, and mosques. El Greco gave us his “Burial of Count Orgaz.” Catch the high-speed train to Andalusia’s finest city, Seville. Think passion, drama, and the sizzling beat of flamenco. The immense cathedral’s tower once stood as a minaret. Step inside the Alcazars royal compound, and explore Barrio Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter. In Córdoba, the devout— Christians, Jews, and Muslims—all left a part of themselves behind, a telling collage. Through the southern Spanish countryside. En route to Granada, take lunch at a favorite hangout of the king. Granada’s Alhambra illustrates the endurance of the Nasrid Dynasty and its earthly embodiment of paradise. Dynamic art and architecture await in Barcelona. Las Ramblas. The lively Gothic Quarter. At the Picasso Museum, assess the artist’s early works. At La Boqueria, the city’s

Don’t pass up a chance to see live flamenco in Seville. Let us reserve a table at the best club around. Air travel

wonderful food market, mouths water. Land travel Bilbao A day of Antoni Gaudí with a very S PA I N Montserrat knowledgeable guide by your side. The & Penedès influential and beloved artist took his Madrid Barcelona inspiration from Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. Toledo nature. He was lable Detailed itineraries avai . com soe. Córdoba fascinated by the at www.rcru limb’s relationship Seville Granada to the tree trunk. Sagrada Família was Gaudí’s final project, still unfinished. Stroll the neverMoorish-to-Modern Spain. to-be finished Güell Park. Pure Gaudí. 14 Days. A day in the country? Absolutely. In Madrid  Toledo  Seville Montserrat monastery, hear the resident Córdoba  Granada  Barcelona boys’ choir perform. Then to the Penedès Montserrat  Bilbao wine region to tour an old cellar and sip Departures: Private journey through the year. cava, Spain’s answer to champagne. Finally, the Guggenheim Bilbao, one Prices: Per person sharing room from $10,980 Internal air per person (estimate) $890 of Frank Gehry’s early titanium designs. Meals: 12 breakfasts. Take a guided tour (no waiting, no lines). Back in Madrid, it’s adiós, España. Leaving won’t be easy.

WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL • Time at the recently renovated Prado. • Day trips to Toledo and to Córdoba. • Devote a full day in Barcelona to the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí. • Cava tasting and cellar tour. • Hear the boys’ choir perform in Montserrat. • Take a guided tour of Gehry’s Guggenheim in Bilbao. Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim. Bilbao.


Dublin’s Abbey Theatre premiered J.M. Synge’s “Playboy of the Western World” on 26 January 1907. Unfortunately, the audience didn’t hear a word of the play.

F orty rioters that night made it their

bright-blue clock and magnificent ninthcentury Book of Kells. Grafton Street is a business to stamp and shout and blow people-watching paradise. trumpets, from the rise of the curtain to Consider an evening performance at its fall. Their gripe? They objected to the Abbey Theatre, Synge’s use of the word brought to you by W. B. “shift.” Yeats and friends. Never mind. The play From one beauty to went on to become a another. Leave Dublin for classic. The point here? charming eccentricity in Words—whether on a the countryside. Visit stage or between old Ireland’s only Japanese friends at the local pub— garden. At the National are terribly important to Stud, the horse is king. your average Irishman. Consider a game or two So listen very of golf along the way. carefully to what’s being Kilkenny town is said, and sung, and recited, Playwright J.M. Synge—eventually Ireland’s diminutive as you make your way a national hero of the stage. jewel. Take in the Butler around Ireland. tapestry collection at the castle. Grab a Over the pond to Dublin. The joys of pint and lunch at a pub the locals adore. this city are many. Newman House is a Eat with abandon in coastal Kinsale. Who’s Who of the last century in Once a sleepy fishing village, it’s now European politics and letters. The same Ireland’s beloved foodie headquarters. can be said for Trinity College, with its The Ring of Kerry follows an ancient footpath through some of Ireland’s most outstanding scenery.

Fact & Fancy. Ireland Done Right. 11 Days. Dublin  Kildare  Kilkenny Kinsale  Kenmare  Ring of Kerry County Limerick  Cliffs of Moher Burren  Galway  Cong Departures: Private journey through the year. Price: Per person sharing room from $7,690 Georgian Dublin. Crusoe opens doors for you.

Meals: 9 breakfasts.

The Ring of Kerry defies reason. The scenery? Breathtaking. Subtropical flora NORTHERN (What is it doing here?) adds charming Atlantic IRELAND Ocean peculiarity. Stop at Muckross House, a folklore museum. Loiter at Torc Waterfall. Derrynane House is the IRELAND ancestral home of Ireland’s Great Cong Dublin Connemara Liberator, Daniel O’Connell. Galway Kildare Cliffs of Moher County Limerick, next. & Burren “There once was a...” And so on. Limerick Shannon Kilkenny Sweet Adare—thatched roofs, stone Listowel fences, and all. The village embraces. Not & Adare so the drama-soaked Cliffs of Moher, Irish Sea Ring of rising 650 feet above a roiling Atlantic. Kerry Kenmare Kinsale The Burren, prehistoric seabed, is home to rare flowers of Mediterranean and Arctic origin. Galway is young, Cong old. Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. Detailed itineraries available Back home, you might be inspired to at shout out a few words of your own.

Travel the way it’s supposed to be.

T he Royal Scotsman, a train like no


other. The world’s most exclusive, in fact. Polished, stylish, discreet—it’s Edwardian elegance on the rails and absolutely oneof-a-kind. Begin in Edinburgh. Sir Walter Scott fell in love with the city, and it’s easy to see why. On a walking tour, take it all in. The Royal Mile leads us to Edinburgh Castle, jewel in the Scottish crown. And

includes the four-night Classic Highlands train journey. (Though we describe that journey on these pages, Crusoe also offers 11-day, 9-day, 7-day, and 6-day Royal Scotsman tours. Call us for details.) From Edinburgh, head across the Firth of Forth and through the Kingdom of Fife. This is the land of tartans and single malt scotch. Have a tour and a taste at Dalmore Distillery.

speaking of jewels, we view the crown jewels as well as the Stone of Destiny. On to The Royal Scotsman. You and a fortunate few—35 other passengers, to be exact—are invited. Prepare to be doted on by an experienced crew of 14. The surroundings? Mahogany, overstuffed sofas and chairs, and the world’s best scotch. The food? Incredible. And we promise—no haggis (unless you want a taste). Along the way, meet Scots where they live, work, and play. R. Crusoe offers an eight-day tour that

Get lost in Plockton. Watch for seals and puffins from a boat near the Isle of Skye. Tiny villages and historic keeps grab our attention when the wildlife doesn’t. Castles? Of course. Ballindalloch, beloved home of the same family since 1546. Play a round of golf, if you like, on the castle’s private course. Also on our radar: Scone Palace, once home to the fabled Stone of Destiny and coronation site of a handful of Scottish kings. See Boat of Garten and its heather-clad

hills. Go fishing, or practice your claypigeon shooting at Rothiemurchas Estate. To Perth, on the banks of the Tay, and Dundee, whose roots stretch back to the Iron Age. Then return to Edinburgh. Hail poetry, and farewell to a movable feast.

SCOTLAND Invergordon Kyle of Lochalsh

Keith Boat of Garten

More? We suggest three days in the SCOTTISH BORDERS. Follow the coast past some of the country’s most famous golf courses. See Melrose Abbey, Floors Castle. Stroll along the River Tweed. Home? The baronial Cringletie House.

Dundee Edinburgh

Dirleton Scottish Borders

Call 1-888-49 Detailed itiner0-ar8046 to book. at www.rcrusoe.cies available om.

Aboard The Royal Scotsman. Travel the Way It Used to Be. 8 Days. Edinburgh  Keith  Invergordon Kyle of Lochalsh Boat of Garten  Dundee Departures: Apr through Oct. Price: Per person sharing cabin from $7,880 Meals: 6 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 dinners. Home away from home. Your cozy cabin aboard The Royal Scotsman. We know you’ll love it, but don’t forget to look outside at the scenery, please.


Don’t know Empress Sissi? You should.

T hanks to a troublesome and bossy mother-in-law, Sissi left the imperial Habsburg palace in Vienna and spent her days instead in neighboring Hungary. A country she soon fell in love with. It was thanks to Sissi that AustroHungary would be created as a joint monarchy in 1867. Follow the example of the empress, and get to know Eastern Europe yourself. On the streets of the region’s most vibrant and transitional cities—Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest—hear tales of emperors, musicians, courtesans, and despots. First, Prague. In Old Town Square,


view the Astronomical Clock, then fan out for a look at what once was. Kinsky Palace. City Hall. Poke around a most precious Jewish Quarter. Just a short drive beyond the city limits is Nelahozeves Castle, home to a prominent family for 500 years. The paintings collection? Daunting. Back in town, see the Castle District, where we enjoy special private entree into Strahov Monastery Library with a curator. Leave Prague behind. Though we’re headed for Vienna, we alight en route in medieval Cesky Krumlov—slightly threadbare and altogether authentic. Then Vienna, that classy dame. Emperor Franz Josef, Lord of the Ringstrasse, tore

Imperial Cities of Eastern Europe: Prague, Vienna, & Budapest. 11 Days. Prague  Nelahozeves  Cesky Krumlov Vienna  Bratislava  Budapest Szentendre Departures: Private journey through the year. Price: Per person sharing room from $6,990 Schönbrunn Palace, enduring symbol of the Habsburg reign. Vienna.

Meals: 9 breakfasts, 1 lunch.

Call 1-888-49 down the city’s ancient walls and built a Detailed itiner0-ar8046 to book. at www.rcrusoe.cies available boulevard. Today, it enwraps nearly all we’ve om. come to see. Nelahozeves Circle round the old city center. At Prague the Liechtenstein Museum, a guide shows CZECH REPUBLIC us the fabulous Rubens cycle that had S L O VA K I A Cesky Krumlov been under wraps for decades. Bratislava Vienna Stephansdom, built in 1147, was for Szentendre AUSTRIA many years the Sears Tower of Budapest H U N G ARY Europe, at a whopping 449 feet. Peruse the Albertina Museum’s prints and engravings by the old masters. Take a private tour of the staterooms at Schönbrunn Palace. The Astronomical Clock. Prague. 1890. ornamental crust is thick. A sixyear-old Mozart had his debut here. Participate in a strudelmaking lesson down the street. Kibitz over coffee and a slice. Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, next, then Budapest. The backstory of Old Pest is illuminating. See the Jewish ghetto. Doheny Street Synagogue is a brash collage of architectural styles. Liszt and SaintSaens played its organ. Theodor Herzl had his Bar Mitzvah here. At Heroes’ Square, meet the principal players of Hungary’s past. To Buda’s Castle District. Cruise the River Danube over drinks. Tour Parliament. Gustav Eiffel designed the city’s Central Market. If the shelves of paprika don’t bowl you over, the building’s steel skeleton will.

Come ply the waters of Europe’s original superhighway: the Danube.

S ome of the most commanding European cities (and romantic towns) stand along the banks of the Danube. This is no coincidence. Europe’s first busy thoroughfare, the Danube begins in Germany’s Black Forest, runs through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and ends at the Black Sea. It gathers the might of 300 tributaries along the way, and it linked the East with the West better

Begin in lovely Budapest. The Danube provided a distinct city limit, but it didn’t stop the Romans or Attila’s brother, Bleda, or even the Turks from entering. Each made their mark, and it bodes well for foodies that someone left that fragrant paprika behind. We just can’t get enough of this city. The Chain Bridge. Matthias Cathedral. Parliament. Heroes Square.

