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SELECTED WORKS 2010 - 2014

I am a Student of Architecture and Designer interested in issues of assembly, craft, materialtiy, and context. I believe architecture is an inherently necessary and optimistic endeavor, in that it has the power to transform the human experience for the better. Design should be simple without being trivial, poetic without being ornamental, and respectful without being regressive. I find beauty in honest materials (which ground a project and reference its site), expressive assembly (which reveals the structure and delights with detail), and innovative systems (which problem-solve and improve functionality).



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Design 8 . 5 Weeks . Prof Alfonzo Perez

Program: Chapel This project is a Christian chapel sited on Lake Alice in Gainesville, Florida. The assembly is a poured concrete framework fashioned from seemingly balanced fragments. A concrete panel punctuated with glass panes provides enclosure and aperture, at times concealing the surrounding landscape, other times revealing the natural elements of water and sky. The fragments intersect to form a cross along the sloped roof of the chapel. The roof slopes all the way down to meet the ground, in a manner reminiscent of the carrying of the cross on the back of Christ. This orientation provides a low entry with a door which revolves on a central axis, expanding in height and grandeur at the chapel’s apex above the altar. Where the roof touches the ground, a baptismal moment is created in a below-grade pool.

cloyd | 7

section cuts

glass + concrete panels

structural fragments

constructed base

assembly site

cloyd | 9


Design 6 . 13 Weeks . Prof Mary Padua

section b

Program: Carriage Museum

Set amongst the many operating carriage companies in Charleston, South Carolina, this project is a carriage museum which acknowledges the surrounding historical context. Taking formal and material clues from the traditional Charleston carriage house and other vernacular typologies, the museum houses several carriage exhibitions, a workshop, and living museum in the form of a working stable. Vertical circulation centers around the celebratory spiral ramp reminiscent of the Southern curved entry stair. The center of the spiral houses a hanging carriage exhibit in which guests have a 360 degree view of the carriage’s construction as they ascend and descend. The upper two levels cantilever over the sidewalk facing Market Street, drawing in visitors with an informal exhibit on ground level. A cafe and patio open to the public are situated on the corner of Market and Anson. Office and lecture space is located on the upper level of the building, with a view of the nearby river. Rooms for visiting researchers and stablehands are located to the north of the building, with a view of the stables and pasture.

section a cloyd | 11

First Level


Second Level

plan process

Third Level

cloyd | 13




cloyd | 15


Design 8 . 4 Weeks . Prof Alfonso Perez

The transformative filter is an exploration in issues of making and light modulation in the context of the wall. Digital fabrication was employed to produce a metamorphic module connected by a simple hinge. The structural units are interlaced with translucent panels which allow light to pass through, but act as a filter for visual information. When the wall is in its open orientation, passers-by have some visibility between panels to the opposite side. In its closed orientation, the wall becomes entirely opaque, scrambling and calming busy or disruptive exterior scenes. It can be adjusted to any combination of open and closed in each row of modules. Among others, this project has applications in urban settings, in which natural light is soughtafter, but exterior conditions can be visually obnoxious.

cloyd | 17


open orientation closed orientation


cloyd | 19


sketches Program: Dance Studio and Performance Space Vertical datum involves the conception of a tower from a series of linear sketches and diagrams. The tower holds three nodules--the lower two acting as dance studios, and the top nodule serving as a performance space. The layered facade system emulates the human skin in the way it is informed by and hints at the structure underneath.

performance space diagram

cloyd | 21


Design 3 . 8 Weeks . Prof John Maze

Program: Educational Center This project is a calculated intervention in Avebury, England. It is intended to create a platform for the viewing of an excavated Neolithic henge monument, as well as an educational center dedicated to the historical site. The intervention includes a path which draws visitors towards the first two stones between a monumental wall and reflecting pool. The facade of the educational center mirrors the aperture-riddled language of the wall, providing views to the stones of the exterior of the building. site analysis

cloyd | 22


educational center


Advanced Digital . 2 Weeks . Prof Lee-Su Huang

The Cloud Canopy is a sculptural ceiling inserted into the UF Architecture Building atrium. It brings shading and visual interest to the atrium, as well as a platform for class gatherings and out-of-doors teaching. The form is reminiscent of the rolling clouds characteristic of the region. The structure, composed of partially-opaque panels attached to a piped metal frame, descends in height at either end of the atrium, allowing for a more intimate space for gathering or recreation.

