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...evolving Architecture to respond to society’s needs...TOGETHER

We’ve partnered with numerous and a diverse group of consultants throughout the years, and together we’ve developed over 23 award-winning built projects, comprising of 1.5 million square feet, and a value of over $260 million within the recreation, education, cultural, civic, healthcare, commercial, and residential sectors.

Give us a call at 312.339.1921 to create architecture that delivers new and expected outcomes. We look forward to partnering with you. ...consistently expanding into new typologies, domains, and contexts.

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(r)ev o lu t io narchitecture is an architectural design practice that aspires to provoke thought or emotion, excitement or introspection through its work. It maintains a natural inquisitiveness...a constant questioning of why, how, and what is being created and communicated as it looks to deliver a both/and proposition developed through a deliberate process. By exploring solutions which blend client needs with instinct, data, and ideas (r)ev o lu t io narchitecture seeks to embody the amalgamation of its namesake: evolution + revolution... continuously reaching for new and unexpected outcomes, expanding into new typologies, domains, and contexts. The practice is built on a commitment to a strong work ethic, integrity, and a legacy of over 20 years of award-winning built work across the following project types: recreation, education, cultural, civic, healthcare, commercial and residential. Through national and international competitions, we develop and test new ideas‌explore and push boundaries. By way of teaching, we maintain direct ties to higher education institutions, which enable us to share our insights and experiences with students, as well as continuously learn from them. All of which feed back into the practice. Š 2013 (r)ev o lu t io narchitecture, llc. All Rights Reserved.

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(r)evolution architecture leverages technology and yet still uses tactile methods of sketching and model-making throughout its design proces...