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A collection of Poems by Robbie Forrest

Titles Ex-trepidaters Wanderer Their There They’re There Postscript Lips

Trepidation lingers on your left arm From trepide ‘be agitated, tremble’ Origin known but not expressed Suppressed by your perceived principled brachial body Be wary of this construed convoluted consciousness Carry you away it will, to a nation of one armed ex-trepidaters, Who wave frantic and fervent with their just and right hand.

The man goes up the lane The man comes back down the lane Let me tell you an example of Belgium.

They They There Their They They’re The They There There They There They Their

stood being not not no might stood they being

there important so so were longer longer linger be there there stood important also

Subsequently, positively palpable you lay there Pondering pillow talk Perplexed, straight A’s Prepare pondering lips Perhaps retrospectively Perhaps trembling Or, systematically mapping meticulously the mathematical perfection that adorns your upper and lower pertinents Supposedly circumventing fulfilment Suffocating single pillow safety Substantially scrumpled Suture sultry preconditions Say postscript.

Robbie Forrest

A Collection of Poems  

A small selection of poems and photographs by Robbie Forrest

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