Coffee holds a special—and exalted—place in Vienna’s daily ritual. Grab a cup, and join in.

than any Roman road ever did. The 88-passenger River Cloud II delivers us to the doorsteps of Central Europe’s glorious old cities. She is among the most elegant boats to cruise the Danube, hands down. Think richly appointed interiors, sleek white exteriors, an expert European chef. Impeccable service. Her beautiful dining room features Mediterranean cuisine and fine regional wines. Gather round the Steinway grand to sip champagne or single-malt Scotch while examining Eastern Europe from the inside out.


Then beyond Hungary’s border to Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava. The Turks stopped by for a visit and wouldn’t go home. Walk the charming streets of Old Town before we hear a local musical performance. Magnificent Vienna, Austria, next. Tollbooth between East and West. Here the Habsburgs made a tidy profit, and Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert, and Mahler did some of their best work. Take an unusual tour of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. See a training session at the famed Spanish Riding School, and attend


Budapest’s Chain Bridge, completed in 1849, was the first connection built between Pest and Buda. See it up close as you make your way along the Danube.

Call 1-888-49 Detailed itiner0-ar8046 to book. at www.rcrusoe.cies available om.

Bu d

ape st


ati Vien sla va na

M e Dü lk rns tei n




Vi ls


an exclusive reception at Hofburg Palace. Opt for an evening concert. Then meander through the Wachau Valley for an eyeful of the Danube’s most splendid wine-producing scenery. In Dürnstein, Duke Leopold V imprisoned Richard the Lionhearted in 1193. Take in the Abbey of Melk, an 11thcentury baroque masterpiece. Into Germany, now. Passau was created by Italian masters to the specifications of the town burghers. The tune in your head? Not your imagination, but the world’s largest pipe organ. Stay for a brief concert. Finally, disembark in pretty Vilshofen.

Doing the Danube Aboard River Cloud II. 9 Days. Departures: Apr, Jun-Oct. Some departures operate in the reverse direction. Prices: Per person sharing cabin from $3,275 Prices do not include shore excursions or transfers to and from River Cloud II. Estimate for a full shore excursion program: $375 per person, excluding concert tickets. Meals: All meals aboard River Cloud II.

Passau, Germany.

More? BUDAPEST and PRAGUE. Do you crave a few more days in the fairest cities of Hungary and the Czech Republic? Allow us to plan an unusual visit just for you. 41

Marten Jacobszoon Heemskerk van Veen, a 16th-century Dutch painter, used his imagination to paint the Seven Wonders of the World. He had to. Only one is still standing.

Great Pyramids of Giza, Colossus of Rhodes, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Mausoleum of Maussollos.

I magine this: The pyramids are only the beginning of Egypt’s treasures. R. Crusoe & Son offers two slightly different journeys through Egypt, one 12 days, the other 14. Both are exceptional, both use top Nile riverboats, and— naturally—either can be customized to your exact specifications. Regardless of the journey length you prefer, here’s the route we suggest:


First stop, Cairo. With an expert Egyptologist, enter the legendary Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. In 1922, Howard Carter unearthed much of what we see. If you choose, have dinner with a faculty member of the American University at Cairo to discuss Egypt’s past, present, and future. The Egyptologist then accompanies you to Giza. Your conveyance at the site?

Camels, of course. Even with the added height, one is unprepared for the size and symmetry of the Great Pyramids. Ponder the perplexing Sphinx, as King Thutmose IV did when he stumbled upon it, nearly buried in sand, in 1425 B.C. We suggest lunch at the Mena House, just as Churchill and Montgomery did. To King Menes’s Memphis and then Sakkara. Evelyn Waugh went to the necropolis in the 1930s to be “bruised and upbraided by the thundering surf of education.” Coptic Cairo, next. Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus rested at the Church of St. Sergius during their flight from Herod. Visit Muallaqua Coptic Church and Ben Ezra Synagogue, where the pharaoh’s daughter found Moses in the bulrushes. Next, old Islamic Cairo—the Citadel of Salah ad-Din and the most important mosques. Take free time at the bazaar. Fly to Luxor, then board one of three river cruisers: the Philae or the Sonesta St. George (on our 12-day journey) or the Zahra (our 14-day journey). All are wonderful vessels with amenities that keep you comfortable between sites. Luxor was the center of the ancient world circa 1500 B.C. Treasure trove of art and architecture. Even Homer was awed:

“The heaps of precious ingots gleam.” We suggest you spend private, quality time at Chicago House, home to the world’s leading experts on Luxor. Leave your Berlitz at home—epigraphers here translate the hieroglyphics. Acres of mystery in Luxor, divided by the Nile. The Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. Take a careful look. If you travel aboard the Zahra, head for Qena’s Temple of Dendera. If you’re on the Philae or the Sonesta St. George, consider returning to shore at night to see Luxor Temple’s hieroglyphics lit up. Next, ply the Nile for more outstanding temples. The possibilities? Esna. Edfu and its Temple of Horus. Kom Ombo, where graceful ruins were dedicated to the gods Sobek and Haeroris. Peruse the markets, pick up a tarboosh. In Aswan, see the High Dam. Beautiful Philae Temple crowns Agilika Island nearby. Board a felucca, the traditional slantmasted sailboat that still plies the Nile, and cruise around Kitchener’s Island. It’s named for Lord Kitchener, British commander of the Egyptian army, who planted a rare and exotic botanical garden that continues to thrive today.

The Zahra, one of our Nile cruisers. Absolute luxury from stern to bow.


Penetrable mystery. Just follow the siq on foot. Petra, Jordan.

Fly south to not-to-be-missed Abu Simbel. The Greater Temple of Ramses II is oriented so the sun’s rays at dawn illuminate the inner sanctuary. Think of it as an example of Egyptian feng shui. Wing back to Cairo for an overnight before continuing home. Better yet, consider extending your stay in this part of the world with a visit to neighboring Jordan. Read on for details.


More? ALL ROADS LEAD TO JORDAN. Amman... Jerash... exquisite Petra. Mount Nebo, where Moses died. Madaba’s sixthcentury mosaic map depicts the Holy Land. The Dead Sea. Jordan shouldn’t be missed. R. Crusoe has created the perfect tour through this enchanting nation. Though we suggest it as a 10-day journey, it is easily adapted to fit your schedule. Let us know what works best.

Cairo  Giza  Memphis Sakkara  Luxor  Esna  Edfu Kom Ombo  Aswan  Agilika Island Kitchener’s Island  Abu Simbel


dite rr an

Cairo, Giza, Memphis, & Sakkara

Dead Sea

J O R DA N Petra Wadi Rum

EGYPT Air travel Cruising & land travel Land travel

Departures: Private journey through the year. Prices: Per person sharing room from $5,490 Internal air per person (estimate) $520

Jerash Madaba & Mount Nebo Amman


Cruising the Nile in Luxury. Cairo Too. Aboard the Philae or the Sonesta St. George. 12 Days.

ean Sea

Luxor Aswan

Abu Simbel

Meals: 10 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners.

Cairo , Giza, & the Nile. Luxe at a Leisurely Pace. Aboard the Zahra. 14 Days.

6 to book. Call 1-888-490-804 ies rar available Detailed itirune . at www.rc

Cairo  Giza  Memphis Sakkara  Luxor  Qena  Edfu Aswan  Kom Ombo  Agilika Island Kitchener’s Island  Abu Simbel Departures: Private journey through the year. Prices: Per person sharing room from $8,450 Internal air per person (estimate) $520 Meals: 12 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners.

All Roads Lead to Jordan. Kingdom in the Heart of the Desert. 10 Days. Amman  Jerash  Madaba Petra  Wadi Rum  Dead Sea Departures: Private journey through the year. Price: Per person sharing room from $3,980 Meals: 7 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 1 dinner.

WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL • Opt for dinner with an American University faculty member. • Private tour of Chicago House at Luxor (closed May to mid-October). • Abu Simbel visit. • Top Nile river cruisers. • Historic Mena House lunch. • Four Seasons Cairo. • Easy-to-add, seamless extension available to Jordan.

The Sonesta St. George. No detail overlooked. Abu Simbel is somewhat larger than life. Pharaoh Ramesses II’s big toes are 27 inches tall.

“He even took the gramophone on safari. Three rifles, supplies for a month, and Mozart.” —Meryl Streep as Karen Blixen in “Out of Africa”


n your R. Crusoe safari in Kenya and Tanzania, there won’t be a gun, though we highly recommend shooting—with your digital camera, that is. Nor will there be Mozart—there’s much too much natural “music:” lions roaring, elephants trumpeting, baboons chatting. East Africa’s turf still belongs to the animals—reticulated giraffes, leopards, Cape buffalo, wildebeests, and uncountable Thomson’s gazelles. And to the birds, a community of millions that rule overhead. We show you the best of Kenya and Tanzania. Cover a lot of ground (the best game parks, point-to-point), mostly by air. Stay in one-of-a-kind lodges and permanent and seasonal tented camps. Get

the lowdown on all kinds of creatures in the company of the best guides around. Land in Arusha for a night at the charming Coffee Lodge, on a working plantation. Fly to the Serengeti, 5,000 square miles of remoteness. It is here (and in Kenya’s neighboring Masai Mara) that the Great Migration takes place. Come spring, a million wildebeests and zebras begin their trek north in search of water and fresh grass. Once there, they turn around and head back. Home for us here is a seasonal camp, a bit of safari tradition not often experienced. Drive toward Ngorongoro Crater, with a stop at Olduvai Gorge to see what the

Leakeys saw. Then Ngorongoro, 10 miles across, 2,000 feet deep. Isolation keeps it Air travel untouched and fully Land travel k. boo to 46 wondrous. You won’t Call 1-888-490-80 lable Detailed itineraries avai Samburu ever forget standing at K E N YA on the lip of this collapsed volcano peering below at an Lake Masai Vi c t o r i a Nairobi immense lost world. Inexplicable Mara Serengeti majesty. Elephants browse. Olduvai Gorge Lions prowl. Flamingos wade. Amboseli Into Kenya, specifically Ngorongoro Arusha Crater Amboseli. Open plains, thornbush TA N Z A N I A country, swamps, and marshes support a wild menagerie. Samburu bakes under the equatorial sun. The Great African Keep watch for rare Grevy’s zebras and Flying Safari: Inside Kenya & reticulated giraffes. And this is the only Tanzania. 16 Days. place on Earth to witness the gerunuk, which stands on its hind legs to feed. Arusha  Serengeti National Park Ngorongoro Crater  Amboseli In the Masai Mara, overnight in a Samburu  Masai Mara  Nairobi permanent tented camp. There are options here: hot-air ballooning, fishing, or a bush Departures: Private journey through the year. walk (a rare and delightful opportunity). Prices: Per person sharing room from $14,980 Then fly to Nairobi and back to life as Internal air per person (estimate) $1,890 you knew it. Sorry. Meals: 13 breakfasts, 13 lunches, 12 dinners.

These aren’t ants. They’re wildebeests (also known as gnus) doing their part in the Great Migration.

On safari, consider who is watching who.

WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL • Convenient air travel between East Africa’s top wildlife spots. • Safari in modified Land Rovers in which every passenger gets a window seat. • Visit a Samburu village. • Bush walks are an option in most of our camps. • Opt for a day-trip to fish in Lake Victoria or a hot-air balloon ride over the Masai Mara.


