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Roberto Andonie

No. 1545—Eddy St, Ap. 303 Western Addition, San Francisco California USA ZIP 94115 ———— T +01 (510) 779 7688

CREDENTIALS Bachelor of Architecture. 2005-2011. Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey, Monterrey, México LEED® Green Associate. 2011.GBCI PROFESSIONAL RECORD. —Automata Studio:2006-2009, Intern Architect. Monterrey, NL, Mexico Lead designer and vizualisation responsible for several architectural projects for local and international competitions. —Perímetro

Desactivado: 2009-2010, Intern Architect. Drafter, intermediate designer, and intermediate project manager for residential and comercial projects. Monterrey, NL, Mexico


de Arquitectura: 2010-2011, Intern Architect. Project representation and drafter for residential and commercial projects. Monterrey, NL, Mexico. SKILLS, INTERESTS, ACHIEVEMENTS. Archicad, Autocad, Maya, 3ds Max, Modo, Maxwell Render,Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Cartographica GIS, Merlin, After Effects, Flash, Top Mod, ZBrush, Vray, EcoDesigner, Ecotect, Revit.



Design, Residential Design, Building Performance, Sustainable Design, Energy Eficiency, Parametric Design, Vizualization, Project Representation, Context Analysis, Architectural Competitions.


Finalist of the First Bienal Estudiantil de Arquitectura de NL for office buildings. Finalist in the DIA Awards ‘09 and ’10 by CEDIM for commercial buildings. Honorific Mention on SUBSUELO 1.0, emerging artist expo for building representation.


Resume 2010 de arquitectura