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“ The Great Beauties” GOLF:2014 The k ey w ord this year is “Transversality”.

Golf is now integrated in a total look concept for house furnishing as never before! Introducing new features in all areas: •Kids’ Rooms: K ids &YOUNG •Night: Adult Bedroom s and W ardrobes •Living room •Contract.

New s Young:

M ax im um storage in m inim um space:

Personalisation of solutions and colours:

Hung units and the new book store system for infinite com binations:

New s in K ids: New sections: bedrooms – bunk beds – overheads - baby

Compositions organized by number of beds

The new color chart 2014!

Tiglio replaces Faggio as carcass color.

Verde Oceano replaces Blu Cobalto as front color

An example of combination of Tiglio and Verde Oceano.

The new Rovere Carbone.

For Young, Living, Night and Contract.

Glossy Black is back.

5 new handles:

. The new GOLA handle in 3 colors, White, Aluminum and Cannella, For Kids & Young, Adult Bedrooms and Contract.

CLUB! the GOLF wardrobe with the Gola handle .

New 30 cm doors now possible for the SMALL walk-in !

New 30 cm carcass!

So we now have 4 types of wardrobes with 21 different colors, including 8 specific for Adults Bedrooms

Another new wardorobe is :


a new sliding door version.

3 types of LACQUERED inserts in

9 different colors

Possible configurations of TETRIS:



a new chapter in the price book divided into,




Original is the old well sold MUVI Love is the new MUVI, for a wider choice!!

We have updated the whole line of MULTIFONCTION BEDS : With 3 new configurations of upper beds:

GI ANO-P OLDO-LOVE: All available in 3 versions: •High with drawers and tables; •High without fonctions; •Low without fonctions.

Each vesion can host ALL types of indipendent ottomans on wheels for 80 or 90 cm matresses! We abandoned the old system of the sliding base! So 3 great news: 1. On the lower side we have now an independent bed on wheels, 200 cm deep, with its own wooden bed base and footboard 2. Hung drawers are in the second bed 3. Possibility to have a third wood bedbase under the second bed!

Prices vs GOLF 2013: Multifunzione_2013


€ 1.232,°°

€ 1.054,°°

-14% Width is now 208 (from 200) and depth 90 (from 100)

The bedframes have been renowed as well in order to offer a more updated and refined image! We have therefore discontinued the old Zeus and Apollo models!

We eliminated the old ZEUS and APOLLO bed frames ! But we have now: Marte-Nettuno e Giove! on: L-80-L90-L120 and L160. Giove is available on all beds, whiles Nettuno and Marte only for beds L120 and L160 without lift up mechanism .

Nuova testata POLDO oggi anche in versione L90 e L120, Qui presentata con il nuovo Gioroletto MARTE.

New protection bar for 80 and 90 beds, 190 cm long.

. Two new models in the succesful ECHO-CHIC line of 120 upholtered beds.

Gallery e Twin! for a wider and more aggressive range

â‚Źuro 658

â‚Źuro 695

PODIO, a new element across lines:

•Bedrooms, •Home Office, •Living

12 colors!

and m ore:

New upholstered seat:

3 new bed frames and 4 new headboards, therefore12

new beds

We widened the offer of: VIRGO – LEO – DUO e DUO_PLUS. Now available in 8 finishes

€uro 230,°°

€uro 230,°°

€uro 273,°°

€uro 324,°°

The new headboards VIRGO, LEO, DUO and DUO_PLUS, can be equipped with LED lighting with double switch, left and right; as well as MUSA and NADIR.

All double beds are now again available for the P190

bed base

3+1 new Groups all with Blum rails! Tutti con con guide Blum速 di serie.

Now 7 different Groups for adult bedrooms in 8 finishes.

Chest with 3 drawers €580,°° Chest with 2 drawers €390,°°

Bed side €134,°°

Bed side €218,°°

Chest of drawers €565,°°

€ 340

€ 148

€ 98

The Stick Group , is now available in the 8 finishes of the 3째 Group:

CLUB and TETRI S are also available for adult bedrooms

Remembering the great flexibility of 4 widths , 3 heights, and 5 carcass colors

Without forgetting Pixel:

So every corner of the house can be filled:

possibility of choice between handle and push-pull





We can now personalise in 8 colors of Group 3 top, bottom and side Of all hung modular units:

The new INFINITY SYSTEM, Can furnish all rooms in the house.