“I say hello Hello, hello…” —Paul McCartney


he denizens of Southern Africa await your arrival. Knobby-kneed giraffes. Herds of zebras with tails like metronomes. I-prefer-to-be-alone black rhinos. Trees full of birds feathered in colors you never knew existed. We promise quality time with some of the 70,123 elephants that call this region home. Sound like something you might enjoy? Leave it to R. Crusoe to line up a Southern African safari experience utterly


unmatched. Visit the top game parks in South Africa and Botswana, and stay at the region’s finest camps and lodges. Consider this your engraved invitation to the wet wonderland that is Southern Africa. Private 4x4 vehicles take you on daily game drives (nightly, too, if you choose). Ply mysterious waterways in traditional canoes guided by expert polers. Big cats hunt. Reed frogs lull us to sleep. Begin in the suburbs of Johannesburg.

Get cozy at the Westcliff, a tranquil hotel in a quiet neighborhood. Tour Pretoria, if you like. Fly to the Okavango Delta, 4,000 square miles of islands, lagoons, and waterways teeming with animals. Home is Eagle Island, a truly elegant camp that overlooks a lagoon. It’s a favorite hangout of hippos, crocs, and birds. Game drive. Bush walk. Take a helicopter safari. Next, Moremi Wildlife Reserve and the vast Khwai flood plains to witness one of Southern Africa’s largest concentrations of four-legged creatures. Khwai River Lodge cannot be topped. Aside from its access to the veldt, it also offers a pool, a gym, a spa, and plenty of room to spend quality time with yourself. Fly to Savute Elephant Camp in the heart of Chobe National Park. Prepare for animals galore. View ancient rock paintings left by the San tribe. Then back to Johannesburg and home.

More? Continue on to CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, with R. Crusoe. Explore the marvelous city itself, then head for the scenic Cape Peninsula, or poke around the celebrated Cape Wine Country. Call us for details.

Air travel Land travel Air travel

Moremi Okavango Delta





Atlantic Ocean

Cape Town


Indian Ocean

Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. Detailed itineraries available at

Where the Buffalo (Elephant, Zebra, Hippo, Hyena, & Lion) Roam. South Africa & Botswana. 10 Days. Johannesburg  Pretoria Okavango Delta Moremi Wildlife Reserve Chobe National Park Departures: Private tour through the year. Prices: Per person sharing room from $6,460 Internal air per person (estimate) $690 Meals: 8 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners.

Khwai River Lodge. Moremi.


Antarctica. Access could soon be limited.

W ith all the work piled on the desk

description of our 14-day cruise on one of of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it’s two ships—the 114-guest Corinthian II or noteworthy that she is focusing the world’s the 100-guest Clelia II. We also offer a 21attention on day Antarctica cruise Antarctica. There’s with time in the concern that this Falklands and on pristine environment South Georgia be preserved, and the Island, scene of best way to do that Ernest Shackleton’s could be to limit dramatic 1916 rescue. tourism… possibly to Finally, we have a 100 visitors a day. one-time-only cruise Antarctica. (November 2009) A Weddell seal mugs for the camera. Oldest, and driest of Who can resist this face? hosted by Peter all the continents. Hillary, son of Sir Before all the red tape unravels, get up Edmund Hillary and an explorer in his close and personal with mammoth own right. Peter focuses on Shackleton’s icebergs, even bigger glaciers, and a plight as well as on his own incredible landscape that’s unlike anything you’ve wanderings. ever seen. Wander through rambling Back to our 14-day journey. Fly to penguin rookeries. Get to know this Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a little eerie—and starkly lovely—Pleistocene civilization at the Palacio Duhau Park time warp. Hyatt. Don’t tango all night; you need some We offer a number of journeys to the rest before flying to Ushuaia. Bottom of the Earth. Following is a Embark the ship, and cross the Drake A fleet of Zodiac landing craft whisks us to shore at the most inaccessible locations.

Antarctica. Earth From the Bottom Up. 14 Days.


Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires  Ushuaia Beagle Channel  Drake Passage Antarctic Peninsula Departures: Jan, Feb, Nov, & Dec. Ushuaia



Hannah Point Deception Island

Price: Per person sharing cabin from $7,745 Elephant Island Paulet Island Devil’s Island

Neumayer Channel

Meals: All meals during the cruise plus breakfast at the hotel.

Lemaire Channel

Paradise Bay Petermann Island

Weddell Sea

ti Antarc c Penin

Air travel Cruising

Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. lable Detailed itineraries avai at




Passage toward the Antarctic Peninsula. On-board naturalists and experts cover Antarctic flora, fauna, sea life, geology, glaciology, meteorology, exploration. Trace the Antarctic Peninsula, its freckled islands, sheltered channels, gorgeous bays. Along the way, we make landings from Zodiacs. In this wilderness without piers or ports, time on shore depends on weather, vagaries of the ice, katabatic winds, and unplanned events— breaching humpbacks or an especially divine iceberg. Likely stops? Petermann Island, where penguin populations nearly burst at the seams. In Paradise Bay, the name says it all. Deception Island’s waters are warmed geothermally. Bring a swimsuit. Take a dip. No kidding. Back to Ushuaia and home, a changed person.

ENJOY (VERY) SPECIAL PRICING On select departures, take advantage of many of the following offers: • $2,500 per couple fare discount. • Specially-priced round-trip economy air between Miami and Buenos Aires. • Specially priced business-class upgrade. • Complimentary extra hotel night, tour, and tango show in Buenos Aires. • Bring-a-friend discount of 15 percent. • Birthday discount of 50 percent. • Reduced rates for children. Gentoo mother and chicks. Antarctic Peninsula.

More? Go to for details on our 21-DAY ANTARCTICA journey and our 12-DAY and 17-DAY JOURNEYS aboard the Prince Albert. And while you’re south, consider spending a bit more time in BUENOS AIRES or extending your journey to include IGUAZU FALLS.


New Zealand is the ultimate package deal. A dozen or so topographies in one.

C ome see for yourself. Though no

traditions alive. For two decades, students from tribes across the nation have bigger than Colorado, this double-island swarmed here to learn the ancient ways. nation in the Pacific is jam-packed with All this with a scenery: glaciers, sandy and backdrop that astounds rocky coastlines, fertile us. Rotorua is a hotbed river valleys, undulating of... well, hotbeds. hill country. Lowlands and Geysers, steaming lakes, volcanic ranges. And boiling mud pools, and geothermal regions that silica terraces whose are hot stuff. Begin in Auckland, natural colors are not to home to the America’s be believed. Before we leave, get to Cup and a perfect South know what grows here. In Pacific anomaly. The city Rainbow Springs has many faces: cultured, Steamy Rotorua. Get there now. National Park, native primeval; historic, ferns take over the forest. progressive; rugged, dainty. California redwoods were planted here in Expect a delightful panoply of scenes: 40 extinct volcanoes, gulf islands, a seemingly 1931. Just an experiment, but apparently, it worked: These giants grow twice as fast as endless shoreline. Remnants of early those in America. settlers. Maoris. And Polynesians. Fly to Wellington, New Zealand’s Get your bearings, then on to Rotorua, capital city. From here, we check in to our the heart of Maori New Zealand. Take a digs beyond the city limits. Try your hand private tour of a Maori village and cultural center dedicated to keeping native at fishing, bush walking, horseback riding. Captain Cook introduced sheep to New Zealand in 1773. Today, they outnumber the humans by 12 to 1.





Then back to Wellington proper. This is not only the seat of the national government, it’s also a vibrant cultural center. The arts are alive and well. So are café society and an edgy night scene. Inside fascinating Te Papa Tongarewa, the country’s national museum, study up on New Zealand’s remarkable diversity. We next fly to Air travel Queenstown. Rudyard Kipling called Land travel nearby Milford Sound the Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. Auckland lable Detailed itineraries avai Eighth Wonder at Rotorua of the World. NORTH ISLAND NEW Debate the point while we cruise the ZEALAND Tasman Sea. Think sheer rock walls, waterfalls, and mile-high Mitre Peak. Sea Wellington an The world’s finest m s & Palliser Bay backdrop. SOUTH ISLAND Dart River & Back on terra an New Zealand: Lake Wakatipu ce firma in Milford A South Pacific Queenstown Pa Sound Queenstown, Switzerland? 11 Days. consider some incredible Auckland  Rotorua options. Explore Skipper’s Wellington  Palliser Bay  Queenstown Canyon by four-wheel drive for its Milford Sound  Lake Wakatipu gorgeous scenery as well as its goldDepartures: Private journey through the year. mining past. Head to the peak of Te TapuPrices: Per person sharing room from $6,180 Nui, sacred Maori mountain. Board a jetInternal air per person (estimate) $590 boat to safari on the Dart River. More jawMeals: 8 breakfasts, 2 dinners. dropping scenery—towering peaks, glaciers, and Mount Aspiring National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. In Lake Wakatipu, the water “breathes.” A seiche is behind it all. Time for a lesson. Well fed, well rested, return to Queenstown. This is the adrenaline capital of the world. Need proof? Bungee jump (invented here) over the Kawarau River, if you’re so moved. Adrenaline rush, indeed. You haven’t seen it all in New Zealand, Iconic Mitre Peak, named by British sailors in 1848 after the hats (mitres) worn by bishops. but you’ve made an excellent first pass.



Australia’s ancient myths are “fragments of a catechism, a liturgical manual, a history of civilization, a geography textbook, and... a manual of cosmography.” —French ethnographer Arnold van Gennep, 1906

I t seems the Aborigines had pretty much sized up their hunk of terra firma long before Captain Cook dropped anchor in Australia in 1770. Which is to say, 10,000 years or so before the good captain arrived. What’s more, modern scientists studying Aboriginal folklore have found striking “coincidences” between the old stories’ details and scientific discoveries made eons after the ancestors’ first telling. Australia is a complex land, a vast and eery, layered mix of nature—red mountains, bald deserts, and eucalyptus forests— glossed with a cultural richness not matched anywhere else on the planet. Did you know that there is not one Aboriginal tribe living on the continent, but rather 400? Come penetrate Australia with us. There are people to meet, things to learn, stories to hear (and, later, to tell). First, leap across the Pacific to Sydney. This city loves to show the world what it’s grown into: a vibrant metropolis known for trendsetting restaurants, stellar


architecture, and a spectacular port. Cruise Sydney Harbor. Wander through the historic quarter. Step inside the iconic Opera House. Opt for a close examination of Aboriginal art at our favorite gallery. Find bliss. Next day, venture into the Blue Mountains. These aren’t, in fact, mountains at all. They are part of a long plateau cut apart by deep gorges. And their blue tinge comes from the oil of eucalyptus trees that thrive here. We suggest you visit Featherdale Wildlife Park for a hands-on cuddle with koala. (They’re not bears, actually, but we digress...) Australia is the oldest continent. And the most eroded. Need proof? Get it at Uluru (the rock formerly known as Ayers) and the Katatjuta. Australia’s Aborigines revere Uluru as a spiritual place, the fusion of life past, present, and future. Climb the big marble to its rounded summit. Spectacular at dawn, Uluru positively stuns at sunset. The Katatjuta (once, they were called the Olgas): 28 enormous boulders sitting on the desert floor. Seems as though a


giant just abandoned his game of marbles. Captain Cook’s Rediscovered If you’ve never seen the Southern Australia: From Sydney to Rain Hemisphere’s night sky, here’s your Forest to Reef. 13 Days. opportunity. The outback provides perfect Sydney  Blue Mountains  Uluru darkness. Get familiar Katatjuta  Cairns  Mossman G with Daintree  Cape Tribulation constellations Cape Tribulation, Great Barrier Reef you haven’t yet Daintree, & Mossman Departures: Private journey through the year. Cairns seen. Lizard Prices: Per person sharing room from Island In the $10,890 morning, fly Internal air per person (estimate) $1,490 to Mossman AUSTRALIA Meals: 10 breakfasts, 6 lunches, Uluru & 5 dinners. for a look at Katatjuta the earth’s Blue Call 1-888-490-8046 to book . Mountains Air travel oldest living Detailed itineraries ava ila ble Land travel at ww Air travel rain forest. Sydney Enter Great Ocean Road Melbourne Melbourne. 4 Days. Mossman Mornington Phillip Island Melbourne  Great Ocean Road Peninsula Gorge before Phillip Island  Mornington Peninsula others do. Ditto at



er Reef

Departures: As an extension to our Australia Daintree National Park, where a river tour, or throughout the year as a private cruise reveals the creatures that live along journey. the banks. Watch for deceptively bashful Prices: Per person sharing room from $2,490 crocs. This is jungle at its most elegant— Internal air per person (estimate) $290 rare ferns, lush orchids under a thick rain Meals: 3 breakfasts. forest canopy. Cape Tribulation awaits, too, Koala. Featherdale Wildlife Park. with time to beachcomb and feel the sand between your toes. The Great Barrier Reef mustn’t be missed. Stretches of beach above, anemones and clown fish below. Surface long enough to consult a top sommelier. Then home, ancient wisdom intact.