cloyd | 25

UF Architecture Building

Intimate Cloud Space

Main Cloud Space

cloyd | 27


Design 5 . 15 Weeks . Prof Mick Richmond Program: Special Collections Library This project investigates the relationship between landscape and building--how the construct touches and interacts with the ground and sky. The site is a natural preserve off the shore of Newnan’s Lake in Gainesville, Florida. The project was designed in two stages--first, a small special collections library. The library is approached via raised boardwalk which lifts the visitor into the canopy of oak and palm trees native to the site. The library reaches out over the lake’s surface, providing ample natural light and a scenic view through an exterior screen that mimics the spanish moss growing on adjacent cypress trees.

cloyd | 28

site plan

Program: Arts and Science Research Center The next program, an arts and sciences research center including housing for 60 visitors, was designed with sufficient separation of public and private in mind. The visitors rooms are situated on the upper two levels, with the lush oak canopy providing ample privacy. Visitors pass underneath the living-quarters to reach the library to the east of the site. Classroom and studio facilities are organized in a lake-facing wing on the first and second floors. A stepped lawn provides the platform for a natural amphitheater/lecture space.

section b

section a cloyd | 31


Advanced Digital . 2 Weeks . Prof Lee-Su Huang



green wall Program: Bus Stop

structural frame

lofted curve

The green wall bus stop is located on Museum Road on the University of Florida campus. It is comprised of a plywood frame system which wraps around the adjacent lawn.

This serves as a buffer from traffic on nearby 13th Street, making the lawn a more desirable locale for informal sports games and leisure activities. The bus stop portion is covered with a skin of metal panels for shade and shelter. This blends into the green wall portion, which wraps the southeast corner of the lawn, terminating in a terrace for occupation by students.

cloyd | 33


Design 8 . 5 Weeks . Prof Alfonso Perez

Program: Pavilion This project explores the making and assembly of a small, siteless pavilion. The Buckshot Box began as an exploration of a particular material (aluminum tubing), and what its structural and architectural applications might include. Held on one side of the pavilion by a steel truss, and on the other by a poured concrete cavity wall, the aluminum tubing acts as a connective beam to span the two. Smaller lengths of the aluminum tubing embedded within the concrete wall act as an aperture for occupants to see out of. A semi-opaque ribbon system wraps the connective beam on the top and two sides to provide enclosure. The final wall is comprised of a frosted plate of glass which hangs from small steel pins inserted into the truss-held end of the aluminum tubing. The glass is spotted with a pattern of unfrosted circles mimicking the adjacent apertures.

cloyd | 35

sections pins frosted glass truss

translucent panels

floor plate

section model

aluminum tubes

pre-cast panels structural frame pre-cast panels

aluminum tubing apertures

assembly cloyd | 37


Design 7 . 3 Weeks . Prof Albertus Wang

The engaged edge is the product of a three-week collaboration in Yogyakarta, Indonesia with fellow University of Florida student Elena Clarke and six students from Gadjah Mada University. The site, Taman Sari, was formerly a walled royal garden which was damaged by an earthquake in the late 19th century. The complex has since been inhabited by artisans who have built their houses alongside the ruins. They now sell their crafts to visitors who walk the winding paths past their houses from ruin to ruin in the complex. The proposed project is a system which attaches itself to the front of the houses, acting as a platform for several uses depending on the configuration, including making and display of batik-dyed materials or shadow puppets, seating, drying laundry, and holding chickens. It is constructed of inexpensive local resources (bamboo and rope), such that Taman Sari residents can easily replicate the unit throughout the community.

cloyd | 39

Synthesized analyses of spatial conditions in Taman Sari. These analyses were subsequently used as diagrams for the form of the engaged edge interventions. cloyd | 41

cloyd | 42

existing community

historic gardens





“Inventiveness, spontaneity, acuteness of perception, compassion, and competence in one’s art are today the only possible critical features of life and work.” - Lebbeus Woods, ‘Radical Reconstruction’

University of Florida - Gainesville, FL Bachelors of Design in Architecture | 2010 - 2014 Minor in Sustainability Studies Graduated summa cum laude Honors College 3.85 GPA Architecture Academic Achievement Award | 2014 Architecture Design Award | 2014 Arthur Blenn Anderson Scholarship | 2013 East Asia Design 7 Studio | 2013 Architecture of Paris | 2011 Studio JEFRE - Orlando, FL Architectural Intern | Jul - Aug 2013 rendering, design charrettes, proposals, research UF School of Architecture - Gainesville, FL Gallery Curator/Renovation Laborer | Feb - Aug 2013 curation and installation of galleries, renovation labor Sheets Architects - Lakeland, FL Architectural Intern | May - Aug 2012 digital modeling, construction documents, rendering, design development, client meetings

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