A very versatile add-on furnishing systems for all needs that can be integrated with our modules, creating infinite solutions

Infinity the new system of GOLF2014

A program of 25mm thick frames that can furnish any room, including trade shops!

We abandoned the old system with internal doors for one with overlapping doors

Infinity can be completed with doors, panels, drawers and shelves. Doors can be hinged or sliding, always amortised (included in price)

Sliding doors are amortised in opening and closing. Hinged doors are amortised. No extra charge!!! Drawers are always with “Quadro� amortised rails. Wood and glass shelves can be back lighted .

INFINITY is a separate price list within GOLF! It uses all finishes of the collection but with its own SPECIFIC RULES

. …having:

   

19 Carcass finishes 23 Door finishes 9 Glass colors 2 Aluminum frame finishes. available

Some examples:

Home Office


Living with DOCKS units:

DOCKS units can be open or with doors. Open units have no hardware and are inserted inside the bookstore to create volume and color contrasts. They are available in 19 caracass colors and are deeper: 42,4 cm. The wall hung version of the DOCKS canNOT be inserted inside the bookstore but needs to be hung at the wall between two units.

Open Docks L30:

Open Docks L60:

Open Docks L90:

Open Docks L120:

Wall Hung Docks L120:

Fly - System: Includes hung units that exploit at best the mix with living room modular units

Infinity - Fly System

Base_System: modular bases perfectly integrated with Infinity!


A trade shop:

A Pharmacy:

The new System is available in infinite variants: •On ground, with bifacial back panels or bypass; •On ground MAXI version with back panels or bifacial

Infinity Bookstore Maxi on ground:

Maxi Infinity Bookstore on ground:

Infinity Maxi:

Infinity MAXI may reach a single span of 270 cm, progressing by 30 cm steps

L120-150-180-210-240-270. Up to height H5=163.3cm the top covers sides Above height H8=259.3cm, sides win over top Infinity Maxi must always be equipped with supporting dividers at least every 90 cm

Supporting dividers

Maxi INFINITY is avaliable in 10 finishes thought for the Living area:

With Infinity add-ons can be made, on PODIO bench or on modular units H16/32/64, always with one side on the ground (bookstore modules can be with back or bifacial).

Tre versions of corner bookstore modules: 1) 3 way:

2) FULL corner:

3) CURVED corner:

With Infinity: Vertical Wall Panels on ground: 3 heights and 5 widths

With the possibility of reducing size:

Horizontal Wall Panels on bench

On base H16/32/64:

Example on H32 base :

TV can be posistioned on a modular base or, (thanks to the TV units) can be hung or superposed Solutions with back panel, open or with TV units are available.

Infinity can hold office desks or peninsulas in 3 heights 195,3/227,3/259,3cm; With back

Bifacial Pass-by

Peninsula Unit: H195,3/227,3/259,3

With back


HUNG INFINITY Hung bookstores are available with top or ceiling, according to their use

The Hung version of Infinity includes all variants of the ground version plus the Easy version and the Overhead version Easy is made of sides and shelves that can positioned every 16 or 32 mm, as the whole system. It does not have bottom or ceiling and can be bifacial or with back.

Infinity in Hung Maxi version is available In 2 heights H128 and H160 and single width L120, With back or bifacial, with top or ceiling

Those with ceiling are used when the module is positioned at the wall unit level

Also the Hung Maxi version must have supporting dividers:

The hung version of the add-on bookstore can only be on Podio bench or H32 base unit.

Infinity OVERHEADS, is available on L30-45-60-90 widths :

It allows solutions like this with few simple steps:

The FULL corner can be made in the hung version up to the H194,5 height :

All TV units on ground can be hung, with back or without

Thanks for your attention.

Golf presentation eng 04 2014  

All the new features introduced with Golf 2014 and the elements out of production

Golf presentation eng 04 2014  

All the new features introduced with Golf 2014 and the elements out of production