More? Not quite finished with Oceania yet? We understand completely. Crusoe offers two options. Head to the Australian city of MELBOURNE, or fly off to neighboring NEW ZEALAND (see page 52 for details). Or live a little, and add them both.

A case of sibling rivalry changed the course of South American history.

I n 1533, two half brothers, Huascar

Today, 500 or so years later, the and Atahualpa, struggled bitterly for mysterious Inca still have us guessing control after the death of exactly who they were as we their father, Inca ruler Huayna sort through Peru, a delightful Capac. In separate bids for the and complex mix of pre-Inca, throne, the brothers Inca, and Spanish colonial. effectively started a civil war. Land in Lima, then we’re Conquistador Francisco off to Cusco and the Sacred Pizarro recognized a perfect Valley, gateway to Peru’s opportunity to attack, and indigenous past. Listen well: attack he did. Pizarro and his ancient Quechua still spoken 200 men defeated 30,000 Inca here. Francisco Pizarro. troops. Visit Pisac for its ruins and Enter Spain’s King Charles V, who market. Chinchero for its antiquities and pocketed the riches of the fallen empire as an artisan’s textile demonstration. Maras much of South America fell to the for its salt flats, Moray for its terraces. Spanish. Inca culture all but disappeared. Ollantaytambo for its mortarless masonry.


Perusing Peru. Sunset & Sunrise Over Machu Picchu Included. 9 Days. Lima  Cusco  Sacred Valley Machu Picchu  Tipon Departures: Private tour through the year or as an extension to R. Crusoe’s Galápagos journey. Prices: Per person sharing room from $4,990 Internal air per person (estimate) $590 Meals: 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 1 dinner.

Colca Canyon. 5 Days. Arequipa  Colca Canyon Canyon Villages  Yanque  Lima Departures: As an extension to our main Peru journey or through the year as a stand-alone tour. Prices: Per person sharing room from $1,790 Internal air per person (estimate) $590 Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners.

Sit down to lunch in the private hacienda of a well-known Cusco family. If you’d like, opt to ride the Hiram Bingham, an elegant Orient-Express train, from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu. Welcome to the world’s most spectacularly situated archaeological site. Machu Picchu stands wonderfully preserved. What was its purpose? No one’s certain. If you find Machu Picchu astounding in the light of day, wait till you ascend at dawn—before the tourists arrive. Choose one of three hiking or walking options before we leave. Then two fine days in and around Cusco for further insight into Peru’s Inca roots. Finally, in Lima, glimpse colonial Peru. See what Pizarro left behind.

More? Continue to Peru’s COLCA CANYON and a favorite Orient-Express hotel, Las Casitas del Colca.

Air travel Land travel


PERU Machu Picchu Sacred Valley Cusco Arequipa & Colca Canyon

046 to book. Call 1-888-490-8rie s available ra ne iti Detailed . at www.rc

WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL • Sunset and sunrise at Machu Picchu. • Textile demonstration. • Lunch in a private hacienda. • Easy-to-add extension to Colca Canyon.


There is no guarantee that the Peruvian Amazon of today will exist tomorrow. We suggest an immediate departure south onto the world’s mightiest river.


hat’s in store along the river? Whole armies of birds. Languages with rapid-fire consonants. The jungle barks, roars, chirps, hisses with life. Then silence. There are orchids yet to be named, vines that climb 100 feet in a scramble for sunlight. The Amazon’s tributaries comprise endless miles of navigable river. Don’t expect to see it all—no one has. Victoria amazonica, a water lily so big, you could We prefer the quiet backwaters of the walk on its leaves. But please don’t. Peruvian Upper Amazon and its PacayaFrom Iquitos, head for the city of Samiria Reserve. Come join us aboard one Nauta to embark the boat. Have the of two lovely riverboats, either the 12barman mix you a pisco sour as you watch passenger Delfin I or the 28-passenger gray and pink dolphins cavort portside. Delfin II. Both are specifically designed Nightfall. Get to know for these waters. Seasoned the southern stars and the crews see to our every sounds of the Amazon need, and superb naturalist darkness. guides inform us on the We often leave the jungle’s fauna, flora, and riverboat behind, manning folklore. skiffs to investigate New plant species tributaries and islands. continue to be identified Daily activities vary a bit in Amazonia. New depending on whether you animals, too. The visit during wet season diminutive saddleback (December to May) or dry tamarin, for one, was a (June to November). recent find. Saddleback tamarin. On the El Dorado “We are smack-dab in River, dolphins play, and the birds are the middle of the age of discovery for outrageous. Board the skiffs on Lake Atun mammals,” says Kristofer M. Helgen, Poza, a haven for birds of all feathers. curator at the Smithsonian’s Natural Poke around Pacaya-Samiria, where 13 History Museum. As we ply the mighty types of New World monkeys (and Amazon, have your binoculars ready—and counting) deftly rule the canopy. Get a a notebook, should you discover any new lesson in the medicinal value of all sorts species yourself.


of exotic jungle flora. Call 1-888-490-8046 to book On the Pacaya River, watch the sun set . Detailed itineraries ava over lakes, swamps, lagoons. Toucans, at ilable parrots, and macaws keep us PERU company as the light fades. Saki monkeys perch. Howlers Iquitos Yarapa & Puerto Miguel howl. Caimans float by, all eyes Nauta Yanallpa and teeth. Marañón River PACAYAEl Dorado River & Try fishing on Lake Caro SAMIRIA Ucayali River RESERVE Curahuayte. The Amazon boasts Atun Poza Lake Pacaya River 25 varieties of pirañha. Some are black, some white, some red—but all have famously sharp teeth. Near Yanallpa, The Peruvian catch sight of the hoatzin, a prehistoric Amazon. World’s Most wonder. Meet the villagers and their kids. Powerful River. Up Close & On the Yarapa River, squirrel and capuchin Personal. 7 Days. monkeys vie for our attention. So do Lima  Iquitos  Nauta iguanas, who grow lazy in the sun. In Belluda Caño  Dorado River Puerto Miguel, step inside a private home. Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve Back home, you can admit to an Ucayali River  Atun Poza occasional desire to chuck civilization. Pacaya River  Caro Curahuayte Yanallpa  Yarapa River  Puerto Miguel R. Crusoe & Son also offers a similar six-day journey along the Peruvian Amazon aboard the Delfin I and the Delfin II. Call us for details.

Departures: Private journey through the year. Prices: Per person sharing cabin from $2,960 Internal air per person (estimate) $590 Meals: 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners.


“The blue-footed booby gets all the press.”

S eems a bit unfair to a

short flight to Baltra Island. perfectly evolved bird Board our lovely yacht, whose body simply chose a the 40-passenger Isabela II. different path. Can’t we After wonder-filled days of celebrate this diversity with wildlife exploration, the equal attention for all? ship provides a haven of You decide after you relaxation and tranquility head to the Galápagos to with a stylish yet informal see a vibrant collection of ambience. micro-ecosystems. Pack your water shoes; The red-footed booby has Don’t dawdle. The we make some wet landings archipelago has been placed consulted with his P.R. advisor by Zodiac. Snorkel or and is now speaking out. on UNESCO’s list of explore the ocean like a endangered World Heritage sites, and the wannabe Cousteau—aboard our ship’s Ecuadorians are right now deciding what to glass-bottom boat. do to preserve these pristine islands. Entry First, a teaser cruise to North Seymour permits could become very scarce. Island to stretch our legs and warm up What’s here? Darwin’s finches in all cameras, notebooks, and pastels. their sensible variations. Frigatebirds Zodiacs take us to soft beaches and showing off. Sea lions loitering. The turquoise waters off Hood Island. Meet world’s northernmost penguins. Whales the island natives—sea lions and manta and sharks and rays and marine iguanas rays, mockingbirds and finches. that turn with the sun. Giant tortoises. Leave a letter in the wooden barrel (stamped “1793”) at Floreana’s Post Office Start with time exploring the city of Bay for another traveler to deliver. (Like Quito on Ecuador’s mainland before a Bartolomé Island and Pinnacle Rock.

Galápagos. 11 Days of Tropical Phenomena. Quito  Galápagos Islands: North Seymour  Hood  Floreana Santa Cruz  Tower  Isabela Fernandina  James  Bartolomé Departures: Private tour through the year. You can argue that the Isabela II was created or evolved, but her comfort is indisputable. Pacific Ocean

Prices: Per person sharing cabin from $5,450 Internal air (estimate) per person $520

your own postal service at Tower Meals: 10 breakfasts, home, some deliveries take 7 lunches, 7 dinners. James years.) Bay Bartolomé North Seymour From beach to desert to Fernandina Baltra jungle—that’s Santa Cruz Santa Isabela Island in a day. Santa Cruz Cruz San Cristóbal boasts the Charles Darwin Research Station, where we have a Floreana Hood tour. Centuries-old tortoises G A L A PA G O S roam. Adaptable, indomitable, ISLANDS Quito older than we will ever be. Visit R a tortoise center, and get a tutorial on local O D A conservation. U Air travel Call 1-888-490-8046 C E Cruising Tower Island Detailed itineraries to book. available at ww w. rc ru has craggy cliffs and a snorkel-worthy bay. Lava here has been carved into a lunar-like topography. WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL Channel Johnny Depp channeling • One of the finest ships in the Keith Richards as we walk in the footsteps archipelago, with the ability to enter of pirates on Isabela Island. Enter a palo remote waters. santo forest, where the trees are leafless • Tour Charles Darwin Research Center. for most of the year. • Nature walks limited to 16 people. Fernandina is the archipelago’s youngest • Use of snorkel gear included in price. island. On our approach, you think your • Glass-bottom boat for those who eyes are playing tricks on you as black choose not to snorkel. volcanic rocks seem to move. Never mind— • Easy-to-add extensions to Peru. it’s just hundreds of marine iguanas sunning themselves and recharging their batteries. James Island is home to fearless fur seals We offer a similar itinerary aboard that play on the rocks. Snorkeling, you the 32-passenger ship, La Pinta. might find yourself accompanied by them. Looking for a Galápagos journey Hike the summit on Bartolomé Island, that’s a bit shorter? We can do that then head back to the mainland for your aboard another ship, the Santa Cruz. Consult a Crusoe tour specialist. flight home. Leaving won’t be easy.


A jug of wine, a loaf of bread—and a two-mile-wide waterfall...

A s if a few days in the Mendoza wine valley isn’t enough of an excuse to get down to Argentina ASAP, there’s also magnificent Iguazú Falls, wedged between Argentina and Brazil. UNESCO has named it a World Heritage site, “one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.” That’s not hyperbole— it’s an understatement. Get your feet wet in Air travel Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city and a throwback to glamorous 19th-century Europe. You mustn’t miss the spectacle of tango, lifeblood of the Argentine night. Mendoza is Argentina’s answer to Napa

Valley. The food is as superb as the wine. Then South America’s best-kept secret: Iguazú Falls. See its 274 cataracts from both sides. Opt for a helicopter ride over the falls or a boat ride that gets very close to the action. Awake to confusion: Snowcapped peaks. The intoxicating aroma of chocolate. How did you end up in Switzerland? Relax—this is Argentina’s Lake District, in the Andes. Poke around Bariloche. Golf. Shop. Get a massage. A perfect ending to time in paradise.

Argentina & Brazil: Soul of South America. 12 Days. Buenos Aires  Mendoza  Iguazú Falls San Carlos de Bariloche  Lake Nahuelhuapi Departures: Private tour through the year. Prices: Per person sharing room from $4,950 Internal air per person (estimate) $1,790 Meals: 10 breakfasts, 2 lunches.

WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL • Tastings at leading vineyards in the Mendoza Valley. • Attend the best tango show in Buenos Aires. • Experience Iguazú Falls from both the Argentina and Brazil sides. • Easy-to-add extensions to Chile and other destinations in South America.


In 1541, conquistador Pedro de Valdivia fell in love with Chile.

W ho could blame him? Chile has had

Air travel of our lodge in Patagonia. Land travel An excellent resort, this Calama & San Pedro one in the midst of de Atacama Pacific desert, volcanoes, salt Ocean flats, and hot springs. Viña del Mar Two perfect days to lallygag in the Santiago Maipo Valley wilderness or in nearby villages. CHILE Then Patagonia. Three days of marvelous options Chilean Patagonia await before turning & Torres del Paine Punta Arenas back to reality. Harsh, isn’t it? Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. Detailed itineraries available at

the same effect on us here at R. Crusoe. Our journey to all that is spectacular in Chile means ample time in Patagonia. Home is one of the world’s most incredible hotels—Explora Lodge. From there, we take in the Southern Hemisphere’s most dramatic (and fascinating) scenery on foot, in small vehicles, or on horseback with huasos (Chilean cowboys) as our expert guides. You never know what to expect around the next corner: beached icebergs, flocks of Magellanic penguins. Condors circling over golden plains. Crystalline lakes, grazing guanacos. A barbecue under the stars. Remember, though, that Patagonia is just the grand finale of a celebration of greater Chile’s geographic diversity. Makes you wonder what you’ve been waiting for, doesn’t it? Begin in Santiago. The Pre-Columbian Art Museum’s ceramics, textiles, and artifacts chronicle 4,500 years of life in South America. Lose yourself in Plaza de Armas among artists, singers, dancers, and Caution: Views from your window at the Explora en Patagonia barquitos smack in the heart Lodge might cause lightheadedness. Remember to breathe. of town. Chile. South America’s Spine. Day-trip to Viña del Mar and Valparaíso. Modern, monied Viña is rather 15 Days. Santiago  Viña del Mar  Valparaíso like our Newport. On Valparaíso’s wharf, Maipo Wine Valley  San Pedro de Atacama women still repair fishing nets by hand. Chilean Patagonia  Torres del Paine Then the Maipo Wine Valley. On a Departures: Private tour through the year. private cellars tour, observe traditional Prices: Per person sharing room from $7,250 winemaking, have lunch, and try a taste or Internal air per person (estimate) $940 two of the local vintages. Explora en Atacama is the sister property Meals: 13 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 7 dinners.


Alaska. The Aleuts call it Great Land. But in 1867, when Secretary of State Seward (who couldn’t resist a bargain) wrote a $7.2 million check to Russia for its purchase, the names weren’t nearly so flattering.


ome called it Seward’s Folly (and that one was polite). Others referred to it as Icebergia, Walrussia, and worse (some unprintable). The Alaska purchase was the butt of many a joke—until 1898, when gold was discovered near Nome. Seward, it seems, had the last laugh. Come take a look. Cruise aboard an exceptional yacht, the 36-passenger Safari Explorer. Kayaks and skiffs keep us close to the action—in silent bays, among behemoth icebergs, on pristine shores. Walk through a quiet fishing village. Wander in untouched, Eden-like forests of monumental spruce. Touch down in Juneau, Alaska’s capital, accessible only by boat, ferry, or plane. As relaxed as San Francisco, as big as many countries (3,108 square miles), and a playground for seals, whales, and fun-loving humans. Consider adding a few days to your journey to poke around the city before embarking the Safari Explorer. Glacier Bay National Park is one of America’s treasures. A touch larger than the state of Connecticut, it’s the ancestral home of the Tlingit people. John Muir came here in 1879 to study glaciers in action. We do the same, especially two of them—Grand Pacific and Margerie. In hidden coves, paddle through majestic wilderness. Puffins and sea lions, mountain goats and bears, moose, and eagles populate the picture-perfect scene.

Be on the lookout for humpback whales as we cruise Icy Strait, which separates Chichagof Island from mainland Alaska. These waters are part of a migratory path for marine mammals of all kinds. to book. Call 1-888-490-8046ava ilable s rie era itin led tai De m. .co soe cru w.r ww at

A Fresh Look at Alaska’s Glacier Country. 8 Days. Juneau  Glacier Bay National Park Icy Strait  Elfin Cove Frederick Sound  Brothers Islands Admiralty Island  Ford’s Terror Endicott Arm Departures: May through early September. Price: Per person sharing cabin from $5,595 Meals: 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 7 dinners.

Icy Strait Cruising

Glacier Bay


Pull National Park Ford’s Terror & Elfin Cove into tiny Elfin Cove. Endicott Arm Gulf of The 2000 Census recorded 32 Alaska Admiralty full-time residents, though during Island the height of the summer fishing Frederick Sound season, the population swells to... 300. Meet the locals, and hear about life far removed from the Lower 48. Cruise around the wilderness of Admiralty Island to Frederick Sound for more whale sighting. In kayaks and skiffs, get up close to a sea lion colony that calls the Brothers Islands home. Back in kayaks and skiffs, explore Gambier Bay, where the grizzly population is famously large. At low tide, these magnificent bears lumber along the beach in search of a shellfish dinner. Ford’s Terror was named after an early mariner who was shocked and dismayed to One Alaskan miner’s bounty after a day of gold digging. 1925. find that a waterfall appeared out of nowhere as the tides turned. Fjords slice through mountains capped in gleaming snow. Endicott Arm is postcard Alaska at its most striking. Back to Juneau and home. Alaska is for the soul and the eyes. A cruise here allows us to move without disturbing its beauty. It opens us to a world that is not frozen at all, but moving slowly, with wonders. Thank you, Secretary Seward. The local fast food. Napkin optional.


The Great Lakes. Iconic America.

A lmost 15,000 years ago, the last of North America’s glaciers retreated, leaving behind the five Great Lakes: Erie, Huron, Superior, Michigan, Ontario. More like landlocked seas, they comprise one-fifth of the world’s fresh surface water and create 10,900 miles of shoreline. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote of a wildly beautiful land of dark, looming forests and clear waters. Today, much of the landscape he found so captivating remains untouched. Join us aboard the newly refurbished, 100-passenger Clelia II as we revisit the vistas that greeted Longfellow and Thoreau, Champlain and Cartier. Along the way, take in America’s heartland. Though Native Americans lived around the Great Lakes for at least 13,000 years, Samuel de Champlain was the first European to set eyes upon them. In 1634, he arrived at Georgian Bay on the eastern end of Lake Huron, believing he had discovered the fabled Northwest Passage to the Orient. He never did find the elusive passage.


But what he and his followers did discover was even more valuable: fertile land full of fish, wood, wildlife, and minerals. Despite the ships that traverse them every year, the Great Lakes still boast mile after mile of gloriously wild shoreline. Travelers since the early 1900s have flocked to these shores in droves to witness their magnificent natural beauty. It’s time you did, too. Fly to Toronto, Canada, and embark the Clelia II. Next morning, pass from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie via the fabled Welland Canal. From the deck of the ship, witness the mechanics of its 27-mile long stepped waterway, which took more than a century to complete. Niagara Falls next. We see both sides. Spend a relaxing day cruising from Lake Erie to the Detroit River, past Detroit into Lake St. Clair, and then Lake Huron. Land at Manitoulin Island, home of the Wikwemikong reserve. Meet the only Native American tribe in Canada never to have ceded title to its land. Participate in a traditional

powwow, and see the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation. Romantic Mackinac Island awaits. Timetravel your way back to a typical day in this Victorian haven. Cars are forbidden on Mackinac, and bicycles share the road with horse-drawn carriages. See ancient limestone formations sacred to the Straits Indians. Step inside impressive Fort Mackinac, built by the British in 1780. The idyllic Grand Hotel, a local landmark, stands in sharp contrast. Stroll streets lined with gingerbreadtrimmed buildings, and browse the shops. Enter Lake Michigan, then head back to Lake Huron and its North Channel, and Sault Ste. Marie. Cruise the Soo Locks, busiest in the world. Navigate the Portage Waterway to Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, which experienced the country’s first mineral rush when vast deposits of copper were discovered in 1840. The history here is as rich as the veins of ore. Call at Houghton, built on a bluff facing the channel. Thunder Bay, Ontario, was settled by the French in 1679. Shortly after the American Revolution, the British founded nearby Fort William, a fur boomtown. See the old fort and the trading headquarters. Finally, Duluth, Minnesota. The city has experienced a renaissance and is proud of its parks and promenades. Disembark in town, and catch your flight home.

Powwow at the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve. Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

Grand Hotel. Mackinac Island. 1900.

The Under-Our-Nose, Somewhat Surprising Great Lakes. 8 Days. Toronto  Lake Ontario  Detroit River Lake Huron  Manitoulin Island Mackinac Island  Lake Michigan Soo Locks  Lake Superior Keweenaw Peninsula  Upper Peninsula Thunder Bay  Duluth Departures: Jul through Sep. Some departures operate in the reverse direction. Price: Per person sharing cabin from $6,395. Call us for early booking discounts. Meals: 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 7 dinners.

Thunder Bay

CANADA Lake Superior

Houghton Duluth

Mackinac Island

Manitoulin Little Island Current

Call 1-888-490-8046 to book . Detailed itineraries ava at ilable

Lake Huron Lake Ontario



e Michigan

NiagaraFalls Welland Canal Port Weller Lake Erie



First on the block to Iran.

S hrouded in mystery, for decades

So one may ask why R. Crusoe is traveling untrampled by Western tourists, Iran is in to Iran. The answer? We believe in flux… changing for the better, we hope. engagement, imperfect as it may be. When Ancient Persia. Stops on the Silk one looks around the world at countries Road. Biblical governed by people references. Travelers who don’t share our have been coming values (China, here for millennia. Vietnam, Burma, and Isn’t it time to see for Cuba, for example), yourself what all the the living standards fuss is about? are rising the fastest Join R. Crusoe in those countries managing director that are the least David Weber and his Shiraz, City of Roses and Nightingales. isolated. wife, Patty, as they After a briefing in host a small group of savvy travelers to Dubai, U.A.E., we’re off to Tehran, Iran’s Iran in October 2010. busy, energetic capital. Begin at the To be certain, Iran’s government beginning, with the Archaeological remains a challenge to those who love Museum and its wonderful collection of freedom, security, and historical accuracy. prehistoric and historic artifacts. The Safavids called Esfahan “Half the World.”

Take in the crown jewels, rare Caspian Sea Air travel Land travel Persian carpets, the last shah’s palace, Tehran the mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini. I RAN A drive to Kashan, next, on the edge Kashan of Iran’s central desert. Get a handle on Esfahan Yazd & Abarkouh what a true oasis looks like. Tour a classic Pasargad Persian garden, and enter the historic home Shiraz & of a wealthy merchant. Persepolis Call 1-888-490-8046 to book. Yazd, on the fabled Silk Detailed itinera rie s av at ww ailable Road, was a hub of the Dubai Zoroastrian religion. The town’s 14thcentury prison once held Alexander the UNITED ARAB Great. Visit a confectionary the locals are E M I R AT E S mad for. Zoroastrian Towers of Silence. And the Fire Temple, where a flame has Passage Through Persia. been burning for 1,500 years. Swing by a Discovering Iran. A Hosted zorkhaneh, a gym in which men train to Journey. 15 Days. the beat of heroic songs. Dubai  Tehran  Kashan  Yazd En route to Shiraz, there are stops in Abarkouh  Pasargad historic Abarkouh and Pasargad, the first  Persepolis  Esfahan Shiraz Persian capital (550 B.C.). Shiraz is the City of Roses and Nightingales. See why. Pay your respects at the tomb of Hafez, the most famous Iranian lyric writer of the 14th century. In Vakil Bazaar, move to the age-old rhythm of vendors’ cries and coppersmiths’ hammers. Enter a 400-year-old madrasa, and perhaps meet with its clerics. From Shiraz, day-trip to Persepolis, ancient capital of Iran and one of its most beautiful artistic legacies. Esfahan was the 17th-century capital of the Safavids. Wander through UNESCOblessed Maidan-e-Naghsh-e-Jahan Square. From Ali-Qapu Palace, the kings watched polo games and gazed upon two of Islam’s greatest mosques. Our hotel has a tradition of hospitality dating back 400 years, when it served as a caravanserai. Get marvelously lost in Qeisarieh Bazaar, and look into Iran’s future on a visit inside a school. Enter a church in the Armenian Quarter. Meet a leading carpet designer. Later, we’re guests in the home of a noteworthy Persian artist. Then back to Tehran and home.

Departure: 17 October 2010. Prices: Per person sharing room from $7,850 Internal coach air per person (estimate) $350 Meals: 14 breakfasts, 13 lunches, 13 dinners. Prices, date, and routing subject to change.

WHAT MAKES THIS JOURNEY SPECIAL • R. Crusoe managing director David Weber and his wife, Patty, host the journey from start to finish. • Begin in Dubai, U.A.E., where there is the opportunity to discuss freely the political and social situation in Iran. • Be among the first Americans to rediscover ancient Persia since Iran opened its door to us. • Enter a madrasa and perhaps meet with its clerics, and visit a modern school. • Tour Iran’s important cities as well as ancient Persia’s most treasured sites. • Meet an artist in his home. • Meet a leading designer and producer of Persian carpets in Esfahan.


Make a shopping list for the souk: a skein or two of hand-dyed wool...

...fifty grams of turmeric and a handful of ras-el-hanout...

Morocco. Exquisite chunk of North Africa conquered by Arabs, invaded by Romans, Portuguese, French, Spanish. By Roosevelt, YSL, by Paul Bowles and Bogart and Bergman.


his nation intrigues us, too. Which is why R. Crusoe managing director David Weber and his wife, Patty, are hosting a journey there in May 2010. You really should come along. Touch down in astounding Fez. Pinch yourself; this is a living anachronism, at once eerie and seductive. Take a giant step back a thousand years or so. Fez has grown into a great labyrinth of narrow streets, ancient buildings, bustling markets, and mosque after mosque (there are more than 100 in town).

Conquer Fez, yes. But first, unpack your bags at the legendary Palais Jamai, built at the entrance of Fez’s spellbinding souk. (Our rooms have such views). Explore the ninth-century Kairouyine, Morocco’s largest mosque. Get deliberately lost in the old souk. Learn about zellij, Morocco’s hand-painted tiles. Step inside a medersa (Koranic school). Then to the newer part of town. Borj Nord, a Saadian fort, once stood guard above the city. See the royal palace, the

Ouarzazate, just south of the High Atlas Mountains, is home to a large Berber population.

70 antique this-or-that for the front hall...

...and, of course, a new pair of babouches.

Jewish Quarter, a kasbah. (We’re sure you’ll have the same response.) Mark Antony and Cleopatra’s daughter If you like, visit the otherworldly set up house in Volubilis. (You’ll Ourika Valley. Meet traditional ceramists understand why when you visit.) These are and a Berber family, sip mint tea, and among the best-preserved ruins in North wander a delightfully aromatic garden. Africa. UNESCO thinks so, too, and has Back in Marrakech, take a cooking added it to the World Heritage list. lesson. Then home again, Morocco Nearby Meknes was founded by the invariably under your skin. Romans in A.D. 117. Eventually, a Berber Air travel tribe, the Miknasa, settled here and lent Land travel Volubilis & Rabat the town their name. Fez Meknes In Rabat, get familiar with Islamic Casablanca architecture of the first order. Marrakech Fly to Ouarzazate, wedged between Ourika Valley a high Atlas plateau and the desert. A Ait Benhaddou Ouarzazate strategic outpost for a millennia or so, & Fint it boasts a magnificent kasbah. This Call 1-888-490 046 to book. was also the location for shooting of Detailed itinera-8rie s available at . “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Star Wars,” and Morocco. “The Man Who Would be King,” among As Time Went By. other celluloid gems. Before leaving the A Hosted Journey. 11 Days. area, sit down to dinner under a tent in the Fez  Volubilis  Meknes  Rabat oasis of Fint. Ouarzazate  Fint  Ait Benhaddou En route to Marrakech, stop at Ait Marrakech  Ourika Valley Benhaddou to explore one of the nation’s best-preserved kasbahs. From here, several roads lead to Marrakech, but we’ve chosen the route through the oases of the south and the beautiful Tizi n Tichka Pass. Finally, magical Marrakech. Her main square keeps peddlers, snake charmers, mystics, and acrobats busy night and day. Koutoubia, a 12th-century mosque, still holds Saadian remains. El Bahia Palace knocked the socks off Edith Wharton.

Departure: 1 May 2010. Prices: Per person sharing room from $7,890 Internal coach air per person (estimate) $340 Meals: 9 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners. R. Crusoe also offers private journeys to Morocco through the year. Contact us for details about our 10-day and 12-day itineraries, both of which can be tailored to your exact specifications.


“Bhutan is a unique Asian nation in which the environment, religion, art, and culture remain largely in their original state—an island amidst modern development.” —Alex Kerr, Asia expert & R. Crusoe journey host

W e are thrilled to have Alex host a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Bhutan, accompanied by David and Patty Weber, in May 2011. Change is afoot in this peaceable kingdom perched on the roof of the world. The popular king has stepped aside to make way for a multiparty democracy. But change has been introduced ever so carefully, with an eye toward preserving the beloved traditions of the Bhutanese. One change we love? A handful of terrific hotels have opened, offering lovely

accommodations for those who want to witness—up close—the birth of an Asian democracy. On this journey, we stay in Bhutan’s best hotels, some of them Aman properties. Fly to Paro, one of the kingdom’s two cities. Alex and the director of the National Museum give us a primer on Buddhism. Here’s a preview: Buddhism is central to Bhutan, and dzongs, fortressmonasteries, are at the center of Buddhist practice. Then we’re off to Drukgyel Dzong and Paro Dzong. Does the latter look

Buddhist worship in Bhutan has its own beliefs, practices, colors, movements, and grace. This is a perfect country in which to fashion a private tour, tailored to your interests and schedule.

“If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes.” —Pablo Picasso.

familiar? Perhaps you remember it from Bertolucci’s 1993 film, “Little Buddha.” En route to Thimphu, visit Anim Dratsang Nunnery, open to us by special permission. Meet the resident nuns. In Thimphu, the tiny capital, learn about Bhutanese architecture, the arts, commerce, the role of women, and folklore. Process the information, then we’re off to tour the city. Dochu La Pass leads us into the Punakha Valley. The dzong was built in 1637 by one of Bhutan’s most important religious figures. Through breathtaking mountain scenery to Wangdi and the Phobjikha Valley. The rough beauty here resembles that of the American Southwest, a sharp contrast to the kingdom’s mountain landscapes. Phobjikha is the winter home of rare black-necked cranes. Within Gangte Goemba, hear the tale of Pema Lingpa, who prophesied that a monastery would be built on a particular hill. His grandson followed through in 1613. While we’re up here, take some time to birdwatch on a scenic nature walk. Back in Paro, you have options. Looking for a challenging trek? Climb up to Tiger’s Nest Monastery, where Guru Rinpoche came to meditate a millennium ago. More relaxed walks are available. If you’d like, end your day with a visit into town for browsing. Then back through the clouds to home.

phu P o Thimphu Paro

Punakha Valley

BH U TA N Phobjika Phobjika V B


Call 1-888-490 046 to book. Detailed itinera-8rie s available at .

Bhutan. Inside the Hidden Himalayan Kingdom. A Hosted Journey. 7 Days. Paro  Thimphu  Punakha Wangdi  Phobjikha Departure: 14 May 2011. Price: To be determined Meals: 9 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners. Price, date, and routing subject to change. R. Crusoe also offers private journeys to Bhutan throughout the year. Contact us for details about our 7-, 9-, and 11-day itineraries, all of which we are happy to customize to meet your exact specifications.


R. Crusoe & Son Private Jet Journeys. Are you drawn to remote and untouched places not even on the radar of most travelers? If so, we’ve found the perfect way to explore them: by private jet. There are the obvious comforts of private jet travel. A personal flight crew; an American physician; elegant meals served with superior wines and spirits; topof-their-field experts eager to share their knowledge. And the less obvious benefits. Hasslefree border crossings. No boarding passes, tardy flight crews, or rigid commercial air routes. There are options at nearly every destination, should you want to veer off coarse for a bit (see brackets on the following pages). Five extraordinary itineraries. Have a look, and see which you find irresistible. • AROUND THE WORLD: Machu Picchu, Easter Island, the Great Barrier Reef, Angkor, Agra, the Serengeti, and more. Make a stunning sweep of those places you’ve always dreamed about.

• WORLD HIGHLIGHTS: Only have two weeks to see what you want to see? Get the most out of your time by winging your way between Istanbul and Marrakech by way of Egypt, India, and Petra, Jordan. • HIDDEN CORNERS AROUND THE WORLD: A three-part journey: Desert Crossroads & the Himalayas; Sacred Places of Asia; and the Ancient Silk Road. Do one, two, or all three—it’s your choice. • AROUND AFRICA: A spin around Africa to make Dr. Livingstone jealous. Egypt. Mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Tanzania’s Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Madagascar. Victoria Falls, Zambia. Botswana’s Okavango Delta or Kalahari Desert. Cape Town, South Africa. Namibia. Timbuktu, Mali. And Morocco as a grand finale. • LEGENDARY CULTURES: Nomads, artists, sorcerers, warriors. Meet some of the world’s most fascinating peoples in Norwegian Samiland, Armenia, Mongolia, China, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam. Bhutan, Jordan, and Mali. Don’t be shy.

Be warned: Private Jet Journeys book fast. We’re currently offering private jet travel in 2010. That might seem light years away, but for this sort of travel, it’s just around the corner. Don’t miss your opportunity. Our private jet journeys utilize a comfortable, customized Boeing 757. Built to carry 233 passengers, ours accommodates just 72, all in roomy, custom VIP-style seats. Much more than just a conveyance, the jet serves as our classroom, dining room, and lounge between destinations.

Medinet Habu, the Mortuary Temple of Pharaoh Ramses III. Although scholars are uncertain whether Ramses actually lived here, the palace does have an audience hall, a shower stall, and walls inscribed with reminders of the great king’s victories. Luxor.

The beauty and mystery of hard-to-reach places like the Great Barrier Reef are only enhanced when one is traveling around the world on a private jet.


hy not make travel easy on yourself? On an around-the-world private jet journey, we aim to do just that (and more). We take you to an astonishing collection of places that, individually, would prove to be overwhelming to do on your own. Meet your fellow travelers, inquisitive one and all, in Washington, D.C. Then board our private Boeing 757, and

Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

head for Peru’s Cusco and Machu Picchu. The former is a Spanish colonial gem, the latter a sacred masterpiece tucked into the Andes. Still clouded in mystery, Machu Picchu was abandoned by the Inca and lost to history until Yale professor Hiram Bingham stumbled upon the site in 1911. Examine the artfully cut stone altars, temples, fountains, staircases, and terraced gardens that make this one of the world’s

most spectacular treasures. [Alternative: Chiclayo, Trujillo, & Sipán.] To Easter Island, Chile, a tiny volcanic triangle dubbed the Navel of the World by early settlers. Surrounded by endless Pacific Ocean, it’s an archaeologist’s dream come true. In fact, resident archaeologist Edmundo Edwards accompanies us on our exploration of the island’s treasures, lending his insights and knowledge as we go. Ancient stone villages enthrall. Open-air sanctuaries give hints. And mysterious moai continue to baffle scientists—and us. In Samoa, Robert Louis Stevenson was unequivocal. He adored the place and spent the last four years of his life here. Visit Vailima, his beloved home. And attend a fia-fia, a colorful performance of

Another busy (and colorful) day. Agra, India.

traditional Samoan song and dance. Cross the International Date Line to arrive at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, arguably the world’s most exceptional coral deposit. The reef stretches from Papua New Guinea to the Tropic of Capricorn. Beachwalk, snorkel, dive. Birdwatch. Lallygag.

[Alternative: Daintree Rain Forest.] To Angkor, Cambodia, capital of the Khmers for five centuries. Join Buddhist pilgrims who flock to Angkor Wat and its Hindu representation of Mount Meru, home of the gods. What you see before you is one of mankind’s most triumphant accomplishments. Behold the royal city of Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple. [Alternative: Banteay Srei, Cambodia; Hanoi & Halong Bay, Vietnam.] India. Shrouded in mist, the Taj Mahal is a monument to love built in the 17th century by Shah Jahan. [Alternative: Tomb of Itmad-Ud-Daulah and an “Untouchables” village.] Then to Jaipur, India’s Pink City named for rose-colored buildings that line the streets. Jantar Mantar was a whimsical observatory conceived by a royal astronomer. Dine in a maharaja’s home. Next, to Tanzania for a safari. The Serengeti boasts the greatest concentration of plains animals in all Africa, most on the move as part of the Great Migration. See Africa’s “big five” in action. [Alternative: Safari in Ngorongoro Crater.] North to Egypt. Luxor is a veritable treasure trove of ancient history. Tut’s tomb was discovered here, intact, in 1923. But there’s so much more to discover. [Alternative: Petra, Jordan.] The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx await you in Giza, just as they waited for Napoleon. Unlike him, we won’t take pieces of them home as souvenirs for the wife and kids. Finally, magical Marrakech, Morocco. Step inside a centuries-old madrasa. Penetrate the souk, gleaming palaces, fragrant gardens. Gather for a farewell dinner fit for a sultan. [Alternative: Atlas Mountains.] Then back home to begin work on your next global outing. Angkor Wat. Cambodia.

ASIA London, England Pacific Ocean International Date Line

Marrakech, Morocco

Giza & Luxor, Agra & Jaipur, Egypt India Angkor, Cambodia Indian Ocean


Serengeti, Tanzania

NORTH AMERICA Washington, D.C. Atlantic Ocean

Lima, Cusco, & Machu Picchu, Peru

Apia, Samoa Great Barrier Reef, Australia Easter Island, Chile

Private Jet: Around the World. 22 Days. Departure: 5 Feb 2010 WAITLISTED. Prices: Per person sharing room from $54,950 Single supplement from $7,950 Departure: 28 Sep 2010. Prices: Per person sharing room from $59,950 Single supplement from $7,950 Transportation: The Feb 2010 departure begins in Washington, D.C., and ends in London; the Sep 2010 departure begins and ends in Washington, D.C. Air travel between your home city and Washington, and between London and your home city, is not included in the above pricing, but all other transportation is included.


We are currently taking names for waitlists for our 2009 Private Jet Around the World journeys departing 8 October and 1 November. These are 24 days each and have a price tag of $56,950 per person. If you are interested in adding your name to either list, contact us right away for details.

Prices, dates, and routing subject to change. Herd mentality at work in the Serengeti. Tanzania.


“I’m not hungry, I’ll just pick...”

W e know you crave time away from home. But given your busy schedule, it makes sense to be choosy about where and how you spend it. And there are whole platesful of places you’d like to dig into. Solution? Join us aboard a private jet to hit some highlights of Europe, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, and Africa. Think of this private jet journey not as a ten-course meal, but rather a table full of tapas, presented for your delectation and delight. Gather in London to meet your expedition leaders and fellow travelers. Then our private jet whisks us across the continent to Istanbul, Turkey, legendary crossroads of East and West. Proof? In the Byzantine Aya Sofya, built as a basilica and transformed into a mosque, workers just uncovered a long-hidden mosaic of Seraphim, a biblical angel. Cruise the bazaars and then the Bosphorus Strait before we wing our way to Egypt. Touch down in Luxor, known to the ancients as Thebes. The stash of Transportation by SUV. India. 1923.


Blue Mosque. Istanbul, Turkey.

antiquities here is jaw-dropping. Enter the temples of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. Cruise the Nile in a traditional masted felucca. Sit down to dinner in Luxor Temple itself. Say the name “India,” and what comes to mind? The Taj Mahal, of course. Its home city, Agra, was the seat of the Mughals in the 16th and 17th centuries. From our elegant hotel, the Taj is just a stone’s throw, so you can imagine the views.

Private Jet: World Highlights. Jaipur is India’s Pink City, so named for its rose-hued buildings. One of our 14 Days. favorites is the Hawa Mahal, the Palace of Departure: 11 Nov 2010. the Wind, built in 1799 so women of the Prices: Per person sharing room from $39,950 court could discreetly watch the goings-on Single supplement from $4,875 down on street level. Other monuments in Transportation: This journey begins and ends town intrigue us too: the City Palace, Jai in London. Air travel between your home Singh’s eccentric observatory. Take part in city and London is not included in the above a Rajasthani celebration while we’re here. pricing, but all other transportation is included. Words do not do justice to the lost city Prices, date, and routing of Petra, Jordan. You simply must subject to change. experience it to understand the sensation of stepping back in time 2,000 years. Onto the African continent, London where Marrakech, Morocco England stands as the gateway to the vast Sahara Desert. Istanbul, Turkey Craftsmen hone their Marrakech, Luxor, Egypt skills in souks and Morocco Agra & Jaipur, Petra, India medinas. Students study Jordan in centuries-old madrasas. The city’s central square is a stew of humanity—snake charmers, artists, tea sellers... Then back to London and home. If not sated, your travel tastebuds have at least been awakened. 81

The Grand Tour, redefined by private jet.

O nce upon a time, English gentlemen went off to the Continent for fun and polish. R. Crusoe now offers a contemporary version of the Grand Tour, PRIVATE JET: HIDDEN CORNERS AROUND THE WORLD. This journey is so grand, so full, that it’s been divided in three, so you can focus on those parts of the world that most interest you. Or join us for the whole thing, a positively life-altering adventure. Here’s a summary of the journey. Desert Crossroads & the Himalayas is a fascinating mix of the exotic, the ancient, the famous, and the heretofore inaccessible. There are people to meet, places to discover. Ride camels with nomads, check out life in a desert oasis. Meet Bedouins in a valley they’ve inhabited forever and Buddhists living pious lives in the Himalayan perch of Bhutan. Sacred Places of Asia begins with an option for elephant trekking in Thailand and utter luxury at a Four Seasons tented camp. From here to captivating Java: Yogjakarta and Borobudur. Cambodia’s Life inside the courtyard. Lijiang, China.

Angkor and Vietnam’s Hanoi and Halong Bay follow. Then China. Lijiang’s largest collection of traditional Chinese architecture is wonderful. So is our hotel. Meet sorcerers and a Naxi family at home. In South Korea, get a lesson on the Shilla Kingdom; in Kyoto and Nara, Japan’s temples and gardens amaze us. The Ancient Silk Road connected the West with China. From China’s view, Xian was the first stop. Ours, too. Get an eyeful of Emperor Qin Shihuang’s terracotta army. Then to Dunhuang and the remarkable Mogao Caves. Take a camel ride along Mingsha Sand Dunes, skirting Crescent Moon Lake, a mysterious spring burbling deep in the desert. Side-trip to Mongolia; sally forth to Samarkand, Uzbekistan. On to Armenia, the world’s first Christian nation. Examine astounding illuminated manuscripts created during the Middle Ages. Finally, Ephesus and Istanbul, Turkey, which have their own connections to, well, everything—East, West, and otherwise.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

London, England Istanbul & Ephesus, Turkey

Mopti & Timbuktu, Mali

Samarkand, Echmiadzin, Uzbekistan & Garni, Armenia

Dunhuang, China Xian, China

Luxor, Egypt & Petra, Jordan Kathmandu, Nepal & Bhutan Agra, India

Bangkok, Thailand Angkor, Cambodia

Gyeongju, South Korea

Kyoto & Nara, Yunnan Province, Japan China Hanoi & Halong Bay, Vietnam

Yogyakarta & Borobudur, Java

Life inside the courtyard. Timbuktu, Mali.

Private Jet: Hidden Corners Around the World. 14-45 Days. Desert Crossroads & the Himalayas. Departure: 20 Mar 2010. Prices: Per person sharing room from $34,950 Single supplement from $4,950

Sacred Places of Asia. Departure: 4 Apr 2010. Prices: Per person sharing room from $29,950 Single supplement from $3,990

The Ancient Silk Road. Departure: 19 Apr 2010. Prices: Per person sharing room from $29,950 Single supplement from $3,990 Travelers who join more than one segment of the HIDDEN CORNERS journey save five percent on the total price of the journey. Transportation: Air travel between your home city and the starting and ending points of each segment is not included in the above pricing, but all other transportation is included. Prices, date, and routing subject to change.


Rwanda’s mountain gorilla. Don’t stare—it’s not polite.

“The mere animal pleasure of traveling in a wild unexplored country is very great.” —Dr. David Livingstone, intrepid explorer and missionary, 1866


r. Livingstone traveled thousands of absolute than ever before witnessed. Valley miles across 19th-century Africa and wrote of the Kings, King Tut’s tomb, Karnak and Luxor temples. Queen Hatshepsut, ancient 750,000 pages of detailed description that Egypt’s first female scholars ponder even pharaoh, built her today. “The most temple here. It’s wonderful site I had outsized and as awewitnessed,” he wrote, inspiring as her long was thundering reign. Ponder the Victoria Falls (which Colossi of Memnon, he named after his two enormous statues queen). and nearly all that On our private jet remains of the journey, you see what Meet the Dogons in Mali. Mortuary Temple of Dr. Livingstone Pharaoh Amenhotep III. called “scenes so lovely they must have Further along the Nile, take a ride been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” aboard a felucca, the graceful, slant-masted Meet in Copenhagen, Denmark, then vessel that has been plying these waters for we’re off to Africa. First stop—Luxor (once called Thebes), millennia. [Alternative: the Siwa Oasis.] Rwanda calls. To the mountains and Egypt’s capital three millennia ago. Center through the forests of Volcanoes National of the ancient world. Seat of power more


Park to see—up close—endangered time in the unspoiled Anjajavy Peninsula, mountain gorillas. There’s really nothing where 30-odd species of lemur congregate we can say here to prepare you for the in deciduous forests. Paddle through thrill of seeing these magnificent creatures mangroves, explore coastal caves and in their natural habitat. [Alternative: tsingy, odd limestone formations. Fish for Kigali & helicopter over pelagic game in the Nyungwe Rain Forest.] Mozambique Channel. More animals wait in Or consider Tanzania’s Serengeti. birdwatching and lemur Safari deep in the savannah spotting in Andasibe to examine the immense National Park’s wet concentration of plains montane forest. Visit a game. Herbivores follow butterfly farm, take the green grass—zebras, daytime and nighttime giraffes, antelopes of all game walks. sorts, wildebeests. And Another possibility? following them? Predators Remain in the town of Victoria Falls. Zambia. with insatiable appetites— Antananarivo to get a lions hyenas, cheetahs... Keep an eye out handle on its rich Indonesian, Malaysian, African, and Arabic cultural stew. There’s (and a camera poised) for Africa’s “big time at a museum, a palace, and more. five:” rhinoceros, lions, leopards, On to the border of Zimbabwe and elephants, and Cape buffalo. [Alternative: Zambia, where the Zambezi River crashes Nogorongoro Crater safari.] over Victoria Falls, our next destination. If The world’s fourth-largest island is you like, fly over the falls for a (quite next. Madagascar, where the animal life is delightfully bizarre. A primitive family of literally) breathtaking view. Meet local primates, lemurs, live on this island. There tribespeople. Then more choices. are options for exploring the place. Spend Continue in Zambia, taking game Wind sculpts and resculpts the giant dunes of Namibia.

Djemaa el Fna, magical heart of Marrakech. By day, you can buy anything here, from orange juice to dental care (no kidding). At dusk, merchants close up shop, and snake charmers, musicians, and fortune tellers move in. The action here is around the clock. Don’t miss it.




to C




op en drives (some on elephant op enh ag e backs) near the falls and Marrakech, poking around the Livingstone Morocco Museum on a curator-led tour. Or head for Luxor, Egypt Botswana’s Kalahari Desert to go trekking with San A F R I C A bushmen. Explore the Mopti & Timbuktu, Mali desert grasslands and the Salt Pan. Another option? Volcanoes National Park Safari your way through the & Kigali, Rwanda Atlantic Ocean Okavango Delta, a watery haven for animals of all Serengeti Plain, Tanzania kinds. Imagine what Indian Ocean you can see from Victoria Falls, the prow of a Zambia Antananarivo, traditional dugout canoe. Madagascar Cape Town, South Africa, was Okavango Delta, Botswana founded in 1652 by the Dutch at the Walvis Bay & Namib Desert, foot of Table Mountain. Today it is Namibia Africa’s most glamorous city. Now desegregated, it is a hub of cultural Cape Town, South Africa diversity. View the Cape of Good Hope from a helicopter. The rounding of the cape in Private Jet: Around Africa. 1488 was a major milestone for Portuguese 23 Days. explorers looking to establish direct trade Departure: 26 Feb 2010. routes with the Far East.


enm n, D




To the giant sand dunes of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. Study Welwitschia mirabilis (this choosy desert plant has grown nowhere but here for 2,000 years). Hike an ancient riverbed and stroll the palm-lined streets of a charming Germancolonial town. [Alternative: the Sossusvlei Desert.] Mali next, and that place at the end of the earth, Timbuktu, founded in the 11th century by Tuaregs. It’s as exotic and remote as the name implies. Mopti, too. [Alternatives: Dogon country or Djenné]. At last, Marrakech, Morocco's oasis of palm and olive groves. Land of Berbers, gateway to the Sahara. Plentiful mosques, winding streets, and buzzing souks. [Alternative: Atlas Mountains.] Then it’s back to Copenhagen and home.

Prices: Per person sharing room from $62,950 Single supplement from $9,525 Transportation: This journey begins and ends in Copenhagen. Air travel between your home city and Copenhagen is not included in the above pricing, but all other transportation is included. Prices, date, and routing subject to change.

Valley of the Kings. Luxor, Egypt.


“The true division of humanity is between those who live in light and those who live in darkness.” –Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

O ur aim, he continues, “must be to diminish the number of the latter and increase the number of the former. That is why we demand... knowledge.” Time for enlightenment. Get it on a fantastic private jet journey to remote corners of the globe. We’re here to ask the tough questions: Who are we? Where did we come from? How are we all the same? How are we different? Come meet some of the planet’s most fascinating peoples. A cadre of experts inform us along the way as we mingle with Samis in Norway.

Naxis in China. Nomads who call the Eurasian Steppe home. Huli tribal members (whose headgear is not to be believed). In all, we visit nine countries to get a grasp of differences both subtle and startling that have affected humankind. Gather in London. Then head for one of the last wilderness areas in all Europe. Karasjok, Norway, is home to the Sami. They settled around the Scandinavian peninsula about 4,000 years ago. Life for the Samis revolves around reindeer. Bet you’ve never been on a

Huli Wigmen play kunda drums at a sing sing. Papua New Guinea.

We’re invited inside a ger, traditional home of the nomads of Mongolia.

reindeer farm. (We’ll see to that right away.) Take note: The Sami language has some 400 words for “reindeer.” Armenia, next. Among the first

outposts of the Christian faith, Yerevan, Garni, and Echmiadzin are brimming with churches, sacred sites, and relics. UNESCO has added Echmiadzin to its World Heritage list. Follow Genghis Khan’s footsteps into Mongolia. Nomads still thrive here, living in gers, giant circular tents. In Ulaanbaatar, visit an immense Buddhist monastery, two swell museums, and hear throat-singers do what they do best. [Alternative: GorkhiTerelj National Park.] Enter China. We focus on Lijiang in Yunnan Province, one of the nation’s most ethnically diverse regions. (Have we mentioned that it’s gorgeous, too?) Lijiang’s roots stretch back more than eight centuries. A delightful network of waterways has earned the town its nickname: Venice of the East. Naxi people here make beautiful music on handmade instruments, as they have for 500 years. In Kunming, wander the enchanted Stone Forest, browse the flower stalls, and see what’s for sale in the old marketplace. Wing over the South China Sea and beyond to Papua New Guinea. This island nation is best explored by bush plane or riverboat. After we touch down in Port Moresby, you have choices. Head for the West Highlands to meet Melpa and Nebilyer tribespeople; fly to the Southern


Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Highlands for time with the delightfully plumed Huli Wigmen; or ply the Sepik River for time with tribal artists who live in villages perched on stilts. Vietnam is next. Alight in Hanoi, a thousand-year-old city brimming with traditional parks and gardens. Ho Chi Minh’s modest house is on view, as is One Pillared Pagoda, oddly shaped and built in 1049.

A young Buddhist monk. Bhutan.

Himalayan perch: Tiger’s Nest. Bhutan.


Next, we turn our attention to Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Cruising allows us to meander between towering limestone pillars and floating villages. In the Kingdom of Bhutan, high in the Himalayas, step inside a monastery 200 monks strong, and meet with a revered rimpoche (spiritual leader) who is also professor emeritus of Bhutan’s National Library and Archives. Weather permitting, the hale and hearty can take a challenging hike up to Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The views from here? Indescribable. We’re equally at a loss for words when discussing Petra, Jordan. Carved out of bedrock 2,000 years ago by the enterprising Nabataeans, this archaeological site is like nothing you’ve ever seen—or walked through. Which you do, following the siq (a narrow foot path) deep into history. Before we leave Jordan, there’s the Bedouin market, a cooking class, an adventure on horseback in the mountains... Get to know the Dogon people in Mopti, Mali. Of Egyptian descent, they settled in West Africa, bringing with them astronomic knowledge dating from 3200 B.C. Think of the Dogons as the NASA astronomers of old West Africa. Long before it became common knowledge, the

Samiland, Norway Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

London England Yerevan, Echmiadzin, & Garni, Armenia

Petra, Jordan

Kunming & Kingdom Lijiang, of Bhutan China

Hanoi & Halong Bay, Vietnam

Mopti & Timbuktu, Mali Papua New Guinea

Dogons knew that the star Sirius had an invisible companion body that moved in a 50-year orbit around it. (The rest of the world finally saw both in 1862.) Timbuktu is perfect as a last stop—after all, it’s the end of the earth. Explore the desert, mud-brick mosques. Meet Tuaregs, Blue Men of the Desert. Much too soon, it’s time to return to London and home, having gotten to know some of your 6.5 billion fellow humans. But who’s counting?

Private Jet: Legendary Cultures. 22 Days. Departure: 22 Oct 2010. Prices: Per person sharing room from $56,950 Single supplement from $7,250 Transportation: This journey begins and ends in London. Air travel between your home city and London is not included in the above pricing, but all other transportation is included. Prices, date, and routing subject to change.

Dogons dance. You’ve not seen anything quite like it. Mopti, Mali.

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Taroudant, Morocco.

St. Basil’s Cathedral. Moscow, Russia.

8. To Russia with Love. Beyond the Onion Domes. With Extensions to Vladimir, Suzdal, Novgorod, & Ukraine. 9 Days.

Dochu La Pass, Bhutan.

Kyoto, Japan.

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“Exploration is the essence of the human spirit.” —Frank Borman, Commander of Apollo 8

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Library of Congress; Ken Neoh; Todd Rosenberg; Karin Sherman. Stamps: Kiran Chand; Jack Sturm and Henry M. Shoolman. Illustrations: R.E. Hagel, Kathy Fimreite, Helen Buttfield. Š 2009 R. Crusoe & Son.

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